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  • 9.4


    ステーキハウス Politických vězňů 1511/5 プラハ, Hlavní město Praha

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    • Jiri V.
      Jiri Vizek: "Great spot. Brilliant new concept by ambiente group. If you are meet lover you have to visit Katerina. Best carpaccio!! Great burgers, great steak and pilsner beer! Have to visit!!!"
  • 9.3

    Las Adelitas

    メキシコ料理店 Petrská 1551/23 プラハ, Hlavní město Praha

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  • 9.5

    Café Bar Pilotů

    カクテルバー Donská 168/19 プラハ, Hlavní město Praha

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    • Chiara R.
      Chiara Rizzi: "The interior was cozy and original, the staff super nice. The cocktails have the name of other bars and shops in the neighbourhood, a funny idea :) Great place!:)"
  • 9.6


    公園 Královská obora プラハ, Hlavní město Praha

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    • Dan R.
      Dan Reznicek: "A huge and diverse park, improving every month in facilities: cafes, bars, workout spots. Great for jogging and trainspotting (check the schedule on the bridge). Short and pretty walk to the zoo."
  • 9.3


    ベトナム料理店 Nádražní 300/100 プラハ, Hlavní město Praha

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    • Fabiano W.
      Fabiano Waewell: "Excellent! Very interesting concept of open kitchen. Great food, with balanced flavors and sophisticated prep. Every service comes with detailed explanation. Worth pointing out the amazing drinks!"
  • 9.4

    Údolí slonů

    動物園の展示 U Trojského zámku 120/3 プラハ, Hlavní město Praha

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    • Liam P.
      Liam Proven: "Happy heffalumps, including babies and a lot of educational material in multiple languages."


  • 9.5

    Divoká Šárka

    自然保護地区 Divoká Šárka プラハ, Hlavní město Praha

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    • Emily A.
      Emily Andino: "So beautiful, it feels like walking into a fairy tale! A great place to see fall colors in October."
    • Martin M.
      Martin Mi: "Walk around to find a secret fire-place where you can legally make fire, grill and bbq in the forest. You can even find pre-cut wood for burning."
  • 9.5


    V Pevnosti 159/5b プラハ, Hlavní město Praha

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    • Oktay o.
      Oktay on the Rocks: "This is my favorite place in Prague, especially the cemetary near the basilica. The park itself and the view of the river are also great. Bring something to eat and have a picnic."
    • Otel.com
      Otel.com: "This beautiful and historic castle on a hill over the Vltava River is a must-see for all Prague visitors. This is home to the Vyšehrad Cemetery and the neo-Gothic Basilica of St Peter and St Paul."
  • 9.4

    Zoo Praha

    動物園 U Trojského zámku 120/3 プラハ, Hlavní město Praha

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    • Arthur T.
      Arthur Teiler: "The best zoo I've ever visited. plan to stay 5+ hours. The zoo itself is a beautiful park. There are many rare species. The animals are treated really well, they seem quite happy and healthy."
    • Daniel v.
      Daniel van Dorp: "Beautiful zoo! Well worth your money. Easily takes you the full day. Climb the mountain in the center of the park early in the day before the sun burns. Or take the chairlift to get to the top (25czk)"

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