Torchy's Tacos

Torchy's Tacos

North University, オースティン
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  • Josh G.
    "Chicken fajita (ファヒータ) taco was very good too."(3 つの Tips)
    Jaysyn L.
    "Try The Democrat and Trailer Park (公園) along with a Dublin Dr. Pepper."(15 つの Tips)
    Margaret L.
    "Migas (ミガス) taco is the best deal"(2 つの Tips)
    Austin Chronicle
    "inventive combinations that appeal to the masses and salsas (サルサ)"(2 つの Tips)
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  • Isabel N.
    Get the Trailor Park and make it trashy (queso instead of lettuce). It's soooo goooooood!
  • abigail.
    abigail.5月 15
    Such good tacos!! Handful of vegetarian options. Amazing queso and super friendly staff. We also got a sample of some deep fried cookie dough balls that are fantastic!!
  • Jackie M.
    Jackie Mann11月 27, 2016
    Torchy's is the best taco place in Austin. There are multiple locations and they all deliver great food. The Democrat is my go-to order, and the burrito is wonderful as well!
  • Vinaya V.
    Vinaya Vishwanath6月 16, 2016
    Get the queso. If you order at the bar, you don't have to wait in line!
  • Samantha S.
    Samantha Smith5月 22, 2016
    Look up the secret menu
  • Jesse B.
    Jesse Bagels3月 27, 2016
    Huge tacos with some delicious and fresh ingredients, eat outside and make friends with the ravens, also THERE'S A TAKEOUT WINDOW DO NOT WAIT ON LINE INSIDE WOWOW!
  • Dan D.
    Dan Driscoll12月 31, 2015
    Migas and Dirty Sanchez
  • Veronica H.
    Veronica Hughes11月 9, 2015
    Daily special
  • Alyssa
    Alyssa10月 23, 2015
    Queso. Guacamole. Ranch hand taco (2)
  • Jeff M.
    Jeff Mertz10月 10, 2015
    Whatever, skip it
  • Trevor G.
    Trevor Giordano9月 14, 2015
    Baja tacos are a must
  • Kevin B.
    Kevin B9月 6, 2015
    Queso rules
  • Jon J.
    Jon J7月 31, 2015
    Old fashion chicken and beef fajitas tacos. The Maine root sodas are good too.
  • Rat S.
    Rat Si7月 28, 2015
    I may say this is my favorite taco's place in the US, a Mexican say this :D
  • Sherry M.
    Sherry Murray7月 27, 2015
    Make sure you ask about the secret menu!
  • Ron J.
    Ron Ja6月 21, 2015
    Trailer Park Taco was Nice! "Make it Trashy" -- street corn is a perfect addition
  • Ryan L.
    Ryan Lynch3月 26, 2015
    The queso is the best part.
  • Kendra
    Kendra12月 30, 2014
    The queso is so good.
  • Maggie D.
    Maggie Delano12月 30, 2014
    Get the queso! Gives Kerbey Lane's a run for its money.
  • valerie
    valerie12月 9, 2014
    One of my favorite places to get tacos! Get the Baja shrimp. Brushfire is spicy, like get-me-water-now spicy.
  • Gemma C.
    Gemma Critchley11月 3, 2014
    The fried avocado is off the chain! Best tacos ever.
  • Lisa L.
    Lisa LaCorte10月 16, 2014
    Fried avocado tacos
  • Josh G.
    Josh Gammon10月 15, 2014
    The soda choices are great! Chicken fajita taco was very good too.
  • Vi T.
    Vi Tran8月 22, 2014
    Good if you're looking for a bigger, cheap and local tacos. Greasy sometimes.
  • Jennifer R.
    Jennifer Rangubphai8月 19, 2014
    I am a fan of the corn. Ask for extra lime.
  • Marry A.
    Marry Awad8月 12, 2014
    Delicious! Highly recommend the baja shrimp and the brushfire!
  • Colin
    Colin8月 7, 2014
    Serves Maine Root sodas. Sorry Diet Coke addicts you're gonna have to look elsewhere.
  • Colin
    Colin8月 7, 2014
    Use your Go Local card for 5% off your purchase
  • Colin
    Colin8月 7, 2014
    Check out the secret menu
  • Brook S.
    Brook Shelley8月 6, 2014
    Tacos. I mean, there's a ton to choose from, and they're all delicious. Try the democrat and the monthly special.
  • Garland G.
    Garland Gay5月 6, 2014
    Their queso and guac are both to die for!!
  • Samantha
    Samantha4月 24, 2014
    Don't forget to remove the wedge of lime before enthusiastically biting into your Baja taco.
  • Doug S.
    Doug Strickland4月 21, 2014
    Eat here at least once in your life. #bucketlist #whatsleftofmyTrailerPark @torchytaco
  • Jay W.
    Jay Webster3月 8, 2014
    There's a hot cashier here
  • Austin Chronicle
    Austin Chronicle2月 13, 2014
    The devilish imp reigns supreme over the Drag's taco scene, with inventive combinations that appeal to the masses and salsas that are like crack to the endorphin-deprived.
  • Social News Network
    Social News Network12月 4, 2013
    My favorite is the brushfire tacos! Ask for it trashy. These tacos won't disappoint and the restaurant was just remolded. Looks great.
  • Paul P.
    Paul P11月 4, 2013
    NEVER had a bad taco here. The Brushfire is phenomenal!
  • Rachel L.
    Rachel Lau10月 13, 2013
    Super nice now that it's remodeled.
  • Erin C.
    Erin Curry9月 29, 2013
    The queso is amazing! One of my favorites.
  • E T.
    E Tong9月 21, 2013
    If you like fish tacos try Mr. Pink
  • Brandon L.
    Brandon Lutz6月 26, 2013
    They have a secret menu: order the Hipster:, guac blackened fish bacon cotija cheese plus some spice. So freaking good
  • David W.
    David Walters6月 14, 2013
    Try the taco's.
  • Brittany F.
    Brittany Fallon6月 9, 2013
    Fried Avocado Taco!
  • Francis K.
    Francis Kayiwa3月 22, 2013
    The food here is outstanding! There will likely be a line. This isn't Taco Bell so 'suck it up' and prepare to have you taste buds blown!
  • Nick J.
    Nick Jensen3月 13, 2013
    Fried Avocado taco. Whoa!
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats3月 5, 2013
    This outpost of the local taco empire is one of our favorite places to grab a bite near UT-Austin.
  • Aya M.
    Aya Mimura3月 5, 2013
    Get the Green Chili Pork & Democrat.
  • Eric A.
    Eric Andersen2月 22, 2013
    Wow. The Baja Shrimp taco is tangy and delicious!
  • Tiffany L.
    Tiffany Leung2月 21, 2013
    You cannot go wrong with the green salsa. Just order it with anything you are having.
  • Margaret L.
    Margaret Lolley2月 8, 2013
    Migas taco is the best deal everrrrrr and you can add anything you want to it! I always had potatoes :)
  • jonathan l.
    jonathan lanford1月 13, 2013
    Get the queso! It's to die for!
  • Jamie U.
    Jamie Urban12月 21, 2012
    Worst customer service ever...won't be coming back to this location.
  • Social N.
    Social News Network11月 28, 2012
    If you're looking for an amazingly, greasy, delicious, absolutely-bad-for-you taco that will blow your mind ask for the Ace of Spades- not on the menu and guaranteed to ruin your diet!
  • Shay
    Shay11月 9, 2012
    Trailer Park trashy and Baja shrimp! Don't forget to get diablo sauce
  • Gina R.
    Gina R.10月 26, 2012
    Once I saw the fried avocado taco on the menu, I had to have it! I don't know if I'll be able to go again & stray from it. Also, excellent chips & queso with a kick!
  • Punam B.
    Punam Bhakta10月 21, 2012
    Fried Avocado Taco = DELISH!!
  • Ana Y.
    Ana Yglesias9月 15, 2012
    The fried avocado taco is amazing for vegetarians and meat eaters alike!
  • Shay
    Shay9月 4, 2012
    Don't get the corn tortillas
  • William
    William8月 23, 2012
    Call in or order online, it will save you a good amount of time during the busy hours.
  • Barbara
    Barbara8月 7, 2012
    The Skallywag is awesome, it's sweet and just little spicy, very impressed!!!
  • Bryan G.
    Bryan Green7月 1, 2012
    Get tacos, stupid.
  • Social N.
    Social News Network6月 29, 2012
    Don't forget to always get queso when you go! Torchy's has some of the best queso in Austin! Even ask for them to make it a little less spicy if that fits your tastes!
  • Social N.
    Social News Network6月 27, 2012
    When ordering Torchy's be sure to say you're eating there and not taking to go. They give you more for your money and stuff your tacos with filling more than they would if you were eating to go.
  • Social N.
    Social News Network6月 11, 2012
    Every taco has a uniquely magical flavor, and with each bite you will feel your inner smile grow! You can't go wrong with the fried avocado taco.
  • Cedrick D.
    Cedrick Davis5月 25, 2012
    Trailer Park w/ Queso
  • Alexis S.
    Alexis Smith5月 17, 2012
    Get your order messed up twice in a row because the stoners who work here don't have two brain cells to rub together. Vomit in the bathroom because they gave you chicken and you're vegetarian.
  • Rachael
    Rachael5月 10, 2012
    The Brushfire & a bean/egg/cheese = best (hangover) breakfast.
  • Mohit T.
    Mohit Taneja5月 5, 2012
    Get it trashy!
  • Sonia R.
    Sonia Rahardja4月 2, 2012
    Trailer Park & Dirty Sanchez all the wayyy
  • Melissa B.
    Melissa Brown3月 21, 2012
    Brushfire and fried avocado my two fav tacos!! Mmmmm
  • Michael P.
    Michael Pedron🌴3月 10, 2012
    ace of spades!
  • Kelsey C.
    Kelsey C2月 26, 2012
    Always get your trailer park trashy
  • Suzy H.
    Suzy Henningsgard2月 12, 2012
    Queso is to DIE for!!
  • Daisy P.
    Daisy Pavia2月 11, 2012
    Small tacos packed with so much flavor!
  • Johnny V.
    Johnny Van1月 27, 2012
    Breakfast tacos on corn. Split to 2 tacos. Everything else goes on flour.
  • Riley S.
    Riley Sheehan12月 27, 2011
    Perhaps the most delicious tacos I have ever tasted! "The Democrat" taco was my first choice and continues to be my top pick! Amazing taco place.
  • Bill G.
    Bill Gryta12月 23, 2011
    Just go already. Some of the best Telmex tacos money can buy, and a great balance of creative and classic, Dublin DP at the fountain and an awesome staff. Parking sucks, tho. (4 of 4 petals via Fondu) 続きを見る
  • CitySolve
    CitySolve11月 26, 2011
    Get the deep fried avocado!
  • Melissa M.
    Melissa Main11月 20, 2011
    Democrat and pork taco are killer
  • Melissa G.
    Melissa Goetsch11月 8, 2011
    Mr. Pink and the Brushfire :-)
  • Peder
    Peder11月 7, 2011
    Another reason I love Austin. I'd eat the menu.
  • Bfoss tha B.
    Bfoss tha Boss10月 22, 2011
    Scarecrow back in full effect. Get it.
  • Queenie
    Queenie10月 21, 2011
    Trailer Park Fajita Plate Lemonade yum
  • Brooke B.
    Brooke B10月 17, 2011
    Brushfire is the best!
  • JP S.
    JP Seral10月 17, 2011
    First place we went to eat in did not disappoint! Get the Trashy Trailer Park or Fried Avocado tacos.
  • Kristen M.
    Kristen Medo10月 9, 2011
    Dirty Sanchez for the win
  • Lidia M.
    Lidia Moreno9月 25, 2011
    If they ask how your days going tell em da truth
  • Roberto F.
    Roberto Flores9月 17, 2011
    Trailer park and get it trashy. Or the brisket taco but go easy on the jalapenos
  • Rozeanna J.
    Rozeanna Johnson9月 11, 2011
    The manager is so friggin hot. I come by every Sunday hahahaha
  • Lady G.
    Lady Gunter9月 3, 2011
    All the Torchy's Tacos go hard!
  • Keegan S.
    Keegan Sandman8月 21, 2011
    1. democrat 2. Green chili pork 3. Brushfire
  • Mitch S.
    Mitch Sawyer8月 16, 2011
    I always get a Democrat and a Republican. Goes great with a Dublin Dr. Pepper.
  • Juan N.
    Juan Nino8月 15, 2011
    Always get queso and chips with your order along with a cold Dublin Dr Pepper.
  • Claire M.
    Claire Morris6月 30, 2011
    Ask for the Dirty Sanchez and wink at the person at the register to make them super uncomfortable.
  • Ayaz A.
    Ayaz Amlani6月 26, 2011
    Try there brushfire taco! It's spicy with sweet mangos
  • Stephanie D.
    Stephanie Dalchau6月 23, 2011
    One democrat, one fried avocado and queso is the perfect fast anytime food!
  • Crystal L.
    Crystal Lin5月 8, 2011
    Huge ass tacos, only get one
  • Aviva P.
    Aviva Pinchas4月 27, 2011
    Always get the Trailer Park dirty- makes it all better
  • Bo N.
    Bo Nash4月 18, 2011
    Dublin DP on tap!
  • Kayla G.
    Kayla G.4月 12, 2011
    Delicious chips and guacamole!
  • Sameer S.
    Sameer Sadhu4月 2, 2011
    Finding the bathroom is a voyage in its own right - but the Democrate for the win all day.
  • Ben S.
    Ben Sun3月 19, 2011
    If ordering to go, order it "for here" anyway and they will load it up for you. You can always get a bag later. Otherwise, your taco will be puny because they try to wrap it up all nice and neat. :)
  • Ryan H.
    Ryan Hodgson3月 15, 2011
    Haven't failed yet on with Taco of the Month. Wackiest combos that work wonderfully.
  • Russell
    Russell2月 12, 2011
    the little nookies are the bommmb
  • Jesse B.
    Jesse Brede12月 17, 2010
    fried avacado, Democrat and try the specials. Cons: parking and tables are hard to come by.
  • Larry A.
    Larry Archer12月 10, 2010
    Order 1 Democrat and 1 Republican (bonus points if the cashier rolls his eyes). Let your tastebuds vote. Winner: your tummy.
  • L. O.
    L. Ocampo11月 15, 2010
    Democrat is delicious!
  • Adam G.
    Adam G10月 11, 2010
    Imperial Dr. Pepper and The Brushfire is all you need! Diablo sauce rocks.
  • Zachary J.
    Zachary Johantges10月 11, 2010
    Please make a store in houston!!! This is the best taco shop I've ever been to!
  • Big Red
    Big Red10月 8, 2010
    Try the Trailer Park. Get it trashy!
  • Kara S.
    Kara Snyder9月 26, 2010
    To all the New Mexicans out there They Have GREEN CHILI!!!
  • Nice Kicks
    Nice Kicks9月 22, 2010
    Get the Brushfire if you like it hot. Damn good tacos! Then walk a few steps north and visit Nice Kicks :-P
  • Heather
    Heather9月 19, 2010
    Baja shrimp taco is great, green chili pork was a favorite but has been way too dry the last few visits. Queso is a toss up you'll either love it or hate it.
  • Rodolfo V.
    Came here when I had a massive hangover. The Trailer park solved all my problems! When you get it, ask for it to be extra trashy.
  • Jaysyn L.
    Jaysyn Longoria8月 10, 2010
    Try The Democrat and Trailer Park along with a Dublin Dr. Pepper. Your life will forever be changed. Don't forget to top your tacos off with the delightful sauce. My fave is the diablo!
  • Wayne C.
    Wayne Cheong7月 10, 2010
    Order something. Wait for something heavy metal-ish to play over the speakers. Headbang while you eat. Extra points if you can guttural-sing along to the music. Hail Satan! 続きを見る
  • Jordan H.
    Jordan Haro7月 4, 2010
    Get the Love Puppies Brownies 続きを見る
  • Maureen L.
    Maureen Luyun6月 25, 2010
    The Democrat & Fried Avocado tacos are deeeelish! Jalepeno ranch also to die for. Great music, cool people, tasty iced tea.
  • Darwin N.
    Darwin Natapradja5月 13, 2010
    damn good tacos
  • Jeremy N.
    Jeremy Newton5月 5, 2010
    Oh good god, amazing tacos. Get the Trailer Park, Trashy-style.
  • Victor N.
    Victor Nguyen-Long3月 22, 2010
    The Brushfire taco is a must if you like spicy food. And don't forget to try the Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap. Delicious.
  • Ruben R.
    Ruben Rangel3月 6, 2010
    Can't go wrong with the Democrat.
  • Chia-Wen L.
    Chia-Wen Lin2月 21, 2010
    Monk's special!!
  • Kristen M.
    Kristen McKlunkle2月 18, 2010
    My favorite is the Dirty Sanchez, though I don't care much for the name.
  • BareNaked F.
    BareNaked Family2月 9, 2010
    Sign up on for updates, news, and contests from torchy himself!!!
  • David O.
    David Ortez2月 6, 2010
    You must try the Baja Shrimp, Trailer Park and Brush Fire!
  • Randy L.
    Randy Lander1月 25, 2010
    My favorite tacos in Austin
  • Brett M.
    Brett M12月 2, 2009
    fried avacado tacos.
  • Jeff R.
    Jeff Rider9月 24, 2009
    You gotta order the Ranch Hand for breakfast. Steak and eggs in a taco, amazing with the killer Diablo Sauce. Also, laugh that the Republican Taco is a sausage wrap.
  • Vincent V.
    Vincent Vu9月 15, 2009
    Can't beat the Baja Shrimp taco.


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