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  • 9.5


    博物館 Pg. de Gràcia, 43 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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  • 9.5

    Baluard Barceloneta

    パン屋 C. del Baluard, 38-40 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Zo mami
      Zo mami: "お客さんにお勧め聞いたら「全部美味しい」って。仕方なく直感で選んだら、本当に美味しかった!"
  • 9.4

    Lo Pinyol

    ワインバー C. Torrent de L'Olla, 7 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Aleksandra Z.
      Aleksandra Zhukova: "Sangria was good,but what was great - are the starters the waiter advices us. 3 kinds of starters with seafood,foigras 3 pieces of each and 4 sangrias cost us just 18 euro)"
  • 9.5

    Casa Lolea

    スペイン料理店 C. de Sant Pere Més Alt, 49 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Lowie D.
      Lowie Deseyne: "The best restaurant I've been to in Barcelona! Extremely friendly and helpful staff and the food is absolutely amazing! Definitely try the patatas bravas, risotto and sangria. Reservation is needed!"
  • 9.6

    Parc de la Ciutadella

    公園 Parc de la Ciutadella バルセロナ, カタロニア

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  • 9.5

    La Alcoba Azul

    スペイン料理店 C. San Domenec del Call, 14 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Burak T.
      Burak Tunçbilek: "One of the best food experiences in Barcelona I have ever had. Delicious combinations on top of toasted bread. Try Iberian ham collection + mussels (oh that mussels !) with chips as well."


  • 9.4

    Fabra i Coats

    コワーキングスペース C. de Sant Adrià, 20 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Yahnny L.
      Yahnny Lv: "Very interesting place with a friendly yet warm atmosphere. Caution: after visiting this spot you might got an obsession to buy an iPhone and clothes in American Apparel."
    • Oriol P.
      Oriol Puig Buil: "Gran espacio del Ayuntamiento, gran decoración con productos reciclados, y buena conferencia de Pasiona. #4Sessions"
  • 9.5

    Strip Club Barcelona

    輸送サービス Carrer del Gaia 5 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Cristian Z.
      Cristian Zoltan: "good services, what's the best it's free, definitely recommended!"
    • Mehmet Ş.
      Mehmet Şentürk: "The shuttle service provided by Strip Club Barcelona was very professional. They really looked after us and made sure we had a great time."
  • 9.5

    Espai Joliu

    カフェ C. de Badajoz, 95 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Aleksandra G.
      Aleksandra Garbacz: "My new favourite spot in Poble Nou. Good for work, afternoon coffee and dog friendly too! Love all the cactuses and simple, industrial decors. Will be back soon :)"
    • Anastasia S.
      Anastasia Shchavleva: "The place is so cute with plants and little things and very stylish at the same time. A bit dark. Coffee is very nice. Место для инсты с огромным количеством милых вещей и отличным кофе . Для работы"

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