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This is the official Foursquare page for the University of Warwick, one of the UK’s leading universities with an acknowledged reputation for excellence.

Coventry, United Kingdom
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University of Warwick
10 更新されたスポット 10月 22, 2012
10スポット Warwick Department Of Economics, School of Engineering, WBS Social Studies Building, WBS Teaching Centre を含む
University of Warwick
4 更新されたスポット 10月 22, 2012
4スポット Sports Centre, University of Warwick Tennis Centre, Westwood Sports Hall, Cryfield Sports Fields を含む
University of Warwick
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9スポット Café Library, The Dirty Duck, University House Cafe, Fusion を含む
University of Warwick
3 更新されたスポット 10月 22, 2012
3スポット Scarman, Warwick Conferences, Radcliffe, Warwick Conferences, Arden, Warwick Conferences を含む
University of Warwick
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Study spaces on- and off-campus.
University of Warwick
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