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ヴェネツィア is one of Venice.

1. ヴェネツィア

Venezia, Veneto
· 414個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Don't forget to check-in when you arrive in Venice ;)

Basilica di San Marco is one of Venice.

2. Basilica di San Marco

Calle Canonica (San Marco 328), ベニス, Veneto
教会 · Piazza San Marco · 193個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Note: interior mosaics are highlighted 11:30-12:30 daily, it's the best time to get inside. Also they don't let you inside with a back-pack: either use storage facility nearby, or split into groups.

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is one of Venice.

3. Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Sestiere San Polo, 2999, ベニス, Veneto
教会 · San Polo · 33個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: San Marco is more for guests and tourists, but Frari is true main Venice cathedral: lots of important historical figures are burried here, including Titian (whose masterpiece you can find in altar)

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli is one of Venice.

4. Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli

ベニス, Veneto
教会 · Cannaregio · 8個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Few tourists get here, and so they miss propably the nicest church in Venice, and maybe whole Northern Italy. So not typical for this place - and yet so nice!

Osteria ai 40 Ladroni is one of Venice.

5. Osteria ai 40 Ladroni

ベニス, Veneto
シーフードレストラン · Cannaregio · 26個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Want some fresh local seafood? Get off the beaten path, come here and get mixed fried seafood and black pasta with squid ink. Fantastic!

Ae Oche is one of Venice.

6. Ae Oche

Dorsoduro, 1414 (Zattere), ベニス, Veneto
ピザハウス · Dorsoduro · 33個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Nice and really tasty place in Venice, for both pizza and Italian specialties. Owner of our hotel recommended it as 'I eat there myself!' - and he has a point; prices are OK, too :)

Pizzeria Ae Oche is one of Venice.

7. Pizzeria Ae Oche

Santa Croce 1552, ベニス, Veneto
ピザハウス · 46個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Not a typical tourist rip-off place, locals go here. Good quality food, reasonable price. Don't miss these geese! (Their name translates as At Geese :)

Brek Ristorante is one of Venice.

8. Brek Ristorante

Sestriere Cannaregio 124 (Lista Di Spagna), ベニス, Veneto
カフェ · Cannaregio · 69個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Fast-food Italian style: self-service restaurant with low prices, but excellent quality simple food. Close to train stations and has free Wi-Fi Internet, for that reason is crowded with tourists.

Ae Oche is one of Venice.

9. Ae Oche

Cannaregio, 158/A, ベニス, Veneto
ピザハウス · Cannaregio · 40個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Good quality pizza, not expensive, close to train station, Wi-Fi Internet... You can also order pizza take-away and get free soft-drink (or beer for just 0.5€). Still, Ae Oche at Zattere is better :)

Fritto & Frutta is one of Venice.

10. Fritto & Frutta

Santa Croce 220, ベニス, Veneto
ファーストフード店 · 7個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Grilled food (NOT fried! they use no oil) and fresh fruit juices/smoothies - tastes good, handy if you want a bite on the move. They're close to bus/train stations, get some hot food when you leave!

Torrefazione Cannaregio srl is one of Venice.

11. Torrefazione Cannaregio srl

Cannaregio 1337, ベニス, Veneto
コーヒーショップ · Cannaregio · 97個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: This is not another coffee bar, but rather coffee workshop, where you can get quality beans from different places, fried / milled here at the spot. Or get a subscription for 10 espressos for just 8€

Pasticceria Dal Mas is one of Venice.

12. Pasticceria Dal Mas

Sestiere Cannaregio, 150, ベニス, Veneto
カップケーキ専門店 · Cannaregio · 26個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Good place to learn about local specialties in pastry and sweets: you get some with you or you can have a coffee inside.

Panificio - Pasticceria Trevisan is one of Venice.

13. Panificio - Pasticceria Trevisan

Santa Croce, 637, ベニス, Veneto
カップケーキ専門店 · 8個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: You can't get too far from tourist crowds in Venice, but you may find places where locals come: this is one of them. Excellent quality bread and pastry, you can also get a breakfast here with a coffee

Caffè Poggi is one of Venice.

14. Caffè Poggi

コーヒーショップ · Dorsoduro · 3個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Best places in Venice are often right at the tourists path among dozens of rip-off places. This one is small, so ignored by the crowd; but friendly owner offers good coffee and pastry.. and Absinth

Grom is one of Venice.

15. Grom

Strada Nova, ベニス, Veneto
アイスクリームショップ · Cannaregio · 45個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Although this is an ice-cream shops chain, the quality is really good and prices are OK. Here you may be sure you get ice-cream made of fruits, not some stuff from chemical lab..

StickHouse is one of Venice.

16. StickHouse

Calle dei Boteri, 1700, ベニス, Veneto
アイスクリームショップ · San Polo · 3個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: New type of ice-cream: on a stick (not typical for Italy) - new place. Anyway, the quality is really good, and you can get many gancy covers / toppings - give it a try!

Grom is one of Venice.

17. Grom

3006 s. polo (Campo dei Frari), ベニス, Veneto
アイスクリームショップ · San Polo · 10個のヒントとレビュー
Grom is one of Venice.

18. Grom

Campo San Barnaba, Dorsoduro 2761, ベニス, Veneto
アイスクリームショップ · Dorsoduro · 33個のヒントとレビュー
Venchi Cioccogelateria is one of Venice.

19. Venchi Cioccogelateria

San Marco 989 (Calle dei Fabbri), ベニス, Veneto
アイスクリームショップ · San Marco · 74個のヒントとレビュー

Andriy G.Andriy G: Another ice-cream and sweets chain, but still good quality. Being too close to San Marco square, they tend to sell you bigger portions then you've asked for, you've been warned.