Sunny & Annie Gourmet Deli

Sunny & Annie Gourmet Deli

惣菜 / 弁当サンドイッチ店$$$$
Alphabet City, ニューヨーク
  • Lauren F.
    "Pho (フォー) #1 and 2 are faves!! Bring a buddy so you can split two!"(52 つの Tips)
    Ranu R.
    "Amazing bodega with delicious inventive sandwiches (サンドイッチ)."(102 つの Tips)
    Tiffany W.
    "kimchi (キムチ) and bulgogi sandwich"(7 つの Tips)
    Real Cheap Eats
    "fresh sliced Boar’s Head roast beef (ローストビーフ)"(4 つの Tips)
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  • Eli S.
    Eli Showalter5月 25, 2015
    I just had the Biden this morning. It's even better than the Sunny Breakfast. Chicken cutlet, avocado, sprouts, grilled onions, and a little ranch dressing on a croissant.
  • Jess K.
    Jess Kelly7月 3, 2016
    Life altering sandwiches. I had the 2014 with goats cheese, the bread is to die for and they're as thick as your thighs would be if you are here everyday.
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin7月 9, 2015
    fantastic, big sandwiches with excellent ingredients for under $10! Can't beat it. The PHO 2 was delicious. While the Kim chee kalbi had great ingredients, I found the sandwich a bit unwieldy
  • Real Cheap Eats
    Real Cheap Eats11月 30, 2011
    Try the "Pho Real" ($7), which combines "fresh sliced Boar’s Head roast beef, basil, cilantro, sprouts, tomato and capture the essence of the Vietnamese noodle soup in sandwich form." 続きを見る
    プラス投票 Jul 12
  • Ranu R.
    Ranu Rajkarnikar9月 10, 2014
    Amazing bodega with delicious inventive sandwiches. Try George's Hero, the Louie, Mona Lisa or Joebama. Also, amazing breakfast sandwiches AND do not underestimate their $3 pizza bagel late night.
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats6月 20, 2013
    Tiny East Village deli with some of the weirdest sandwiches we've had in New York, all at very affordable prices.
  • DoubleDeuce
    DoubleDeuce6月 24
    A favorite among the locals. Plus, it is the best late night food place around when all other kitchens have closed. Don't feel obligated to order from the items splattered all over. Get what you want!
  • Giovanni D.
    Giovanni D'Palma9月 24, 2016
    This place is a solid bodega, but you have to try the sandwiches. Be bold and go for something new or if you like spice try one of the Pho sandwiches
  • Adrian P.
    Adrian Phillips5月 14, 2016
    You really can't go wrong with a $3.77 sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on a roll. There's a $10 limit on credit card purchases, so bring cash or just buy three sandwiches!
  • Bradley K.
    Less-heralded gem of alphabet city: a bodega with a really excellent selection of snacks and drinks (lots of Asian and rarer American choices) plus the best fresh-made sandwiches
  • Nate B.
    Nate Beatty7月 19, 2015
    The guys behind the deli counter are awesome. They will make just about any salad or sandwich you want and it will be delicious. Period. Don't miss the breakfast sandwiches, either
  • Caroline
    Caroline6月 15, 2015
    Any of the PHO sandwiches (well, ALL sandwiches) are so worth a shot. Do NOT 86 anything... Each sandwich is meticulously designed and does not need to be messed with. Your mouth will thank you.
  • Ricky S.
    Ricky Sherrill10月 23, 2015
    Some of the best breakfast sandwiches in the City. Be sure to add hash browns to your roll or bagel. The eggs & cheese are cooked to perfection every time.
  • JH Madison L.
    JH Madison Lee2月 13, 2012
    Go late at night to meet Sunny and Annie, the nicest people ever. Sunny looks like Jackie Chan but more handsome, and Annie is beautiful.
  • Raphael L.
    Get the Pho #2 - It's a good sandwich at any price, but it's a great sandwich at $8.50. Good place if you want to sit in the park to eat.
  • M M.
    M M3月 6
    Sure the pho sammy is delicious, but the breakfast sandwiches too and much cheaper than Thompson square bagels.
  • Nick A.
    Nick Andlinger8月 5, 2015
    The best EV bodega. Super reliable and 24hrs. Sandwiches are creative and always on point.
  • Zach M.
    Zach Mack11月 27, 2012
    Come for the sandwiches (East Side Ink, Pho Real) and the soups that are hot enough to forge steel. Stay for the non-stop Christmas music.
  • ✨Kelsey✨
    Best bodega sandwiches in New York by a long shot. Perfect hangover cure too. Pick one up and enjoy it in the park nearby.
  • Eli S.
    Eli Showalter5月 2, 2015
    This place is bomb. The Sunny Breakfast sandwich is the BEST damn breakfast sandwich I've ever eaten.
  • James M.
    James Marshall10月 16, 2015
    Despite delis on every corner, NYC doesn't have a lot of great places to get sandwiches. Sunny and Annies is an exception. All their sandwiches are great. Or make your own.
  • Ha D.
    Ha Diem8月 16, 2014
    They took a bowl of pho and made it into a sandwich. MUST TRY! There's also tons of other sandwich choices. 10 dollar minimum for credit cards.
  • Veronique V.
    Veronique V7月 11, 2012
    The Parlor is such an amazing sandwich - grilled chicken, egg, blue cheese, sprouts, avocado. Sounds strange but is excellent!
  • Eben H.
    Eben Hall6月 10, 2016
    Focus on the Pho sandwiches first, then explore out. Bulgogi is Korean style beef if you're afraid to ask. It's delicious.
  • Jason B.
    Jason Brew9月 6, 2015
    It's all about the sandwiches at this tiny alphabet city deli. The Pho real is great & I really like the Mona Risa
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin7月 30, 2015
    Don't sleep on the breakfast sandwiches: BECs and the like with a wide variety of cheeses and breads available
  • Gerry H.
    Gerry Holford3月 31, 2012
    Love this place but they have recently switched to styrofoam coffee cups. Bring yr own cup or encourage them to switch back to paper.
  • nymag
    nymag7月 20, 2010
    The P.H.O. Real, one of our 101 Best Sandwiches in NY, takes on the considerable challenge of reinterpreting a bowl of Vietnamese soup as a kaiser-roll sandwich - and wins.
  • Tim M.
    Tim Melideo7月 6, 2015
    Tons of sandwiches. Good vegetarian selection. And of course all your bodega grocery needs. 24 hours.
  • Emily W.
    Emily Wilson8月 20, 2015
    The cold P.H.O. #1 is one of the best sandwiches in the city
  • Brittany A.
    Brittany A6月 10, 2016
    The Pho #1 is juicy, spicy, and FANTASTIC. Don't forget your free pickle on the side.
  • Meir S.
    Meir Sadan7月 12, 2013
    Get the blueberry cookie crumble – It's in plastic boxes below the counter – and have it at Tompkins Square Park. If you're hungry get the Pho Real or the Joe-Bama.
  • Alan
    Alan2月 28, 2013
    The John Carry is incredible with Jalapeños despite most the sandwiches being great. Next tip when I find better.
  • SJ8544123 L.
    SJ8544123 L10月 13, 2014
    gotta try p.h.o real sandwich here but hot combination and biden are also yummy♥
  • Tim M.
    Tim McDonald7月 18, 2014
    Every flavour of Ben & Jerrys! Although at a hiked up price. Cheaper to go to a supermarket.
  • claudina sarahe
    claudina sarahe8月 25, 2015
    Not often you say this is the best fucking sandwich. Except here. so I've only had Pho #1. Best fucking sandwich. ++pickle
  • Mark H.
    Mark Hays7月 22, 2013
    Get the Biden in a wrap. Then, go right to sleep because nothing you do the rest of the day will be nearly as enjoyable.
  • Jackie F.
    Jackie Ferrer4月 22, 2012
    The PHO #1 sandwich (hot) aka PHO REAL will change the way you think of a sandwich. Trust.
  • Dia Q.
    Dia Qirreh7月 27, 2013
    The Ali with BBQ pork is so good. I liked the sesame leaves on it, something different.
  • Kt L.
    Kt Lacasse11月 6, 2016
    Jaye got the East Ink and it was off the charts. I had an amazing egg Sammy with pesto and tomato. Yum!!
  • Jennifer I.
    Jennifer Isaacson3月 26, 2011
    John Carey, Pho Real or the Bush (yes it's a strange sandwich but trust me!) 2nd best part of this place is the 24 hr delivery! $7 min.
  • J. Blake P.
    J. Blake Patterson5月 16, 2013
    Kim chee and bulgogi sandwich will center you -- outside of this, inhale air, water, and stone for a healthy diet.
  • Garrett B.
    Garrett Black5月 16
    Great bodega. Great sandwiches. Great choice. Great picture of Seth Rogen.
  • Tiffany W.
    Tiffany Wu4月 22
    The kimchi and bulgogi sandwich is a little taste of spicy Korean heaven
  • Oz L.
    Oz Lubling9月 17, 2015
    Amazing sandwiches of all shapes, sizes and flavored in this nondescript deli.
  • Gigi A.
    Gigi Agius1月 30, 2015
    Best Bodega in the East Village for sure. Sandwiches are delicious.
  • Kirill K.
    Kirill Kukuruza7月 17, 2016
    Pho #4 and Obama were tasty! Want to come to try another ones.
  • Sanjay G.
    Sanjay Ginde9月 27, 2014
    I always get the 101 or the Biden. Can't go wrong with really anything here.
  • Amanda A.
    Amanda Armbruster7月 17, 2011
    The 2012 is my favorite sandwich! My tastebuds went crazy. I skipped out on the cilantro, though.
  • Lauren F.
    Lauren Furgason1月 4, 2015
    Pho #1 and 2 are faves!! Bring a buddy so you can split two!
  • Anna F.
    Anna Frenkel3月 17, 2011
    whatever you get, add avocado. tuna cheddar melt hi.
  • Sabih R.
    It's just an okay spot. Yes, you can have weird ingredients. But, they don't really complement each other. They taste good, but not mindblowing. Also gets really busy on the weekends.
  • Seline J.
    Seline Jung10月 13, 2015
    Every sandwich you could ever want under the sun! They can customize/make your own too if you ask.
  • Riley M.
    Riley McCormick6月 13, 2012
    Without a doubt the best sandwich to get is the 101... No question about it.
  • Jonah E.
    Jonah Engler3月 7, 2016
    The east side ink sandwich is my go to! Amazing sandwich.
  • Lauren Y.
    Lauren Young7月 25, 2014
    Delicious sandwiches! Great snack options as well.
  • Benjamin D.
    Benjamin Doyle12月 10, 2014
    big selection of sandwiches, fast and big italians
  • Sarah S.
    Sarah Shaker8月 26, 2011
    The Kimchee Sandwich with turkey is spicy, creamy, sweet, and savory!
  • esther
    esther9月 7, 2014
    Kind owner and worker, good sandwiches with a Korean twist
  • Christian d.
    Christian de Botton10月 31, 2010
    I don't hear many people talk about the Kimchi Bulgogi, but it's my personal favorite choice of sandwiches at this place.
  • Germán V.
    Germán Ventriglia6月 2, 2014
    Best sandwiches ever. Try the John Carry.
  • Elie H.
    Elie Hirschfeld3月 16, 2016
    The sandwiches here are very fresh and delicious! Love this place!
  • Dan H.
    Dan Harrison2月 12, 2012
    First time, get the Pho Real, no question. But the stealth winner is The Louis.
  • Mai
    Mai12月 10, 2016
    Get the pho #2 with the green chili sauce on the size 😋
  • Kate Y.
    Kate Yan7月 2, 2015
    Gotta get the pho #1 sandwich
  • Kathryn I.
    Kathryn I7月 4
    For vegetarians, the 2013 is beyond delicious.
  • @HungryEditor B.
    Steer clear around 3pm on weekdays b/c that's when all the kids get out of school & fill the place.
  • Victor C.
    Victor C7月 5, 2011
    Try the Pho Real - like eating a bowl of pho...but in a bun...not actually a bowl.
  • Jon D.
    Jon Darren10月 6, 2010
    Gotta get the EAST SIDE INK hero. All you could want in a sandwich...and more.
  • Trevor S.
    Trevor Sumner4月 1, 2010
    Best breakfast sandwich in city. Egg white bacon cheese on English muffin. Or sub sausage. The best.
  • Andrew F.
    Andrew Furman2月 22, 2016
    Get the Pho Sandwich
  • Harry D.
    Harry Davis4月 27, 2015
    two eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, and hash brown on a roll
  • Leanne Z.
    Leanne Zick1月 7, 2016
    I love fancy delis, bust most just Sunny & Annie's !
  • Eben H.
    Eben Hall6月 3, 2016
    PHO #10 w/Bulgogi on a hero. Do it.
  • Dave L.
    Dave Liao5月 27, 2013
    The pho sandwich is a tasty one!
  • Bjorn L.
    Bjorn Larsen3月 11, 2015
    What the P.H.O.4, 7 bucks. This sandwich is no joke.
  • Leanne Z.
    Leanne Zick1月 7, 2016
    Everything. Super fresh ingredients.
  • Zack K.
    Zack Kantor3月 12, 2016
    Pho #1 Sandwich Cold is so good its lit
  • Jeffrey R.
    Jeffrey Reive5月 9, 2016
    I am a sucker for the pesto wrap, get it at least 1x a week
  • Nick
    Nick9月 26, 2016
    The Parlor with goat cheese 👌🏼
  • Zach B.
    Zach Brown12月 28, 2016
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Vivian V.
    Vivian Vo4月 17, 2016
    The pho sandwich. Just get it.
  • Jastine K.
    Jastine Kho12月 3, 2016
    The pho 10 sandwich was next level-- so so so good!!!
  • Maryam K.
    Maryam Khan2月 17, 2014
    The Pho #1 is choice #1 ferlyfe
  • Paull Y.
    Paull Young1月 7, 2012
    My staple: 1001, with avocado, whole wheat bread
  • Irina G.
    Irina G7月 30, 2013
    Th best sandwiches different and delicious
  • Tim M.
    Tim McDonald7月 18, 2014
    It's true. Pho is fantastic. Don't get it if you don't like spicy food though.
  • Megan O.
    Megan Oddsen9月 26, 2010
    Kimchi roast beef sandwich: Kimchi, roast beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, Russian dressing on a hero!
  • Rob S.
    Rob Sterlini9月 7, 2015
    The East Side Ink sandwich is amazing!
  • Valentin G.
    Valentin Guerin10月 5, 2015
    Awesome sandwiches, a must try!!
  • Jessica Y.
    Jessica Yung5月 6, 2014
    Pho Real Sandwich - pho in a bun!
  • Paull Y.
    Paull Young1月 26, 2011
    More than a bodega - this joint has the best sandwiches in the East Village.
  • Greg T.
    Greg Takayama10月 12, 2012
    Great bodeaga sandies. Pho real is real.
  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A6月 17, 2016
    Delicious bfast sandwich and quick!
  • Mike T.
    Mike Tito3月 27, 2014
    The Pho Real Sandwich is For Real
  • Ryan G.
    Ryan Gisriel12月 27, 2013
    get the PHO Real, bodega, cheapeats
  • Raja H.
    Raja H5月 22, 2012
    Get the PHO Real #2 and sit in the park
  • Michele P.
    Michele Piccaro11月 2, 2016
    Not into the egg on the breakfast sandwiches. Can't tell if it's microwaved or scrambled but the grey color made it taste even worse.
  • Perri S.
    Perri Silver2月 7, 2016
    Pho #1 FTW
  • Genie A.
    Genie Alfonzo3月 18, 2014
    Get the Phoo #2, flavor explosion in your mouth.


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