The doors of Florence
Porta San Gallo is one of The doors of Florence.

1. Porta San Gallo

Piazza della Libertà 34, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
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Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: The construction of the door began in 1285, as shown by an inscription, and the keys are today conserved in the Florence Historical and Topographical Museum.

Piazza Beccaria is one of The doors of Florence.

2. Piazza Beccaria

piazza Beccaria, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
広場 · Sant'Ambrogio · 11個のヒントとレビュー

Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: Here there's Porta alla Croce (1284). The name comes from the cross that was once here, indicating the place where, according to tradition, San Miniato, the 1° martyr of Florence, was beheaded.

Torre Dell'antica Zecca is one of The doors of Florence.

3. Torre Dell'antica Zecca

Piazza Piave 1, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
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Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: The Zecca fiorentina is where the city’s “golden florins” were coined. Tower is expected to house the Museum of the Florin in the future.

Torre San Niccolò is one of The doors of Florence.

4. Torre San Niccolò

Piazza Giuseppe Poggi, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
モニュメント · Michelangelo · 12個のヒントとレビュー

Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: It was the door/tower from which the southern part of the city walls began; Is the only door that retains its original height. Since 2011, visitors can climb the tower during the summer months.

Porta San Miniato is one of The doors of Florence.

5. Porta San Miniato

Via San Miniato, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
史跡と保護遺跡 · Michelangelo · 1件の Tip

Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: This door of the 1320 is inserted in one of the few well-preserved sections of the wall and this gives it considerable charm. The wooden door is a recent copy of the original one.

Porta San Giorgio is one of The doors of Florence.

6. Porta San Giorgio

フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
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Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: The door (1324) has a bas-relief of the 14° century in the lunette of St. George slaying the dragon by Andrea da Pontedera and a Madonna and Child with Sts Leonardo and George by Bicci di Lorenzo.

Porta Romana is one of The doors of Florence.

7. Porta Romana

Piazzale di Porta Romana, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
モニュメント · Santo Spirito · 16個のヒントとレビュー

Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: Built in 1326, it was an important point of access to the city as it still is today. The two large wooden doors are originals.

Porta San Frediano is one of The doors of Florence.

8. Porta San Frediano

Borgo San Frediano 174, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
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Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: The door was built between 1332 and 1334. This is the only door in which the original wooden door is best preserved. Above the arch, on the side facing the city, you can see the crest of Florence.

Piazzale di Porta Al Prato is one of The doors of Florence.

9. Piazzale di Porta Al Prato

Piazzale di Porta al Prato, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
広場 · Cascine · 6個のヒントとレビュー

Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: It is now basically converted into a traffic-island. The name is derived from that of the forecourt, once called “Il Prato” (The Field), because it was not paved and was used for the cattle market.

Torre Della Serpe is one of The doors of Florence.

10. Torre Della Serpe

Viale Fratelli Rosselli, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
ランドマークとアウトドア · Centro Storico · 1件の Tip

Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: One of the hidden doors: it was built on the spot where the walls formed a corner, guarding a small door used by the military to access the walkway. The “Serpe” (serpent) was a famous head-guard.

Fortezza da Basso is one of The doors of Florence.

11. Fortezza da Basso

Viale Filippo Strozzi, フィレンツェ, トスカーナ州
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Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: Hidden door: a 14° century door "Porta a Faenza" that can be identified by looking the Fortezza from the outside (it was incorporated in the fortress during the first half of the 16° century).

Torre di Santa Rosa is one of The doors of Florence.

12. Torre di Santa Rosa

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Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: Here is where the 14° century walls stopped. It was also known as the “Torre della Saggina” (Tower of Garbage): in this area, outside the walls, garbage and carcasses of dead animals were abandoned.

Via Del Proconsolo is one of The doors of Florence.

13. Via Del Proconsolo

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Visit TuscanyVisit Tuscany: Between the Duomo and Piazza San Firenze there's a circle on the pavement: stop! These are the foundations of the circular towers of the very first defensive walls of Florence (15-30 BC ).