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  • Dirk v.
    "Impressed by the beauty of this incredible architecture (建築)"(11 つの Tips)
    Luky L.
    "other side of the River at the evening before and enjoy the sunset (日没)."(5 つの Tips)
    Angela G.
    "Beautiful gardens (庭園):)"(6 つの Tips)
    Erdem U.
    "There are parrots on the left side just before the shoe (靴) cabinets.."(6 つの Tips)
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  • ITC Hotels
    ITC Hotels7月 16, 2012
    One of the Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, a white marble mausoleum is a symbol of Love & also described as Dream in Marble. Best time to visit: Oct-Nov/Feb - Mar. Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Veysel S.
    Veysel Soylu4月 11, 2017
    Simply perfect... It is worth to see one of the unique examples of islamic architecture.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • k̾h̾u̾s̾h̾i̾ s.
    The guides u get for 200rs max, do not pay more. The photographers rip u off so careful. It's a must watch. Wear colorful clothes to get amazing pictures. Sovereign u get for 25rs , so do not pay 100
    プラス投票 5日前
  • Dave M.
    Dave Mc8月 27
    Definitely a place that has to be seen to be believed with all kind of interesting facts. The lean of the minarets, it being a tomb for a lost love, decorated with real precious stones, etc...
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Dave M.
    Dave Mc8月 27
    There's a lot to see and you'll get wrapped up in listening to a lot of the history, so make sure you allocate at least half a day.
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Dave M.
    Dave Mc8月 27
    The artistry is amazing, it's hard to believe that all the inlaid stones are precious / semi-precious. Forget about it, they substituted all the ones you can reach!
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Self Drive Trips
    Self Drive Trips2月 19, 2015
    Express your feeling of love silently with your eyes in front of Taj Mahal- The symbol of Love. The place is also popular among those who want to give their beloved a love-wrapped surprise. 続きを見る
  • Nathan J.
    Nathan J.8月 12, 2012
    The place is great, and you could stay here for hours at one of the wonders of the world. The best time to go is winter. In July or August, the heat will kill you, but the Taj is definitely worth it.
  • divya m.
    divya maheshwari12月 28, 2014
    The Taj has as many shades as any kind of beauty can ever have! It is Pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening and golden when the moon shines. Its beauty can't b expressed in words.
  • Prerna S.
    Prerna Sehgal6月 23, 2013
    Come early. Gates open at 5:30am in the morning, sunrise is the best time. Taj Mahal looks beautiful and the stone changes color. Take booties before entering so u don't have to remove ur shoes.
  • Rim B.
    Rim Bod11月 2, 2015
    It's beauty exceeds any photo that could ever be taken of it. Go there in a gov't prepaid taxi and get a gov't-approved guide. It's an excellent day trip so long as you stay off the streets.
  • Helme Athrah J.
    Helme Athrah Jaafar9月 30, 2016
    Get the tourist guide to tell the history of this monument. It cost only about USD10 for 2-hours tour inside the Taj Mahal compound. It's worth it.
  • Bruna C.
    Bruna Cruz1月 17, 2016
    Incredible! Most beautiful place I have ever seen! Great garden. Everything lovely! Evenings are the best. Bargain is must doing shopping.
  • Wally V.
    Wally VC11月 5, 2012
    Best time to go is bright and early. Avoid the crowd and you get to see the taj change from light blue into golden yellow as the sun rises. We hired a tour guide for 200 Rs that got us pass the line.
  • Vimal P.
    Vimal Prakash5月 24, 2013
    Awesome place, visit it during early morning or late evening. I wud recommend to hire a guide as they wud also assist u taking group photos. Cost fr guides100 - 200Rs during peak season
  • Phillip B.
    Phillip Bracewell4月 25, 2015
    Go early in the morning to enjoy the peace and quiet. The sunrise is beautiful and there are less people there. Anytime the hawkers come up to you anywhere in India just ignore them. Say nothing
  • Nokia
    Nokia8月 9, 2011
    Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful places you'll ever visit. Take a photo of this wonderful symbol of eternal love and send it to someone you love.
  • L D.
    L D9月 3, 2013
    As you make your way through the first gate, allow your eyes to adjust to the bright light as you see the monument through the gate. The first sight of it was so emotional & so moving, I cried.
  • GregWasThere
    GregWasThere3月 9, 2015
    Amazing piece... I have see a lot of monuments around the world but that one top them all... www.gregwasthere.com to see more !
  • Hooriya H.
    Hooriya Hussain12月 3, 2014
    The gorgeous view, the gates around the Taj. Take time to actually see the intricate marble work. It is fabulous.
  • Nabila K.
    Majestic! Great view from the garden in front. There’s a special lane for tourist with 1000 rupee entrance fee. You’ll get a complimentary mineral water. Tripod and foods are not allowed
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie2月 3
    It's worth it to come at sunrise for the best light. If you arrive that early, it's before they turn on the fountains so the Taj is mirrored the water.
  • Kyrre G.
    Kyrre Gjerstad4月 11, 2017
    Most beautiful building I've ever seen! Got a very nice guided tour from "Dave", just make sure you don't get overcharged, give no more than 500inr for the guide.
  • Aman B.
    Aman Bajaj12月 14, 2015
    If you're going the 1st time, do remember to take a Guide... They let you in real quickly! The Story they tell you is must listen as there are tons of misconceptions! ₹300/- wouldnt hurt you much!!
  • Sandra F.
    Sandra Foyt8月 9, 2012
    Look for the VIP bench. Princess Diana started a trend sitting on this bench, ever since, world leaders have struck a pose on this photo spot - the closest that allows all the minarets into the shot
  • Daniel P.
    Daniel Pérez1月 7, 2016
    marvel of the world. totally recommended.i got the guide, but you can also get the stuff from wikipedia in advance and enjoy anyway the view
  • dAn
    dAn9月 12, 2015
    Iranian architecture in India! Truly wonderful and wondering!
  • Narges M.
    Narges M11月 3, 2014
    This lot is my most memorable place.. Apparently each person would be shocked by this one. People are like ants near it. Its architect was an iranian engineer in those times 👍✌️🙏
  • Tian Chad C.
    Tian Chad Chen4月 29, 2013
    Remember to take a photo of the reflection if you are visiting soon =) Definitely looks good and be ready to get amazed!
  • Hannah G.
    Hannah GM3月 6, 2013
    Try to avoid during holidays like Diwali- the crowds will crush you! early morning in the summer is a better bet, and take a horse-driven tonga to the gate if you can!
  • Amy L.
    Amy Liu3月 23, 2013
    Frame the taj mahal with the arches of the white stone benches in the garden platform rather than the doorway first coming in - you have to get under the bench on your belly but it's a great shot!
  • Ruslan N.
    Ruslan Nikolaev1月 5, 2016
    Gorgeous experience. But make sure that you don't have your laptop with you. Security doesn't allow it and you'll have to leave it in a clock room 500 meters from entrance.
  • Dieter Z.
    Dieter Zirnig10月 14, 2012
    As your bags/rucksack will get checked at the entrance, make sure, you don't have books, games, food with you. they will take it. with luck you'll get it back.
  • Ashish S.
    Ashish Shukla1月 26, 2016
    Nothing can describe its Beauty! If you find Rush in Que.,Let me tell you Taj have 3 gates for Entry find the other Gates to save time!
  • Alex C.
    Alex Casajuana7月 24, 2016
    Es majestuoso. La pega es que vale 1000 Rs la entrada, y el día que yo fuí la sala interior estaba oscura. Además está prohibido fotografiar el interior. Aún así, vale muchísimo la pena verlo!
  • Jorge E.
    Wonderful place! A must when visiting India. Temperature in summer is above 40 Celsius so take all precautions, sun block, water and comfortable clothes.
  • Himanshu C.
    Himanshu Chaturvedi12月 12, 2014
    If you are coming here, don't forget to purchase some leather goods, visit to RedFort and Buland Darwaja. Enjoy the best sweet Petha here which is world famous for its flavour and taste
  • Neelam D.
    Neelam Deshpande9月 3, 2013
    TAJ TAJ TAJ..... finally my dreams gonna come true. initially I was has having difficulties to find out a good hotels at the nearby location to Taj Mahal, but now this problem is fixed and I'm ready. 続きを見る
  • twain t.
    twain taylor2月 19, 2011
    tho many will hassle you, you don't need a guide. just get in, and discover the place for yourself, many of the guides give you wrong info, and would ask for high prices. wikipedia could come in handy
  • Gato M.
    Gato Monge7月 18, 2013
    TAJ MAHAL - World Heritage UNESCO An immense mausoleum of white marble, built in Agra between 1631 and 1648 by order of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favourite wife. 続きを見る
  • Easy Tours of I.
    Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful buildings. Taj mahal is a mausoleum, an enduring monument to the love of a husband for his favorite wife. mahal. http://www.easytoursofindia.com
  • Kankan J.
    Kankan Ji9月 11, 2011
    A hotel with Taj Mahal view on the roof is a MUST-DO choice!! A guide is necessary if u want to take photos, and our guide only charge us 50rps for 2~3hour-tour in Taj Mahal.
  • Natalia K.
    Natalia Kibitova10月 5, 2014
    Жемчужина Индии, потрясающей красоты мавзолей, построенный Шах-Джаханом в память о своей жене Мумтаз Махал. Приходите как можно раньше, по возможности к открытию (6 утра). Билет стоит 750 рупий.
  • Anbu J.
    Anbu Jawahar11月 25, 2012
    Get early to avoid crowd. Worth seeing at early morning and evening. Must see it from across the Yamuna where there is a park.
  • JK
    JK3月 16, 2015
    The colour is dull in rainy days, be you can still get the deflection of Taj Mahal from the water.
  • ilyas H.
    ilyas Hussain7月 28, 2012
    Taj mahal...a symbol of true love must visit to experience with naked eyes the beauty of glowing white marble sculpture which illuminates the charm of love in the night.
  • Irina
    Irina8月 14, 2014
    From afar, it's a serene oasis. When there, you're in a maelstrom of moving bodies. Don't be gulled by the 'professional' photographers: they're too expensive, their pictures are mostly crap.
  • ßümit U.
    ßümit Upadhyay3月 3, 2017
    No need to hire guide if u know someone in India, u can ask local people beforehand if u need anything i.e taxi fare, rate etc so that they won't cheat you
  • Jeena J.
    2 types of battery-operated buses (RS. 5 &10) can take you up to the East gate. It's better to buy new shoe covers before you set foot on the marble floors because the ones sold inside are worn ones
  • Francesca S.
    Francesca Scalon3月 30, 2016
    Breathtaking. Go early in the morning with the sunrise, the light at that time makes it more magical.


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