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Anchor Oyster Bar

Anchor Oyster Bar

Castro, サンフランシスコ
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    "7x7's Big Eat 2012 says the clam chowder (クラムチャウダー) is delicious."(14 つの Tips)
    Vanessa T.
    "Cioppino, oysters, clams, chowder (チャウダー), staff, everything!!"(9 つの Tips)
    Andre M.
    "Best oyster (牡蠣) I have ever eaten!"(24 つの Tips)
    arjun b.
    "great oys & crab cakes (クラブケーキ) but avoid the chowder"(5 つの Tips)
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  • Wilson F.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Small, intimate, lively. Deliciously fresh seafood, shellfish and hot dishes. And that epic cioppino dish. Downside: LONG wait all the time!
  • Andre M.
    Andre May10月 15, 2013
    Best oyster I have ever eaten! Worth recommendation! Delicious seafood, lovely spot, excellent service & last but not least fair price. :)))
  • Evren K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Evren Koksal10月 18, 2015
    Best seafood spot in SF! Do not miss! Fresh oysters like nowhere else yummmm! Order anything wont regret.
  • Phil Y.
    Phil Ye2月 23, 2014
    这是周六下午13:40,入口处以进排起了小队。这是一个只有几张小桌和一个吧台上的小地方。服务非常高效,顺序为快,因为菜单简单,工作人员知道他们在做什么。即使里面很拥挤,我们没有要求与他人共享一张桌子,使我们可以真正享受自己的对话。 我们点了他们的特色菜,you带12牡蛎的半壳,8蒸蛤蜊,4冰鲜明虾,38.95美元满足了两个追逐蛋白质和远离碳化物的家伙。我们可以看他们在几米外的厨房里准备我们的菜肴。
  • Jenn C.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Jenn Chen2月 6, 2019
    Neighborhood institution. The cioppino is clutch (and comes with garlic bread on top) but prepare to get messy. They do half orders of pretty much everything on the menu so you can sample more!
  • Daniel L.
    Daniel Lovett11月 6, 2015
    Always crowded, but I usually sit at the counter. Best food in Castro and the servers are friendly and knowledgeable about their daily specials. Pricier than most others in Castro, bur well worth it.
  • Claude H.
    Claude Harrison6月 19, 2023
    First and foremost, their unique take on cioppino which is the most flavorful I have had here in The Bay! Check out the raw oysters & appetizers: scallops & cold smoked trout were phenomenal.
  • Bill H.
    Bill Hendrix4月 26, 2019
    always good, almost always a wait. Cozy eatery that has been around since 1977 offering great seafood. Cioppino is excellent and they have 2-3 specials per day. Highly recommend!
  • Kelley L.
    Kelley L.10月 5, 2018
    The cioppino was really good, especially the garlic bread! Try the oysters as well!
  • TheDL
    TheDL11月 17, 2014
    Of course the oysters. Clams and/or muscles w/extra bread to sop up the broth. Garlic bread is really good. Open-face crab and shrimp melt, and chowder made my tastebuds happy too.
  • Odile R.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Odile Roujol3月 19, 2016
    Enjoy The Dungeness crab and a glass of Pine ridge. Boston clam chowder. And oysters on the shell. Be ready to be in the line when opening at 11.30am
  • Tasting Table
    Tasting Table8月 5, 2014
    Start off with one of the excellent seafood cocktails; we love the oyster shooters ($8.50 with soju, $3.50 without) and tasty combination ($14), which includes crab, shrimp and prawns. 続きを見る
  • Natalie M.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Natalie M6月 1, 2015
    The best, freshest, and best prepared fish and seafood in SF. The chowder is amazing and I can't even express how good the cioppino is.
  • Norbert H.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Norbert Hu8月 20, 2013
    The secret cioppino will make you lick your plates clean! Bring your own wine as they do not charge corkage fee! The wait is well worthwhile, but do not attempt with more than 4 people.
  • Marta T.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Marta Tappero7月 15, 2016
    The food is amazing. I think they should be faster definitely. We wait long time outside instead of maybe sharing tables? Ciompino and garlic bread!
  • Sloane E.
    Sloane Earl8月 3, 2013
    Get. The. Cioppino. Share it with everyone you know who wants to experience the best seafood medley stew in the history of america.
  • Jenny L.
    Jenny Lo6月 16, 2013
    Always with great food. Ciopinni is a must have. Pasta dish is always impressive. One of my favorite seafood restaurant in town! I recommend anything on the special menu...
  • Jassim L.
    Jassim Latif2月 1, 2012
    One, put your name on the board and say you're at Swirl. Walk over to Swirl across the street. Pick up a bottle of Cherry Pair. Back to Oyster where there is no corkage fee. Get the Cioppino and Crab.
  • Shawn C.
    Shawn Cheng12月 31, 2013
    Everyone should get an individual cup of clam chowder, the cioppino to share and extra garlic bread to line the belly.
  • Francesca H.
    Get the cioppino!!! It's not on the menu but if it's crab season, they'll hook you up :))
  • Patrick L.
    Patrick Labadie12月 7, 2012
    Clam chowder to start is a must. Then order the cioponnio and the anchor special and you'll be in set. PS make sure you write the time next to your name on the board when you check in.
  • Tara A.
    Tara Amato11月 13, 2011
    love this place! tucked away in the castro only a few tables so its good to arrive early or grab a drink next door while you wait! always amazing specials and the best seafood!!!
  • Sophia
    Sophia8月 4, 2013
    Well worth the money. The staff is friendly and the restaurant is clean. Nothing you eat here will disappoint you. No matter what you order you've got to eat their clam chowder.
  • Mark M.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Mark Munro10月 26, 2017
    Oysters and cioppino are unreal. Best in the city and worth the wait.
  • harold c.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    harold charns12月 16, 2015
    I went there for little shrimps for an office party shrimp salad, and their shrimps are always wonderful, as are the people
  • Fran S.
    Fran Su5月 20, 2018
    Mussels and crabs are no fresh in the cioppino dish. The portion size is great and the flavor of the sauce has depth and complexity. Unfortunately, not worth the wait for me. :(
  • Dana F.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Dana Fraser7月 6, 2014
    Have a glass of wine across the street at Swirls. When you write your name in the waiting list, include @swirls so they come get you.
  • Jacquie C.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Jacquie C7月 14, 2013
    Amazing seafood. Freshest oysters ever and pretty yummy crab cakes. Was fun sitting at the counter. Will definitely be back.
  • SF Weekly
    SF Weekly5月 31, 2012
    SF Weekly’s Best Of 2012 Winner – Editorial Pick – Best SeafoodWalking in to Anchor Oyster Bar is a bit like escaping San Francisco for a moment and stepping in to a beachside seafood joint… 続きを見る
  • Andre M.
    Andre May10月 14, 2013
    Fantastic seafood - nice and lovely spot! Worth recommendation!
  • Mattユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Matt7月 1, 2018
    Oysters, prawns, and pretty much anything you order. Good service. Long wait though make sure you get there early
  • Vanessa T.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Vanessa T10月 29, 2016
    Cioppino, oysters, clams, chowder, staff, everything!!
  • The Feast
    The Feast6月 13, 2011
    It's no surprise the oysters are coveted at Anchor, where they've been doing their thing for over "30 shucking years." The crab cakes, clam chowder, and garlic bread are also commendable. 続きを見る
  • Yan T.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Yan Tong12月 27, 2012
    one of the best restaurants I've ever been to in the USA! All the food we ordered are awesome!
  • Mike H.
    Mike Haywood10月 18, 2012
    The Anchor special is a must! The garlic white wine with thyme broth for the clams alone is worth the full cost.
  • Nick J.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Nick Jordan1月 28, 2016
    The garlic bread is crazy good. Cioppino is also worth it.
  • Bjørn M.
    Bjørn M7月 15, 2012
    Just get the full order Anchor Special and a bottle of bubbles. Or do the local oysters only. Caesar salad is great too!
  • Alec H.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Alec H11月 24, 2012
    Expect to wait at least an hour, but it is totally worth it. The Cioppino is always available even if it isn't listed. If no Dungeness is available, they call it Italian Fish Stew
  • arjun b.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    arjun b7月 12, 2017
    great oys & crab cakes but avoid the chowder - it's a tad too creamy and underchunked
  • Masha I.
    Masha Ioveva1月 7, 2012
    Low-key, tasty, great atmosphere. The house wine is always a good addition to the tasty chows and high-class entrees.
  • Adam S.
    Adam Schwenk2月 5, 2012
    My favorite restaurant in SF. First went back in 1998 and it's always held a special place in my heart. GET THE OYSTERS!
  • Brad T.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Brad T4月 11, 2017
    Straight forward no frills menu that showcases the seafood like no other.
  • Bonnie C.
    Bonnie Clyde4月 14, 2013
    I should elaborate. Checked in on the board at 5:21 pm on a Saturday. It'll be over an hour before we're seated. It's 6:14 pm now and there's one party before us.
  • Mervyn Jed T.
    Mervyn Jed Talatala10月 12, 2012
    If there is a long wait. It's well worth it. FYI- they serve you FREE clam chowder while you wait.
  • Alec H.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Alec H2月 18, 2013
    Try the Cioppino - Double order! You will regret your trip here if you don't try the Cioppino
  • Caroline L.
    Caroline Lupini5月 15, 2014
    Garlic bread is amazing and goes well with the anchor special! So good!
  • Annie J.
    Annie J7月 26, 2012
    Food was pretty good but if you come, make sure you have all the time in the world. Not only will you wait a while to be seated, waiting to place your food order was just as long.
  • Yoni Z.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Yoni Zloczewski12月 6, 2017
    While the cioppino is pretty good I would just focus on ordering a whole mess of oysters
  • Michael T.
    Michael Torres6月 22, 2011
    Where to start! Secret cioppino! Amazing food in general. Great service! Charming atmosphere. Sometimes a bit of a wait:(
  • Katherin S.
    Katherin Son8月 14, 2012
    To help you get an idea of how long the wait is...we arrived 7:40 on a Monday night. Got seated at 8:30. Typical SF :P Slowwww service but it's hard to hate them for it bc they are sooooo friendly.


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