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Golden Gate Bridge


(Golden Gate Bridge)
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    Mike R.
    "One of my all time faves for a sunrise or sunset (日没) run!"(11 つの Tips)
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    "皆様ご存知、ゴールデンボールブリッジでございます"(3 つの Tips)
    "金門橋、ゴールデンゲートブリッジ。ゴールデンゲート海峡上に架かる橋。4年かけ1937年完成。2015/1/14東海テレビ「世界行ってみたらホントはこんなトコだった!」松井美保D訪問。(閲読注意:微グロ)世界一飛び降り自殺の多い構造物で自殺の名所。海面比高約67m、着水まで約4秒最高時速約130km、死亡率約98%。海流の流れが速いため発見されない遺体があり、自殺者は統計人数以上と言われる。"(2 つの Tips)
    Kay M.
    "little romantic (ロマンチック) place to just look around and stare at the sea."(6 つの Tips)
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  • paipoi
    paipoi1月 16, 2015
  • Haruki T.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Haruki Takeuchi9月 24, 2015
  • こにー
    こにー3月 12, 2022
  • しょうたろー
    しょうたろー9月 3, 2013
  • 色恋 (.
  • Anna S.
    Anna Schirok1月 13, 2013
     like 
  • Robert T.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Robert Thach7月 20, 2015
    It's obvious that making a stop in San Francisco and checking out this bridge is a no brainier! Been to this city several times, and the bridge has always amazes me! Great city, awesome bridge!
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Fodor's Travel
    Fodor's Travel1月 28, 2016
    The Golden Gate Bridge is without a doubt the most well known emblem of San Francisco. Walking or biking across the bridge is a great experience, with incredible views from both sides. 続きを見る
    プラス投票 1週間前
  • Chris O.
    Chris O9月 16, 2014
    If you are crossing in an open air bus it is cool and very windy. If you have a hat, one hand on your hat is recommended. Long sleeves and long pants would last be best in the am or when overcast.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Jacob F.
    Jacob Ford4月 18, 2018
    Go under the bridge. At Vista Point, off the parking lot, look for a steep set of stairs. It connects the pedestrian side to the biker side through an underroad passage.
  • Claudia F.
    Hacer el recorrido en bici es lo mejor, el viento en invierno es heladísimo pero no te arrepientes. Además, es de lo más famoso por conocef
  • Orella M.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Orella Muñoz8月 16, 2015
    Si tomas tour ármate de paciencia pues el trafico de SF es feroz. Recomendable hacer caminata por la costa desde Fisherman hasta el golden gate hay un muelle abajo, maravilloso atardecer
  • Felix S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Felix Solis9月 19, 2017
    Las mejores vistas que hay del puente no están al otro lado: baja hacia la East Beach y tendrás la foto perfecta ;)
  • Füsun T.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Füsun T.2月 28, 2016
    Köprü girişindeki tünellerden sonra daha da güzelleşir görüntü...Önünüzde uzanan yeşil tepeler, solda dalgaları kıyılara çarpan okyanus, sağda körfez ve Alcatraz manzaralı, ünlü kırmızı köprü!
  • Kat .
    Kat 🐱5月 29, 2017
    If you plan to walk or bike on the bridge, bring a warm jacket (yes even in summer) and secure your hat / don't wear a loose hat - or it will get blown away by the strong wind!
  • Max B.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Max Blue 🚴🍔11月 8, 2014
    Be sure to either walk or cycle the bridge at least once. Be sure to go to the Marina Headlands afterwards for an even better view of the bridge and San Francisco
  • Estéfani L.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Estéfani Lozano1月 18, 2017
    Você pode pegar uma bike no pier 39 e andar para golden gate até a cidade de Sausalito, vista maravilhosa e na volta, voltar de ferry ( a bike pode entrar no barco).💕
  • Mads M.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Mads Marz3月 26, 2017
    If you have the time take the trail from marina and walk along the water to the bridge! And if you have even more time... walk the bridge and get the view from the other side !
  • Kay M.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Kay Mascardo4月 8, 2016
    The view here is amazing! The golden gate is beautiful to look at. The view plus the cool weather of San Francisco made it a little romantic place to just look around and stare at the sea.
  • Ömer E.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Ömer Eser10月 23, 2017
    Benim tavsiyem Saosolite tarafına kadar otobüs ile gidip yürüyerek köprüden dönmek lazım. Hediyelik eşyaların ordan hem fotoğraf çekilebilir gende 28 nolu muni otobüsü ile şehire dönülebilir.
  • Andrew BC 翁 Ô.
    Andrew BC 翁 ÔNG10月 8, 2014
    The Bridge specially painted in Red/Orange colour is one of the famous landmark in US & the World. Truly a great spectacular structure in US.
  • Anaïs B.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Anaïs Barret2月 16, 2018
    Depuis quelques années, le golden gate bridge était sur ma bucket list. C’est chose faite et ça en valait le coup.
  • NeMeSiS
    NeMeSiS4月 18, 2015
    Best place to visit. A must if u come to SF. Spare yourself 45 min and take a stroll along the bridge and enjoy the view and wind breeze.
  • Damian B.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Damian Bayona6月 22, 2015
    Beautiful, iconic and usually foggy. Try not to get the chain linked fences in the background of your photos. Bus service to the bridge is easily accessible
  • Ksenia S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Ksenia Slavnikova5月 25, 2015
    Красивое сооружение, мимо которого пройти не взглянув сложно. Смотрели удобно, невзирая на толпы туристов
  • A S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    A S8月 20, 2019
    There’s a reason why this is one of the most iconic structure in the whole world. So beautiful from every angle.
  • Pavlo G.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Pavlo Grozian11月 18, 2016
    Потрясающий вид на город, а если повезет — увидите китов проплывающих под мостом! Всегда лучше одеть ветровку. Имейте в виду что мост закрывается в 18:00, поторопитесь вернуться до этого момента.
  • WhiskeyAvengerユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    WhiskeyAvenger7月 4, 2018
    This is the most beautiful and iconic bridge in the US. I love the Brooklyn Bridge but nothing compares to this stunning bridge in the Bay.
  • Benedict C.
    Benedict Corpuz8月 23, 2011
    When walking, the bridge looks pretty level. Upon crossing it, you will see you have walked downhill. Be prepared for the slight uphill walk back from the north side.
  • Goutham G.
    Goutham Ganesh7月 23, 2016
    Beautiful bridge I have ever seen.. The clouds on top of the bridge makes it look more beautiful!! But had a horrible time finding parking space...Long enough to get a decent timelapse!!😀
  • Ilya K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Ilya Kuznetsov3月 30, 2018
    Take the public bus from city centre to Battery viewpoint and cross the bridge on your way back. Takes about 25 minutes with normal walking speed.
  • Cristiana L.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Cristiana Lima8月 3, 2018
    Atravessar a ponte a pé é possível, mas é uma das piores opções, o ideal é atravessar de bike ou de carro mesmo e ir até Sausalito!
  • Taido N.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Taido Nakajima7月 6, 2018
    Another awesome way to view the Golden Gate Bridge is from Baker Beach. Walk across the beach to the far end and over the rocks and you'll be right underneath it.
  • Melissa ♡︎ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Melissa ♡︎5月 26, 2018
    Hey gouge you on the toll and parking near the bridge is a nightmare at best. Take the exit right before the toll that takes you up a gorgeous lookout, highly recommend that route.
  • Hemant J.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Hemant J11月 7, 2015
    Breathtaking. Beautiful all round the year in its various shades!
  • Kelsey✨ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Kelsey✨8月 18, 2018
    Fun to run across the bridge in the morning! Just be mindful of the bikers coming atcha from both ways
  • Emmanuel Q.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Emmanuel Quartey4月 5, 2015
    The area around the bridge is a good place for picnics, barbecues, and quiet solo walks. It can be a little chilly (there's a Heating Room) so dress warmly.
  • Yateema4ever
    Yateema4ever11月 10, 2015
    We went there but with a tour and I can't not to tell you it was a crazy moment .. You feel like you will jump out there lol😂😜 but need to go again to walk aside and enjoy the view👍🏽
  • David John S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    David John Simpson1月 5, 2016
    Don't view from Vista Point!! Drive ½ mile up Conzelman Road for viewing points to get the GG bridge in the foreground and city of SF in the background! Your photograph album will thank you for it!!
  • Rashid
    Rashid7月 12, 2017
    Great & beautiful bridge to walk on or by bus, Also don't miss the "bridge boat tour"from the marina before sunset time.
  • Natalieユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Natalie4月 29, 2017
    Absolutely stunning! I recommend renting a bike and just bike from SF through the bridge and to Sausalito. Amazing views.
  • David
    David5月 16, 2015
    Definetely a must do in sf. Best way to explore is rent a bike for a day from fisherman's wharf and enjoy the views!
  • Jeremy K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Jeremy Krantz8月 14, 2014
    If you're planning on riding a bike or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge you best bring a sweater or jacket: it can get real cold and widy out there
  • Caroline
    Caroline12月 12, 2016
    The red steel monster called Golden Gate Bridge. It was once the largest bridge in the world, but today it’s only number 8 on the list of international bridges. Enjoy a magnificent view.
  • Angel David R.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Una maravilla. Recomiendo recorrerlo en bicicleta. Es un paseo muy agradable desde la Marina hasta Vista Point
  • Aolani S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Aolani Smythe9月 19, 2013
    Will always be in my heart and soul, the Golden City with world's historical bridge, San Francisco Gate ... Totally famous epic scenic spot in California, U.S.A. <3
  • Valeria G.
    Valeria Garcia4月 25, 2018
    ¡Espectacular! si no tomas el tour de city tour y de big bus, puedes llegar en uber (mucho más barato, cómodo y rápido)
  • Elysa E.
    Elysa Ellis4月 19, 2015
    on foggy days there are several great vantage points other than the top. Check out Travis Marina for this view. Bonus: Plenty of parking!
  • Omar L.
    Omar Loggia9月 5, 2014
    The Golden Gate Bridge is the most iconic landmark in San Francisco. Walking or biking across the bridge is one the best experience of San Francisco. PD: The bridge is larger in the movies...
  • Peter S. Greenberg
    Peter S. Greenberg2月 29, 2012
    Try San Francisco City Guides, who offer free weekly tours where you can learn about the construction and history of the bridge. Then read more for the best way to photograph the bridge. 続きを見る


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