Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles 清味蘭州拉麵

Chinatown, ニューヨーク
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  • Caroline D.
    "Beef noodle (牛肉麺) soup or any of their pan-fried noodles are great!"(17 つの Tips)
    Mish and Rob
    "Get the roast duck noodle soup and steamed pork & veg dumplings (餃子)."(28 つの Tips)
    Alissa S.
    "AMAZING!! Freshly made noodles (麺) really make a difference!"(138 つの Tips)
    Milas D.
    "Great custom sized noodles (soup (スープ) and pan fried) with cheap beer."(37 つの Tips)
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  • Anna F.
    Anna Frenkel8月 16, 2012
    Beef hand-pulled noodles for $6! Ask for extra cilantro & dump a ton of chili oil in it. Sweet & spicy cucumber salad on the side. Oh, and stick your head into the kitchen to see the chefs at work!
    プラス投票 2日前
  • Dan Y.
    Dan Young12月 9, 2013
    Some of the literal best Chinese food I've ever had. Skip the soup/broth. Get the pan-fried noodles and go for knife peeled not hand pulled. Option F, with shrimp and veg is absolutely outstanding.
    プラス投票 1週間前
  • Moses N.
    Moses Nelson12月 1, 2016
    This place is amazing! A little hole in the wall in the Doyers St "alley". You can see the chef making the noodles from a lump of dough. This place was a features on diners, drive ins and dives!
    プラス投票 3週間前
  • Mo C.
    Mo Court7月 18, 2013
    The house special fried noodles are the way to go. I always ask for an egg in mine to make ten extra tasty. Also: best hot chili oil anywhere. It's my favorite place in all of Chinatown. A must.
  • Jess H.
    Jess Hann10月 17, 2014
    My bf and I tried this place the other day - He had beef noodles, I had veggie pan fried noodles - both were cheap, delicious and even better after liberal applications of siracha and fresh cilantro!
  • Gothamist
    Gothamist1月 26, 2015
    For a decadent noodle dish, this Chinatown spot serves up a spectacular plate of pan-fried noodles. Proteins run the gamut from vegetable to shrimp to roast duck to lamb. 続きを見る
  • Rami M.
    Rami Massoud2月 16, 2015
    The hand pulled noodles here are fantastic. I haven't had a bad dish so far. Watch out for the duck though, it's bone-in, so kind of tough to eat
  • Ellie D.
    Ellie D12月 4, 2012
    All out-of-towners visiting me get a trip here, with an order of Vegetable Hand-Pulled Noodles (comes w/a steamy side of umami Tofu!) and some steamed dumplings to start, one of my fav meals in NYC
  • Amy G.
    Amy Graff8月 15
    So good. Southern Chinese style noodle soups with perfect roasted meats. Broth is light and flavorful, roasted pork is lean, duck is succulent but not too fatty. Don't skip their garlicky veg sides.
  • Alissa S.
    Alissa Simmons8月 19, 2013
    AMAZING!! Freshly made noodles really make a difference! In a Chinatown Alley, you can't get more authentic than this. Plus, 6 bucks for a mountain of food? SO CHEAP. Beef fried noodles FTW!
  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey7月 20, 2014
    The noodles are firm and springy, the flavorful broths enhanced by the fresh cilantro and chile oil set on the table. Even better might be the brothless knife-peeled noodles, stir-fried with cabbage.
  • Caroline D.
    Caroline Deng5月 21, 2017
    Delicious, authentic, hand-pulled noodles that show you how hole-in-the-wall places are truly the best. Beef noodle soup or any of their pan-fried noodles are great!
  • Mish and Rob
    Mish and Rob5月 16, 2015
    A tiny little spot that's always busy, and rightly so: the soup noodles are incredible, and everything's good value. Get the roast duck noodle soup and steamed pork & veg dumplings.
  • Mike M.
    Mike McBryan12月 2, 2014
    Despite the fact that Guy Fieri has highlighted this place, it really is awesome. Giant plates of hand pulled noodles with spicy chili oil for $6-8 and $3.50 Tsingtao.
  • Dave D.
    Dave Dawson9月 12, 2013
    Best noodles in town. You can watch them make the noodles right there in the shop. Don't be discouraged by the exterior (or the interior) of this shop. It's delicious.
  • Ellie D.
    Ellie D11月 12, 2011
    I've tried the knife-pulled and the standard hand pulled and hand pulled wins. Get the veggie and tofu noodles for a streaming sweet and salty tofu plate. And DON'T forget the steamed dumplings!!!
  • Kevin L.
    Kevin Li8月 10, 2012
    HOLY SHIT. This place is LEGIT. The noodles were so chewy and there are not 2, or 3 but 5 variations of noodles to choose from. Dumplings were the best I've ever had. So juicy and so flavorful. Godam.
  • Ana F.
    Ana Fernandez Coria12月 14, 2014
    Everything is good in here; try to order one dish only as portions are just enough for 2. The shrimp noodle soup goes best with vegetable broth.
  • Susan S.
    Susan S.7月 31, 2016
    Great place where you can watch them hand pulling the noodles! Highly recommend the egg and veggie soup.
  • Ernesto G.
    Ernesto Gutierrez9月 3, 2017
    Failed to see the appeal of the place. Nothing really stood out to label the place a hidden gem. I'd recommend you check out spicy village for awesome hand pulled noodles.
  • Luke K.
    Luke Kingma5月 28, 2013
    SO MANY different hand-pulled noodles! Order them pan-fried and extra wide with beef, then blanket it with hot chili oil. So chewy a wookie would eat it (yep).
  • Lyndsey M.
    Lyndsey M8月 19, 2014
    Love the tofu noodle soup. Be sure to ask for the vegetable broth if you want it vegetarian, though, as they usually default to their beef broth.
  • Marie-France H.
    Marie-France Han2月 25, 2011
    If you've already tried the standard thin noodle and the hand-pulled ones, try the FAT hand-pulled noodle, another level of deliciousness. Strongly recommend the mixed fish ball with fat noodle soup.
  • Clarence M.
    Clarence Mi7月 31, 2013
    You definitely do not come here for ambiance. You do however come here for the freshly homemade noodles that is being made as you wait for your meal. The noodles have just enough of a chew to it.
  • Emily L.
    Emily L.11月 19, 2014
    My friend and I had the beef noodle soup and roasted duck noodle soup. Tho the noodles are freshly pulled, the texture lacked consistency. some noodles were over cooked. Try nam Zhou noodles instead
  • Untapped Cities
    Untapped Cities11月 4, 2014
    Do not let the absence of a creative or punny name stop you from entering this place. While other, more hip places are limited in terms of seating, this place seems to always have a spot for you.
  • Matt S.
    Matt Spector3月 29, 2011
    An unbelievable deal - definitely try the hand pulled noodles in a delicious, rich broth (served at a perfect al dente), the pan-fried knife-pulled noodles and the steamed dumplings.
  • Roza S.
    Roza Sabe10月 25, 2010
    Great food. Tiny place but worth the wait Had the seafood soup bowl with pulled noodles. The cilantro and the vinegar add just the right touch to the meal and not a bad price for the meal either.
  • NearSay NYC
    NearSay NYC7月 28, 2011
    Tasty is actually an understatement of the had pulled awesomeness that THPN puts out! We covet the knife cut noodles with duck and the pan-fried chicken! Pure deliciousness!
  • Steven Thunder L.
    Steven Thunder Lee10月 17, 2014
    Try House special soup pulled noodle , which is Ox Tail, beef and fried egg. I also like fried seafood noodle and steam dumplings
  • Antonio
    Antonio3月 27, 2015
    You get to choose the type of noodles you want! The pan fried big wide noodles with beef will literally CHANGE YO LIFE😮
  • Raymond Z.
    Raymond Zeng7月 24, 2014
    Incredible value. Noodles were very good. Had the beef noodle soup with knife peeled noodles.
  • Nina L.
    Nina LoSchiavo5月 29, 2014
    Noodles are fantastic...even enjoyed removing them from the broth and topping with malt vinegar and chili paste (condiments provided on the table). So marvelously authentic!
  • Ben H.
    Ben Huff12月 18, 2013
    The pork dumplings noodle soup with hand pulled noodles is the Hall and Oates of hand pulled noodles in NYC. And by that I mean it's incredible
  • jon f.
    jon ferrer8月 23, 2014
    Lamb hand-pulled noodles are the jam. Best hand-pulled noodles in Manhattan Chinatown and oh so cheap.
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin1月 9, 2015
    Yes the knife cut noodle is better than the hand pulled, but the real question is, in a post ramen world why would anyone want this Chinese noodle soup ?
  • Ra J.
    Ra Jang8月 12, 2017
    I've been going this places over 7yrs now. A huge fan of this place. Stir fried noodle over noodle soup. Steamed dumpling over fried dumpling. But dumpling shell gotten thicker than before
  • Victoria C.
    Victoria Craig5月 27, 2013
    Amazing hand-pulled, pan fried noodles with chicken. Super cheap, LOTS of food. A must in China Town.
  • Jane D.
    Jane Dong1月 4, 2015
    Get some form of the noodles (obviously). I love the pan fried duck hand pulled noodles. Dumplings are decent - nothing to write home about.
  • Tiffany S.
    Tiffany S2月 10, 2010
    Yummy noodle soup for $5 -- don't forget to request a bowl of extra cilantro! Then, peek into the kitchen to watch the noodle man do what he does best (you'll hear the telltale thumping of the dough)
  • Lyndsey M.
    Lyndsey M5月 12, 2016
    I love their tofu noodles soup. Be sure to ask for the vegetable broth if you don't eat beef.
  • Saarim Z.
    Saarim Zaman12月 21, 2016
    Definitely get the stir fried fat hand pulled noodle with chicken, it'll satisfy all our stir fried noodle cravings
  • Thelocaltripper
    Thelocaltripper6月 10, 2015
    Ordered the fish balls knife cut ramen soup, it was good. Good enough for me to go back not good enough for me to order again.
  • Es L.
    Es Ley6月 13, 2016
    Dont get weird - stick to noodle soup w dumplings or fish balls w pork inside. Best chili oil as well
  • Cheapism
    Cheapism2月 25, 2011
    Come here for ultra-cheap Chinese cuisine. Huge portions of hand-pulled noodle soups range from $4 - $6.50. Try fish ball or beef for $5. 続きを見る
  • James B.
    James Brown9月 26, 2016
    Amazing noodles. Not fancy at all. Just go eat incredible authentic Chinese hand pulled noodles.
  • Marilyn a.
    Try the Mixed Beef Noodles - Hot tea followed by fab tendon, tripe, etc. noodles. Yes!
  • Steve C.
    Steve Coleman3月 28, 2014
    Not on the menu: They will sell you an entire tub of their sesame-chilli sauce that they put on the tables, for $7!
  • Alice Eunjin
    Alice Eunjin9月 3, 2015
    Finally found a place to eat hand pulled noodles in NYC
    プラス投票 Sep 8
  • Onur K.
    Onur Kurtulan10月 10, 2014
    You can feel that you're eating at a local restaurant instead of a touristic one, which is much better. Taste is good, especially the hand pulled noodles.


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