Panama stuff
Market is one of Panama stuff.

1. Market

Calle 48 (Cl Uruguay), パナマシティ, Panamá
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ZophisticatZophisticat: Best burger ever

Sake is one of Panama stuff.

2. Sake

Torre de Las Américas (Punta Pacífica), パナマシティ, Panamá
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Ariel L.Ariel Lindo: ir a comer un plato entrada de pulpo que parecen unas conchas

Maito is one of Panama stuff.

3. Maito

Cl 50 (Vía Cincuentenario), パナマシティ, Panamá
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m cm c: You gorra try the stuffed calamari with Black rice. Pidan los calamares rellenos de arroz negro.

Manrey Hotel is one of Panama stuff.

4. Manrey Hotel

Calle Uruguay (En frente del Rest. Gauchos), パナマシティ, Panamá
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La Posta is one of Panama stuff.

5. La Posta

Cl Uruguay, パナマシティ, Panamá
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Kevin P.Kevin Pledge: Excellent food and service.

La Forchetta is one of Panama stuff.

6. La Forchetta

Plaza Catedral, パナマシティ, Panamá
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m cm c: El spaghetti de tomate con albahac esta muy fresco y rico. La salsa es de tomate natural.

Bristol Panamá is one of Panama stuff.

7. Bristol Panamá

Ave Aquilino de la Guardia, パナマシティ, Panamá
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Rock Burger is one of Panama stuff.

8. Rock Burger

Cl 50 (Cl 50), パナマシティ, Panamá
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Matsuei is one of Panama stuff.

9. Matsuei

Cl Eusebio A. Morales (El Cangrejo), パナマシティ, Panamá
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Parrillada Martin Fierro is one of Panama stuff.

10. Parrillada Martin Fierro

Cl Eusebio A. Morales, パナマシティ, Panamá
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Abraham C.Abraham Cohen: Ask for Tuna Steak with Passion Fruit (not in the menu)

LT Burger is one of Panama stuff.

11. LT Burger

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Jorge C.Jorge Constantino: IMO THE BEST burgers period. If you like traditional style ones, this is the place. The bread bun is great and so are the fries. Try the ginger buffalo wings and special fried chocolate dessert.

Gastronomia Don Pan is one of Panama stuff.

12. Gastronomia Don Pan

En Albrook Mall, パナマシティ, Panamá
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Jorge C.Jorge Constantino: The Pizza's here have a GREAT touch of flavor to them and they are all done the old fashion way on a rock/stone based oven. Owner is Italian.

Lung Fung is one of Panama stuff.

13. Lung Fung

Av. 7aC Norte &, Av de los Periodistas (Cl 62C N), パナマシティ, Panamá
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Jorge C.Jorge Constantino: Dim sum anyone? This is most traditional place in Panama to go for some chinese dim sum! EVERYONE in Panama has gone once on a Sunday morning to this place, be there! or be 4SQUARE! ok.. that was lame

Golden Unicorn is one of Panama stuff.

14. Golden Unicorn

Edificio Evergreen (Ave 5B S), パナマシティ, Panamá
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Jorge C.Jorge Constantino: IMO it tastes better than Lung Fung (not that LF is bad). Where this place def shines is with its Late lunch/dinner choices.. blackbean sauced meat, almond chicken, fried spicy shrimp, duck, etc

Parrillada Jimmy's is one of Panama stuff.

15. Parrillada Jimmy's

Vía Cincuentenario (e/ Ave 5C S & Ave 5B S), パナマシティ, Panamá
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Jorge C.Jorge Constantino: Another GREAT grill style restaurant! Prices are lower than Hacienda Real but plates are nearly as good! Octopus al carbon, Angelo steak, many more... yum!

El Carbón Rojo is one of Panama stuff.

16. El Carbón Rojo

Vía Simón Bolívar, パナマシティ, Panamá
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Jorge C.Jorge Constantino: Wanna go to a traditional and very "pueblo" like Panamanian grill/BBQ/restaurant? Well, you can hit this one up. Actually the reason I put it here is because it has the best choripan I've had in town.

Maito is one of Panama stuff.

17. Maito

Cl 50 (Vía Cincuentenario), パナマシティ, Panamá
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Jaleo is one of Panama stuff.

18. Jaleo

Bella Vista (Cl Colombia & Cl 45), パナマシティ, Panamá
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La Casa del Marisco is one of Panama stuff.

19. La Casa del Marisco

Cl José María Icaza, パナマシティ, Panamá
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Sarah S.Sarah Seferlis: Try la sopa de Mariscos, muy rica!

Granclément is one of Panama stuff.

20. Granclément

Ave Central (Cl 3A O), パナマシティ, Panamá
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Puerta de Tierra is one of Panama stuff.

21. Puerta de Tierra

Calle 9A (Ave Central), パナマシティ, Panamá
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Mojitos sin Mojitos is one of Panama stuff.

22. Mojitos sin Mojitos

Cl 9A (Ave A), パナマシティ, Panamá
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