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  • 9.4

    The Local Pub

    パブ Χαϊμαντά 25 Χαλάνδρι, Αττική

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    • Kyriakos G.
      Kyriakos G. 🍺 🍔: "Ok... you are in the best Pub in Athens. Do not start with a "bring me an Amstel" etc. Use your imagination and try something different and unique. Ask Fotis for an opinion and beer tasting."
  • 9.6

    Drupes & Drips

    コーヒーショップ Ζήτρου 20 アテネ, Αττική

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    • NEFELI
      NEFELI: "Best coffee in Athens! I mean really by far the best coffee in Athens! In the afternoon it turns to an Italian aperitivo place to be! Love it!"
  • 9.7

    Stavros Niarchos Park

    公園 Δέλτα Φαλήρου Καλλιθέα, Αττική

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    • Βίκυ Σ.
      Βίκυ Σίμου: "Excellent place for walks, sports or chill out! Also lots of activities for everyone! A great place, don't miss the opera and library!"
  • 9.5

    Acropolis Museum

    歴史博物館 Διονυσίου Αρεοπαγίτου 15 アテネ, Αττική

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  • 9.5


    コーヒーショップ Άγγελου Πυρρή 3 アテネ, Αττική

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    • Vasiliki G.
      Vasiliki G: "Ampelokipoi is not the first place that crosses your mind for a night out on the town. Espressaki, though, is a cosy place that makes you feel like home. Friendly staff, nice music, good prices."
  • 9.5


    アイスクリームショップ Λεωφ. Πεντέλης 139 Χαλάνδρι, Αττική

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    • Christos P.
      Christos Panagiotopoulos: "Το αγαπημένο μου παγωτό, υφή, γεύση και ποιότητα στην κορυφή. Ειδικά το πολίτικο καϊμάκι του ! Εξαιρετικα και τα γιαούρτια του. All-time favourite ice cream. De loin mon glacier préféré :-)"


  • 9.5

    Mount Ymittos

    山岳 Όρος Υμηττός アテネ, Αττική

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    • George M.
      George Mentzikof: "The only place where you can touch nature in the center of Athens! Many walking paths. Two beautiful monasteries and an excellent cantina for coffee and cheese pie under the trees."
    • Carl G.
      Carl Griffin: "Wonderful views across Athens. The summit contains some interestinf antiquities."
  • 9.7

    Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

    文化センター Δέλτα Φαλήρου Καλλιθέα, Αττική

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    • Harry
      Harry: "A world-class cultural Center designed by Renzo Piano, which truly shows the other side of Greece. Let's hope the Greek state is up to the task in 2017..."
    • Alexandros P.
      Alexandros Plexidas: "The new "must visit" place in Athens! Amazing project overall, great architecture, plenty of green spots to sit and enjoy a concert etc. Not to miss, preferably during sunset."
  • 9.7


    史跡 Διονυσίου Αρεοπαγίτου アテネ, Αττική

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    • Visit Greece
      Visit Greece: "Herod Atticus built this roofed Odeon (in 161 B.C.) for music concerts in honor of his wife Regilla, after her death. Its magic and beauty, can only be understood when walking on the way to Acropolis."
    • Themistocles
      Themistocles: "a stone theatre structure located on the south slope of the Acropolis of Athens. It was built in 161 AD by the Athenian magnate Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife, Aspasia Annia Regilla."

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