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    • Nora S.
      Nora Selmeczi: "Quaint and airy shoppe of great delight. Mild, tasty coffee and heavenly macarons. My new best friend is Philippe, the mellow green, pistachio-flavored one."
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    パン屋 Kecskeméti u. 11. Budapest V. kerület, Budapest

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    • Bas B.
      Bas Basil: "Great experience!Croissants taste absolutely great. Coffee is very good as well. Staff is very friendly and helped us to choose among the vast variety of products. Totally recommend it."
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    グルメショップ Perc u. 8. ブダペスト, Budapest

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    展望台 ブダペスト, Budapest

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    • We Love Budapest
      We Love Budapest: "Normafa is a great destination both in winter and summer. The busiest point of the Buda Hills is covered with pleasant walking trails, making it perfect for hiking as well as relaxing picnics."
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    Espresso Embassy

    コーヒーショップ Arany János u. 15. ブダペスト, Budapest

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    • Gergely S.
      Gergely Schmidt: "The best coffee in Budapest with the most friendly staff. Order a V60 filter coffee!"
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    Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró

    ビーチバー Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart 5. ブダペスト, Budapest

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    • We Love Budapest
      We Love Budapest: "Concerts, cultural gatherings, deck chairs, and a bike-repair shop all await pedestrians, bikers, and those arriving by bus, canoe, or aboard one of BKV's boats."


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    Margitsziget ブダペスト, Budapest

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    • Mark B.
      Mark B: "Good sized park that has a petting zoo, athletic park, restaurants and a bathhouse I believe. You can take the public transport boats to and from either side of the City. Buda or Pest. Nice park."
    • Nikka
      Nikka: "Oase of silence where you can relax or do some excersise. It is a huge island with many sport yards, relaxing park zones, cute forest zoo and many culture and refreshing spots surrounded by nature."
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    Spider Club

    クライミングジム Fényes Adolf u. 19-21. ブダペスト, Budapest

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    • We Love Budapest
      We Love Budapest: "The cavernous facilities provide carefully contoured surfaces presenting some 100 routes to try, and competitors can also race for the fastest times on the speed-climbing wall."
    • Adam V.
      Adam Visnyovszki: "The local crew are very kind and helpful. (It is August and the place is not crowded.) There is a lot of routes to climb on the wall, but the boulder room is a smaller one."
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    Budai Vár ブダペスト, Budapest

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    • meo
      meo: "ブダ城またはブダ王宮(Budavári Palota)1241年、モンゴル軍の攻撃で木造城壁だったブダ城が破壊されるとベーラ4世が石造で再建した。14世紀にラヨシュ1世によってゴシック様式の王宮に改造されたが、17世紀にオスマン帝国軍の攻撃で破壊された。18世紀にかけてハプスブルク家の支配下で再建され、バロック様式への改造が行われた。"
    • Akku c.
      Akku chan: "ブダペストの美しい街並み、ドナウ川、鎖橋が一望できます。"

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