Mikey's Burger

Mikey's Burger

Lower East Side, ニューヨーク市
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  • Maria G.
    Maria Granados10月 27, 2014
    Stumbled upon his this burger joint by yelping burgers in LES and this was a solid choice. Fresh to death burger meat (not frozen) and crispy delicious sweet potato fries. Also, great dipping sauces!
  • That G.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    That Girl5月 25, 2015
    Get the chili cheese fries and split them with a friend. You may hate yourself for it but they are so worth it. Awesome staff.
  • Josiah David C.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    A cozy burger joint in the heart of the east side, with unbelievably delicious chili cheese fries, and a house burger that'll knock your socks off. 5/5
  • Dan L.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Dan Lam3月 1, 2015
    Best late night food joint in LES. Credit card $10 minimum. Shakes are fantastic (Vietnamese Coffee is my fav.) Mikey's or Lamb Burger is highly recommended.
  • Jacob F.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Jacob Ford11月 25, 2017
    The L.E.S. will get you a vertical half-footlong of ingredients including turkey, beef, avocados, then a bunch of more orthodox stuff. They won’t ask how you’d like it because it’ll be medium rare.
  • Jon B.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Jon Bernard8月 1, 2017
    The Mikeys burger is soo delicious! I also had a peanut butter shake which was really good.
  • Sam P.
    Sam Pezzullo8月 20, 2013
    The only place you should ever go after a night of partying on the Lower east side. Get a burger, any burger, and you will be satisfied!
  • Rachelle P.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Rachelle Pike1月 18, 2015
    The Mikey's burger ticks all the boxes you should be ashamed to have. Awesome burgers and killer chilli cheese fries.
  • A
    A8月 14, 2013
    The Mikey's burger is awesome to fill that late night craving--don't bother with the turkey burger, it's dry. Real treat is the black and white milkshake--perfect combo!
  • Nick B.
    Nick Blanchard4月 8, 2013
    Staff are kinda "eh" but the owner drops by and is a chill dude...and the burgers and fries were amazing - easily make up for the iffy service
  • House of Bonhoeffer
    House of Bonhoeffer12月 10, 2011
    Mikey's is a favorite of our guys that live on the LES. The cheese burgers, cheese fries, hot dogs, and strawberry shakes are the top picks at Mikey's.
  • Monika M.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Monika McMahon8月 1, 2016
    Was a late night go-to place, but last few times we haven't felt well after eating. Girl taking orders is a brat & denied AMEX, even though it's on the door. Not sure I'd recommend unless it's 4 am.
  • StefanoBlack▒
    StefanoBlack▒10月 25, 2011
    Everything here is good. Seriously. The burgers, the shakes, the sauce...it's not the cheapest in the world, but it's one of the best in the city.
  • Marissa B.
    Marissa B9月 29, 2012
    There are delicious wings now! Definitely a great late night spot to satisfy a variety of palates. Also, the staff are great!
  • Demetri K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Demetri Karagas1月 3, 2016
    If you are drunk, get the cheese burger, chili cheese fries, and chili cheese dog. Your body will thank you in morning.
  • Jon B.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Jon Bernard8月 1, 2017
    Order the most popular burger, Mikeys burger. Has corned beef and cooked onions #delicious
  • Valentina M.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Valentina Monte2月 22, 2015
    Order a burger. Add avocado and bacon and cheese and other things. Order a chocolate shake. 🍔
  • Lea J.
    Lea J.4月 21, 2012
    Alright. I'm about to say something that is going to sound really crazy and unreasonable... but Mikey's is BETTER than West Coast's In'n'Out! Big statement, I know. But it is seriously perfect!!
  • Ellie R.
    Ellie Rountree11月 5, 2011
    The Chili cheese dog, side-o-fries, and a chocolate milkshake was a solid decision, but I got burger envy. I'd suggest getting both!
  • Angie G.
    Angie Gannon8月 15, 2011
    When you've made an early morning hair appt at Tommy Guns next door, and you need something greasy and delicious to get you through the morning, Mikey's is the place to be.
  • Hunter T.
    Hunter Tau2月 3, 2012
    Lamb Burger. It's what they'll recommend if you ask. Get your fries separate if you're feeling hungry, they'll give you more.
  • Emily K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Emily Kane12月 20, 2015
    Get yourself a beautiful greasy double cheeseburger to offset the damage you've done at karaoke.
  • Scott R.
    Scott Rogers10月 24, 2010
    If you don't like the long line at shake shack, give mikeys a try, found it by chance, this is my go to burger joint in the city now. Love it!!
  • Chelsea P.
    Chelsea Parks4月 29, 2012
    Try the lamb burger with spicy mayo and jalepenos. It's oh so wonderful, especially for those nursing a hangover.
  • Andrew F.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Andrew Furman2月 11, 2015
    Add bacon, add avocados. It's amazing
  • Misha H.
    Misha Holmes9月 4, 2013
    Omg my boyfriend craig brought me here. And you burgers r the best. Even better than brooklyn burger on 57th street
  • John C.
    John Card5月 12, 2012
    Drunk and needed a burger at 10:30 on a friday night. 45mins later food arrived. Burger was great! Fries soggy, but not bad. Milkshake great
  • Marcello D.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Marcello Delia11月 30, 2012
    Chili cheese free are to die for and grab a glass bottle come tastes amazing!
  • Leanika B.
    Leanika Bee3月 9, 2013
    Make sure to have a chat with the owner Justin. Make sure to ask him about his wall art.
  • Lisa G.
    Lisa Garcia12月 1, 2011
    It's hard to find a better burger in the LES, especially during late-night hours. Don't leave without getting a shake!
  • Larry M.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Larry Mak9月 29, 2012
    Let the chili fries put you to sleep. Let the chili fries soak up all your excessive sins. Is there anything these chili fries can't do?
  • Vineet S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Vineet Shah4月 11, 2015
    Get the lamb burger and split an order of sweet potato fries.
  • Ingrid S.
    Ingrid Stenquist2月 15, 2013
    Get the cheese firs that comes with ketchup mayo sauce. All of their burgers are decent.
  • Marc P.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Marc Phillips4月 30, 2014
    Cool hole-in-the-wall burger joint. Standard burger with no fan fare. Just plain good.
  • The Sandwich Enthusiast .
    Literally the best chili cheese dog I've ever had.
  • 💎T
    💎T8月 19, 2014
    Great for a late night bite. Cheese fries are crispy.
  • etta y.
    etta y10月 1, 2011
    Good, honest food. Quick and friendly service, no bullshit in the kitchen or front-of-house. Again: real food. I am a fan.
  • Xz Y.
    Xz Y6月 7, 2013
    Late night bomb ass burgers & fries. Plus their special spicy mayo / ketchup sauce!! Yummyyyyy :P
  • Simon H.
    Simon Hussey5月 30, 2014
    The cheeseburger is delicious and chilli cheese fries very indulgent
  • Raj S.
    Raj S.9月 29, 2010
    Damn this is a good burger. I got the BLT burger, with Chinese style bacon. Decent prices too. Definitely eating here whenever I can.
  • Benjamin C.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Benjamin Coats8月 4, 2015
    Cheese fries are super overrated. Cheap potatoes and you can tell. Burger is good but hard to justify when Katz deli is a block away!
  • Dina R.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Dina Rughani12月 2, 2014
    Great for late night burger. Order the lamb burger
  • Miss S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Miss Sylvia2月 22, 2013
    Get the Matteo with American cheese and bacon! It's a veggie burger but just do it!! Your stomach with thank you!!
  • Michael D.
    Michael Danahy2月 12, 2012
    Great place. Talk to the owner if you get a chance. Really nice guy.
  • Daniel L.
    Daniel L.9月 18, 2011
    Quick delicious burger before or after the bar! Order the lamb patty.
  • Ethan S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Ethan Simmons1月 3, 2015
    Seriously amazing burgers. I prefer them to Shake Shack even.
  • Robert C.
    Robert Cruz1月 14, 2012
    The burgers are fat and juicy. Wow best burger I've had in 2012 :).
  • Edward R.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Edward Rodriguez10月 6, 2013
    Cant bear the lunch special here only 9 bucks. And it's every day
  • Liam K.
    Liam K.3月 28, 2014
    You have to go to the middle to place your order before you sit at the counter.
  • Mark C.
    Mark Clennon.9月 17, 2011
    Grab the Chili Cheese dog. Cheapest thing on the menu and REALLY GOOD


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