Nordstrom Rack Market at Town Center is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

1. Nordstrom Rack Market at Town Center

2665 Town Center Blvd N, シュガーランド, TX
衣料品店 · The Market at Town Center · 7個のヒントとレビュー
Babys 1st Furniture is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

2. Babys 1st Furniture

5575 Richmond Ave (Richmond & Chimney Rock), ヒューストン, TX
ベビー用品店 · 5個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: A lot of stuff for babies, if you're having a baby you have to visit this place. the staff is very friendly

buybuy BABY is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

3. buybuy BABY

17355 State Highway 249 Ste 1K, ヒューストン, TX
子供服 · 3個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Big baby store, they are have a lot of stuff. If you're having a baby, you need to visit this place.

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

4. Buffalo Wild Wings

1401 Highway 6 Ste B (btwn Fluor Daniel & Brooks), シュガーランド, TX
手羽唐揚店 · 39個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Great place for wings, beer and watching sports. Prices are decent and the staff is very friendly.

In-N-Out Burger is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

5. In-N-Out Burger

3701 S. Lamar Blvd., オースティン, TX
ファーストフード店 · South Lamar · 23個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Excellent burgers, great quality, everything tastes fresh and excellent prices. Highly recommended.

Shake Shack is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

6. Shake Shack

1100 S Lamar Blvd (Treadwell), オースティン, TX
ハンバーガーレストラン · Zilker · 31個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Excellent burgers, the buns and the meat are outstanding. The prices are a bit on the steep side, the burgers come without fries which should be a no no at any burger joint.

テキサス州会議事堂 is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

7. テキサス州会議事堂

(Texas State Capitol)
112 E 11th St (at Congress Ave), オースティン, TX
議会 / 議事堂 · Downtown Austin · 225個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: You can get in on Sundays and they even have free tours tours. Highly recommended if you're interested in Texas history.

Magnolia Cafe South is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

8. Magnolia Cafe South

1920 S Congress Ave (at E. Mary St.), オースティン, TX
ダイナー · Bouldin Creek · 284個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: One of the best breakfast I ever had, the place was packed! The service was ok, good prices and the portions are huge. You better be hungry.specially if you add the pancakes to your breakfast

Target is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

9. Target

2300 W Ben White Blvd (at S Lamar Blvd), オースティン, TX
大型店 · South Lamar · 26個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Big store, friendly staff and plenty of parking places. A lot of beer variety:-)

Nathan's BBQ (Big Daddy's) is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

10. Nathan's BBQ (Big Daddy's)

1308 Highway 290 W (FM-389), Brenham, TX
焼肉 / バーベキュー料理店 · 13個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Stopped here for gas, the bathrooms are clean. The food smelled incredible but I didn't have any. The place was packed so I would definitely try it.

SUBWAY is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.


3933 Broadway St Ste 110, ヒューストン, TX
サンドイッチ店 · 1件の Tip

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Typical subway, decent food, quick service and good prices.

El Paso Country Club is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

12. El Paso Country Club

5000 Country Club Pl, エル・パソ, TX
ゴルフコース · 3個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Great place to hang out, and have a few drinks at the bar.

El Taco Tote is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

13. El Taco Tote

7101 N Mesa St, エル・パソ, TX
タコス店 · 15個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Excellent food, excellent prices, excellent service, excellent salsas, you simply can't miss. And above all, this is real authentic Mexican food. Highly recommended place.

Zinc Brasserie is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

14. Zinc Brasserie

(Sky Harbor Terminal C), フェニックス, AZ
フランス料理店 · Sky Harbor · 31個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Excellent place to eat while you wait for your flight. Great dishes, good prices (for an airport) and delicious food. They have a full bar as well, I'll make sure to visit again.

15. Chili's Too

9000 W Airport Dr, スポーケン, WA
テックスメックスレストラン · 6個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Had the American fest for breakfast, it was very average and very overpriced (keep in mind this is in an airport). You'll be better off with Quiznos imo.

Phikun's Thai Cuisine is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

16. Phikun's Thai Cuisine

1020 S Grand Ave, プルマン, WA
タイ料理店 · 6個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Great menu, and decent prizes. My dish wasn't very tasteful but I'll give them another chance. There is a bar, so this might be a good place for drinks and dinner.

Birch & Barley is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

17. Birch & Barley

1360 SE Bishop Blvd, プルマン, WA
アメリカ料理店 · 15個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: I ordered the ribeye medium, and it was very overcooked, the meat wasn't that great for the price. Good place for groups, and seems like a great place for drinks. I'll give them another chance onfood

Zeppoz is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

18. Zeppoz

780 SE Bishop Blvd (Fairmount Rd.), プルマン, WA
ボウリング場 · 14個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Bowling is good, prices are decent I guess. I didn't have any food but they have the standard for a bowling place. Good place to hang.out, and for groups.

Rancho Viejo is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

19. Rancho Viejo

170 S Grand Ave, プルマン, WA
メキシコ料理店 · 6個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Great food, kind of TexMex but still sufficiently Mexican. Good for groups, good prices, great menu and has a nice upscaly kind of feeling.

SEL Event Center is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

20. SEL Event Center

1825 Schweitzer Dr. (NE Terre View Dr.), プルマン, WA
娯楽全般 · 2個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Good place for events. Has speakers, tables, lighting and very good services for any event you might throw.

Golden Teriyaki is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

21. Golden Teriyaki

1285 N Grand Ave, プルマン, WA
中華料理店 · 3個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Great prices, delicious food, very fast service and plenty of parking lot which is not common for Chinese places in Pullman. Love this place.

Ace Hardware - Pullman is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

22. Ace Hardware - Pullman

1690 S Grand Ave, プルマン, WA
金物屋 · 2個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Very helpful staff, they'll help you with everything and anything. And they have pretty much anything you need.

23. Taqueria ChaParrito

231 E Main St, プルマン, WA
タコス店 · 3個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Great place for real authentic Mexican food, especially the tacos. They have a lot on their menu and they are about to introduce Mexican seafood as well. If you like mexican, this is your place.

Walmart Supercenter is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

24. Walmart Supercenter

2470 West Pullman Road 2, モスコー, ID
大型店 · 8個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Well this is a Walmart, you find everything you want. I think the one in Pullman is bigger.

Panda Express is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

25. Panda Express

モスコー, ID
中華料理店 · 5個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Excellent prices, quick service, and I love their food. No complains here..highly recommended

Palouse Ridge Golf Club is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

26. Palouse Ridge Golf Club

1260 Palouse Ridge Dr, プルマン, WA
ゴルフコース · Tipまたはレビューなし
Dissmore's IGA is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

27. Dissmore's IGA

1205 N Grand Ave, プルマン, WA
食料品店 · 10個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: You can find everything in here, they have a postal office so you can send letters here as well. I love their fried chicken to go. They have good takeout food in general.

Fireside Grille is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

28. Fireside Grille

1095 SE Bishop Blvd, プルマン, WA
アメリカ料理店 · 12個のヒントとレビュー
Nuevo Vallarta is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

29. Nuevo Vallarta

110 N. Grand Ave, プルマン, WA
メキシコ料理店 · 4個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Good service, friendly staff and a huge menu with decent prices. If you like Mexican food (TexMex rather) you should.come.to this place. Limited.parking.

New Garden Restaurant is one of Gastonさんのお気に入りスポット.

30. New Garden Restaurant

400 S Grand Ave, プルマン, WA
アジア料理店 · 5個のヒントとレビュー

Gaston M.Gaston Motola Acuna: Great food, good service and great staff. Limited parking makes this place a drag if you get in at rush hour, you won't find a place and you'll end up going somewhere else.