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Frontiers of the EU
Passerelle Mimram - Brücke der zwei Ufer is one of Frontiers of the EU.

1. Passerelle Mimram - Brücke der zwei Ufer

Passerelle des Deux Rives, ストラスブール, アルザス地域圏
· Port du Rhin · 2個のヒントとレビュー

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: Bridging two cities once bitterly divided, Mimram is a symbol of how the EU helped bridge their differences and creating good neighbours working together on anything from education to transport. 続きを読む

Maasvlakte is one of Frontiers of the EU.

2. Maasvlakte

Europoort, ロッテルダム, 南ホラント州
港 / マリーナ · Maasvlakte · 5個のヒントとレビュー

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: Reduced to rubble during the Second World War, Rotterdam quickly grew to become Europe's biggest port in the decades that followed – thanks in no small part to Europe’s single market. 続きを読む

L'Aiguille du Midi (3842m) is one of Frontiers of the EU.

3. L'Aiguille du Midi (3842m)

Aiguille du Midi, シャモニー=モン=ブラン, ローヌ=アルプ地域圏
山岳 · 53個のヒントとレビュー

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: Breath-taking, isn’t it? But is Europe as pure and transparent as it seems from 3,842 metres? It’s getting there: thanks to new EU banking laws, money is flowing out of Switzerland rather than in. 続きを読む

Дунав мост (Danube Bridge) is one of Frontiers of the EU.

4. Дунав мост (Danube Bridge)

Over the Danube river (btw Ruse and Giurgiu), ルセ, Русе
· 17個のヒントとレビュー

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: The Danube used to form a border. Since Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU in 2007, the Friendship Bridge is the place where not just two cultures meet, but two alphabets: the Latin and the Cyrillic. 続きを読む

Barco de Ávila is one of Frontiers of the EU.

5. Barco de Ávila

アビラ, カスティーリャ・レオン州
· 11個のヒントとレビュー

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: National borders are one kind of frontier; language is another. 2.4 million EU residents are now living in Spain – a move made possible thanks to the EU freedom of movement. 続きを読む

Pylos is one of Frontiers of the EU.

6. Pylos

Μεσσηνία, Μεσσηνία
· 11個のヒントとレビュー

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: Can the answers to the universe’s big mysteries be found in the Mediterranean? Scientists believe so, placing the underwater telescope Nestor at the bottom in an attempt to unravel a few of them. 続きを読む

NATS - Prestwick Centre is one of Frontiers of the EU.

7. NATS - Prestwick Centre

エア, サウス・エアシャー
建物 · 1件の Tip

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: Flying used to be a prerogative of the few. Now it is a viable option for everyone. Find out how this changed and the role Prestwick Centre plays in safely getting you across the Atlantic and back. 続きを読む

Białowieski Park Narodowy is one of Frontiers of the EU.

8. Białowieski Park Narodowy

国立公園 · 4個のヒントとレビュー

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: Famous not only for its bison, but for the enormous diversity of habitats and species – including some scarce or extinct elsewhere in Europe – all made possible with the aid of EU scheme Natura 2000. 続きを読む

Belderrig pier is one of Frontiers of the EU.

9. Belderrig pier

Co Mayo, Co Mayo
港 / マリーナ · 1件の Tip

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: “Before Ireland joined the European Economic Community back in 1973 we didn’t have any markets at all,” says fisherman Stephen McHale. Now, he says, the EU provides both an advantage and security. 続きを読む

Energetikos ir technikos muziejus | Energy and Technology Museum is one of Frontiers of the EU.

10. Energetikos ir technikos muziejus | Energy and Technology Museum

Rinktinės g. 2, ヴィリニュス, Vilniaus apskritis
科学博物館 · Šnipiškės · 22個のヒントとレビュー

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: This was once Vilnius’ first power plant. Lithuania is still struggling to cut its energy-dependency on Russia. Being in the EU helps it establish power interconnections with its European neighbours. 続きを読む

Nuorgam is one of Frontiers of the EU.

11. Nuorgam

Utsjoki, Lapland
· 1件の Tip

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: Welcome to the EU’s northernmost point! It is also a part of the homeland of the Sámi, the Union’s only indigenous people and one of many minorities the EU is helping to preserve their culture. 続きを読む

Forsmark kärnkraftverk is one of Frontiers of the EU.

12. Forsmark kärnkraftverk

Forsmark, Uppsala län
工場 · 1件の Tip

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: Environmental disaster knows no borders: when the alarm sounded on 28 April 1986, it was feared there had been an accident. Instead, another accident was uncovered 1,100 kilometers away. In Chernobyl. 続きを読む

Centre Spatial Guyanais is one of Frontiers of the EU.

13. Centre Spatial Guyanais

Route de l'Espace, クールー, Guyane
オフィス · 2個のヒントとレビュー

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: Europe’s gateway to the galaxy! While the European Space Agency launch base may be located in South America, it is still very much the EU: as French territory, French Guiana even uses the euro. 続きを読む

Rapa Iti is one of Frontiers of the EU.

14. Rapa Iti

· 1件の Tip

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament: 50 hours off Tahiti, Rapa Iti is one of the South Pacific’s most isolated islands – and still a part of the EU! Its 400+ inhabitants enjoy EU benefits such as the popular Erasmus+ programme. 続きを読む