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  • 9.3

    Mercado de Atarazanas

    農産物直売所 C. de las Atarazanas, 8 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Mary-Katherine M.
      Mary-Katherine McKenzie: "Very cool area for shopping and eating. Divided into three sections, the center is the fish market and the other two are fresh fruits/veggies/places to eat. Pick up a juice (2€) to walk around with!"
  • 9.2

    Cervezas artesanas Hop Scotch

    パブ C/ Correo De Andalucia 6 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • ExperienciasAndalucía.com
      ExperienciasAndalucía.com: "Cervezas artesanas excelentes. Mucha calidad en las de grifo y variedad y calidad en botellas. Un 10 en atención y conocimiento. Te aconsejan y explican la carta perfectamente."
  • 9.0

    El Tapeo de Cervantes

    タパスレストラン Cárcer, 8 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Jason B.
      Jason Brinberg: "Get the octopus. The first piece I tasted here was the most tender and flavorful I have ever had. My date and I ordered about a dozen delicious tapas at €3.50 each which was plenty of food."
  • 9.1

    La Tetería

    ティールーム C. San Agustín, 9 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Yao X.
      Yao Xinru: "アラブのミントティー、添えるのはアラブのお菓子"
  • 9.1

    Brunchit España

    レストラン C. Carretería, 46 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Edward C.
      Edward Calton: "Visited a few times for both coffee and food. Very friendly staff, a little bit hard to get seated at busy times though. Coffee is great. Lots of food choices, everything i have eaten there was great!"
  • 9.1

    La Tranca

    バー C. Carretería, 93 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Alice S.
      Alice Segrave: "La Tranca is of my favourite bars in Malaga, always packed full so expect to shout your order. Your tab is added up in chalk on the bar and skilled waiters manage to keep track of the thirsty crowd."


  • 9.3

    Hammam Al Andalus Málaga

    スパ Plaza de los Mártires, 5 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • tricia w.
      tricia wang: "A must have experience! Get the Midra so that you can experience the traditional kessa. If you go at night it's not crowded, last appt is at 10pm."
    • Audrey C.
      Audrey Camp: "Be sure to take time to choose your essential oil/fragrance before your massage. But if you forget, the masseuse an recommend one."
  • 9.4

    Alcazaba de Málaga

    史跡 C. Alcazabilla, 2 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Linzeye S.
      Linzeye Smith: "Really nice actually. Some really pretty architecture and stunning views! It's only €2.50 to get in and free on a Sunday. The lady at the front desk had guides in a few languages!"
    • Veronika K.
      Veronika Kandaurova: "Must visit place. You can choose 2 tickets. But they don't have a charge so be ready for pay with coins. After all don't miss all palacios!"
  • 9.4

    Centro Histórico de Málaga

    地域 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Banu D.
      Banu Dnzr: "Malaga of Andalusia has a unique architecture influenced by the North African culture. It lies along the Mediterranean coast with beautiful beaches nearby."
    • Bert
      Bert: "Great city..great ambiance, beautiful buildings castle musea cathedral small streets, Many Good squares and terraces tapas market"

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