Kabob Palace

Kabob Palace

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    アーリントン中東料理店 トップ5に入っています
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    "Both lamb and chicken kabobs (ケバブ) are delicious as well as the chickpeas."(52 つの Tips)
    Llanco T.
    "The lamb (ラム) chops are the way to go - tender and delicious."(15 つの Tips)
    Salwa K.
    "Great sides are spinach and chickpeas (ヒヨコマメ)."(24 つの Tips)
    MCA 心.
    "Pay attention to the daily menu, goat (ヤギ) brain is great."(3 つの Tips)
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  • trillateezy
    trillateezy9月 2, 2014
    24/7 & bomb ass food. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Best idea = kubideh kabob and chicken kabob combo. Please make sure you order some naan otherwise this ain't a complete meal!
  • sweetpearacerユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    sweetpearacer8月 22, 2014
    Rice and chickpeas are addicting. Enjoy the mish mosh of funny bumper stickers and Afghani art on the walls. Order ahead during peak mealtimes because all of south Arlington eats here.
    プラス投票 Jan 15
  • Lauren S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Lauren Stern9月 12, 2016
    Kabob! I eat here so much it's rediculous. Sides can be a little spicy so if you're a wuss like me do the chickpeas in like a bowl on the side. Everything is so good.
  • Liane B.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Liane Banse8月 7, 2016
    Love the kabobs here. Call your order in at dinner hour our be prepared to stand in line and wait. This place is tiny and crowded. Loved the eggplant too but only served certain day.
  • Sophia H.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Sophia H3月 6, 2017
    Boneless chicken kabob and beef kabob are excellent. But naan bread is AMAZING! Very fresh, soft, and warm - best naan I've ever had, hands down. HUGE portions
  • Bobbyユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Bobby12月 29, 2012
    Both lamb and chicken kabobs are delicious as well as the chickpeas. Jus be prepared for long lines and wait for your food, but its all worth it!
  • Marta Lynne S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Marta Lynne Schantz6月 21, 2014
    The portions are huge! If you're not too hungry, you can easily split a dish for two people. And you can do half and half sides with the chickpeas AND the spinach!
  • Navjot S.
    Navjot Singh1月 1, 2017
    Amazing food, always crowded and open 24 hrs. The goat curry was awesome and can be enough for 4-5 people , the naan is big and tasty.
  • Raakin R.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Raakin Roll9月 19, 2016
    This and 'Ravi Kabob' are the only two authentic Pakistani-Afghan places here. It's 24 hours and have had during all hours of the day. Recipe is consistent.
  • Dylan S.
    Dylan Schoneweis10月 7, 2018
    No need to return. This has been my number one Kabob shop for seven years. The consistency is shot and the flavors of the sides are muted.
  • Prithvi
    Prithvi5月 13, 2013
    Hands down some of the best kabobs on the planet. And believe me when I say that, I'm from Hyderabad, the heart and soul of Kabob Kingdom.
  • Shoaib T.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Shoaib Tariq8月 21, 2014
    Chicken karhai, kabobs of all sorts are v.good here. A must visit for foodies and yes a good joint for after club hours...Kudos
  • Jon D.
    Jon Darveau9月 16, 2011
    This place is an amazing gem of a find. Give it a try, you will not regret it. Plus, real sugar coca cola bottles. This is one of the best places in DC area period.
  • Blakk P.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Blakk P5月 27, 2013
    Order the vegetarian plate- chickpeas, spinach & rice. The best! I can eat the chickpeas everyday. 24/7 schedule makes it even better.
  • Ebrahim B.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Ebrahim Bandookwala8月 10, 2014
    The chicken karahi has gotten worse recently (ravi kebab does it better! ) .. The lamb curry and chana rice was still delish! :-)
  • P
    P5月 18, 2014
    #10 (chicken bone-in, Kubideh) no salad , double rice, lamb curry , chickpeas !
  • Amy O.
    Amy O.5月 28, 2011
    Terrific kabobs, but expect to wait for food if you go late at night. Always packed after midnight. Sometimes we call in order, then go pick it up - easier. Spinach + rice = spicy divinity.
  • Chris C.
    Chris C11月 6, 2011
    Amazing! If you want to skip the long line, order the special (whatever is in the window) and skip the numbered meals. They serve it up right there for you!!!
  • Omar A.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Omar Ahmad6月 2, 2017
    Chappali kabob, when it's fresh, is awesome. Bread is always good, and any chicken dish.
  • SHAR H.
    SHAR HAZEL10月 1, 2011
    Boneless chicken with Rice and Chickpeas...Ask for salad to be separated. It drives them wild...LOL (But it is for the best or you will have wilted lettuce...Yuck!!)
  • Vinnie M.
    Vinnie Mancini7月 18, 2013
    All that goodness in one place. It was great try the chicken or lamb platter. I suggest the spinach and chick peas
  • Danny M.
    Danny M4月 20, 2010
    I always get the #1 (Boneless Chicken Kabob) with rice, and I ask for half chickpeas and half spinach. If you don't get salad, they just give you more rice and spinach and/or chickpeas. And I always c
  • Kara
    Kara5月 21, 2013
    I'm a Midwestern white girl and I literally want to eat here twice a week. Make sure you get: rice, chick peas and spinach. No salad.
  • Soo C.
    Soo Cho6月 18, 2013
    Never disappointing. Call your order in if you're doing take away to make your wait much shorter. Yum! Yum!
  • Alex C.
    Alex Crenshaw4月 28, 2014
    Everything is bomb.com. Don't forget to grab some ginger, peppers, onion & lemon near the counter.
  • Richardユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Richard6月 24, 2016
    Kabobs are awesome but stay for the rice, chickpeas, cucumber sauce, and the bread!
  • V J.
    V J8月 18, 2013
    Tried Chicken kabob, it was good. Don't get the salad. Get half chickpeas and half spinach. Lassi was the best.
  • Ariel R.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Ariel R10月 14, 2015
    Absolutely the best kabob I've tried in all of northern Virginia! Simply delicious!
  • Abhi M.
    Abhi Morajkar2月 5, 2014
    As everyone suggests, boneless chicken (no salad) with chickpeas on the side. What a meal :) loved it
  • Salwa K.
    Salwa Khan12月 18, 2012
    Halal. 24 hours. Great kubideh. Get extra rice instead of salad. Great sides are spinach and chickpeas.
  • JH H.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    JH H-D5月 11, 2022
    The meats are grilled to order! The kofta have chili flakes in them 😋
  • Amal A.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Amal Abdelrahman1月 4, 2015
    One person order is a full sized order where I could complete at once. Delicious food !!
  • aroユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    aro4月 3, 2010
    the BEST kabobs, period. boneless chicken is delicious and juicy! order it with no salad, then get rice and chickpeas. you won't be sorry.
  • MCA 心.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    MCA 心足11月 24, 2013
    No salad. Don't waste your time on any of the sides but chickpeas and rice. Pay attention to the daily menu, goat brain is great.
  • Kyle R.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Kyle R.8月 26, 2014
    Chickpeas are excellent. Chicken is fantastic. The wait times are absurd. I waited an hour for my to go order. Not worth it. Pricey, too.
  • Moza K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Moza K7月 27, 2015
    Delicious food, but order takes time! Call in to order before
  • SKEET C.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    SKEET Chevalia2月 28, 2014
    Try the Chicken & Lamb Kabob - Love the spices of the middleeast!
  • Nivine Z.
    Nivine Zakhari6月 3, 2012
    Lamb, Kabideh, + spinach w/rice = delicious, but be prepared to wait if you can't call ahead.
  • David
    David2月 14, 2015
    Try #12 combo. Lamb , beef and chicken. Mango lassi not bad
  • Emily R.
    Emily Rupert6月 4, 2014
    Loved the lamb kabob. The flatbread is excellent. Good choice.
  • Jefe
    Jefe1月 25, 2012
    I knew when the lot was full of cabs, I was at a good place. The lamb kabob is superb.
  • Jae W.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Jae Watkins2月 17, 2017
    Amazing meats, great sides, tasty bread
  • Dexter L.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Dexter Lee7月 21, 2015
    It was okay. Had lamb kabobs and lamb chops. Not as tender as I had expected. Also, crowded, small space. Advise calling in order and picking it up.
  • Mark S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Mark Sullivan5月 17, 2018
    Nice little hole in the wall place. Try the Beef Kabobs!
  • Reagan B.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Reagan Barbosa3月 5, 2017
    The Kubideh was my favorite. Seasoned so well.
  • Maggie M.
    Maggie MacG9月 20, 2015
    I did not love this place. They don't clean the spinach thoroughly and it can be pretty gritty.
  • Ruvania D.
    Ruvania Deveaux8月 11, 2013
    I must say that the meat is really soft though and the chickpeas were tasty!!
  • Michigan M.
    Michigan Muhi10月 8, 2012
    Everything platter. Can't go wrong. Chapli kabob. All amazing.
  • Andre C.
    Andre Cover8月 30, 2014
    Omg go here any time for delicious food, but ESPECIALLY after a drunken night out!
  • Marc A.
    Marc Abanto1月 13, 2010
    Go to Kabob Palace and make sure to ask for extra yogurt sauce with whatever you order. If you do this after midnight, call in your order or it may take awhile.


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