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    Louis Vuitton

    ブティック Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina 41 ローマ, ラツィオ州

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    • Andrew 翁
      Andrew 翁: "Wow ! Such a huge Louis Vuitton boutique outlet in Rome. Cozy place & VIP-serviced by well-trained staff."
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    Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi

    噴水 Piazza Navona ローマ, ラツィオ州

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    • Dasha K.
      Dasha Komisaruk: "I visited this place in the evening. It was breathtaking-night sky, lights everywhere and spectacular view. Probably one of my favorite places in Rome"
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    Il Panino Ingegnoso

    サンドイッチ店 Piazza di Pietra, 35 ローマ, ラツィオ州

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    • Lefteris C.
      Lefteris Charalambous: "Choose KEPLERO panini! Panini stuffed with pork and a choice of other constituents! Delicious and enough for Lunch.. Big choice of local beers as well! Enjoy.."
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    Pane e Salame

    サンドイッチ店 Via di Santa Maria in Via 19 ローマ, ラツィオ州

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    • Kristian A.
      Kristian Aa: "This is a lively, authentic Italian restaurant with a few tables. Great service, great food and relativelly cheap. Best so far in Rome. Go for lunch!"
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    Panino Divino

    サンドイッチ店 Via dei Gracchi 11a ローマ, ラツィオ州

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    • Bekir O.
      Bekir Ozbay: "Put this place in your itinerary and definitely make time for the great paninos during your Vatican tour. Porchetta (pork stuffed with garlic, herbs and roasted for 8 hours) is a must! *sigh* Divine.."
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    La Romana

    アイスクリームショップ Via Venti Settembre, 60 ローマ, ラツィオ州

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    サンタ マリア マッジョーレ大聖堂

    教会 Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore ローマ, ラツィオ州

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    • Chris P.
      Chris Phillips: "Rather drab-looking exterior hides a fantastic interior. The largest church dedicated to Mary in all Rome."
    • Cara D.
      Cara DeMore: "I'd say go in the daytime, because we went at night and a lot of the interior was not lit up. I could see where the light from the windows would help. A great church you otherwise!"
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    教会 Piazza San Pietro Vatican

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    • Fuyuhiko T.
      Fuyuhiko Takaya: "言わずと知れたカトリックの総本山。併設されている売店に法皇グッズが売ってるのを見るにつけ「宗教団体なんかどこもやってること変わらないな〜」と実感できます。別に受けを狙ってるわけじゃ無いんだろうけど、沢山法皇の写真見ると「ププッ」と吹き出してしまいそうになります。"
    • Richard T.
      Richard Tirtamarta: "Beautiful ❤️"
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    Ponte Sant'Angelo

    Ponte Sant'Angelo ローマ, ラツィオ州

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    • Dave S.
      Dave Sawyer: "Beautiful statues, wonderfully lit at night, and street musicians help add to the ambiance on certain occasions."
    • Gabi B.
      Gabi Bulumac: "Situated in front of Castel Sant'Angelo it's amazing that it stands almost intact for thousands of years,with lovely sculptures along the way.Only pedestrian traffic is allowed!"

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