Moe’s Doughs

Moe’s Doughs

Greenpoint, ブルックリン区
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  • Kevin S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Kevin Skobac2月 24, 2015
    The former doughnut master from Peter Pan opened his own shop and his delicious recipes followed with him
  • Ben H.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Ben Huff10月 23, 2021
    The apple fritter here is a must! Super cute shop looks very classic. Lovely couple that runs the joint
  • Staff Picks
    Staff Picks8月 29, 2014
    Remember when you couldn't decided between a Croissant or a Donut? Now you don't have to choose. Try the Croissant Donut now available at Moe's. 続きを見る
  • Timothyユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Timothy8月 5, 2015
    The chocolate cake with maple glaze and the cream covered donut with red velvet cake topping were both fantastic.
  • Rick N.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Rick Nelson5月 21, 2023
    Quality old-fashioned doughnuts and other diner breakfast options
  • Aq
    Aq1月 21, 2018
    the frosting on my donut melted on to my paper bag 😭 eat your delicious donut there! (or get a non frosted one to-go)
  • Tariq A.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Tariq Ahmad5月 8, 2021
    Great doughnuts at great prices. The donnoli (doughnut cannoli) is amazing.
  • Tomユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Tom8月 19, 2014
    Rumor has it this is the donut maker from Peter Pan's new shop. Great donuts, made early, with small lines.
  • Caitlin L.
    Caitlin L12月 18, 2017
    Red velvet donuts and coffee for the cheapest prices around. Much less crowded than nearby Peter Pan
  • Tara S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Tara Suan1月 7, 2015
    Better than Peter Pan. First because they actually have donuts in the morning and second because they stay open late.
  • Cole K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Cole Kennedy3月 27, 2022
    Just as good as Peter Pan, and less crowded.
  • Chrisユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Chris11月 24, 2018
    Pistachio donut is delicious
  • Nicole R.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Nicole Regan3月 31, 2017
    Pretty delicious donuts. Not quite Peter Pan level, but you'll never have a wait.
  • Timothy K.
    Moe's used to work at Peter Pan donut shop. Same prices, same doughnuts, no lines.
  • allison
    allison8月 10, 2015
    From the folks who brought you Peter Pan doughnuts...🍩
  • Saif D.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Saif Dia9月 1, 2016
    It's the same pricing as Peter Pan (no surprise) but a bigger selection of the doughnuts are more expensive
  • Hannah S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Hannah Sultan12月 22, 2014
    Please try the sour cream cake (glazed!). Please. For me.
  • Keithユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Keith12月 5, 2023
    A perfect donut
  • Joseph P.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Joseph Pedicino4月 2, 2020
    Great donuts
  • Phil K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Phil Katz12月 16, 2015
    Every bit as good as Peter Pan, and not quite as crowded
  • Eric W.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Eric White7月 29, 2015
  • Mare L.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Mare Leal7月 18, 2022
    Great doughnuts!
  • Lee L.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Lee Lawrence11月 4, 2014
    Donuts from the Peter Pan baker. They taste the same to me!
  • Élise W.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Élise Wyatt8月 13, 2015
    Maple cake doughnut!
  • Kevin Y.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Kevin Yeh9月 16, 2018
  • Katherine K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Katherine Krueger8月 28, 2016
    heavenly cake donuts
  • Olivia P.
    Olivia P8月 19, 2016
    The doughnuts are very similar to Peter Pans. Still prefer Peter Pans for the doughnuts and atmosphere but Moe's is open later and has doughnuts early in the morning.
  • Su L.
    Su Lee9月 4, 2014
    They take credit card.
  • Evieユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Evie9月 23, 2014
    Chocolate chip donut!!!
  • Guillo ..ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Guillo ...5月 20, 2015
    If you like Peter Pan...
  • Su L.
    Su Lee9月 5, 2014
    Peter Pan is so much better. No contest.


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