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Foursquare ではバーミンハムでお友達との出かけるのにぴったりのスポットを検索できます:

  • 9.5

    Parkside Café

    バー 4036 5th Ave S バーミンハム, AL

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(19 Tip):

    • Lauren S.
      Lauren Strain: "Come to the rock star bar, ready to listen to good music and hang with cool people in a chill atmosphere. Only nice people allowed. This is a drama-free zone."
  • 9.1

    Pepper Place Saturday Market

    農産物直売所 2829 2nd Ave S バーミンハム, AL

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(23 Tip):

    • Melissa L. Brinley
      Melissa L. Brinley: "I love going early to talk to farmers before it gets super busy. Make sure you stop by the back ally for the chef demos each week at 9!"
  • 9.1

    Highland's Bar & Grill

    バー 2011 11th Ave S バーミンハム, AL

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(39 Tip):

    • Men's Health Mag
      Men's Health Mag: "Local flavors include stone-ground organic grits, baked with sautéed mushrooms, country ham, Parmesan cheese, and served in a butter sauce with sherry vinegar and wine."
  • 9.3

    Iron City Bham

    音楽関係 513 22nd St S バーミンハム, AL

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(13 Tip):

    • Rent M.
      Rent Monster: "Outstanding event venue and a first class restaurant under one roof! Check http://ironcitybham.com/ for upcoming performances. You'll be glad you did!"
  • 9.3

    El Barrio

    メキシコ料理店 2201-2215 2nd Ave N バーミンハム, AL

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(63 Tip):

    • Greg
      Greg: "Excellent place in downtown. Great atmosphere and service. I sampled all four of the tacos. Each had its own unique blend of flavors. Get a side black beans too"
  • 9.2

    The Red Cat

    コーヒーショップ 2901 2nd Ave S バーミンハム, AL

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(38 Tip):

    • Van B.
      Van Baird: "Saturday morning and the line is out the door. Take your awesome lattè to the outdoor farmers market right outside the door. Über hipster scene."


  • 9.2


    ファーストフード店 5375 Highway 280 バーミンハム, AL

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(7 Tip):

    • Patrick F.
      Patrick Finley (@pjfinley): "The drive-thru is quick, no matter how long the line is. Also, everyone is so friendly."
    • Adam D.
      Adam Dean: "Try the frosted lemonade! Smooth and creamy Chick-fil-a icedream with a little lemonade mixed in. Delicious!"
  • 9.2

    Birmingham Botanical Gardens

    植物園 2612 Lane Park Rd Mountain Brk, AL

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(25 Tip):

    • JB
      JB: "My favorite place to go jogging in Birmingham. The foliage provides shade and keeps the air humid. There are a million little, winding paths to get lost in."
    • Thomas C.
      Thomas Chung: "This place is amazing. Some of the best kept gardens I've ever seen. I personally like the japanese maples and the coy pond. Plenty of small tucked away places to sit and enjoy. And its free!"
  • 9.2

    McWane Science Center

    科学博物館 200 19th St N バーミンハム, AL

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(27 Tip):

    • Greg S.
      Greg Salinas: "Great for kids. Membership really worth it, especially for kids 3-6. Glad they're expanding as some of the exhibits are starting to show their age. Always something new for the kids to see and learn."
    • Rachel M.
      Rachel Mallett: "We're members & it's a great investment. If you love it like we do, it will pay for itself quickly! Don't forget the lower level, aquariums, rays & sharks you can touch, & plenty of educational info."

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