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Foursquare ではチャンドラーでお友達との出かけるのにぴったりのスポットを検索できます:

  • 8.9

    The Watering Hole

    バー 2955 West Ray Road チャンドラー, AZ

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(15 Tip):

    • Jason S.
      Jason Sorensen: "A hidden haven for craft beer lovers that's not so hidden anymore. Always a great selection on tap and most readily available for growler refills."
  • 8.9

    Grimaldi's Pizzeria

    ピザハウス 7131 W Ray Rd チャンドラー, AZ

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(26 Tip):

    • Justin G.
      Justin Germino: "Open and delicious, get there early like before 5pm because lines start forming it is about 1/2 hour wait on a weekday if you arrive after 5:30 on some nights! The Cannoli's are great!"
  • 8.8

    Harkins Theatres Chandler Crossroads 12

    映画館 2980 E Germann Rd チャンドラー, AZ

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(26 Tip):

    • Donovan C.
      Donovan Colbert: "They've added a bar with wine, sangria and domestic beers including local microbrews!"
  • 8.7

    The Casual Pint Ocotillo

    ビールバー 1095 W Queen Creek Rd Ste 8 チャンドラー, AZ

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(6 Tip):

    • Brian P.
      Brian Potter: "Good craft beer selection on tap. Excellent selection of beer to go. Growlers available"
  • 8.9

    Press Coffee Roasters

    コーヒーショップ 2577 W Queen Creek Rd チャンドラー, AZ

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(6 Tip):

    • Ariel K.
      Ariel Kuo: "My favorite place to sit and talk with friends when the weather is nice. The coffee is very good quality and they have THE best dirty chai in chandler. The iced teas have free refills!"
  • 9.5

    Peixoto Coffee Roasters

    カフェ 11 West Boston At チャンドラー, AZ

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(45 Tip):

    • 🌵Andrew K.
      🌵Andrew Kolikoff🌵: "Get the pour/over home grown blend (Brazilian). Outstanding! Julia (the owner) is so very proud as this has been her family farm for generations. Heck, she grew up on this coffee farm and oh so good!"


  • 9.0

    In-N-Out Burger

    ハンバーガーレストラン 7050 W Ray Rd チャンドラー, AZ

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(65 Tip):

    • 🌵Andrew K.
      🌵Andrew Kolikoff🌵: "Love the simple menu. They do only a few things and do it well. Aha... One of the secrets to success! Get a Double Double with at least lettuce and tomato (onion too if you like)."
    • Terressa T.
      Terressa T.: "Immediately upon my first bite, the burger reminded me of the great taste of a grilled burger from when I was a kid. I requested grilled onions a must, very happy!"
  • 8.9

    Sprouts Farmers Market

    食料品店 1959 W Ray Rd チャンドラー, AZ

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(21 Tip):

    • Sara D.
      Sara Dalton: "$3.99 for a WHOLE sandwich from the deli?! You can build your own. Treat yourself!"
    • Carter B.
      Carter Bailey: "For fellow Paleo and quality beef lovers, Sprouts carries grass-fed beef. Had a ribeye that was to die for!"
  • 8.9

    In-N-Out Burger

    ハンバーガーレストラン 2910 E Germann Rd チャンドラー, AZ

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(33 Tip):

    • Nadine M.
      Nadine Macias: "They r so freakin friendly here!!! He explained the secret menu for me and everything!! Got the spread on the side and protein style DUSTIN IS THE BEST!!! ask for him very helpful"
    • Carol H.
      Carol Husbands: "Love the animal fries cooked extra extra well. Also the lettuce wrap burger is great, save the bun calories for the those awesome animal fries."

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