Superiority Burger

ベジタリアン / ビーガン料理レストランハンバーガーレストラン$$$$
East Village, ニューヨーク
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  • Jimena M.
    "La mejor hamburguesa vegetariana (ヴェジーバーガー) que he comido."(16 つの Tips)
    Nate B.
    "Top notch vegan (ヴィーガニズム) burger takeout."(18 つの Tips)
    Bin Y.
    "Sloppy is great, burger (ハンバーガー) is wonderful, wraps are extremely filling."(54 つの Tips)
    Sahadeva H.
    "Extra stellar gelato (ジェラート) desert that packs a lot"(6 つの Tips)
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  • Zac Z.
    Zac Zellers9月 27, 2015
    order the entire menu with a friend, eat it outside, and come back in for the desserts. also, don't follow your (usually correct) instinct to avoid the 'wrap;' it's the best stand-by dish they have.
  • Danielle D.
    Danielle Dolgin10月 30, 2015
    Take you're food to go and eat it at the bar Hi-Fi down the block! They have a special relationship allow Superiority Burger and allow their food inside. Just make sure to let the bartender know :)
  • Eater
    Eater6月 14
    A mainly vegan closet where the menu changes daily (though burgers and tempeh sloppy joes are a given), and the gelato is some of the best in town. Remember, he was once a pastry chef. 続きを見る
  • Sophie B.
    Sophie Bakalar7月 24, 2015
    Incredible but very tiny veggie burgers! Might be my favorite veggie burger in NYC. The buns are fantastic. The sloppy joe was great too, but I'd recommend sticking with the classic.
  • Lauren S.
    Lauren Smith10月 2, 2015
    Definitely worth a try. Can't go wrong with the Superiority Burger but it's kind of small so if you're starving, get two. I loved the Burnt Broccoli salad but it's not for everyone.
  • Mia A.
    Mia Ari6月 20, 2016
    Everything, and I mean everything here is amazing. My favorite, though, is the "sloppy Dave." Portions are quite small so I recommend getting a main and a side. Guava sorbet was also incredible.
  • Gothamist
    Gothamist7月 6, 2015
    The real winner here is the Sloppy Joe, which is some sort of tofu concoction that mimics the texture of ground beef, topped by tomato sauce and fried onions on a roll that soaks up the mess. 続きを見る
  • Robert C.
    Robert Campos10月 12, 2015
    The burger and potato wedges tasted great! Most vegetarian places serve very bland food. This tasted as indulgent as any great non-vegetarian burger joint! Will come again!
  • Eater
    Eater10月 11, 2016
    Headley and his crew turn seasonal vegetables into delectable salads and riffs on American comfort food favorites. The specials menu changes daily, and the rest of the menu is constantly evolving. 続きを見る
  • Yael B.
    Yael Bushoy7月 17, 2016
    This place is everything. Get the burger, get the wrap, get it all! Brooks is usually behind the counter concocting his new masterpiece. The homey, hole in the wall feel never fails to impress!
  • Alexis C.
    Alexis Convento7月 12, 2016
    The *BEST* ice cream/gelato combo for *ONLY* $5 (pic of mango chili sorbet + cashew gelato w/ candied nuts). Flavors rotate daily, w/ vegan option. 😍 Texture is consistent + out of this world!
  • Alex N.
    Alex Nguyen6月 12, 2016
    burnt broccoli salad and classic superiority burger are top notch. cheap, filling, and delicious. honestly you couldn't go wrong.
  • Nate B.
    Nate Beatty9月 6, 2015
    This small veggie burger packs a serious flavor punch. The classic Superiority Burger and a side of Burnt Broccoli was enough for my meal. Top notch vegan burger takeout.
  • Tobias K.
    Tobias K8月 29, 2016
    Burger was delicious, umami-y and satisfying, the tahini ranch salad was great and the sorbet was unbelievable. Pretty mind blowing take on classics, and not expensive!
  • Eater
    Eater7月 22, 2016
    The Superiority Burger patty has a nice crust and pleasantly crumbly interior. It comes with plum tomatoes, Muenster cheese, and iceberg lettuce, on a Martin's potato roll. 続きを見る
  • Bin Y.
    Bin Yang8月 28, 2015
    Sloppy is great, burger is wonderful, wraps are extremely filling. Don't underestimate how these little portions can fill you up quick. Finish up with an Arnold Palmer and some gelato/ice cream.
  • Garrison P.
    Garrison Price2月 29, 2016
    The namesake burger is bomb, usually I just get 2. If I'm with someone I will get a couple sides which change up and are very tasty. We had cashew soup last time that was perfectly seasoned.
  • E P.
    E P1月 25, 2016
    Burger looks small but it's quite filling. Echoing everyone else on the broccoli salad. End it all with their gelato/sorbet dessert - we had the currant and cream cheese, it was delicious.
  • Michelle W.
    The burger is savory but also not massive so you can load up on sides (burnt broccoli is a must, as is the beet salad if they have it). The gelato is sneakily a showstopper too
  • Chandana M.
    Chandana Menon7月 4, 2015
    The superiority burger is veggie or any burger i've had in recent times and perfect size for smaller appetites. The wall seating is impressive use of space and works.
  • PureWow
    PureWow8月 3, 2016
    Burger: OK, this one is technically vegetarian, but judging by the lines wrapping around the block to try a taste, it definitely deserves a slot. 続きを見る
  • Blixt
    Blixt11月 20, 2015
    The burger is unfortunately not gluten free, however their Superiority Boat tastes amazing and is both gluten free and vegan!
  • Oz L.
    Oz Lubling12月 13, 2015
    This place is the bomb. I recommend the boat wrap if you're hungry. The namesake burger is great too but quite small. The dessert is usually really good as well.
  • Holiday
    Holiday7月 25, 2016
    The burger was insane but on the small side at $6 so no surprise there. Got crushed ice with the Arnold Palmer. Next time I'm ordering every thing off the menu! Get take out and sit at Tompkins sq.
  • Foxxy B.
    Foxxy B10月 23, 2016
    Love the superiority burger, a perfectly small & flavorful treat. Pair it with the burnt broccoli & you've got a surprisingly filling & scrumptious lunch. Friendly staff. Small location.
  • GQ Magazine
    GQ Magazine12月 3, 2015
    The bun squishes. The lettuce crunches. The pickles snap. That patty, made from ingredients Headley won’t divulge and miles beyond whatever your vegan friends use, has genuine heft. 続きを見る
  • Vivian V.
    Vivian Vo4月 5, 2016
    Tried almost everything on the menu - faves are the sloppy Dave, broccoli salad, and the coconut + potato soup. Yummmms
  • Nick A.
    Nick Andlinger6月 30, 2015
    100% lives up to the hype. Get the burger, broc salad and squash.
  • GQ Magazine
    GQ Magazine11月 20, 2015
    Superiority Burger, located in New York’s East Village, shatters the notion that meatless burgers are nothing more than frozen cardboard vessels for fungus or tofu. 続きを見る
  • Condé Nast Traveler
    Condé Nast Traveler10月 26, 2016
    "Because Superiority Burger is vegetarian, it’s on-trend, except it does it in a way that's cheeky and appeals to non-vegetarians. The energy is totally contagious.” - Charlotte Druckman 続きを見る
  • @HungryEditor B.
    Vegetarian spot w/ some vegan options. The burger was good, but a little small. Order sides if you're looking for a full meal. The space has limited seating. But Tompkins Sq Park is nearby.
  • Pat H.
    Pat Hu4月 24, 2016
    Here's the move: Superiority burger, combo gelato/sorbet + crack kale, fries from Whitman's down the street. Stroll over to Tompkins Sq Park and have yourself a tasty picnic.
  • Kendall S.
    Kendall Smith8月 2, 2015
    The superiority burger... Is pretty darn superior, even if you're not a vegetarian. Top with some of the charred broccoli/eggplant salad for the win
  • Ale T.
    Ale Tower6月 11, 2016
    Great spot for a quick vegetarian or vegan meal. Their signature burger was great, not the usual lousy mushroom, but a veggie patty that makes it satisfyingly tasty.
  • Camille F.
    Camille Fournier1月 10, 2016
    Liked the baked beans with polenta. The sloppy Dave is very tomato heavy for my taste. Awesome dessert although the dessert is not entirely takeout friendly
  • Duane H.
    Duane Hosein6月 17, 2016
    The Superiority wrap and burnt broccoli salad is my combo of choice. So damned incredible!
  • Fabio
    Fabio6月 9
    If you are into veggies its a good option. Other than that great atmosphere and beautiful people.❤️
  • Emily W.
    Emily Wilson12月 10, 2016
    If you're a non-vegan who's not used to the funkier vegan stuff, this is the way to go: Skip the sides, get just a megamouth and the dessert.
  • Akshay P.
    Akshay Patil11月 11, 2016
    The eponymous burger is compact and priced accordingly. Add a tasty side if you're looking for a proper meal.
  • CW
    CW2月 27, 2016
    The Superiority Wrap w/ a side of burnt broccoli salad is unreal. Do yourself a favor and order a side of their hot sauce as well, you will not be disappointed
  • Ms H.
    Ms Helene4月 21, 2016
    Superiority burger was flavorsome beyond belief, Sloppy Dave had a spicy kick & charred broccoli redefined 'salad'
  • Ed C.
    Ed C7月 14, 2015
    No detail is overlooked at this great new spot. Try the dessert — the owner used to be a pastry chef.
  • Garrison P.
    Garrison Price5月 30, 2016
    Wait in line if you have to. Namesake burger is my fav and order a side. Soup is always good. Take it over to Thompson Square park for a picnic date.
  • Christian d.
    Christian de Botton10月 22, 2016
    Not sure why but I really wanted to dislike this place. Have gone through the entire menu and a lot of the specials. The burger, sloppy dave, gelato, burnt broccoli, broccoli rabe, all fantastic.
  • Bon Appetit Magazine
    At Superiority Burger, the music is loud, the employees are on their game, and the food is like something the world’s most talented drunk person would throw together at 3 a.m. to sop up a bender. 続きを見る
  • Chad H.
    Chad Horner9月 11, 2015
    the wrap is super good! as is the gelato/sorbet combo, which changes every day. good luck finding a seat, as it's a tiny space!
  • Tabitha J.
    Tabitha Johnson7月 20, 2016
    Burnt Broccoli Salad and Superiority Burger are amazing. Don't share, get your own.
  • Howard W.
    Howard Walfish11月 24, 2015
    The veggie burger is good, it reminded me of McDonald's (in a good way). All dishes are vegetarian, and can be made vegan on request
  • Grace T.
    Grace Tan4月 22, 2016
    The salads were excellent (collard greens with sesame croutons and a little surprise on the bottom) and the sloppy Dave was satisfying
  • Nat A.
    Nat Almonte7月 10, 2015
    Lives up to all the hype. Tastiest veggie burger. Must try the burnt broccoli salad.
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin6月 30, 2015
    Healthy fast food has arrived! All items here are vegetarian, but that shouldn't scare away omnivores as the sauces and flavor are far more than what you'd expect.
  • Vinaya V.
    Vinaya Vishwanath6月 17, 2016
    All veggie burgers and some are vegan (i'm pretty sure they can make anything vegan). The sides are great too!
  • Pam D.
    Pam De Silva10月 6, 2015
    Definitely try their ricotta ice cream if it's on their dessert menu for the day. Delicious stuff!
  • L B.
    L B1月 13, 2016
    I'm already craving it. While there were long lines, the service was VERY fast. HIGHLY recommend. Sooo yummy!
  • Carl-Adam S.
    Carl-Adam Scheele11月 23, 2015
    Great great burger. Broccoli side was really good. Go to hifi bar to have a drink and eat inside
  • Sahadeva H.
    Sahadeva Hammari2月 18, 2016
    Stellar burger. Extra stellar gelato desert that packs a lot of detailed, fantastic flavors.
  • İpek A.
    İpek A.6月 13, 2016
    If you wanna have a vegan burger you should definitely stop by this place.
  • Jasvinder K.
    Jasvinder Khera4月 9, 2016
    The vegetarian burger is excellent, it doesn't try to be a beef substitute and succeeds in its own merit.
  • GQ Magazine
    GQ Magazine6月 7, 2016
    Brooks Headley, a former pastry chef and James Beard Award winner, is reportedly a compulsive fiddler with the namesake burger's formula. 続きを見る
  • Eric A.
    Eric Abergel4月 17, 2016
    If the 'new creation' is available, get it! I like it even more then their veggie burger.
  • Lauren
    Lauren7月 13, 2015
    "Hippy Wrap [is] better than you’ve heard." via New York Magazine/Grub Street | The 30 Best (New) Cheap Eats in New York [July 12, 2015]
  • Ryan P.
    Ryan Parker10月 10, 2015
    Everything is amazing! The menu changes but try the superiority burger for sure!
  • Kira F.
    Kira Fisher7月 21, 2015
    Portions are small but delicious. Burger plus side is a good meal. Possibly two burgers...
  • Ted P.
    Solid vegan burger. Best vegan burger in the area. If there's a crispy potato side, GET IT.
  • Bond Street
    Bond Street10月 7, 2016
    "Brooks has a distinct point of view, isn't afraid to explore new ideas, and reflects this in everything he does." - David Chang, chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur 続きを見る
  • Bon Appetit Magazine
    Most of all, do not skip dessert: Two brain-twisting flavors of gelato and sorbet daily that will probably win Brooks Headley another James Beard award. 続きを見る
  • Roniel T.
    Roniel Tessler9月 7, 2015
    The vegetarian equivalent of shake shack. The burger was delicious, but consider getting two as it's small.
  • Priscila C.
    Priscila Caineli11月 30, 2015
    O lugar é minúsculo, bem como o cardápio e o lanche. Mas o sabor é muito bom e o atendimento também! Peça a batata doce como acompanhamento.
  • Rajesh M.
    Rajesh Midha11月 29, 2015
    Take a date and sit side by side in the winged tray tables. Tres romantic
  • Michael D.
    Michael Dempsey9月 28, 2016
    Probably the best Vegetarian burger I've had. Very small though so get at least two things.
  • Luc D.
    Luc Doan1月 31, 2016
    Price is right. Loved the broccoli salad and roast beets.
  • John B.
    John Brian1月 23
    The Superiority Burger is the best veggie burger I've had in my entire life!
  • Roxanne S.
    Roxanne Schwartz4月 28, 2016
    sloppy dan & anything off the dessert menu. this place is exceptional...
  • Zak A.
    Zak Accuardi4月 10, 2016
    Come for the burgers but stay for the best ice cream deal in NYC.
  • Edward F.
    Edward Fabila7月 10, 2015
    Get the superiority burger, two + the charred broccoli makes a perfect meal.
  • Leanne Z.
    Lots of veggies and flavors and options for those of us who eat less meat!
  • Demetrius B.
    Demetrius Bagley5月 9, 2016
    Flavors change all the time, and YES they have a vegan one!
  • Shane V.
    Shane Vitriol3月 24, 2016
    If you want a real environmentally friendly burger, go get a grass-fed burger at Bareburger.
  • Saif D.
    Saif Dia7月 26, 2016
    The namesake is a mini burger. Get two with cheese and a burnt broccoli salad.
  • emily c.
    emily chen7月 18, 2015
    burger, sloppy, and burnt broccoli salad. line goes really fast.
  • Steve T.
    Incredible food at great prices. Their veggie burger is killer.
  • Rick C.
    Rick Conti7月 19, 2015
    Get a sloppy Dave ... And the 6dollar burger that packs as much flavor as any burger joint can
  • Florence N.
    Florence Nguyen10月 2, 2015
    Best vegan burger. Order 2 bc they are the size of a slider
  • Raphael L.
    To be honest, after all the hype and the huge line outside, I was ready to be wowed - but wasn't. The burger was good, but the flavors weren't quite there. The BBQ carrots are awesome, though.
  • Jimena M.
    Jimena Márquez7月 31, 2015
    La mejor hamburguesa vegetariana que he comido. El wrap también estaba muy rico.
  • Oleg Z.
    Oleg Zhoglo4月 1, 2016
    Great burgers, but skip the burnt broccoli salad, the sauce in the salad is possibly the worst thing I've ever tasted.
  • Joseph T.
    Joseph Terranella8月 25, 2015
    Burgers are small- get two and a side to feel full
  • Lauren S.
    Lauren Schuhmacher9月 6, 2015
    The burger and broccoli salad are great, but too expensive for how small they are. Had to go get a second dinner.
  • Montana P.
    Montana Pat4月 21, 2016
    My first time having a veggie burger. An absolutely fantastic experience!
  • Justin S.
    New Creation forever. actually everything we had was dope.
  • Jaime M.
    Jaime M10月 25, 2016
    Food is amazing, but don't forget the Arnold Palmer!
  • Patrick B.
    Patrick Baskin8月 1, 2015
    Burger lives up to the hype, but the sloppy joe is almost better!
  • Troy F.
    Troy Farmer12月 5, 2015
    Vegan burgers that live up to the hype.
  • ✨Kelsey✨
    Grab a burger to-go and enjoy it in the park nearby
  • Marianna F.
    Everything is good!
  • Michael
    Michael4月 20, 2016
    NYMag: try the vegan cold pizza salad
  • Christina C.
    Christina Chin8月 16, 2015
    Granted didn't eat a burger, my friend did, thought it was pretty good but at $6 a pop, not worth it. Burgers are not much bigger than a white castle!
  • Dina R.
    Dina Rughani3月 10, 2016
    Superiority burger and the broccoli salad
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin8月 21, 2015
    Expect to wait and for your burger to be smaller than you expected
  • Bogdan P.
    Bogdan Popa10月 2, 2015
    Get the sloppy joes, it is amazing
  • Andrew F.
    Andrew Furman9月 4, 2015
    The vegan sloppy joe is pretty good
  • Melissa F.
    Melissa Ford8月 20, 2016
    Was still hungry - small portions so order sides!
  • Breeze S.
    Breeze Skrrt7月 20, 2015
    Don't forget to check out the specials menu
  • Alan Z.
    Alan Zakheim1月 2, 2016
    Burger of the year
  • Bobby W.
    Bobby Walker7月 30, 2016
    I felt like I was going to give birth to a lard baby after eating this meal. #death by satay.
  • Alex R.
    Alex Robertson2週間前
    Sample menu. Looks great, huh?
  • mike c.
    mike castleman7月 31, 2016
    it's all about the rotating specials
  • Jake L.
    Jake Levine7月 5, 2015
    Amazing veggie burger
  • Sophie K.
    Sophie Krakoff7月 19, 2015
    don't overlook the wrap! burnt broccoli is way over salted.
  • Dana N.
    Dana Nauta12月 16, 2016
    They were not joking, this burger is superior!
  • Rita V.
    Best nyc veggie burger
  • Sarah B.
    Sarah Brink4月 16, 2016
    Small small portions. But good!
  • Saarim Z.
    Saarim Zaman12月 6, 2016
    Stick to the veggie burger, get maybe two even
  • Daniel L.
    Daniel Levenson3月 18, 2016
    Broccoli salad is the bomb
  • Rudy V.
    Rudy Valenta12月 23, 2015
    Philadelphia Yuba Burger
  • Mat B.
    Mat Brown7月 18, 2015
    Try the hype!
  • Andrew W.
    Andrew Weiser12月 23, 2015
    Get the Yuba Philadelphia
  • Bram H.
    Get the burgers!
  • Elise M.
    Elise Masanga7月 28, 2015
    Burnt broccoli salad!
  • Sheena
    Sheena6月 22, 2016
    Veggie burger and tatertots
  • Kei Y.
    Kei Yasui7月 11, 2015
    Burger = good
  • Veronica R.
    Veronica Ray7月 5, 2016
    Veggie burgers
  • Jarel H.
    Jarel Hill3月 21
    Sloppy dave was not bad!


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