Sweet Action Ice Cream

Central Denver, デンバー
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  • Terence C.
    Terence Chan11月 17, 2016
    Good ice cream. Very unique and tasty flavors with friendly staff. Seasonal flavors change all the time. I got white chocolate cinnamon and cinnamon gingerbread. Very thick and rich. 4/5
  • Denver Westword
    Denver Westword8月 5, 2014
    Including the incredible Stranahan's Whiskey Brickle, featuring Colorado's own whiskey. But in the process, they've become a must-stop for all the hipsters heading out for a night on the town. 続きを見る
  • Alexisse
    Alexisse8月 1, 2013
    The best ice cream and sorbet we found in all of Denver. The staff is friendly, and the owners are generous. And I believe everything in the shop is biodegradable. Awesome shop all the way around.
  • kieran c.
    kieran cain9月 2, 2013
    Inventiveness. Flavor. Pushing the limits of ingredients. Cool factor. Best logo, and in Denver's hippest neighborhood. There is no doubt. This IS the best ice cream in all of Colorado.
  • Xuela X.
    Xuela Xi5月 7, 2016
    The Ice Cream is The Bomb delicious. Try the Whiskey Ice Cream on a hot day. Stuff will have you mellow after you are done. Service was friendly and propt. Loved it 🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars
  • Sarah L.
    Sarah Lea4月 8, 2013
    Sweet Action has some of best ice cream I've ever had. They have really creative flavors like strawberry balsamic and sour cream & chives. Both are actually pretty good!
  • Alex S.
    Alex Seguin6月 18, 2012
    Colorado Honey, Thai Iced Tea, Mint Chocolate Chip (especially in milkshake form), Horchata... Shit, they're all good! Try something unusual. Love all the ISO50/Tycho prints too.
  • Kingsley Y.
    Kingsley Younger3月 11, 2015
    Featured on Unique Sweets TV show. They have a few vegan flavours (like japapeno lime) of ice cream out of the 500 flavours since they first started in 2009.
  • Brandon T.
    Brandon Titus8月 28, 2014
    Baklava ice cream was some of the best ice cream I have ever had, anywhere. Whiskey brickle is also not bad.
  • Shaun C.
    I had the blackberry lavender with biscuits and jam. Both were delicious. The biscuits and jam had chunks of biscuits. So good!
  • Rachel Slurs
    Rachel Slurs4月 21, 2015
    Wow. The hazelnut brownie and green tea ice cream. Also at least sample avocado if they have. Tastes more like an avocado than an avocado somehow.
  • Chris A.
    Chris Albrecht3月 16, 2015
    Come in over St. Patrick' Day to get Guinness and Bailey's flavored ice cream. Do it up right and make a Carbomb Cone!
  • Christina
    Christina6月 28, 2016
    Limoncello ginger and salted butterscotch. Scoops are huge, prices are low, and the window is made for sitting in and eating ice cream.
  • Kevin C.
    Kevin Campbell12月 8, 2015
    Love this place. Lots of flavors to pick from and all of them are good! Whiskey brickle is my fav
  • B M.
    B Maxwell7月 22, 2016
    What a great shop. Tons of flavors and the super friendly people will let you try before you buy!
  • Rayna
    Rayna8月 13, 2015
    Worth the hype & line. Favorites: garam masala, red bean, cardamom. Vegan chai is actually very good.
  • Mitra S.
    Mitra Salasel1月 9, 2016
    Best ice cream in Denver. All the unorthodox flavors you're looking for, and all well done.
  • Drew F.
    Drew Frey4月 19, 2013
    You must try a true Colorado original: Stranahan's Whiskey Brickle
  • Avan A.
    Avan Allen2月 9, 2015
    salted butterscotch and stranahan's whiskey brittle! it's always hard to pick just one flavor, just try all of them!
  • Paul M.
    Paul McAleer3月 3, 2016
    You can't go wrong here. (Biscuits and jam ice cream? Yes.)
  • Brownstone Living NYC
    Excellent selection of ice-creams. Not to sweat with just the right amount of flavor.
  • Brian W.
    Brian Willis2月 22, 2016
    Must try the lemon and lime sorbet. Nice and tart. All of the ice cream is great though.
  • Louis B.
    Funky and creative ice cream flavors make for one of the top places in Denver
  • Brooke G.
    Brooke Gladstone7月 12, 2012
    Vegan ice cream is coconut based, so you have to like coconut a lot. Otherwise, try the salted butterscotch.
  • Avan A.
    Avan Allen7月 22, 2015
    my favorite ice cream spot. i check the flavors online before making the trip i'm that dedicated.
  • Geoffrey Z.
    Geoffrey ZuHone4月 21, 2016
    Amazing ice cream flavors and vegan choices are flawless
  • Christina
    Christina11月 16, 2012
    Try the Thai Iced Tea. It has Thai tea leaves and condensed milk in it.
  • Jason S.
    Jason Storer7月 21, 2011
    Can't go wrong with any of the choices, but Vietnamese Coffee so far has been my favorite!
  • zoe g.
    zoe gagnon8月 7, 2014
    Really appreciate that they always have a vegan flavor. Good ones, too!
  • Adam K.
    Adam Kovarik7月 28, 2013
    Great flavor selection, nothing to the landfill, garage door opens the shop up nicely.
  • Blake B.
    Blake Bowyer2月 21, 2010
    Get a scoop of the Red Velvet ice cream on a regular cone (a sugar cone would be too sweet). DON'T try the donuts. They honestly suck - and I'm very indiscriminate with donuts. Might be grease flavor.
  • Kate M.
    Kate Miller3月 8, 2013
    The hot fudge. Homemade. Get it. On every flavor. SOGOODSOGOOD.
  • Ilheis R.
    Ilheis Reign4月 4, 2016
    The hoppy brownie and salted butterscotch are highly recommended in a waffle cone.
  • Anna C.
    Anna Cox5月 24, 2012
    Sweet Action---oh my goodness. Let your mouth meet one of the best homemade ice cream in the USA.
  • stacey b.
    stacey b7月 7, 2010
    they always have one or two vegan flavors. p.s. skip dairy queen for your ice cream cakes, go to sweet action and get a big ass ice cream cookie cake instead.
  • Brendon
    Brendon2月 23, 2013
    Ever had a real Thai Iced Tea? This is the just as awesome ice cream version.
  • Jessica S.
    Jessica Shim7月 25, 2013
    Honey Jalapeño Pickle Ice Cream was mentioned on Zagat's blog
  • Bryan C.
    Bryan Costanza10月 10, 2015
    Great service and ice cream. Is there anything else to get from an ice cream place?
  • BestOf
    BestOf9月 9, 2011
    Winner of Best Ice Cream for the Milk-Averse 2011. See more of the best at 続きを見る
  • Brian N.
    Brian Nelson3月 24, 2012
    The sun blazes straight in, in evening. Get here before for or after sunset
  • Haley J.
    Haley Jesseman8月 30, 2012
    Cherry chocolate chip, horchata, and chai are my favorites.
  • Amy R.
    Amy Rumbarger8月 6, 2014
    Root beer float with whiskey brickle ice cream. Do it.
  • Morgan W.
    Morgan Wang8月 29, 2016
    Lots of rotating flavored of ice cream. Get a waffle cone 🙃
  • Hilary H.
    Hilary Hooper10月 2, 2013
    Best ice cream in Denver with great Vegan options
  • Midori T.
    Midori Tran2月 24, 2014
    Thai iced ice cream is the best!!
  • Zachary
    Zachary5月 27, 2016
    New flavours all the time!
  • Ryssa C.
    Ryssa Chrysalis3月 5, 2012
    Stranahan's Whiskey Brickle and Salted Butterscotch are the yummiest!
  • Joshua M.
    Joshua MacCurdy4月 7, 2013
    Salted butterscotch is the best
  • Sara E.
    Sara Elizabeth6月 5, 2013
    The tips are true. Salted butterscotch is the jam!
  • L B.
    L Butlr3月 25, 2016
    One of the best ice cream shops in Denver
  • Kayla A.
    Kayla Ann10月 20, 2011
    Try the flavors that sound the craziest .... they are usually the best!
  • Denver Off The Wagon
    Make sure to check them out during GABF... they just might feature a few beer-inspired flavors!
  • Lisa H.
    Try the baklava ice cream! Lots of began options, too.
  • Mariah D.
    Mariah Day11月 10, 2015
    baklava ice cream! (Seasonal)
  • Geoffrey Z.
    Geoffrey ZuHone9月 20, 2014
    Vegan ice cream and heavenly flavors.
  • Joshua M.
    Joshua MacCurdy3月 15, 2013
    It's all about the salted butterscotch.
  • David G.
    David Goebel6月 28, 2013
    Get the baklava flavored ice cream!
  • Sarah M.
    Sarah Moraes7月 15, 2012
    Try the olive oil ice cream! Weird but awesome!
  • Stacey M.
    Stacey Mulvey8月 19, 2013
    Omg. Delicious, and go for a waffle cone, it's worth it.
  • Nicole O.
    Nicole Ozawa1月 14, 2012
    The Salted butterscotch is amazing.
  • Kenneth F.
    Kenneth Fricklas11月 4, 2012
    Try the pumpkin pie ice cream -- amazing
  • Raj R.
    Raj Rao1月 22, 2010
    The baklava ice-cream is the bomb - the most original ice-cream I have ever had!
  • Denver Westword
    Denver Westword4月 18, 2011
    Voted Best Ice Cream for the Milk-Averse in Westword's Best of Denver 2011!
  • Chris A.
    Chris Albrecht3月 16, 2015
    Stranahan's Whiskey Brickle is amazing!
  • Denver Westword
    Denver Westword12月 6, 2010
    Winner of Westword's Best of Denver 2010 - Best Newfangled Ice Cream Parlor!
  • Ayesha L.
    Ayesha Lewis5月 14, 2014
    Butterscotch ice cream is heavenly!
  • José S.
    José Sosa9月 19, 2013
    Helados artesanales súper sabrosos!
  • TV Food Maps
    TV Food Maps9月 3, 2014
    Check out Sweet Action as seen on Unique Sweets 続きを見る
  • Alex R.
    Alex Rice7月 12, 2014
    Best ice cream hands down!!
  • Guy M.
    Guy Mason4月 11, 2012
    Eat it all, except compost flavor
  • Katie S.
    Katie Surline2月 19, 2013
    Thai Iced Tea is my favorite!
  • Suz
    Suz7月 31, 2015
    Stranahan's Whiskey Brickle! That is all...
  • Cris G.
    Cris Gravely10月 8, 2011
    The honey ice cream is amazing!
  • Jill P.
    Jill Pagelkopf6月 26, 2013
    Every flavor and bite is delicious!!
    WILLIAM Penn8月 29, 2013
    Fresh Huckleberry pie! :9
  • Michael R.
    Michael Richman7月 10, 2011
    Their spoons have unpleasant mouthfeel for ice cream (not smooth). I ask for a tasting spoon...
  • Kaelani B.
    Kaelani Bruce11月 3, 2015
    Oh my god amazing ice cream
  • Devaki J.
    Devaki J7月 8, 2012
    Stranahan's whiskey brickle is the best!
  • Brian W.
    Brian Willis2月 22, 2016
  • Levi H.
    Levi Holmes11月 14, 2013
    No matter what they tell you. DO NOT try the Butthole Surfer ice cream....
  • Stacey M.
    Stacey Mulvey8月 18, 2013
    Divine. Get a waffle cone.
  • Jordan W.
    Jordan White1月 30, 2016
    They have vegan flavors!
  • Louie D.
    Louie DeGiorgio10月 22, 2014
    Nice deliciousness
  • Ted
    Ted10月 8, 2011
    Grizley bear + cream soda is sooooooo goooood!
  • Nicole S.
    Nicole Stahlecker12月 23, 2015
    Vegan ice cream! Amazing
  • Ellie B.
    Ellie Belter2月 26, 2016
    salted butterscotch mmmm!
  • priscilla p.
    priscilla priebe11月 12, 2011
    Whiskey ice cream is the best!
  • Diana D.
    Diana Dee2月 18, 2015
    Fun flavors!
  • Myesha J.
    Myesha Jenkins7月 30, 2015
    Try the whiskey brickle
  • Jordan R.
    Jordan Roge3月 28, 2016
    Ice cream and waffle cones
  • Elan M.
    Elan Miller9月 9, 2016
    honey + pb ice cream
  • Rhiannon H.
    Rhiannon Hainds12月 29, 2013
    When in doubt, salted butterscotch
  • lauren l.
    The salted butterscotch pretzel just made my dreams come true.
  • Xander P.
    Xander Page7月 16, 2011
    When in doubt, salted caramel is a winner
  • Sophie G.
    Sophie Glass6月 24, 2011
    Best vegan ice cream ever.
  • Michael E.
    Michael Emmerson11月 8, 2010
    Try the Sunday it's the dogs bollocks!
  • Jennifer P.
    Jennifer Pratt12月 14, 2010
    Two words: salted butterscotch!!!!
  • Myesha J.
    Myesha Jenkins9月 6, 2015
    Whiskey Brickle
  • pickles B.
    pickles Butts7月 3, 2011
    Awesome awesome awesome
  • Myesha J.
    Myesha Jenkins7月 30, 2015
    Metered parking
  • Steve S.
    Steve Shears12月 11, 2011
    dig it... its the funkarillis...