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A. Tad Chamberlain

A. Tad Chamberlain


Los Angeles, CA
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  • Sherman Oaks
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Sherman Oaks
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Los Angeles
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North Hollywood
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West Hollywood
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Studio City
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Santa Clarita
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Van Nuys
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Culver City
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A. Tad Chamberlain
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A. Tad Chamberlain
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A list of spots to get some decent Craft Beer in the Los Angeles area.
A. Tad Chamberlain
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A. Tad Chamberlain
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    "We shot here for the film STARRY EYES. At the end of a late night I recorded room tone and somewhere in this empty building someone was making noise that wasn't part of the crew. GHOSTS ARE REAL!!!"
    A. Tad ChamberlainA. Tad Chamberlain · 5月 17, 2013
    · アメリカ合衆国ウェスト・ハリウッド
    "Their lunch menu is VERY reasonably priced and the food is excellent."
    A. Tad ChamberlainA. Tad Chamberlain · 4月 3, 2012
    · 日本東京
    "I've been bringing my car here for years. Excellent service, fair prices. Saeed goes out of his way to take care of me."
    A. Tad ChamberlainA. Tad Chamberlain · 3月 17, 2012
    · Van Nuys, アメリカ合衆国
    "Everyone I deal with at LSC is awesome, but in particular, Sterling & Dave in sales, and Robert A. in rentals, are my boys. They go above and beyond and take excellent care of me."
    A. Tad ChamberlainA. Tad Chamberlain · 3月 16, 2012
    · North Hollywood, アメリカ合衆国
    "Best tortilla soup I've ever had. And my go-to dish every time has become the Hawaiian Delite."
    A. Tad ChamberlainA. Tad Chamberlain · 1月 28, 2012
    · Sherman Oaks, アメリカ合衆国