Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken Soup 成基黑鸡补品

  • Saudade
    "Love the mee sua liver (レバー) soup."(6 つの Tips)
    Denise T.
    "Best crab bee hoon (蟹)!!!"(11 つの Tips)
    "Also, their fried fish bee hoon soup (スープ) is really good too!"(11 つの Tips)
    Lin L.
    "Pork rib (ばら肉) hard n chewy n lotus root not soft."(3 つの Tips)
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  • Jennie G.
    Jennie Goh9月 25
    Love the prawn fried rice and white mee sua. Not to forget their sambal chili sauce too
  • Frankie S.
    Quite expensive overall. Fish is overpriced but very fresh. Average price per dish is about $13.
  • minzyiii
    minzyiii8月 23
    the chaota beehoon is actually pretty good!!
  • Jan H.
    The Herbal Chicken is great!
  • Jimmy N.
    Jimmy Ng3月 10
    The Mee Sua is lovely. Please try their fresh fish - can be steamed, with hot & sour or curry. We also love their different Mee Sua dishes including the fried Mee Sua, Johore style.
  • Kelvin A.
    Kelvin Ang2月 25
    The best mee sua that I can ever found in singapore. The crowd never less even after midnight 🙄
  • C
    C12月 31, 2016
    Flavourful pig kidney mee sua
  • Z
    Z12月 31, 2016
    They are famous for their pig's kidney mee sua. A good $7 bowl of high-cholesterol-inducing stuff.
  • Nicholas
    Nicholas12月 13, 2016
    Their mee sua is a must-try! Also, their fried fish bee hoon soup is really good too! However, ordered Qing Long vegetable but it came with so much more bean sprouts than Qing Long.
  • Ivan S.
    Ivan Shim 沈标明8月 19, 2016
    3 poke stops
  • Li Lian M.
    Li Lian Mah7月 24, 2016
    Pork liver & kidney Mee Suah, Johor bee hoon, crabs, steamed fish... Most dishes are pretty tasty.
  • Helen C.
    Helen C6月 23, 2016
    Plenty of good food. Very good for family gathering.
  • Karen. L.
    Karen. L1月 14, 2016
    Love it!!!!!
  • Celine O.
    Celine Ong12月 27, 2015
    I like the sliced pork mee sua over the traditional kidney ones. Good supper place if you are in the east.
  • Jason K.
    Jason KS12月 19, 2015
    Only Mee Sua IS okay. Crab beehoon not good at all, not tasty.
  • Grace
    Grace11月 15, 2015
    My favorite no place for double boiled soup min $15 n steam fishhead must not b miss
  • Hong Lim P.
    Hong Lim Park6月 20, 2015
    So so. Standard has dropped so much with inflated pricing.
  • Jonathan L.
    Jonathan Lim5月 1, 2015
    Kidney mee sua is delish !
  • X💕
    X💕3月 1, 2015
    Crabs sold out at 8pm ): but Teo chew style fish and coffee pork rib is nice
  • Rachel H.
    Rachel Ho2月 8, 2015
    Their soup is damn good. Service from their China staffs is deplorable tho.
  • Ian T.
    Ian Thomtori1月 24, 2015
    They open for lunch also now from 11am. Lesser crowd, no queue & better service #ThomtoriEats
  • Sindy
    Sindy8月 5, 2014
    Meesua is good but service needs improvement.
  • Martin R.
    Martin Risgaard8月 3, 2014
    Go for the delicious Black Pepper Beef... You're welcome :-)
  • Tls- I.
    Tls- Ivan5月 4, 2014
    The food there is very nice!
  • Cedric T.
    Cedric Tan4月 19, 2014
    Hei zho, crab bee hoon... yum! Large servings so order small and not too much.
  • Catharina T.
    Catharina T3月 10, 2014
    Kidney mee sua not bad. Black chicken soup and lala are just so so.
  • Toh W.
    Toh Wan Koon3月 4, 2014
    Standard drop like hell & damn exp.
  • Hui Leng🎈
    Hui Leng🎈12月 23, 2013
    Like their almond soya pudding ❤️❤️
  • Teo P.
    Teo PQ12月 23, 2013
    The steam fish is Good!! Sweet n fresh! As for the famous mee sua... The kidney is too cooked... Therefore.. Not so nice...
    プラス投票 Nov 6
  • Apr K.
    Apr K12月 15, 2013
    Lala lemon is amazing! Crab so-so not that fresh~
  • Nigel ไนเจล C.
    Teochew steam fish. Big portion, reasonable price and most important fresh.
  • J O.
    J OH10月 21, 2013
    Good vinegar pork leg
  • Apr K.
    Apr K10月 17, 2013
    Not bad I like the noodle
  • Saudade
    Saudade9月 10, 2013
    Love the mee sua liver soup. And the steamed fish is not bad too. The stir fried mushroom veg is not bad too.
  • Zhengjie G.
    Zhengjie Gunn4月 6, 2013
    Standard drop. Soup damn diluted.
  • Melvin C.
    Melvin Chee3月 23, 2013
    Order the pig kidney mee sua and teochew style steamed fish. Two thumbs up . Pricey though.
  • Lings
    Lings3月 21, 2013
    For those like me lazy to walk up to the counter to order
  • Yong A.
    Yong Angie1月 27, 2013
    Waited too long.. Food is good but service bad :(
  • chris b.
    chris basil8月 11, 2012
    The black chicken herbal soup is damn shiok!
  • Sultan S.
    Sultan Semlali6月 2, 2012
    The old man that makes satay is very friendly. His satays are excellent.
  • Marcus L.
    Marcus Lin5月 28, 2012
    Yummy Mee Sua!!!
  • Lin L.
    Lin Li5月 3, 2012
    Mee suah overated leh! Pig liver n sliced pork so hard n chewy! Really! OVERATED!
  • Jolyn T.
    Jolyn Teo5月 3, 2012
    Do not order extra rice !! A small bowl of rice cost 1 dollar!!
  • Alvin L.
    Alvin Lee3月 14, 2012
    Steamed fish cooked "sour-spicy" style always a good choice!
  • Wee Heng S.
    Wee Heng See3月 7, 2012
    If you are here, go to check out what's good at Iron Chef Charcoal Grill! :)
  • Jaczie L.
    Jaczie Lo2月 6, 2012
    The lala is superb. Sweet and tangy, perfect complement to the clams.
  • Eugene
    Eugene12月 2, 2011
    3 bucks coconut drink. Ex ah!
  • Ian T.
    Ian Thomtori11月 13, 2011
    老黄瓜排骨soup is super yummmz. Soup is v thick & flavofulll- Must try ! Altho this is not a permanent menu item .. watch out for it on their whiteboard
  • Serene G.
    Serene Goh10月 31, 2011
    Minced meat toufu, have to have it every single time Im here. yums!
  • Krystalbel &.
    Krystalbel 'En10月 10, 2011
    Yummy!!!  nom nom ing
  • Jeffrey L.
    Jeffrey Liew9月 28, 2011
    Good food spe claypot kidney
  • Lin L.
    Lin Li9月 19, 2011
    Lotus root pork rib soup is lousy. Pork rib hard n chewy n lotus root not soft.
  • Elijah T.
    Elijah Tan Si Da9月 9, 2011
    Tauhuey here is smooth and nice!
  • Daniel C.
    Daniel Chong8月 9, 2011
    Otak Otak!
  • Eunice N.
    Eunice Ng8月 7, 2011
    If you like pig trotter in vinegar then you must try theirs! 
  • Poh D.
    Poh Darryl7月 17, 2011
    Special Place
  • Poh D.
    Poh Darryl7月 17, 2011
    Good Place to Eat
  • Adrian S.
    Adrian Seah6月 22, 2011
    The Mee Sua is e bomb! Must try!
  • Chu Jun K.
    Chu Jun Koo6月 5, 2011
    over-cooked fish. Small serving. Over priced. Service ok. Not recommended.
  • Raymond K.
    Raymond Koh5月 25, 2011
    Quality has dropped. Still OK, but it was much better in the past
  • Jojo ス.
    Jojo スウィー5月 23, 2011
    Mee sua here is awesome... Best tasty ones...
  • Ian T.
    Ian Thomtori5月 2, 2011
    Gd food for sure. But v lousy service, especially beware the rude cashier lady ><
  • Melvin
    Melvin3月 15, 2011
    U better know you wan to eat. Not for first timer ! We ask about what go into mixed mee sua , they gave you a turn off face. Guess biz is good for them.
  • Mrs Hoe .
    Mrs Hoe 1月 29, 2011
    La la must try. Sweet and sour sauce
  • mez
    mez1月 23, 2011
    Mee sua + meat + liver + padi == bagus!
  • Alan C.
    Alan Cheng1月 20, 2011
    Must try the 腰子面线
  • Bjorn Y.
    Bjorn Yeo1月 12, 2011
    The chilli is super spicy and super yummy. Especially with the meesua.
  • Yumi *.
    Yumi *12月 27, 2010
    Best pork liver noodles!!:)
  • William Tan
    William Tan12月 24, 2010
    Of cos the mee sua is good! But the Satay near by is nice too!
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew Cheah12月 24, 2010
    Best minced meat noddle in town. Also know as Kok Kok mee:) BEST
  • James T.
    James Tang12月 23, 2010
    Steam minced meat must try here
  • Jude T.
    Jude Tok12月 19, 2010
    Getting too expensive after 2 price hike... Taste is good though..
  • Josephine S.
    Josephine Smiles12月 12, 2010
  • James L.
    James Li Zhiwei12月 5, 2010
    V good mincedmeat noodles, crab beehoon & fish maw soup. 7-930pm. Closed on alternate Mondays.
  • Patrick P.
    Patrick Peh12月 3, 2010
    this is a nice place.......i like the 豬肝棉线!!!!
  • Bryan C.
    Bryan Chan12月 2, 2010
    Try the Mee Sua here. It's good.
  • Darryl L.
    Darryl Law11月 20, 2010
    Best mee sua ard this area!
  • Naii A.
    Naii A11月 20, 2010
    มาชิมร้านอาหารทะเล local ของสิงคโปร์ ที่ไม่ใช่ Jumbo Seafood นั่งกันริมถนนเลยทีเดียว ได้บรรยากาศดี
  • Ice P.
    Ice Princess11月 15, 2010
    Try the tofu with minced meat... Nice!
  • Ian K.
    Ian Kahwai11月 12, 2010
    Lol Ck lost to me so I think it's worth it to eat here :)
  • Selena N.
    Selena Ng11月 7, 2010
    Fabulous soup!
  • Madeline C.
    Madeline Chen10月 25, 2010
    Crab bee hoon is gd!!!!
  • Aarone T.
    Aarone Tan10月 24, 2010
    Best mee suay in town!=)
  • Aarone T.
    Aarone Tan10月 24, 2010
    Best kidney mee suay in town!=)
  • Henry H.
    Henry HL10月 23, 2010
    Love the mee sua here...
  • Justin C.
    Justin C10月 12, 2010
    Best kidney mee sua in town . And their salted egg crab and Teowchew steam fish.
  • Bibi N.
    Bibi NBJ10月 10, 2010
    YOU JI MEE SUA!!! But... Their tables are really dirty... Haha!
  • Andy J.
    Andy Jiang10月 4, 2010
    Must try the mee Sua here !!! So far here is the best for me.... And the chillie gd stuff
  • Simon 사.
    Simon 사이먼10月 2, 2010
    Crab Mee Sua, Mee Sua with Kidney, Liver soup
  • jean g.
    jean gan9月 30, 2010
    The quality of the herbal mee sua is worsening...
  • Nicholas C.
    Nicholas Cho9月 23, 2010
    Little known fact is that they also serve char bee hoon and la la (vongole) which is equally superb! Beware the rude china lady though!
  • Jeffrey E.
    Jeffrey Ee9月 21, 2010
    Simply love the spicy steam fish, glad my old friend introduce me here years ago.
  • Kelvin A.
    Kelvin Ang7月 23, 2010
    They got the best meesua in the whole wide world!
  • Don O.
    Don Ong7月 21, 2010
    Salted egg crab. Best in town!! Mee sua too!!
  • Gwendolyn S.
    I love the mee sua here!
  • David H.
    David Ho5月 31, 2010
    The sesame oil chicken cooked in claypot is good and so are the fish
  • Stephen L.
    Stephen Leong4月 8, 2010
    Mee Sua & Sambal Petai - nuff said.
  • JK
    JK3月 27, 2010
    The famous minced meat noodle, Eunos 1A Seng Kee!
  • Denise T.
    Denise Tan3月 26, 2010
    Best crab bee hoon!!!
  • Kelvin C.
    Kelvin Chen3月 7, 2010
    The pigs trotter with vinegar is awesome!
  • Adrian T.
    Adrian Tan2月 10, 2010
    Disregard the name. Serves famous noodles with pig kidney here.
  • Nicholas C.
    Nicholas Cho1月 24, 2010
    肉脞面fans will love theor versiin of this local delight!!!


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