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  • 9.4

    Vila Viniteca

    ワインショップ Carrer dels Agullers, 7 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Katerina Z.
      Katerina Zamilova: "Great wine shop! A very wide range of alcohol. Prices start from €9 and end smth around 1000 (I'm not sure of it's a limit :)).Very professional guys will help you to make the right choice."
  • 9.5

    Spice Café

    カフェ C. Margarit, 13 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Оля Г.
      Оля Герасимова: "Take individual carrot pie! Costs 4,55€ but goes for two persons ;) coffee latte - 2€, tea- 2€. The host is a very cute guy who can give you many tips about other cafes and restaurants in Barcelona :)"
  • 9.4

    Lo Pinyol

    ワインバー C. Torrent de L'Olla, 7 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Guillermo A.
      Guillermo Antártico: "El mejor vermut de Grácia y probablemente de Barcelona. Las tapas bastante mejores que en Morro Fi (tremendamente buenas). Precio mejor y mucho más cómodo. Hay que ir pronto porque se llena rápido!"
  • 9.5

    Baluard Barceloneta

    パン屋 C. del Baluard, 38-40 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Zo mami
      Zo mami: "お客さんにお勧め聞いたら「全部美味しい」って。仕方なく直感で選んだら、本当に美味しかった!"
  • 9.5

    Casa Lolea

    スペイン料理店 C. de Sant Pere Més Alt, 49 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Ken S.
      Ken S: "The food is beyond fantastic. Be sure to treat yourself to a tasty Sangria as well. In fact be adventurous and try all 4 varieties. The service is very friendly and attentive."
  • 9.4

    La Alcoba Azul

    カクテルバー C. San Domenec del Call, 14 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Efe S.
      Efe Shipman: "Really nice place, sangria was from scratch and delicious. I suggest you to eat Muma(top on the toasted rye bread). Loved the music too, this place knows it's jam"


  • 9.5

    Canons del Carmel

    展望台 C. Marià Lavèrnia バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Josh™ ↙
      Josh™ ↙: "Awesome view of Barcelona !!"
    • Aleksandra G.
      Aleksandra Garbacz: "No longer a secret gem, but still great. Grab a bottle of bubbles, something to nibble, put comfortable shoes, because you will have to climb your way up, but the view compensates it all!"
  • 9.5

    Barri Gòtic

    地域 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Çağla Y.
      Çağla Yaman: "During the day,get lost on the streets and don't worry;you don't need to get to anywhere, you will all the good things as you walk. At night you can hang out around Cathedral or Santa Maria Del Mar"
    • Social News Network
      Social News Network: "This is the area of Barcelona’s old city. Roman remains and medieval structures found here. Check out the Barcelona Cathedral. The square hosts a lot of events like an antique market ever Thursday."
  • 9.5

    Strip Club Barcelona

    輸送サービス Carrer del Gaia 5 バルセロナ, カタロニア

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    • Cristian Z.
      Cristian Zoltan: "good services, what's the best it's free, definitely recommended!"
    • Mehmet Ş.
      Mehmet Şentürk: "The shuttle service provided by Strip Club Barcelona was very professional. They really looked after us and made sure we had a great time."

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