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Foursquare ではChapel Hillでお友達との出かけるのにぴったりのスポットを検索できます:

  • 9.3

    3 Birds Marketing

    IT サービス 505 W Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(1 Tip):

    • Meg
      Meg: "Try the Baked Lays! As good as that lady Vickie's chips but w less than half the calories!"
  • 9.2

    Mediterranean Deli

    地中海料理店 410 W Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(61 Tip):

    • Gabi T.
      Gabi Tesoro: "Great mezze here! Great classic Mediterranean_ sandwiches, plus an awesome selection for vegetarians! They are pretty quick to serve, although it can get really crowded during the lunch rush."
  • 8.9

    Linda's Bar and Grill

    バー 203 E Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(32 Tip):

    • Luke F.
      Luke Fayard: "My favorite place in Chapel Hill. Pot roast T/Th lunch blows the mind, and I’ve loved eeeverything else I’ve had (30+ visits in). The Table samich may change your life. And great rotating drafts. &..."
  • 8.9

    The Egg & I Restaurants

    朝食スポット 1101 Environ Way Chapel Hill, NC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(1 Tip):

  • 8.8


    リクリエーションセンター 980 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Chapel Hill, NC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(7 Tip):

    • h
      h: "Love the 7 am pilates class with Monica! Amazing endurance work has benefited me tremendously!!"
  • 8.9

    Silverspot Cinema

    複合型映画館 201 S Estes Dr Chapel Hill, NC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(15 Tip):

    • h
      h: "Amazing seats! So sturdy and comfy! This isn't a regular movie theater where someone taps the back of your seat with their foot and your experience is ruined! Its like the feeling of watching at home!"

Chapel Hillのこれらのスポットがうわさになっています:

  • 9.0

    Trader Joe's

    食料品店 1800 E Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(40 Tip):

    • John C.
      John Carbuccia: "Great place to shop for healthy and good tasting foods. Prices are very competitive and many items are cheaper than regular supermarkets including Wholefoods."
    • Karina C.
      Karina Chandler: "The staff is very friendly and helpful. Once a woman was looking for sea salt chocolates and I said I hadn't tried them and he opened it for me to try"
  • 9.0

    Flyleaf Books

    書店 752 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Chapel Hill, NC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(10 Tip):

    • Conner H.
      Conner Hobson: "Great independent bookstore with new books up front and a huge used book section in the back. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, don't be afraid to ask for a recommendation."
    • Nicole M.
      Nicole Mark: "Great selection of fiction, kids' books, and gift items. Lots of great events, too. Get a membership and get 10% off lots of things."
  • 8.8

    Beer Study

    ビールショップ 106A N Graham St Chapel Hill, NC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(18 Tip):

    • David H.
      David Heiser: "Big selection of bottles, good prices. Even with the "corkage fee", the 22oz bottles are a great deal."
    • David L.
      David L: "Great selection of unique beers on tap to enjoy at the bar and bottles to take home. You can also enjoy shuffleboard and video games. One of kind place in chapel hill!"

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