Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

食料品店惣菜 / 弁当、それに健康食品店
Midtown East, ニューヨーク
  • M W.
    "Great salad bar (サラダバー)"(2 つの Tips)
    Katie N.
    "Go off times otherwise too crowded (混んでる)"(3 つの Tips)
    Katherine T.
    "Decent selection of dairy free and gluten free foods (グルテンフリー食)."(2 つの Tips)
    Joe D.
    "They should focus more on the groceries (食料品) and less on the market."(8 つの Tips)
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  • Olessya K.
    Olessya Kuz8月 27, 2012
    Space is small but clean and efficient. There's no need for any more tofu than they already have. And gluten free food too for that matter. $10 orchids are the bomb! Coming back for one tomorrow!
  • Valerie S.
    Valerie Sanders12月 9, 2015
    Cold food bar has great daily selections. Plenty of seating upstairs- great for reading, getting work done, or catching up with a friend. Lines can be very long at lunchtime, but mostly move quickly.
  • Brett F.
    Brett Fromme9月 19, 2015
    Best Whole Foods in midtown. Avoid the mobs at the Columbus Circle madhouse. The food bars are a good value for a meal. The Indian food is spicy and very good at this branch.
  • Sameepa S.
    Sameepa Shetty2月 2, 2014
    I like the fact that it's smaller than other locations. It doesn't confuse you with more options than you need. Get what you want and get out. Only drawback, fewer cash registers. Nice cafe up
  • Paul A.
    Paul Adw8月 25, 2015
    Food selection is better than 90% of regular supermarkets in NYC, decent craft beer department too, friendly staff as far as I know.
  • Nas B.
    Nas Benali9月 28, 2014
    Whole Foods is our favorite grocery store in NYC in terms of price, quality, and choice. Express check-out upstairs if you have 10 items or less.
  • Weems
    Weems11月 25, 2012
    Zevia soda is best deal in town...come after 8 pm and the store is yours...great food, friendly service, A+ for this neighborhood..
  • Paddy
    Paddy7月 23, 2016
    Everything you could want in a grocery store in one convenient place. Checkout moves quickly here, unlike other Wholefoods locations.
  • Ailie C.
    Ailie Chang6月 19, 2016
    In House Made Iced Cold Brew Vietnamese Coffee! Love how it's not as crowded as other Whole Foods.
  • Mischa
    Mischa11月 21, 2014
    You have to try the angel chocolate cake, you'll be amazed by the taste at a price so low
  • ✨Pun B.
    ✨Pun Bandhu ✨8月 25, 2012
    6/10. Space is smaller, more cramped, not as good 'flow' (ex: No space for a tofu section, only 1/4 of a shelf for tofu now). Staff very friendly. East siders are older, slower, and more entitled.
  • Maulik J.
    Maulik Joshi3月 26, 2013
    Decent amount of selections; I think the real value is in the upstairs cafeteria - lots of space and a good window view
  • Meghan
    Meghan9月 4, 2012
    Get a coffee card! 10th coffee is free! Bow chicka wow wow! Plus there is a plenty of almond and soy milk for lactose intolerant peeps
  • Matthew C.
    Matthew Coleman9月 11, 2012
    Great addition to Midtown East- small location, great hot bar. Definitely gets the job done!
  • Luc D.
    Luc Doan1月 31, 2016
    Underrated location. Best to go on the weekend nights when midtown is a ghost town. Yay to no lines
  • Maureen K.
    Maureen Kelley2月 10, 2013
    Come upstairs and check out the Whole Body Department. Mot crazy busy like other NYC locations. Find serenity now:)
  • Vizualize
    Vizualize12月 9, 2012
    Lots of wasted space upstairs. I'd rather see an extensive beer, pickles, olives, coffee section up there. Very limited options compared to other Whole Foods and they are always out of random things.
  • Jaime S.
    Jaime Sciarrillo9月 26, 2013
    Love the selection here but the process of waiting in line is confusing and can get very hostile!
  • Kimmie O.
    Kimmie Ohh9月 5, 2015
    This whole foods location is smaller than what you're used to. Despite that, they still have great produce !
  • Laurence F.
    Laurence Fridal9月 13, 2012
    Whole Foods sell THE best, I shall repeat, THE BEST Coconut Water. Look for the slogan, "Never Heated, Always Harmless."
  • Lewis T.
    Lewis T11月 2, 2014
    Walk as fast as you can, without stopping, through the bakery section. The produce looks amazing but is dangerous. #carbcity
  • Jenn O.
    Jenn O9月 28, 2012
    People leaving bad tips here must not realize how awesome having this whole foods is compared to the other crappy supermarkets and grocery stores in this area!
  • John W.
    John W12月 18, 2012
    The checkout line at lunch time just makes you want to turn round and wall straight out. That's exactly what I did today.
  • Greg A.
    Greg Avola4月 5, 2014
    The beer selection is very good here, located in the front - near the cash registers.
  • YY
    YY9月 4, 2012
    Nice service and many kinds of foods. I recommend the garlic sausage with herb. ^^
  • Kate B.
    Kate Buckley10月 14, 2013
    Make nice with the produce guy and he'll bring out the newer produce from the back.
  • Andrea N.
    Andrea Nicolini10月 20, 2015
    Meu mercado! É sensacional fiquei muito feliz em conhecer um lugar que vende saúde em forma de alimento. Lugar lindo.
  • Jacob R.
    Jacob Rosenberg4月 19, 2015
    Nice hot food area. Smallish prepared section. And all the usual Whole Foods quirks.
  • Amber
    Amber7月 24
    Small store with more limited selection, but managed to find most of the essentials. Food bar, bakery, and sushi available here. More seating and a juice bar upstairs.
  • Dorothy L.
    Dorothy Lê9月 30, 2016
    Love the layout here!!! So fresh. Best WF I have been to in NYC!!!
  • Julia S.
    Julia S3月 26, 2016
    My favorite whole foods location in the city. Much smaller than others.
  • nava w.
    nava writz6月 16, 2013
    Get your lunch and go upstairs over looking the 57th street NYC at its best .
  • Joaquim B.
    Joaquim Basso5月 10, 2014
    Templo da comida orgânica. Sirva seu "prato" em uma caixinha, pague e coma aqui mesmo, ou então ppegue na "padaria" um dos vários doces feitos com produtos inteiramente produzidos pelo mercado.
  • Roman B.
    Roman Belov4月 3, 2013
    Fell in love with this place instantly. Great food, great organics, nice music, cool staff.
  • AminaZena
    AminaZena10月 31, 2012
    it's like a convenience store version of a regular Whole Foods, I wouldn't do major shopping here but it's good to have one on the Upper East Side
  • Katherine T.
    Katherine Tamariz Howard9月 7, 2014
    Decent selection of dairy free and gluten free foods. Express lane is upstairs. Avoid on Mondays after work.
  • M R.
    M Reilly-Brooks1月 7
    Prepared food. Cheeses. Beer selection. Seafood when on sale and produce.
  • AP d.
    AP du Plessis2月 27, 2014
    Tons of bums which is nice. You hardly see them at other Whole Foods
  • Антон С.
    Антон Слюсарь1月 31
    Not as large as Columbus circle location, but still the best grocery store in the area.
  • Patricia S.
    Patricia S.4月 30, 2015
    Ótima opção para uma comida saudável à um preço justo. Super recomendado
  • Bing R.
    Bing Reid3月 4, 2015
    Speedier lines than their other branch. No anti-biotics, hormones in meat and bad pesticides. No need to read harmful ingredients - that's why I cut my time shopping.
  • Janelle
    Janelle8月 29, 2012
    It's definitely the smallest Whole Foods I've ever seen..but it does the job. Tofu shmofu lol. MEAT!!
  • James John (Jay) C.
    Always crowded. But quality food. Making chicken cordon blue and brussel sprouts.
  • Angi Madeline E.
    Angi Madeline E.6月 14, 2013
    I'd eat here everyday if I could. The food is delicious!!
  • Eduardo L.
    Eduardo Lastiri2週間前
    De todo y para todos los gustos. Uno de mis lugares favoritos en NYC
  • Maxwell S.
    Maxwell Schiano8月 26, 2012
    Where's the rest of whole foods?! Terrible beer selection! Shoddy gluten free grocery choices. You'll be a lot happier at Columbus Circle if you are uptown.
  • Emily L.
    Emily L1月 27, 2014
    People in this neighborhood are probably started for decent grocery stores. But the layout is terrible and so is the selection.
  • Eric F.
    Eric Friedman9月 8, 2012
    On the run? Head upstairs to checkout faster and avoid the downstairs lines.
  • Sharina G.
    Sharina Green12月 10, 2014
    Love their seasonal treats. I always get my eggnog from here
  • Gracie
    Gracie7月 10, 2013
    Salad bar is majorly lacking here compared to other whole foods. The selection in general is lacking here. I suppose it's better than no Whole Foods, but not impressed :/
  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S5月 5, 2014
    Read the ingredients in the prepared foods very carefully. (Quinoa made with chicken stock, por ejemplo)
  • Joe D.
    Joe Del Balzo7月 17, 2014
    They should focus more on the groceries and less on the market. That's what people actually want whole foods for. Looks like I'm sticking with c-town.
  • Devonta
    Devonta9月 3, 2015
    It's like a compact Whole Foods. With everything you need.
  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W1月 26, 2016
    They have a pretty great selection of craft beer here
  • Molly C.
    Molly Campbell9月 18, 2013
    Piss poor selection of anything you may actually need. But plenty of crap you don't need.
  • Elo
    Elo1月 14, 2013
    No express lanes downstairs. Be prepared to wait during lunch rush
  • Susan B.
    Susan Brenner8月 30, 2012
    Small like every other grocery store on East Side, let down!
  • Eric S.
    Eric Shine5月 17, 2013
    Main reason to choose this market: Anna Papoutsakis
  • Scheckter's Organic Energy
    Scheckter's Organic Energy1月 10, 2013
    Drink Schekter's ORGANIC ENERGY!!
  • Dr F.
    Dr Foodie5月 15
    Great 👍🏼 but a bit pricey 🤑
  • David P.
    David Pandozzi7月 29, 2014
    Free WIFI for 120 minutes in the upstairs cafe.
  • Jeff S.
    Jeff S8月 11, 2015
    The line is usually so short. Even if it goes towards frozen, it's max 5 min.
  • Kley S.
    Kley Sippel11月 12, 2013
    Limited selection but great quick fix, especially for lunch.
  • Althea W.
    Althea White10月 17, 2012
    Certainly not the biggest on Manhattan. But compared to the absolutely nothing that existed before I'm happy to have this one!
  • Robert Š.
    Robert Štípek5月 23, 2016
    Try gingersnap cookies
  • Marizza W.
    Marizza Whodak12月 28, 2014
    Lots of prepared good to choose from!
  • Being Fatty
    Being Fatty1月 14, 2015
    It's not the biggest whole foods, and it's certainly not the cheapest grocer but you can't fault the quality.
  • ska
    ska10月 28, 2012
    So whats the etiquette on the queue system anyway? 4 lanes and if a lane is empty a but called its a free for all for folks in occupied lanes
  • Jason N.
    Jason Negron5月 31, 2013
    Whole foods is a good supermarket that needs to come to Brooklyn!
  • Gabby D.
    Gabby Delgadillo2月 4, 2014
    Found long pieces of paper/napkin in my food from the hot bar when I went to start eating. The end.
  • ✨Pun B.
    ✨Pun Bandhu ✨12月 10, 2012
    The chefs at the food bar here are not up to par with those at other Whole Foods. The tikka masala and vindaloo is so bland. No somosas, boo. Slaw salad is gross.
  • Jeff J.
    Jeff Jenkins4月 21, 2013
    Try the cinnamon chocolate chip muffin!
  • Dunja S.
    Dunja Schneider8月 25, 2014
    Very nice supermarket but extremely expensive
  • Jen W.
    Jen Wong9月 3, 2012
    it's tiny here! no split top hot dog buns for lobster rolls .. boo hoo.
  • alana marie e.
    alana marie edmunds10月 18, 2013
    They always want you to check out upstairs but no one listens.
  • Jorge P.
    Jorge Padilla8月 31, 2015
    La comida es simplemente deliciosa
  • Amar P.
    Amar Patel6月 26, 2014
    Kale summer salad is where it's at. 6.99 lb
  • Prescott P.
    Prescott Perez-Fox7月 27, 2013
    Bathrooms are upstairs by the coffee station.
  • Madeline G.
    Madeline Gullett2月 7, 2016
    So much upstairs seating! With a coffee bar
  • Zlata V.
    Zlata Vertigel11月 3, 2014
    Birthday 🎂
  • Anastasia B.
    Anastasia Bezverkha8月 22, 2014
    😍😍😍 Whole Foods has everything!
  • Javier A. S.
    Top 3 food places on Earth ever created... Ever.
  • Jose R.
    Jose Rodriguez9月 4, 2012
    The juice bar here is pretty horrible. Beware because half of the juices have added sugar.
  • Daniel M.
    Buena calidad pero caro.
  • Sylvia P.
    Sylvia Pode6月 25, 2014
    Try the Kouign Amman!
  • Katie N.
    Katie Nitti1月 1, 2015
    Go off times otherwise too crowded
  • Liling Y.
    Fresh fruits
  • Steven P.
    Steven Puppo5月 1, 2013
    It's the most quiet Whole Foods Yet.
  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S7月 3, 2014
    Hot spot for local bag ladies.
  • Zlata V.
    Zlata Vertigel11月 3, 2014
    Органическая вкусная еда
  • Scheckter's Organic Energy
    Scheckter's Organic Energy9月 26, 2012
    Try Scheckter's Organic Energy
  • M W.
    M W8月 12, 2016
    Great salad bar
  • ✨Pun B.
    ✨Pun Bandhu ✨7月 8, 2013
    Don't come here between 6-8 pm. There aren't any carts left and it's a pain to maneuver, plus long waits. I hate this location.
  • Ru L.
    Ru Lu9月 3, 2014
  • Tanisha H.
    Tanisha Hunter5月 3, 2012
    Opening Summer 2012
  • Andrea G.
    Andrea Gregoire8月 24, 2012
    Orchids $9.99
  • Fadhil S.
    Fadhil Said4月 27, 2013
    Lunch sendirian sepi..
  • Rachel G.
    Rachel Gruber8月 23, 2012
    Why is this classified as a "snack place"?
  • Yasmeen H.
    Yasmeen Husain7月 20, 2014
    Not the best whole foods in town. Freezing everywhere and poorly organized.
  • Alison F.
    Alison Frenz8月 13, 2013
    Don't ever come here right after work.


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