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  • 9.3

    Paseo del Parque

    公園 Paseo del Parque マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Anna M.
      Anna M.: "Ci passo tutti i giorni per andare al lavoro: è una bella passeggiata, molto rilassante in mezzo al verde. Pare un lampo, ma è INFINITO. Minimo 15-20min a piedi per finire da un capo all'altro."
  • 9.1

    Brunchit España

    レストラン C. Carretería, 46 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Edward C.
      Edward Calton: "Visited a few times for both coffee and food. Very friendly staff, a little bit hard to get seated at busy times though. Coffee is great. Lots of food choices, everything i have eaten there was great!"
  • 9.1

    La Casita

    カフェ C. Quitapenas, 3 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Carlos F.
      Carlos Fdz: "Tranquilo, agradable, espacioso, grunch, familiar, me encanta, seguro vuelvo"
  • 9.2

    Museo Automovilístico de Málaga

    博物館 Av. de Sor Teresa Prat, 15 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Alexandra W.
      Alexandra W.F: "On of the biggest surprises! Awesome Museum! A perfect combination: Cars 🚗 and fashion and furniture and paintings. Shows the style of the time and the lady picked up with the car 😂👍🏻😍"
  • 9.4

    El Mesón de Cervantes

    タパスレストラン C. Álamos, 11 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Yao X.
      Yao Xinru: "スペイン産のワインがずらり、チピローネス(イカのソテー)、ピミエント・デル・ピキージョ(赤ピーマンのたら詰め)、ガンバス・レボサーダス(エビのフリッター)"
  • 9.1

    La Tetería

    ティールーム C. San Agustín, 9 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Yao X.
      Yao Xinru: "アラブのミントティー、添えるのはアラブのお菓子"


  • 9.3

    Hammam Al Andalus Málaga

    スパ Plaza de los Mártires, 5 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • tricia w.
      tricia wang: "A must have experience! Get the Midra so that you can experience the traditional kessa. If you go at night it's not crowded, last appt is at 10pm."
    • Audrey C.
      Audrey Camp: "Be sure to take time to choose your essential oil/fragrance before your massage. But if you forget, the masseuse an recommend one."
  • 9.4

    Centro Histórico de Málaga

    地域 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Banu D.
      Banu Dnzr: "Malaga of Andalusia has a unique architecture influenced by the North African culture. It lies along the Mediterranean coast with beautiful beaches nearby."
    • Bert
      Bert: "Great city..great ambiance, beautiful buildings castle musea cathedral small streets, Many Good squares and terraces tapas market"
  • 9.2

    Catedral de Málaga

    教会 C. Molina Lario, 9 マラガ, アンダルシア

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    • Edward R.
      Edward Roozeboom: "Very pretty, a must see if you're in Malaga. You can get a rooftop tour for a few euros at the palace (yellowish / red building next to it) with panoramic views over the city!"
    • Daniel L.
      Daniel Lora: "Fue construida entre 1528 y 1782, es una de las joyas renacentistas más valiosas de Andalucía; desde 1782 tiene una torre sin acabar, esta condición de inacabada le da el sobrenombre de "La Manquita"."

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