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    Nat Sherman Townhouse

    たばこ屋 12 E 42nd St ニューヨーク, NY

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    • Mustafa Taha Ö.
      Mustafa Taha Özal: "Great Experience. Go there and grab a cigar. Take a tour in their great walk-in humidor."
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    Nobu Fifty Seven

    寿司屋 40 W 57th St ニューヨーク, NY

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  • 9.3

    BG Restaurant

    ティールーム 754 5th Ave ニューヨーク, NY

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    • Aniruddha M.
      Aniruddha Mandke: "Incredible ambiance. Warm service. The tea service is exceptional. The scones and selection of teas are top notch. For our anniversary they offered crème brûlée- it was the greatest ever."
  • 9.4

    Little Collins

    コーヒーショップ 667 Lexington Ave ニューヨーク, NY

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    • James P.
      James Panther: "A little taste of Melbourne in the heart of New York City. Great coffee (made the way it should be!) and classic Australian food to match. Can't go wrong with Vegemite on toast!"
  • 9.5

    Radio City Music Hall

    コンサートホール 1260 Avenue of the Americas ニューヨーク, NY

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    • The New Yorker
      The New Yorker: "When Radio City first opened in 1932, it was the world’s largest enclosed theatre. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. once remarked to a New Yorker reporter, “Don’t you think that it’s a lovely room?”"
  • 9.7


    公園 E 42nd St ニューヨーク, NY

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    教会 14 E 51st St ニューヨーク, NY

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    • May ♍.
      May ♍: "Beautiful cathedral with stained glass windows and carvings. Built in 1879, the majestic gothic architecture will just leave you in awe. St. Patrick's Cathedral is a really wondrous tourist attraction"
    • High Quality Tours H.
      High Quality Tours HQT: "One of the best places to get a photo is right behind Atlas, take the picture between his legs! Learn this and many more tricks from our professional guides on a luxury tour with us! #hqt #lnyc #atlas"
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    広場 Rockefeller Plaza ニューヨーク, NY

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    • Sota M.
      Sota Mochizuki: "あっとニューヨークで前売り券を買うと少し安く買えます。でも、前売り券なので現地で入場券への交換が必要。私達は交換に行ったところ、もう今日は予約でいっぱいと言われたので、泣く泣く翌日に予約。早めの行動が大事でした!"
    • Kanesue
      Kanesue: "劇場版ラブライブ!で夜景を眺めてた展望台はこのビルの屋上です。夜はとても混んでました。"
  • 9.3

    Equinox Rockefeller Center

    ジム / フィットネスセンター 45 Rockefeller Plaza ニューヨーク, NY

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    • Devonta
      Devonta: "One of the nicer and spacious Equinox gyms in the city. They just recently discontinued their workout clothes borrowing program. Was a nice feature but I believe that was the only gym that did that."
    • ROD
      ROD: "One of the few EQ that provides free clean gym clothes - executive service that's similar to reeboks sports club on the UWS. Look for Kristi's 306090® Treadmill class - it is incredible."

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