Two Little Red Hens

Two Little Red Hens

Yorkville, ニューヨーク
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  • このスポットのcupcakesは有名で、この街で特に人気があります。
  • Sean L.
    "Brooklyn Blackout and the peanut butter fudge (ファッジ) cupcakes are the best!"(19 つの Tips)
    Caleb L.
    "Everything I've ever had was delicious...cupcakes, scones (スコーン), cakes."(14 つの Tips)
    D. H.
    "They have the best cupcakes and cheesecake (チーズケーキ) I‘ve tried in Manhattan."(37 つの Tips)
    "Decent Red Velvet but my faves are the Key Lime & Carrot cake (キャロットケーキ)!"(11 つの Tips)
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  • Emilie
    Emilie4月 23
    The carrot cake is the best carrot cake you will ever have! The mini cupcakes, breakfast scones and coffee are all great too! Don't be discouraged by the line - it's worth it and goes pretty quick.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Heba-I-am
    Heba-I-am9月 16
    Mini cupcakes are great you could have 6 and still feel healthy :P brooklyn blackout, peanut butter fudge, coconut cream and boston cream are so so delicious. My fave is the keylime one it's perfect.
    プラス投票 Oct 19
  • Russell A.
    Russell A1月 26, 2013
    You haven't had cupcakes until you've had these cupcakes! Hands down, the best! I strongly recommend Brooklyn Blackout and Boston Creme! Eat your heart out, foodies! This little place is amazing!
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Virginie L.
    Virginie Liao3月 2, 2015
    The icing on the red velvet tastes like cheesecake; i preferred eating this over the cake itself. Some seating available. Nice place to relax and catch up with friends over dessert.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Cherry C.
    Cherry Coke10月 9, 2015
    Get the filled cupcakes: Brooklyn Blackout, and Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl are the best. If you're playing safe, get the Red Velvet (they use cream cheese frosting - they know what they're doing).
    プラス投票 Oct 19
  • Jill P.
    Jill Pisarek10月 12, 2014
    What a little hole in the wall bakery. Everything in the cases looked delicious & I wanted one of each. However, a must is the NY style & pumpkin cheesecake, if it's in season. Super friendly staff!!!
  • eifeh s.
    eifeh s9月 27, 2016
    Great place for cupcakes and cheesecake. Seasonal pumpkin cheesecake is delicious. Carrot cupcake is good. Brooklyn Blackout cupcake is very rich; a whole one might be too much. Accepts credit cards.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Eliza C.
    Eliza Chang9月 6, 2015
    Carrot cake w cream cheese frosting was the best (over red velvet and the chocolate). So moist! Cheesecake has amazing texture but was too sweet for me.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Jorge A.
    Jorge Arano7月 23, 2015
    The Brooklyn Blackout is amazing! This is literally the best bakery I have ever been to. Red Velvet and Peanut Butter Fudge cakes are second best... Coffee is so so but not decent...
    プラス投票 Oct 19
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran Group5月 10, 2010
    They have a vast custom cake menu that allows you to pick and choose the type of cake, filling and frosting you would like. The red velvet with cream cheese frosting is the way to go. 続きを見る
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Elizabeth L.
    After dodging the helicopter moms, needy grandmas, and the cranky kids, you will be treated to an all around perfect cupcake. Sweet enough to sooth the sweet tooth to sleep without a sugar overdose
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Guha A.
    Guha Arunkumar6月 10
    There's a good reason this place is #1. The Brooklyn Blackout and Peanut Butter Fudge are the best cupcakes I've ever had.
    プラス投票 Oct 19
  • Meli
    Meli5月 28, 2013
    Cozy lil bakery on upper east side. Scrumptious cupcakes packed with perfection: not too sweet and cream isn't too overpowering. Cupcakes are perfectly moist. Coconut creams are a must try!
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats4月 23, 2013
    You can't go wrong with a chocolate pecan pie; a fine, fine apple pie; or in the fall, an excellent harvest pie, filled with apples, pears, walnuts, and a hit of ginger.
  • ZenFoodster
    Moistest cupcakes ever! Decent Red Velvet but my faves are the Key Lime & Carrot cake! Will need to try their scones, pies & cheesecake - just wish they had strawberry.
  • Sean L.
    Sean Llewellyn4月 13, 2015
    Brooklyn Blackout and the peanut butter fudge cupcakes are the best! The cake is moist and the frosting in the best ever (and I usually hate frosting).
    プラス投票 Oct 19
  • Teresa
    Teresa5月 29, 2015
    If you're not in the mood for their famous cupcakes and cheesecake, might I recommend their scones (almond cherry is my favorite) or a buttery biscuit with jam? You won't regret it!
  • Roger R.
    Roger R6月 2, 2016
    Wow! Super tiny shop but everything looks amazing!go for the Brooklyn blackout and the peanut butter fudge!!
    プラス投票 Oct 19
  • adrian a.
    adrian alien87月 29, 2016
    I could say that the chocolate mousse pie is sublime and amazing but i won't as it sells out too quickly already. Brooklyn blackout is recommended if you want/love/NEED chocolate in your life.
  • Michelle S.
    Michelle S3月 28, 2013
    Their Vanilla cupcake is probably one of the best however, I just tried the Peanut Butter & Fudge and it is pure heaven. Wonderfully moist and the icing is perfectly peanut "buttery". Amazing.
  • Teresa
    Teresa4月 7, 2013
    I am a huge fan of their classic cheesecake. The crust is amazing if you're a crust person. I guess their famous Brooklyn Blackout cupcake isn't too bad either, if you LOVE chocolate. :)
  • Kate Y.
    Kate Yan7月 25, 2016
    Get a bunch of the mini cupcakes with share! Highly recommend the red velvet + banana cake, both topped with cream cheese frosting.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Jennifer K.
    Jennifer Krinke9月 10, 2016
    Coffee, ginger plum scone, cupcakes (especially the Brooklyn Blackout), cakes... You name it. It's outstanding. The service is really good too.
  • Aly O.
    Aly Orady12月 28, 2014
    The Brooklyn Blackout - chocolate cakes + pudding + ganache is where it's at. It's usually not available until noon time or later. Don't stop by in the morning or you'll be left empty handed :)
  • Carlos S.
    Carlos Sanchez11月 2, 2014
    Delightful, cozy, cute, great value. Everything I tasted was phenomenal. Strongly recommend the cheesecake, pecan pie, and vanilla cupcake. Definitely worth a visit (and many more)
  • Reagan B.
    Reagan Barbosa12月 11, 2016
    People will hate me for saying this: but Amy's Bread has a Devil's Food Chocolate Cake/cupcake that is better than the Brooklyn blackout. And the peanut butter cupcake from DC cupcakes is better too.
  • Earn N.
    Earn Nicha12月 22, 2016
    Get the red velvet and Brooklyn Blackout. The best cupcake shop in America. I've tried Georgetown, Sprinkles, and Magnolia before.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • ドーラ
    ドーラ3月 7, 2011
    This warm bakery and dessert shop offers the true definition of a New York cheesecake: rich, light, and a perfect balance of tart and sweet. A charming bakery to stop by with friends. Get there early!
    IBRAHIM ALKHARJI10月 27, 2016
    Believe me it's the best bakery in new york. Everything was nice service, sweets and coffee. Hope everyone will enjoy here.
  • Alex O.
    The cupcakes here are fantastic. The Brooklyn Blackout are a personal favorite. Three different types of chocolate goodness, all in one convenient package.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Joseph Q.
    Joseph Quinn9月 14, 2015
    The Brooklyn Blackout was tasty but SOOO rich, so you need to really be in the mood for tons of chocolate. I got a full-sized one; in retrospect, I would've tried two different smalls.
  • NearSay NYC
    NearSay NYC7月 28, 2011
    Sweet tooths beware: You'll want to eat everything on the menu!!Go with us on this one: Brooklyn Blackout, American Vanilla, Choc.Covered Macaroons, the Banana Cupcake.....shoot we ran out of charact
  • New York Habitat
    New York Habitat12月 7, 2011
    Good spot on the UES when your sweet tooth is craving some red velvet. Can't go wrong with any dessert here but you should definitely try the pumpkin cupcake.
  • Michelle C.
    Michelle Chen10月 29, 2016
    Great red velvet cupcakes (love the cream cheese frosting), also had the pumpkin harvest which was good!
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Becky D.
    Becky D.3月 19, 2013
    Beware of hipsters. It is NYC, after all. Delicious cupcakes. Good after a meal at the German restaurant next door. (You may need to do what we did and walk off dinner first...)
  • Ahmed
    Ahmed3月 9, 2014
    Really moist and creamy and sweetness is perfect! Wide range of flavours to choose from, surely there's always something to suffice your taste buds :)
  • Superb
    Superb7月 17, 2012
    What a cute little shop! Their cheesecakes and their cupcakes are amazing. Stop by if you're in the UES, but watch out for long lines during the busier hours.
  • Lauren D.
    Lauren DeGeorge6月 28, 2013
    Great cinnamon rolls (remove the raisins). Mom's favorite carrot cake. Reasonably priced & beautifully presented mini cake options. And good iced coffee!
  • Nina L.
    Nina LoSchiavo5月 31, 2014
    Their American Classic is perfect. If you're stopping in on your morning commute grab a tri-berry scone and an Irving Farms coffee.
    EMILY8月 7, 2015
    Their chocolate cake cupcakes are the best, with great frosting. Cheesecake is good too. However, the red velvet is subpar (go to sprinkles instead).
  • Yoni Z.
    Yoni Zloczewski8月 25, 2015
    They are properly rated - believe the hype as the lines before every holiday are for good reason. Pies, cakes, cup cakes they knock it out of the park routinely.
  • Wejdan
    Wejdan1月 27
    Brooklyn blackout!! Omg so rich and moist and fluffy. What I like the most is the frosting, not too sugary not too greasy just perfect
  • Syndicate Media Group
    NYC [Eat] The banana cupcakes with cream cheese are the best of their kind. Moist and flavorful with just the right amount of decadence. Grab one or two.
  • Caleb L.
    Caleb Lubarsky11月 6, 2010
    The best bakery in Manhattan, hands down. Everything I've ever had was delicious...cupcakes, scones, cakes. Best of all? Their sticky buns...on my top 10 list of "best thing I ever ate!"
  • Raq
    Raq4月 20, 2013
    The key lime is to die for! Do yourself a favor and just get the big cupcake bc you're def going to want more than the mini!
  • Penn M.
    Penn Marchael9月 4, 2016
    Crowded but if you order ahead you can just pickup. Great Brooklyn blackout and coconut cakes both moist and not too sweet or too much frosting
  • Nick R.
    Nick Reisch4月 20, 2013
    I trek from Bushwick to get cakes and confections from this place. Brooklyn Blackout may be their signature cake, but I adore the red velvet!
  • Marcia L.
    Marcia Lee4月 21
    I trek uptown to make peoples' birthdays getting these cupcakes. Two words: Brooklyn blackout.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Becca M.
    Becca M7月 30, 2013
    The best red velvet cake in all the land.. Two Little Red Hens sets the bar extremely high! Hands down best bakery in the UES..
  • Elvis R.
    Elvis Rodricks3月 16, 2015
    They do run out of their cupcakes towards the end of the day. We resorted to their pecan pie - drove us nuts in a good way!
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats8月 1, 2013
    The cheesecake here is our favorite in New York, perfect in both aesthetics and taste.
  • Faye D.
    Faye D3月 26
    Amazing red velvet and brooklyn blackout cupcakes. Hands down the best cupcake in New York!
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Jireh R.
    Jireh Rapay1月 19, 2014
    Best place to go to when you want that old grandma's kitchen smell plus its kinda that secret place thats not overcrowded so its cozy.
  • Neet
    Neet10月 23, 2012
    This is the best in the city!! Magnolia is over rated and doesn't taste half as delicious as these amazing cupcakes! Yum!!!!!
  • Keri T.
    Keri Thompson8月 22, 2015
    Everything here is made with love and delivered with a smile. Carrot or Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Icing are both amazeballs!
  • Sheila H.
    Sheila Hsu12月 8, 2011
    Their sweets are perfect with cup of coffee. The red velvet and brooklyn blackout cupcake are divine. Moist and the right amount of sweetness.
  • Two Little Red Hens
    Two Little Red Hens12月 9, 2013
    It's beginning to look a lot like... Our Christmas & New Year's Menu is now available so visit our store or website. The last day to place orders for Dec 19-Jan 5 is Sunday, December 15th.
  • Stella K.
    Stella Kim12月 16, 2010
    The Brooklyn blackout is Absolutely Perfect! Everyone should eat this. Other than that, you really can't go wrong! I just had a Ginger cupcake and even that was delicious.
  • Irene
    Irene8月 16, 2015
    Their Brooklyn Blackout cupcakes are super filling and delicious. Probably one of the softest cupcakes I've ever had.
  • Tash C.
    Tash Concepcion8月 9, 2014
    Hands down the best bakery in Manhattan. The cupcakes are awesome, as are the beautifully (and elaborately) decorated cakes.
  • K. M.
    K. M.5月 28, 2015
    Huge cupcakes (but they also have smaller versions). The peanut butter one is heavy, greasy — and yet delicious.
  • Angela Z.
    Angela Zhang8月 27, 2014
    The Brooklyn Blackout cupcake tastes like boxed devil's cake + average chocolate pudding + grocery store fudge icing. All that just for the hefty price of $4!
  • Angelica Y.
    Angelica Young12月 6, 2014
    The peanut butter fudge swirl cupcake is the best peanut butter cupcake I've ever had
    プラス投票 Oct 19
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats8月 10, 2013
    Excellent American-style bakery for pie, birthday cake, and moist, flavorful cupcakes.
  • Neet
    Neet11月 19, 2014
    My favorite bakery in the entire city. You don't know what your missing if you have not been here. A million times better than magnolia!!!
  • Charlene
    Charlene4月 6, 2012
    Truly my favorite cupcakes in New York, especially the carrot cake cupcakes, pumpkin cupcakes, chocolate crinkle cookies...
  • Mike C.
    Mike Chau12月 1, 2012
    Try the Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake - Mini size. Incredible. And this tiny cupcake is somehow filled with more gooey chocolate.
  • Kevin C.
    Kevin Cabral4月 12, 2013
    Best cupcakes on the UES, better than Sprinkles or Crumbs, and nice but expensive pies for special occasions.
  • Mirjana V.
    Mirjana V.3月 30, 2014
    Well worth the trip uptown. Amazing (and affordable) decorated cakes, and the best cupcakes around.
  • Harumi U.
    Harumi U8月 15, 2014
    Cream cheese frosting on red velvet cupcake is unexpected and cheesecake is really fluffy and delicious.
  • Tony X.
    Tony Xerray2月 10, 2013
    I'd love this place more if snobby white people wouldn't ask so many ridiculous questions that can easily be answered if they read what's in front of them. Get a coffee, a brownie, a gal, and shut up!
  • Danielle D.
    Danielle Duemesi11月 28, 2016
    A hidden gem! Scrumptious cupcakes with a uniqueness to each one that you just gotta try them all!
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Rafi R.
    Rafi Romero9月 20, 2015
    the yellow cupcake with chocolate fudge is probably my favorite. the marble one is also really good
  • Joseph L.
    Joseph Lin8月 26, 2016
    Chocolate cupcakes are great, but the cheese cakes are the best!
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Brittany G.
    Brittany Goodwyn7月 29, 2015
    Very cute little bakery. The cupcakes are a good size, but unfortunately the key lime cupcake wasn't that great. It didn't have enough flavor for my extreme love of key lime.
  • Lauren A.
    Lauren Alexa9月 29, 2016
    Best red velvet cupcake I have ever had in my entire life!
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Jared M.
    Jared Morrison3月 29, 2012
    Their classic American cupcake put Magnolia Bakery's signature cupcake to shame. Bigger, better, and without the inflated tourist-fleecing price.
  • Juicy Couture
    Juicy Couture8月 13, 2010
    This bakery does the basics so well. Oversized chocolate chip cookies, fudge pecans, coconut lime bars. The cupcakes are great too - try the banana cream one!
  • Nicky V.
    The peanut butter fudge cupcake is a sin 😍
    プラス投票 Oct 19
  • Brittany D.
    The chocolate peanut butter cupcakes are so delightful!
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats4月 22, 2013
    The cupcakes are consistent, generously sized and have a perfect cake to frosting ratio.
  • Ma L.
    Ma Lo C8月 18, 2015
    The chocolate cupcake is my favorite!! And try the chocolate chips banana muffin OMG
  • Kimmie O.
    Kimmie Ohh2月 24, 2015
    You must definitely order the New York cheesecake & the Brooklyn Blackout cupcake 😍😍
  • Alexa Rae B.
    Alexa Rae Barbieri10月 22, 2015
    MAPLE BRAN SCONE IS THE BEST IVE EVER HAD! Definitely come here, everything is fresh and tasty!
  • Amy D.
    Amy D7月 25, 2011
    Cute place that you won't notice (at least I didn't) until you're right in front of it. Great baked goods, friendly staff. 続きを見る
  • Mike C.
    Mike Chau12月 1, 2012
    Try the Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl Cupcake - Best cupcake ever, hands down
    プラス投票 Oct 19
  • Valentina S.
    Valentina S.6月 17, 2012
    The chocolate cupcake. Oh man the chocolate cupcake. (though anything sweet in here is worth a try)
  • Julyane L.
    Atendimento simpático e torta de maçã muito saborosa! O cupcake também é muito bom
  • Jessica J.
    Jessica Joseph1月 26, 2013
    Best muffins, cupcakes and cakes!! Get the carrot's the best ever!
  • Penn M.
    Penn Marchael9月 15, 2016
    Great mini 4" cakes that look great! Good for a special occasion for two
  • Amanda W.
    Amanda Williams3月 28, 2015
    Amazing cupcakes - I like the banana, red velvet and chocolate ones best
  • Mika S.
    Mika S1月 17
    Their cheesecake is super creamy and delicious!
  • LittleLs D.
    Peanut butter cupcakes are the best!!! Go for cappuccino if you want some coffee.
  • Jannette G.
    Jannette G3月 13, 2016
    Their cheesecake was amazing along with their cupcakes. Cheesecake was super creamy.
  • Lizz M.
    Lizz M9月 16, 2012
    Marble cupcakes are super tasy. Love that they're not overly frosted, all about the cake!
  • Thomas M.
    Thomas Mo8月 13, 2014
    The New York Cheesecake here was ranked my SeriousEats to be the best in the city.
  • Nitzan B.
    Nitzan B5月 5
    Cupcakes! They also have mini and lots of other goodness
  • Meghan Kathleen
    Meghan Kathleen4月 10, 2011
    Try the ginger cookie, the brownies, or the red velvet cookie. You won't be disappointed with those choices.
  • Phil K.
    Phil Katz5月 1, 2016
    Hands down the best cheesecake and cupcakes in the city. Well worth the trek uptown.
  • sarah r.
    sarah rosefeldt10月 5, 2012
    If you can't decide on any of their incredible flavors, just get a half dozen minis!
  • Aline A.
    Aline Assis3月 9, 2014
    great cupcakes and even better staff. the chocolate one is delicious.
  • { Ella B.
    { Ella Bordeaux }11月 1, 2014
    Everything's so delicious and tasteful, gotta try it all before I come back to Italy! Supreme!
  • Divya M.
    Divya Menon8月 21, 2016
    This is my favorite place to buy a chocolate birthday cake ❤️. The BLACKOUT is Amazzzzing!
  • Chanda
    Chanda2月 9, 2013
    NYC's best kept secret. Got alllll the mini cupcakes. Love at each bite.
  • Two Little Red Hens
    Two Little Red Hens11月 5, 2013
    Our Thanksgiving week menu is now available in the store. Be sure to place your holiday orders for that week by Sunday, November 17th!
  • Olivia S.
    Olivia Szeto4月 1, 2015
    reasonable priced cakes & oh so delicious! get the red velvet
  • Aileen O.
    Aileen O'Brien6月 1, 2012
    Scone with double ginger and mango! Yum! Great coffee too and staff are sweet
  • Ariel V.
    Ariel Viera8月 6, 2014
    Get the berry scones, they are wonderful and use fresh fruit.
  • Kelly A.
    Kelly Ahearn8月 11, 2013
    Get ready to eat a slice of Heaven. Can't decide? Get the Blueberry Oatmeal Scone, awesome!
  • Chrissy K.
    Chrissy K2月 4, 2016
    A variety of the mini cupcakes is great to share with friends. Good frosting ratio
  • Michael L.
    Michael L12月 13, 2011
    Don't tell your friends about this place. Let them go to Crumbs and Magnolia ... while we enjoy the best cupcakes in Manhattan !
  • Susan B.
    Susan Burk7月 14
    AMAZING banana cupcakes... I dream about them :) They are that good!
  • Milena A.
    Milena Adamian5月 22, 2011
    Chunky apple muffin with caramelized pecans and Peanut Butter Chocolate mini cupcakes are to-die-for!
  • Pierre S.
    Pierre S4月 16
    Cakes! Banana cake, carrot cake, apple pie. This is the best cake place in the world.
  • D. E.
    D. E.9月 26, 2015
    Little cozy cupcake shop. To me, banana and peanut butter were the best.
  • Leo N.
    Leo Naut7月 12, 2013
    This is the best neighborhood find I have stumbled upon! Yummy mini cupcakes
  • Yoav E.
    Yoav Erez8月 24, 2014
    Amazing people, Incredible cakes, fantastic cup cakes.
  • Kyle B.
    Kyle Bye8月 13, 2015
    The Brooklyn Blackout cupcake is the perfect mix of chocolate cake, pudding, and icing. Pretty much divine.
  • Daisy G.
    Daisy Gong12月 29, 2013
    Great red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Also available in cakes.
  • Mike C.
    Mike Chau9月 8, 2013
    Try the Marble Cupcake - With a swirl of chocolate fudge and Swiss vanilla buttercream
  • Rachel S.
    Rachel S.4月 17, 2011
    Best cupcakes in Manhattan by far. Brooklyn Blackout and Banana are both excellent choices.
  • D. H.
    D. H.1週間前
    They have the best cupcakes and cheesecake I‘ve tried in Manhattan.
  • Mike C.
    Mike Chau9月 8, 2013
    Try the Yellow Cupcake With Classic American Vanilla Buttercream
  • Emily L.
    Emily L9月 13, 2015
    if you like chocolate, there's no possible way you won't love the Brooklyn blackout cupcake
  • Rafi R.
    Rafi Romero8月 9, 2015
    Get the mini cupcakes so you can try multiple varieties.
  • K. cappa W.
    K. cappa Way6月 3, 2015
    The cupcakes are splendid and moist.
  • Natasha Z.
    Natasha Zuluaga6月 21, 2015
    Adorable little shop for a quick stop cupcake! Chocolate peanut butter for the win!
  • Erica G.
    Erica Glynn2月 19, 2015
    That Crimson pie will knock your socks off! Don't forget to grab a slice.
  • Marina Y.
    Marina Yoshimoto8月 1, 2015
    Blueberry Cheesecake e o Cupcake de Boston Cream! 😝
  • Bailey S.
    Bailey Swilley7月 11, 2012
    Order the Triple Ginger Mango Scone! You won't regret it!
  • Caroline D.
    Caroline Drucker5月 22, 2011
    Best red velvet cupcake in the city. And don't leave without the Brooklyn blackout either!
  • Caroline W.
    Caroline Wu12月 3, 2016
    Brooklyn blackout if you like chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding..amazing
  • Jenna C.
    Jenna Cheung3月 30, 2014
    The frosting on their cakes are unique and really delicious.
  • Mike C.
    Mike Chau12月 1, 2012
    Try the Red Velvet Cupcake - Best red velvet cupcake in the city, hands down
  • Mike C.
    Mike Chau9月 8, 2013
    Try the Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake - One of the best cupcakes ever baked.
  • Gail A.
    Gail Amurao3月 14, 2011
    My favorite red velvet cupcake in NYC. Brooklyn Blackout is also not to be missed.
  • Meg B.
    Meg Blocker1月 23, 2011
    The Brooklyn Blackout cupcake is amazing, and the strawberry rhubarb pie - in season only - is the best I've ever had.
  • Elizabeth F.
    Elizabeth Figueroa1月 14, 2012
    By far one of the Best !!!!!!!!! Cupcakes, Cakes all number 1 Perfect
  • Genevieve L.
    Genevieve L.6月 30, 2013
    Everything, but in particular their Brooklyn Black-Out Cake.
  • Bo B.
    Bo Beyer-Johnson1月 31, 2016
    The Brooklyn cupcakes are amazing
  • Marni G.
    Marni Goltsman6月 16, 2012
    Agree about amazing blackout cake--but beware they won't hold one for you even if they have one in the store and you'll pre-pay with a credit card. What ever happened to customer service?
  • Mike L.
    Mike Lyden9月 15, 2013
    The Red Velvet cupcake may be famous, but my favorite is the Brooklyn Blackout.
  • Neeti W.
    Neeti Wagle12月 28, 2013
    Red velvet, carrot and keylime cupcakes - all great!
  • David L.
    David Love8月 9, 2011
    The cinnamon rolls. Beyond amazing. And the Brooklyn Blackout is dreamy.
  • Zayed K.
    Zayed Khan4月 2, 2013
    Crazy good cakes, and possibly the best red velvet cupcakes in NYC.
  • Alyson M.
    Alyson Michener8月 21, 2014
    Best cupcakes around. Try the red velvet or the blackout
  • Arjun
    Arjun8月 21, 2016
    Cute coffee shop with great cheesecake.
  • Kimberly H.
    Kimberly Ho1月 6, 2013
    Seriously, get the Boston Cream Pie cupcake. You're welcome.
  • Polina W.
    Cozy place, with great apple pie, felt home-made.
  • R K.
    R K7月 1, 2015
    Brooklyn blackout is 'the ultimate treat' and Two Little Red Hens is 'the place'. All your other Brooklyn what-if's don't stand a chance.
  • Kris C.
    Kris Concepcion11月 16, 2014
    Order your Thanksgiving pies early. They have the best pumpkin pie I've ever had.
  • Josh M.
    Josh Minzner1週間前
    The peanut butter fudge cupcake may be the best peanut butter flavored dessert I’ve had in my life.
  • Lindsay K.
    Lindsay Kirk10月 15, 2015
    Best red velvet and marble cupcakes in the city!!
  • Jha-Jha Kennybabes C.
    The best cheesecake moist and not too sweet!!
  • Michael W.
    Michael Wang10月 5, 2011
    Check out their seasonal flavors, especially pumpkin and ginger cupcakes!
  • Gabriela G.
    Gabriela Grossmann7月 2, 2015
    Loved the cheesecake and the cupcakes' frosting
  • Jon P.
    Very good cake but butterfly bake shop is better.
  • Meghan M.
    Cupcakes, sweets, hot chocolate
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Kelly R.
    Kelly Russell1月 17, 2012
    Ginger spice cookies are the hidden gem here - don't leave without one!
  • Angie S.
    Angie Sit3月 18, 2013
    Try the Cherry Almond Scone - Still my fave spot for a baked treat.
  • Two Little Red Hens
    Two Little Red Hens9月 19, 2013
    Our Pumpkin Harvest delights have returned just in time for the official beginning of autumn!
  • Victor C.
    Victor Chen12月 26, 2015
    Get a bunch of cupcakes and share!
  • jacqueline r.
    jacqueline ryan8月 2, 2015
    Chocolate crinkle cookies, cupcakes, coconut creme cupcake
  • Danielle H
    Danielle H10月 16, 2010
    I am addicted to the American buttercream cupcakes!!!! Not too sweet and very moiste cake.
  • Danielle H
    Danielle H10月 16, 2010
    I am addicted to the American buttercream cupcakes!!! Not too sweet and very moiste cake.
  • Naveed S.
    Naveed Sheikh7月 8, 2016
    The BEST chocolate cake you'll ever eat.
  • Rosa A.
    Rosa An5月 11, 2010
    Best red velvet cupcakes! The Banana cupcake is pretty good too. Cheesecake is also worth trying.
  • Lauren B.
    Lauren Bliss1月 17, 2012
    Can't go wrong with anything! Brooklyn Blackout is the best thing ever here.
  • T B.
    T B8月 20, 2013
    The Brooklyn Blackout is my go-to birthday cake for chocolate lovers.
  • Steven S.
    Steven She2月 20, 2016
    Quite possibly the best key lime pie I've had.
  • Corey P.
    pretty legit bakery for all of your pastry needs
  • Ada G.
    Ada G3月 14, 2013
    The passion fruit cupcake it's super delicious!!!
  • Julio B.
    Julio Baerga7月 31, 2012
    Try the Red Velvet Cupcake - Much much better than Magnolia's!
  • Victoria T.
    Victoria Taveras11月 5, 2015
    Their red velvet cupcakes are really good
  • Tabitha J.
    Tabitha Johnson8月 11, 2016
    Cupcakes and pies, cupcakes and pies...
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Alejandro
    Alejandro10月 31, 2010
    Brooklyn blackout cake or cupcake is a must. followed by the red velvet cake and the mocha madness cookie
  • Julia B.
    Julia Bottles5月 16, 2012
    Get the orange cranberry scone, tri-berry muffin or carrot cake cupcake.
  • Tam .
    Tam 🎈6月 19, 2013
    Get here early before the mini-cheesecakes and other items run out!
  • Roger L.
    Roger Lee7月 12, 2015
    Get the Brooklyn blackout cupcake. You can thank me later.
  • Olivia F.
    Olivia Fabbro6月 22, 2015
    amazing chocolate chip muffins and Brooklyn black out cake
  • Jan E.
    Jan Ebersbach10月 2, 2014
    Get the Cheesecake, it is outstanding!
  • Monica C.
    Monica Cullen5月 3, 2014
    Their buttercream frosting is perfect
  • İclal Ç.
    Best cheesecake in town!
  • Victoria W.
    Victoria Wooding10月 22, 2012
    The red velvet cupcakes are to die for! :)
  • Irene M.
    Irene Mayans11月 27, 2013
    Best cupcakes in UES and in the city
  • William S.
    William Studart5月 20, 2016
    Their cheesecake with hot chocolate is delicious!
  • Tara T.
    Tara Trilops3月 14, 2011
    Love the banana cupcake - delicious. Beautiful cakes.
  • Elvis R.
    Elvis Rodricks3月 22, 2015
    Had the brooklyn cupcake finally- a winner!
  • Greta S.
    Greta Sharon6月 2, 2012
    Peanut butter chocolate mini cupcake is so delicious!
  • Chris M.
    Chris Macchi4月 3, 2015
    Vanilla cupcake with chocolate fudge icing, game over.
  • Two Little Red Hens
    Two Little Red Hens10月 31, 2013
    Bring your little goblins and ghouls by tonight for a special treat from the Hens. -Happy Halloween
  • Russell H.
    Russell Hirschorn7月 26, 2014
    They do not have the full selection of cupcakes until 2:30
  • Alicia
    Alicia12月 2, 2014
    Come early if you want a slice of pumpkin cheesecake, it sells out early!
  • Daniela A.
    Daniela A.9月 21, 2014
    Best red velvet cupcake I've ever had!
  • Meg B.
    Meg Blocker1月 23, 2011
    Get there early to try the superlative cinnamon roll.
  • Sarah K.
    Sarah Klinger4月 21, 2015
    The Key Lime cupcake is delish!
  • Marta D.
    Almond cherry scone delicious!
  • Rachel K.
    Rachel Kugel1月 25, 2016
    perfect test of cupcake and sweet test of beautiful city....
  • Jose B.
    Jose B3月 5, 2011
    I got a Brooklyn Blackout cake for my birthday... really perfect for chocolate lovers :)
  • Julia Kwan
    Julia Kwan7月 5, 2015
    Wow these are the best cupcakes I ever had.
  • Meghan M.
    Cupcakes, cakes
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Lily
    Lily1月 17, 2016
    The cupcake trend might be over, but their red velvet is to die for.
  • Barrett L.
    Barrett Lane1月 7, 2012
    Incredible cupcakes. The Brooklyn Blackout cupcake is like nothing you've ever tasted.
  • Agnė Š.
    Manhattan cheesecake 👍🏻
  • Mike C.
    Mike Chau9月 8, 2013
    Try the Yellow Cupcake With Chocolate Fudge Frosting
  • Jen Z.
    Jen Z7月 9, 2016
    Cheesecake, cupcakes, and homey vibes
  • Youshin S.
    Youshin Song8月 13, 2013
    Blueberry pie, yum! Fruit flies all around, yuk.
  • Jhocef M.
    Jhocef Madio1月 4, 2014
    Brooklyn blackout cup cake is amazing
  • Samantha Y.
    Samantha Y5月 9, 2015
    Believe the hype - Brooklyn blackout!
  • Pious
    Pious2月 18, 2013
    The Red Velvet cupcakes are delicious.
  • Jess F.
    Jess F5月 29, 2015
    The pies here are great!
  • Valentina R.
    Wonderful cheesecake
  • Annabelle D.
    My to go place for red velvet brooklyn blackout!
  • Elissa B.
    Elissa Burnell4月 21, 2013
    I live for the chocolate chunk cookies -- full of buttery goodness!
  • Taylor V.
    Taylor VA8月 30, 2015
    Love the Brooklyn blackout and key lime pie
  • Brian M.
    Brian Michael10月 1, 2013
    Just had the red velvet cupcake. I can die happy now.
  • Mike S.
    Mike Sherman7月 27, 2016
    Cupcakes are good
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Richmond E.
    Richmond Escolar5月 10, 2010
    Brooklyn blackout and red velvet. Yum. Get the mini's for a quick bite of cupcake heaven.
  • Nikhita M.
    Nikhita Mahtani10月 25, 2013
    Best red velvet cupcakes in New York.
  • Chris K.
    Chris Kobran4月 1, 2011
    Biscuits are mouth watering. No need for jam etc..
  • Isaac T.
    Isaac Tercero12月 8, 2011
    One of the best bakeries in all of NYC.
  • Lina L.
    Lina Lanovoi7月 27, 2015
    Red velvet and Brooklyn blackout cupcakes
  • Maya D.
    Maya Dimitrova7月 8, 2012
    Brooklyn Blackout and Boston Creme are my favorite.
  • Patrick B.
    Patrick Baskin3月 26, 2015
    Cherry Cheesecake is fantastic
  • Paulo P.
    Paulo Puglisi1月 27, 2016
    Cupcakes and red velvet is a must!
  • Jeanne S.
    Amazing pies!
  • Yeongju S.
    Yeongju Seo9月 3, 2014
    The best red velvet in the universe.
  • Sean N.
    Sean Nickley5月 27, 2015
    The cheesecake was phenomenal
  • Karl S.
    Karl Schaffer4月 3, 2015
    key lime pie anything
  • Tom D.
    Tom DiMaggio1週間前
    Great selection of desserts, wasn't too crazy about the coffee.
  • Ryan G.
    Ryan Gallagher4月 19, 2015
    The apple pie is the best ever.
  • Alex T.
    Alex Topalov1月 3, 2015
    Отличные кейки
  • Mischa
    Mischa2月 8, 2015
    The Brooklyn blackout is just what your life needed!
  • Ever A.
    Ever Aguado5月 22, 2012
    Best red velvet cupcake in the city.
  • Mitja R.
    Mitja R.5月 4, 2012
    Best chees cake in town!
  • anshula k.
    anshula kapoor2月 19, 2012
    Red velvet & brooklyn blackout cupcakes.. Soo good!
  • Rachel M.
    Rachel Marks11月 25, 2011
    They have the best Brooklyn black out cake!
  • Susanna_Joy
    Susanna_Joy8月 29, 2010
    Try the mini banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting.
  • Iris X.
    Iris Xu5月 9, 2014
    The carrot cake is supreme.
  • Ny W.
    Ny Whitaker7月 24, 2016
    Ginger bread. Apple pie. Honestly, everything:-)
  • Amy R.
    Amy Robertson8月 16, 2015
    These cupcake taste most like something grandma would make
  • May T.
    May Tang6月 19, 2010
    My favorites: red velvet cupcake, mocha madness and chocolate cheesecake
  • Alec M.
    Alec M1月 14, 2012
    Get 4 and leave some in the fridge overnight. Cold is better!
  • Daniela G.
    Daniela Grdovich10月 11, 2013
    Best red velvet cup cakes
  • Caitlin C.
    Caitlin Clements12月 18, 2013
    Try the Brooklyn Blackout cake
  • Calvyn d.
    Calvyn du Toit1月 16, 2015
    Brooklyn Blackout is the best cupcake ever!
  • Andres M.
    Pumpkin latte was delicious
  • Meghan M.
    Cute, trendy place.
  • Whit J.
    Whit Johnson1月 12, 2016
    Cupcakes, especially the Brooklyn blackout
  • Restaurant Fairy
    Restaurant Fairy5月 31, 2013
    Try the Brooklyn Blackout Cake
  • Valeria N.
    O cheesecake é muito bom, mas o lugar é muito pequeno e desconfortável!
  • Austin S.
    Austin Song5月 27, 2013
    Best cupcakes in the city.
  • J P.
    J P3月 27, 2016
    Coffee is top level
  • Paige C.
    Paige C4月 18, 2016
    Blackout cupcakes are amazing!
  • Apollo
    Apollo8月 20, 2012
    Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake beyond amazing :)
  • Becca B.
    Becca Bruzek5月 27, 2012
    Red velvet cupcakes! So good.
  • Babak T.
    Amazing cheese cake.
  • Jenny L.
    Jenny Lam7月 25, 2015
    brooklyn black out. yes.
  • Alberto
    Alberto12月 11, 2015
    I kind of had higher hopes for the Red Velvet cupcake. Not bad, but not great either.
  • Restaurant Fairy
    Restaurant Fairy5月 31, 2013
    Try the Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake
  • Brittany S.
    Brittany Sübers7月 4, 2016
    vanilla on vanilla 👌🏼
  • Brett F.
    Brett Fromme8月 23, 2015
    Awesome cupcakes!
  • Myrla R.
    Myrla Regino4月 16, 2010
    Red velvet cupcakes here are sooo moist and delicious!!!
  • Wejdan
    Wejdan1月 27
    Exceptionally friendly staff.
  • Hank C.
    Hank Couture1月 25, 2016
    Try the red velvet cupcakes
  • Stephen B.
    Stephen Bunn1月 10, 2012
    Pecan Fudge Bar = EVERYTHING
  • Chiara A.
    Chiara A.12月 1, 2012
    Absolutely gorgeous cheesecake!!!
  • Markus W.
    Markus Wichmann4月 15, 2011
    Absoluter Geheimtipp für Cheesecake!
  • Geraldine V.
    Geraldine Visco4月 21, 2013
    Red velvet cake !
  • Melissa P.
    Melissa Presby3月 19, 2011
    Red velvet cup cake is to die for!
  • Yiwei Z.
    Yiwei Zhao3月 20, 2015
    LOOOOVE the carrot cupcake
  • Frank K.
    Frank Kim1月 16, 2011
    The black & white cupcake is crazy yummy good.
  • Cristina D.
    Cristina Degani11月 3, 2010
    great strudel (germany apple pie)
  • Claire J S.
    Claire J Song7月 7, 2015
    red velvet & cheese cake
  • Heidi Q.
    Heidi Q4月 9, 2015
    Carrot cake FTW
  • KristiaMarie P.
    Good mocha and cafe Au lait
  • Luc D.
    Luc Doan4月 26
    Affordable coffee
  • Jeremy A.
    Jeremy Andrus10月 30, 2011
    Brooklyn Blackout anything == absolutely amazing!
  • Morgan B.
    Morgan Buell6月 3, 2012
    Red velvet 4in cake :)
  • chi s.
    chi shi11月 16, 2014
    Everyone loves this place!
  • Kristina M.
    Kristina M3月 3, 2015
    Pecan coffee cake!
  • Kevin P.
    Kevin Phan8月 12, 2014
    Red velvet cupcakes!!
  • Kimchii
    Kimchii2月 7, 2011
    Cupcakes are good, but not as good as the cakes!!
  • Stephanie D.
    Stephanie Demmons1月 16, 2010
    enjoy a plate full of minis - every.single.flavor. is delicious!
  • Teresa
    Teresa1月 12, 2010
    Their cheesecake is awesome. It's only $4.50 a slice.
  • Claire J S.
    Claire J Song6月 3, 2015
    red velvet cake
  • Althea W.
    Althea White6月 11, 2010
    Red velvet cupcake AND they're playing the Glee soundtrack? Pure heaven!
  • Heesu J.
    Heesu Jung6月 30, 2016
    taste is very good
  • Yozo H.
    Yozo Horiuchi9月 12, 2014
    Brooklyn Black Out
  • Amy A.
    Amy Aliazzo10月 31, 2011
    Best lemon bars EVER!
  • Marjie S.
    Marjie Sss3月 26
    Wish they sold cake slices...😞
  • G
    G5月 23, 2016
    Brooklyn blackout & latte
  • Karan T.
    Karan Tamhane6月 26, 2015
    Brooklyn blackout. Enough said.
  • sonia
    sonia3月 19, 2015
    has mini-cupcakes
  • Neil s.
    Neil s11月 22, 2015
    Brooklyn blackout, Omg!
  • J P.
    J P4月 1
    Don't get the mini cupcakes. They are dry
  • Miguel V.
    Miguel Vargas7月 27, 2015
    Blackout And Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Simona M.
    Simona M3月 18, 2011
    Red velvet is insanely good
  • April C.
    April Conklin2月 26, 2011
    Try the marble cupcakes!
  • Chatt S.
    Chatt Snidvongs3月 29, 2011
    Brooklyn blackout is the must!
  • Cailin
    Cailin1月 17, 2015
    Baby cupcakes.
  • Aaron
    Aaron6月 28, 2010
    Go with the red velvet or choclate fudge cupcakes.
  • Giona A.
    Giona Antonucci4月 2, 2011
    Banana blueberry muffin yay
  • Kelli M.
    Kelli M10月 31, 2011
    Best macroons ever.
  • Linda N.
    Linda Nguyen8月 27, 2014
    Brooklyn blackout!!
  • Jillian W
    Jillian W12月 24, 2012
    so very helpful!!
  • Leslie H.
    Leslie Holland8月 2, 2009
    Have the Brooklyn Blackout Cake (or cupcake.) Best @ room temp!
  • Kamal B.
    Kamal Bosamia6月 16, 2012
    Expect to wait forever to get your order taken. Fracking ridiculous
  • Jhokania D.
    Jhokania D.3月 1, 2016
    Pecan piessss
  • Asie M.
    Asie Mohtarez2月 6, 2010
    getting a cake from here next time i need a cake
  • Gil L.
    Gil Lang12月 5, 2010
    The Brooklyn Blackout rocks my socks
  • Angie S.
    Angie Sit3月 25, 2011
    Brooklyn Blackout. Banana. Boston Cream.
  • Jenny K.
    Jenny Kim10月 4, 2011
    Pumpkin cupcakes!
  • Becca W.
    Becca Walters2月 9, 2010
    Really enjoyed the old-fashioned gingerbread!
  • Melissa C.
    Melissa Coughlin12月 4, 2011
    Brooklyn blackout
  • Christine
    Christine3月 10, 2010
    The best red velvet, ever.
  • Andy N.
    Andy None10月 14, 2010
    Brooklyn blackout. Choco max yes indeed.
  • iza p.
    iza p10月 20, 2009
    Grab a cupcake. Any cupcake. Yumm!
  • Latifah H.
    Latifah H6月 30, 2014
    Taste like betty croker


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