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  • 9.0

    Stage Wine Bar

    ワインバー 1307 Gladstone Ave ビクトリア, BC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(10 Tip):

    • Kelly C.
      Kelly C: "try sitting at the bar instead of a table, totally different experience. fun to watch the bartender making drinks. their trout is delicious!"
  • 8.9

    Phillips Brewing Co.

    醸造所 2010 Government St ビクトリア, BC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(11 Tip):

    • Nick K.
      Nick Kempinski: "If you haven't been in a long while - try it again. They've recently expanded and added a great tasting room, leaps and bounds to what they had."
  • 9.0

    Discovery Coffee

    コーヒーショップ 1001 Blanshard St ビクトリア, BC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(12 Tip):

    • Kaitlin T.
      Kaitlin T: "Excellent coffee here. We got a nitro cold brew, drip, and Americano. All perfect. And my gluten-free chocolate crueller was yummy, too."
  • 9.0

    Russell Books

    書店 734 Fort St. ビクトリア, BC

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    • Kristian E.
      Kristian Eisen: "Endless amount of new, but especially used books. Either come with a lot of time on your hands or an idea what book you want and you won't leave empty-handed."
  • 8.9

    Royal British Columbia Museum

    歴史博物館 675 Belleville St ビクトリア, BC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(41 Tip):

    • Hina
      Hina: "This museum has some of the best displays of Aboriginal artifacts I have seen. It's all presented from a focus around BC, and the environmental section goes into a lot of detail about the area."
  • 8.9

    The Drake Eatery

    レストラン 517 Pandora Street ビクトリア, BC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(19 Tip):

    • glenn l.
      glenn letham: "I love the salads and they fill me up. A fruit goose with lunch is perfect!!"


  • 8.9

    Munro's Books

    書店 1108 Government St ビクトリア, BC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(14 Tip):

    • Sherry L.
      Sherry Lawler: "Love the decor and charm of this bookstore. Congrats on their great success as one of the largest independent bookstores in Canada! A must-visit for sure!!"
    • Uriel W.
      Uriel Waizel: "Una librería muy cozy en un edificio antiguo! La atmósfera te obliga a salir con uno o más libros bajo el brazo! Aquí me hice de uno que se llama 'The Edible Balcony', para hacer huertos urbanos!"
  • 9.2

    Mount Douglas Park

    遊歩道 Churchill Dr ビクトリア, BC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(12 Tip):

    • Montana S.
      Montana Stanley: "Good exploring to be had here. Nice variety of trails from steep to more easy going slopes. Great views of ocean, forest, Victoria and surrounding areas!"
    • OLGA G.
      OLGA Gould: "Nice place to explore. Dogs allowed from end of August to May. Can't wait to come and watch the salmon in natural habitat."
  • 9.1

    Ogden Point Breakwater

    灯台 Dallas Rd. ビクトリア, BC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(20 Tip):

    • Gino B.
      Gino Buller: "Nice views and walk, go to the end takes pics and walk back to the breakwater cafe / bar for some drinks and live music.. excellent."
    • RTWgirl A.
      RTWgirl Arnette: "This place is definitely worth a visit and walk down to the lighthouse. You can see the Olympic peninsula of Washington from here"

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