(Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))
Midtown East, ニューヨーク
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  • kz6290
    kz62907月 22
  • yasnori o.
    yasnori okazaki11月 18, 2016
  • Noemi S.
    Noemi Silva6月 23, 2015
    (18) MoMA 16h00 - 20h00
  • KP N.
    KP NK1月 17, 2015
  • Yuka
    Yuka8月 15, 2014
  • Jason J.
    Jason Jeon8月 16, 2013
  • Marisela S.
    Marisela Solano2月 18, 2013
    Lovely place 
    TAKETAKO7月 25, 2010
    citypass に含まれてます 昼前から混雑してました 9:30入館おすすめします
  • Adriana L.
    Adriana Leme1週間前
    Vá com tempo! 5 andares com MUITA coisa p ver. Chegue assim que abrir, umas 10am que ão tem fila ❤️ US$ 25 a entrada
  • Gökhan E.
    Gökhan Egene1週間前
    I love it but not this fashion themed last exhibition:..louis b exhibition is fantastic
  • Érica L.
    Érica Loureiro2週間前
    Maravilhoso, mas gostei mais da primeira vez que fui, eles variam as obras expostas. Não consegui rever um quadro enorme que amo do Picasso, ‘Mulher no espelho’, que não estava exposto dessa vez...
  • Nectar S.
    Nectar Sleep2週間前
    This place is great! I highly recommend visiting.
  • Tatiana L.
    Tatiana Larina2週間前
    Вход 25$ без payw дети до 16 бесплатно
  • Jörg S.
    Jörg S.10月 13
    van Gogh - starry night
  • Amir
    Amir10月 2
    Very crowded for a museum of contemporary art... still on a Monday morning time...
    プラス投票 1週間前
  • Stephanie F.
    Friday’s is free (thanks @Uniqlo nights)
  • Alexander K.
    Huge and has some world famous masterpieces. Admission is free on Fridays
  • Jose
    Jose9月 24
    Viernes por la tarde, gratis. 25$
  • Solange G.
    Museu moderno com obras clássicas. Muito lindo e rico em obras contemporâneas.
  • Liliana S.
  • Egemen A.
    Kesinlikle görülmesi gereken bir yer.
  • James John (Jay) C.
    Frank Lloyd Wright and exhibit was good.
  • Andre L.
    Andre Luis9月 17
    Win the New iPhone 8,,,, it's totally free........
  • Matthew G.
    Matthew Grieco9月 15
    The Rigatoni in Cafe 2 is one of the most solid pasta dishes in the city.
  • mary n.
    mary nah9月 14
  • Paige C.
    Paige C9月 13
    There is always something to see and experience here. A new exhibit, the delicious dining options, or their beautiful garden.
  • Christian F.
    A bit overrated. Relatively small exposition compared to other museums. But worth the visit anyway.
  • Joab G.
    If you go to the Street art walk tour at Brooklyn you will see much and better art than here
  • Joab G.
    The only floor that matters is the 5th one; the rest is just a lot of garbage pulled together
  • Nuno A.
    Gran parte de la historia del arte del siglo 20 en un solo sitio.
  • Darkrwe
    Darkrwe9月 1
    Another world begins at right here! Go and see it.
  • Luke
    Luke8月 31
    Fantastic and fresh every time
  • Fodor's Travel
    Don’t miss the outdoor sculpture garden, which features works by Picasso, Miró, and Giacometti, as well as a Paris subway entrance by Hector Guimard. 続きを見る
  • Jesse A.
    I gotta admit, for the NYC MoMA I expected a little bit more. But still—this place is fantastic. Really well laid out. Stuff is grumpy tho. But damn do they have some great art.
  • Ebru A.
    Ebru Ayata8月 25
    My favorite
  • Giselle J.
    Giselle Ji8月 24
    having lunch now
  • Giselle J.
    Giselle Ji8月 24
    having lunch now~
  • AlAnoud A.
    Picasso, van Gogh, Matisse and Monet under one roof, what more could you ask for? An art lover's heaven on earth💔 the original Starry Night is here💔
  • Michelle
    Michelle8月 24
    Visit the sculptures out on the ground floor on a sunny NYC day. Come early to view the key art pieces.
  • Shawn Ryan R.
    I love modern art and no one displays modern art like the MOMA!
  • Marcio N.
    O MOMA é um ótimo museu e super fácil de visitar.. Subi para o último andar e fui descendo pelas salas! Na foto está a minha preferida "Starry Night" de Van Gogh
  • Nikki
    Nikki8月 12
    lackluster lobby conceals fabulous permanent collection and relaxing outdoor sculpture garden. grab some Halal on your way out
  • Agustin Maria R.
    Everything is great except for the exaggerated air conditioner which made me catch a cold and fever!
  • p k.
    p k8月 8
    I wanted so much to visit it and i loved it! It has so many things to watch .
  • Eduardo B.
    uno de los mejores museos. muy bueno. requiere de 2 a 3 hs. para poder recorrerlo.imperdible para quienes les interese la historia
  • Roz V.
    Roz Váz8月 4
    Visita obligada a este museo si vas a NY
  • Daria
    Daria8月 1
    Замечательное собрание работ Кандинского, Пикассо, Моне, Де Кирико. Доказать своё студенчество можно, показав электронное письмо от препода и сэкономив 11$
  • Cyndie D.
    One of the best museums in the world. Good organisation and directions. Lovely yard inside.
  • 💎T
    💎T7月 30
    They've got extended hours for the Summer Nights.
  • Alan M.
    I love MoMa!
  • Arash N.
    Make sure you spent time on floors 4->6 during your visit. Stayed on 3 mostly and was drained by the time I reached higher levels - so much great art up there
  • Sara L.
    Sara Lary7月 25
    Amazing !! Got to see the original starry night by Van Gogh... Also we went on a Friday and they were giving out tickets for freeee!! The security were kind of mean though
  • Dera
    Dera7月 23
    ну просто огонь
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  • Ahuva
    Ahuva7月 17
    Free Friday's can be overwhelming so decide whether it's worth it to you. Keep in mind the rare movie screenings. Save your ticket for free entrance to PS1
  • Crypto C.
    If you like art, you will love this place!
  • Michele I.
    The exhibits are very informative
  • Kwaku A.
    Ananse the spider
  • James H.
    No line on late night summer Thursdays!
  • Taner O.
    Tüm eserlerle ilgili bilginiz olmayabilir, girişte bedava dinleme cihazı alabilirsiniz bu çok faydalı olabilir. Ayrıca birçok ünlü eserin gerçek boyutunun bu kadar küçük olması beni çok şaşırttı.
  • İlyana M.
    Cuma günleri 16.00-20.00 arası bedava🙊
  • Bang T.
    Bang ToTo6月 27
    ========* *========
  • Bang T.
    Bang ToTo6月 27
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  • Kirill K.
    Only if you understand something in modern art
  • Bang T.
    Bang ToTo6月 26
  • Bang T.
    Bang ToTo6月 26
  • Sophie W.
    J'ai adoré!
  • Monica E.
    Love all the art there
  • Alex H.
    *Kanye Voice* "That's dope"
  • Robert G.
    Great place to relax and enjoy beautiful artwork.
  • Esmeralda M.
    Me encanta este museo, ubicado a pocos metros de la quinta. El edifico por fuera es impresionante, tiene varias salas como actividades, en la tienda encuentras mil cosas curiosas.
  • RMFY
    RMFY6月 12
    Muy bonitooo el lugar
  • Julie A.
    Just the 5th floor (1840s-1940s) is enough to fill a whole afternoon
  • Ingrid O.
    The earlier you get there, the better. The Klimts would already make the visit worth it, but pay attention to the temporary exhibitions too!
  • Ryan N.
    Ryan Novak5月 26
    Beautiful showcase of artwork. Also the architecture of the building is wonderful!
  • Hannah A.
    I'll never forget seeing Starry Night here.
  • Steffanie R.
    I like it a lot
  • Oscar M.
    Lo más importante está en el 5 piso (Van Gogh, Dalí, Frida, etc) Andy Warhol está en el 4to. No olvides pasar por la tienda
  • Ayse D O.
    So inspiring! Spending a day here was a dream come true. Picasso, van gogh, matisse, frida kahlo...the collections on the 5th floor absolutely amazing. Don't forget to visit the sculptures garden.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Saif D.
    Saif Dia5月 8
    Inquire about a membership, it could save you money on your visit if you're a big group
  • Flor
    Flor5月 7
    Mucha gente, caos, vayan temprano. Los viernes entre las 16 y las 20 hs. es gratis.
  • Inga B.
    Too crowded, unclear curation of the exhibitions, coat check is a mess. The Moma crowd should visit Tate in London (either modern or Britain) for some best practice advise...
  • Chloe
    Chloe5月 2
    The garden is really beautiful.
  • Gulsen O.
    Mutlaka görülmeli özellikle 5. Kat
  • Daisy
    Daisy4月 27
    Best in NYC, magnificent design, great exhibitions
  • Fausto B.
    I have been going to MOMA since 1971, Picasso's Guernica was still there. I like the museum, sometime I feel the crowd overwhelming
  • Rachel B.
    Rachel B4月 18
    A great way to spend time alone.
  • Casagato C.
    Si tienes prisa (una hora o menos): los Picasso, los Matisse, los Monet, el Hopper, los Liechtenstein de la entrada, el Van Gogh y la sala de modernismo mexicano.
  • Ana Flavia C.
    Muito espaço e pouca arte. Prefiro o Metropolitan e o Whitney.
  • Finella Jianna V.
    They have a lot of Picasso and Monet. Go first to Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night as it might get a little bit crowded towards the end of the day.
  • kas c.
    kas c4月 7
    Free Fridays! But don't bring a backpack - the bag check line can be ~45 min long.
  • Benche T.
    It's a great museum (with a price tho) if you do have a military ID you'll have free entrance and your group. I repeat all of you get in for free!
  • Katerina A.
    A must-go!
  • Alexandra F.
    Take the time to visit Moma and see the permanent collection. It's worth it. Also visit the design store.
  • Ed M.
    Ed Mark3月 25
    From the iconic Dali, Picasso and Van Gough paintings to the more modern works, a great feast for the eyes and brain.
  • Sarah L.
    Large museum with some exceptional paintings and sculptured. Definitely a must see as they have different varieties of art.
  • VelvetCrate
    New York babies say MoMA when they mean mama...
  • Yaroslav B.
    Магазин совсем не интересный, все как во всех музеях Нью Йорка. Разве что стоит посмотреть книги их издательства
  • Michael C.
    Michael C3月 18
    If you've every studied Art History, much of what you learned is likely in here. Truly impressive. We were proactively approached by helpful staff who wanted to be sure we had a great visit.
  • Weeknd W.
  • Matěj S.
    The best museum i've ever visited.
  • Ale T.
    Ale Tower2月 26
    Obligatory stop when in NYC. Too many highlights to name, but as a tip I'll just mention that over the summer there's free jazz in the garden on Sunday nights (if you got your ticket for the day).
  • Jason W.
    The ticket line is a circus. The mandatory coat check will shave a half hour at least from your visit. THE WORST.
  • Dani Gutiérrez  ✌🏻️✨
    Los días viernes desde las 16:00 hrs. es gratis.
  • Harvey G.
    Just about anything. But it is very expensive (& worth it).
  • Bettina K.
    Come on a Friday between 4-8pm to get free entry. The earlier you come the shorter the line will be for you
  • Paula F.
    A melhor dica que me deram: comece a visita pelo último andar e vá descendo Assim você evita aglomeração logo após a abertura.
  • David M.
    For someone who loves art as much as I do, I must say that I am very impressed with this venue.
  • Ahn B.
    Go here on a weekday to avoid the crowds.
  • Olya G.
    Cafes are on 1 and 5 floor, not so cheap.
  • William D.
    For someone who's been to a lot of museums like myself, I can honestly say this is one of the best one's I have ever been to. My favorite pictures are Picasso's.
  • İlker
    İlker1月 27
    Picass, Van Gogh
  • Peter Paul
    Peter Paul1月 27
    Terrific museum, great collection in one of the most beautiful buildings in NYC.
  • Robert N.
    Love this museum, a great mix between well known pieces and new things to discover at exhibits each time you go. Can't decide whether I like this or the Guggenheim better!
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Martina Nestor n.
    My name is martina nestor i saw your profile today on and i was impressed pls contact me here on ( so that i can tell u more about me
  • Delete
    Delete1月 17
    Огромные очереди. Сначала за билетами, потом в раздевалку. Если мало времени-начинайте просмотр с верхних этажей. Они самые интересные
  • Hansang K.
    현대 미술의 본. 너무나 가볼만한 곳임.
  • Sherlyn A.
    Vale recorrer los 5 pisos. El último es la exposición atemporal de Francis Picabia, un verdadero agasajo. Warhol, Picasso y Vangogh es donde siempre hay mucha gente.
  • Anton D.
    Это место, в котором я начал понимать современное искусство! Спасибо МоМА за это!
  • Alex R.
    all movies and museum entry free to Columbia students.
  • По Всему Миру Б.
    Крутое место.очень понравились работы😍
  • María Z.
    Besides the art, the cafeteria is really nice and have good prices
  • Caroline
    Caroline1月 7
  • Bob N.
    Bob N1月 7
    Loved the Picabia exhibition!
  • Davis H.
    The Second floor Cafe is outstanding. My wife had the carbonara, I had the kale salad.Both were delicious. Of course, the museum is always worth a visit.
  • Steve Giovinco F.
    Steve Giovinco Fine Art Photography, Tutorials1月 5
    I have an artist pass, so I love to drop in when I'm in Midtown, walk around for 25 minutes looking at one section, and leave! It's a rewarding way to integrate art into my day.
  • Eliana L.
    Um dos meus preferidos
  • VASCO S.
    La atención del mostrador de audio a la entrada es FATAL, vergonzoso, está bien que no sepan español pero te contestan groseramente, MAL POR ESO 👎!!!
  • Spiro V.
    Weekends can tend to be busy! Try to attend during the week to avoid crowds!
  • Recover Reputation, Online Management G.
    If you are an artist, get an Artist Membership for about $50. Just show a printed postcard or show listing, and you can visit for a year.
  • Mashael A.
    Mashael A1月 2
    One of my top art museums in the world. Start with level 5 which has the greatest collections 👌
  • Bianca L.
    Bianca Lee12月 30, 2016
    Uniqlo Fridays 4-8pm free entry. Collect these "free" tickets from staff in the lobby. Don't bring a backpack or you'll be asked to check it in. Suggest to start from top floor down.
  • Frederico L.
    Frederico Lieberenz12月 29, 2016
    Arte moderna não é pra qualquer um. Se nada fizer sentido pra você, procure um audio guide. Você vai se surpreender. Sugiro os quadros do Pollock, do Barnett Newman e do Jasper Johns!
  • Nadia S.
    Nadia Swan12月 24, 2016
    Very cutting edge and some wonderful and stimulating exhibits.
  • Pam & Jay
    Pam & Jay12月 24, 2016
    We got an unexpected bonus of free tickets by going on a Friday from 4 - 8. Along with thousands and thousands of others....
  • Fotini🍭
    Fotini🍭12月 24, 2016
    Every Friday from 4-8pm free entrance
  • Estefania H.
    Estefania H12月 23, 2016
    Although a free entrance on Friday evenings is tempting, I'm not sure I recommend it since it gets super crowded and considering the exhibitions, I'd rather pay and enjoy going around calmly.
  • Khalid S.
    Khalid Salah12月 18, 2016
  • Cat B.
    Cat Bulsara12月 16, 2016
    No se puede no pasar y admirar algunas obras maravillosas de diseño, así como cuadros emblemáticos del arte.
  • S
    S12月 11, 2016
    love to go and enjoy to watch my beautiful Monet's waterlilies
  • Kelley Y.
    Kelley Y12月 7, 2016
    I love the 5th floor !!
  • Staff Picks
    Staff Picks12月 6, 2016
    Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was one of the more wished for places throughout 2015’s I Want Somewhere holiday campaign. Where’s your somewhere? Enter to win a bucket list experience. 続きを見る
  • Kamaria M.
    Kamaria Mion12月 5, 2016
    Great mix of iconic classics and newer more experimental works
  • Nonton F.
    Nonton Film Online12月 1, 2016
  • Nonton F.
    Nonton Film Online12月 1, 2016
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  • Christian L.
    Modern is the word.
  • Michael Dylan F.
    Michael Dylan Ferrara11月 26, 2016
    OOF. The MoMa is great. Especially the outdoor garden.
  • Lilian K d.
    Lilian K da Rosa11月 22, 2016
    Maravilhoso. Comece do 5° andar (obras mais importantes) e vá descendo. Aprecie Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Matisse, Pollock, Warhol,...
  • A Y.
    A Y11月 19, 2016
    5th floor is where it's at! Jackson Pollock, Piet Mondrian, Andy Warhol and Picasso!
  • Amanda S.
    Amanda Schaefer11月 11, 2016
    Starry night
  • Gaston B.
    Gaston B11月 5, 2016
    Les Demoiselles d'Avignon is amazing!
  • Max P.
    Max Pollo10月 31, 2016
    overrated! i would never pay the full price for this! try the uniqlo free friday, but don't count on comfortable visit. better try PS1
  • Shani D.
    Shani Dresher10月 28, 2016
    חובה לראות, לא לפספס את החנות ממול!
  • Jrgts
    Jrgts10月 28, 2016
    Become a member and skip the lines!
  • Abodeme D.
    Abodeme Dede10月 25, 2016
    It is wonderful to find such places
  • Анна К.
    For audioguide Photo ID required. No passports and credit card accepted
  • Nymmh
    Nymmh10月 19, 2016
    Superbes collection 60's, designers et architectes, peintres français et espagnols
  • Ali L.
    Ali L10月 18, 2016
    El paraíso. Un regocijo para el alma. Dedicarle tiempo, porque la cantidad de obras y poder disfrutarlas, merece la pena
  • Elizabeth L.
    Elizabeth Lee10月 18, 2016
    Van gogh, monet, Picasso - don't miss these big names. Take your time to wander around.
  • Dorien v.
    Dorien van Linge10月 18, 2016
    I love this place, especially the fifth floor is amazing. Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, Malevich, Rothko... So many great painters, I was truly moved by their collection.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Ronny O.
    Ronny Oemraw10月 17, 2016
    Very big and every time they have new exhibits
  • M H.
    M H10月 17, 2016
    Free entrance on Fridays from 4-8 pm. Although the queue is very long, the waiting time is quite short.
    プラス投票 Aug 25
  • Diane J.
    Diane Jean-Mary10月 15, 2016
    MoMA quiet mornings are delightful - the museum opens at 730 am every Wednesday in October
  • May ♍.
    May ♍10月 14, 2016
    No trip to NYC is complete without visiting MOMA. Awesome haven in the midst of the robust city work life, with 6 whole floors of classic art to browse. Gets crazily crowded, but just go!
  • May ♍.
    May ♍10月 10, 2016
    Without a doubt one of the world's top art museums, filled with some of the best known pieces of all time. The collection includes works by Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Warhol and many others
    プラス投票 Aug 28
  • May ♍.
    May ♍10月 10, 2016
    Additionally, MOMA offers a mesmerizing garden to get lost in with beautiful hanging trees, blooming flowers, water fountain ponds, and epic sculptures
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Gerard O.
    Gerard Orozco10月 10, 2016
    I wouldn't call shit like the one in this photo art at all. Or an old tv exhibited in one of the floors, which btw my grandma has one of those.
  • Sarina
    Sarina10月 7, 2016
    Went to movie which was good.
  • Hannes M.
    Hannes Mehring10月 7, 2016
    Klassiker und Originale zu bestaunen
  • Ece C.
    Ece Cansun10月 4, 2016
    Gezmesi çok eğlenceli harika bir müze, biletinizi yanınızda tutun, yorulunca bahçesinde oturun!
  • Alexandre C.
    Alexandre Costa10月 1, 2016
    Maravilhoso. A loja é excelente.
  • Erika A.
    Erika Arrea9月 30, 2016
    Arte antes y después y lo del momento y lo que no puede uno ni imaginarse
  • Ezequiel P.
    Ezequiel Posse9月 30, 2016
    Si te gusta el arte moderno, impresionismo, cubismo y demás está muy bien.
  • Michael H.
    Michael Holler9月 23, 2016
    The fifth floor just is amazing! Start there, have a coffee on the tarrace and see what else might be of interest.
  • Joseph L.
    Joseph Le9月 18, 2016
    If you're a student, it only costs $14 for admission
  • Ben G.
    Ben Gasparini9月 18, 2016
    99% is not actually art at all.
  • Celes R.
    Celes Ruiz9月 16, 2016
    Qué lindo lo pase amo el arte y ese museo me hizo amar más el arte
  • Ryan Y.
    Ryan Yoo9月 15, 2016
    미술에 관심이 없어도 즐겁게 둘러볼 수 있는곳. 그리고 뉴욕에왔다면 관심없어도 가봐야할곳
  • Ali A.
    Ali Arellano9月 15, 2016
  • Jay S.
    Jay Sekulow9月 13, 2016
    The art is always beautiful
  • Tom V.
    Tom Vandenbogaerde9月 12, 2016
    Obviously a great collection of which my favorites are Warhol, Liechtenstein, Dalì, Picasso...
  • Emily S.
    Emily Stuart9月 9, 2016
    Bruce Connor show was trippy amazing!
  • Liz Z.
    Liz Zale9月 9, 2016
    Make sure you stop by the sculpture garden, it's a peaceful haven to have a coffee, quick glass of wine or a gelato!
  • Eric B.
    Eric Braverman9月 8, 2016
    The outdoor statue garden is beautiful in the summer!
  • Fran S.
    Espectacular. Increíble. Emocionante. Encuentro con las obras y los pintores que hemos estudiado como: Dali, Picasso, etc. Un sitio imprescindible para visitar.
  • Owen H.
    Owen Herterich8月 28, 2016
    Duh. Tons of good stuff here, and excellent revolving exhibitions.
  • Marisa
    Marisa8月 25, 2016
    Free days are so crowded it's not worth it. Pay the money and enjoy without the hoards, you'll thank me later.
  • Anelisa K.
    Anelisa Koh8月 22, 2016
    Confused if its free or not? Well, at first visit if costs 25dollars for adults. But keep the ticket and on succeeding visits, its free :) #beentheredonethat
  • Roberta B.
    Roberta Breves8月 19, 2016
    Achei o MET mais interessante.
  • Andra Z.
    Andra Zapartan8月 13, 2016
    I have no words do describe it. Absolutely fabulous! Have to visit it! 🎈🎈🎈
    プラス投票 4週間前
  • Rebecca M.
    Rebecca Maldonado8月 13, 2016
    Had me at Van Gogh
  • Christy J.
    Christy J8月 12, 2016
    Great collection including Van Gogh's "Starry Night" to Dali's "Persistence of Memory" & Andy Warhol's Campbell soup cans. Free wifi & free admisson on Friday nights!
  • Lore M.
    Lore Méndez8月 12, 2016
    Soy la única inculta que no lo supo apreciar, pero tienes que conocerlo para que lo califiques.
  • Leti
    Leti8月 6, 2016
    The variety of art. Impressionism, modern, sculptures, paintings...
  • Tendai Dephine N.
    Great experience,great art. My son loved it.
  • Justin M.
    Justin McKissick8月 1, 2016
    Lots of modern art, with a huge and fascinating collection of items in the gift shop. Good luck getting a pic with Starry Night!
  • Michelle C.
    Michelle C7月 26, 2016
    Go on Friday from 4 to 8 pm for free admission (used to be sponsored by Target but now it's Uniqlo).
  • Dafne R.
    Dafne Reyes7月 26, 2016
    Cierran a las 5 desde las 4:45 empiezan a apresurarte, impresionante vale mucho la pena darse una vuelta
  • Erhan I.
    Erhan Imamoglu7月 24, 2016
    A great display of the most spectacular pieces of art and artist. Spare a good 4 hours.
  • Tae Ho K.
    Tae Ho Kim7月 23, 2016
    아비뇽의 처녀들, 별이 빛나는 등의 유명한 미술가들의 작품에서부터 현대 작가 큐레이션 전시 등 볼거리가 다양해요. 그런데 사람이 너무나 많아서, 보는 경험 자체는 좀 힘들었어요. 쉑쉑 버거 창립자인 대니 메이어의 그룹에서 경영하는 The modern, Cafe 2, Terrace 5 라는 레스토랑 및 카페 등이 있으니 한번쯤 들러보셔도 좋을듯.
  • Tabitha J.
    Tabitha Johnson7月 20, 2016
    Free membership with IDNYC. Go.
  • Tiago M.
    Tiago Mussi7月 18, 2016
    Sexta feira a partir das 17 entrada gratuita, fica bem movimentado mas vale conferir.
  • Scott B.
    Scott Brown7月 9, 2016
    There was a degas exhibition on when I visited. However 'Waterlillies' and Starry Night were my highlights
  • Mario B.
    Mario Barreto7月 8, 2016
    Si tienen que elegir un museo (por que son caros y/o por el tiempo) vayan al MoMA! Es enorme y tienen todas las obras que haz visto en todas partes. Me encantó
  • Saba H.
    Saba Heravi7月 7, 2016
    I love this museum.
  • Lily J.
    Lily Jung7月 7, 2016
    It is a great place. You can see Starry Night there. We left as the free Friday night admission was starting. It looked like it was going to be quite crowded.
  • Kaisa H.
    Kaisa Hernberg7月 6, 2016
    Impressive collection, beautiful sculpture garden. All that you can hope for in a museum. The 5th floor cafe is pricey, but the food is very good and the view on the balcony is worth the price.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Kaavish K.
    Kaavish Kidwai7月 4, 2016
    Good exhibitions. Some amazing and masterful paintings. Picasso, Klimt, Van Gogh
  • Chucho U.
    Chucho Ugarte6月 24, 2016
    Amazing! The sculptures outside, and the fountain are like a hidden spot in the middle of NY
  • Ana A.
    Ana Avila6月 21, 2016
  • J. B.
    J. Bernstein6月 19, 2016
    The Degas exhibit was amazing in its curation and display
  • Alberto F.
    Alberto Fernandes6月 17, 2016
    Art at the best level.
  • Jess K.
    Jess Kelly6月 15, 2016
    If Van Gogh means as much to you as he does to me, then it's obviously a must-visit museum. The shop is amazing as well! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time as they do kick you out.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • evi d.
    evi dimitriadou6月 15, 2016
    Exceptional museum ...must visit @moma
  • Sergio M.
    Sergio Mateus6月 12, 2016
    Acervo de obras é riquíssimo
  • Stina P.
    Stina P.6月 10, 2016
    go and go so often. lose yourself in the permanent and current exhibits. garden is magical. open late on fridays and usually free
  • Erman Ö.
    Erman Özdemir6月 10, 2016
    Modern sanat koleksiyonu güzel. Museum shopun dan hoş tasarım hediyelikler alıp hatıra götürebilirsiniz
  • Alejandro C.
    Alejandro Cardenas6月 6, 2016
    Impressionist section is awesome
  • Macarena G.
    Macarena Greco6月 3, 2016
    Hermoso museo.
  • Anton B.
    Anton Borisov6月 3, 2016
    A lot of masterpieces of modern art!
  • Alejandro G.
    Alejandro Garcia6月 3, 2016
    Hay que tomarse el tiempo para apreciar las pinturas y sus explicaciones.
  • Vanessa R.
    Vanessa Rueda6月 3, 2016
    free fridays but also great discount for students. One of the best museums in the world, plenty of life changing art, books, and spectacular illumination
  • Nigel K.
    Nigel Kong6月 2, 2016
    It's a global treasure. Everyone should have the chance to come to the MOMA.
  • Diego F.
    Diego F6月 1, 2016
    Friday night is free admission night
  • Linda D.
    Linda De Wolf5月 30, 2016
    Wonderful museum and art-collection, nicely presented! We had a little drink afterwards in their very cosy cafetaria. We were served super-friendly!!!
  • Erica P.
    Erica P.5月 29, 2016
    Una meraviglia per gli occhi.
  • Amanaci G.
    Amanaci Giannaccini5月 27, 2016
    Exposição Degas
  • María F.
    María Fernández5月 21, 2016
    Imprescindible aprovechar los viernes por la tarde, gratis desde las 16h gracias a Uniqlo.
  • Thelocaltripper
    Thelocaltripper5月 21, 2016
    The 5th and 4th floor showcase some of the most colorful fun art I've seen. Beware free Friday's are insane well worth paying for price to have a calmer experience.
  • @lagartijilla83
    @lagartijilla835月 21, 2016
    Traigan credencial de estudiante, se ahorraran 11 dolares. Lleguen lo mas temprano que puedan, hay mil de gente
  • Tayyare F.
    Tayyare Flying5月 19, 2016
    Beautiful, and alllllways crowded
  • Clarice L.
    Clarice Long5月 16, 2016
    Que lugar mais maravilhoso! Os dias gratuitos infelizmente são MUITO cheios. Vale mais comprar seu ingresso com antecedência e ir de cima para baixo.
  • Alexandros P.
    Alexandros Plexidas5月 14, 2016
    Mostly liked the 2 last floors. Really worth visiting the paintings expo even if you have already been to Met but don't make the mistake to go on Friday! Full of stupid people taking photos & selfies
  • Ray & Jon
    Ray & Jon5月 13, 2016
    Beware of the congestion. Find times when it is not so packed.
  • Simone P.
    Simone P.5月 12, 2016
    My fav museum here in NYC, unbelievable collection!!!
  • Saliem (Liem) C.
    Saliem (Liem) Chiu5月 12, 2016
    Organised large space, easy to get around. Nice sculpture garden 👌
  • Saliem (Liem) C.
    Saliem (Liem) Chiu5月 12, 2016
    Two bucks less per ticket if purchased online
  • Vicky S.
    Vicky Simmons5月 10, 2016
    Free Friday's is terrifying. Go at 10am instead. Get the audio guide - it's free.
  • Lucie B.
    Lucie Bergerova5月 10, 2016
    Overcrowded... 😒
  • Larisa G.
    Larisa Grollemond5月 9, 2016
    Obviously one of the best collections in the city--go during an off-peak time for better viewing conditions!
  • Eric H.
    Eric Ho5月 8, 2016
    Lots of fun art.
  • Odile R.
    Odile Roujol5月 8, 2016
    Come Back each Time . Timeless
  • Mohsen E.
    Mohsen Elnady5月 7, 2016
    very nice pictures and agood visit and ilick modern art
  • Nik D.
    Nik Dawson5月 7, 2016
    Friday evenings are free but can be prohibitively busy.
  • Lauren N.
    Lauren Nathaniel5月 6, 2016
    Among the Finest Art Collections anywhere. Members of the Museum get invited to every Exhibition before they open, plus, never have wait on line for admission. On Friday Night, MoMA is Free!
  • Ashley K.
    Ashley Kincaid4月 29, 2016
    Great exhibits!
  • Женечка
    Женечка4月 28, 2016
    Музей мечта
  • Margherita B.
    Margherita B.4月 24, 2016
    Free entrance on friday afternoon. Watch out that you have to queue from the other side of the block
  • Noe G.
    Noe Guercetti4月 24, 2016
    Reservar el tiempo suficiente para hacer el quinto piso! Todas las galerías son imperdibles!
  • Mikahla V.
    Mikahla Vicino4月 23, 2016
    Work from top to bottom
  • Laura
    Laura4月 23, 2016
    Warhol, Picasso, Matisse... Ce musée offre une sélection d'œuvre a importantes! Mon préféré à New-York!
  • A L.
    A L.4月 22, 2016
    MOMA is a great place to visit. The artworks exhibited are amazing. They had a Tim Burton exhibition a few years ago that was awesome. Hopefully they'll have him back in their space again someday.
  • Carmen Gloria R.
    Uno de mis museos favoritos de Nueva York, la colección mas completa de arte moderno, impresionistas,etc. Ahora especial de Degas...imperdib
  • Pleyis
    Pleyis4月 19, 2016
    You need and entire day to enjoy it better.
  • Eliknahy A.
    Eliknahy Alvarez4月 17, 2016
    Ir temprano es lo mejor para evitar filas
  • Malcolm C.
    Malcolm Chang4月 16, 2016
    Get there in the first 2 hours after it opens to avoid crowds.
  • Daniela S.
    Daniela Socorro4月 12, 2016
    Deben dejar morrales en un casillero...imperdible Frida Kahlo
  • gabriel d.
    gabriel dos anjos4月 10, 2016
    Do not try to go without seeing Monet's paintings!
  • Aneli
    Aneli4月 9, 2016
    Desde la audioguia puedes enviarte el recorrido a tu correo
  • Anna P.
    Anna Peskova4月 9, 2016
    всем поклонникам современного искусства сюда: Поллок, Ротко, Климт, Матисс, Ван Гог, Уорхол и прочие товарищи будут радовать ваш глаз
  • Lau U.
    Lau U4月 8, 2016
    Solo una palabra Basquiat!
  • Baris T.
    Baris Tascioglu4月 6, 2016
    I liked the masterpieces of Japanese Architects the most.
  • Eug K.
    Eug K4月 4, 2016
    You can definitely start with this or the Met, depending on your tastes. A lot of cool unconventional staff (I liked Japanese architecture), but grand masterpieces as Van Gogh or Klimt as well.
  • Rachel L.
    Rachel Lodin4月 3, 2016
    Check out the Degas exhibit while its here!
  • Andrea S.
    Andrea Saladino4月 3, 2016
    Todo espectacular!🙆
  • Maritza S.
    Maritza Sanchez4月 3, 2016
    Perfect for a late / quick stroll any and every day!!
  • Aleksey
    Aleksey4月 1, 2016
    Art, architecture exhibition, and overall a great museum
  • Shia
    Shia4月 1, 2016
    Less than i expected, the picasso sculpts were beautifully presented
  • Jeanette M.
    Jeanette Mayland3月 28, 2016
    They're changing the concept so the design section is gone. In the future, worls willbe displayed after the year they were produced.
  • Stuart K.
    Stuart Kuntz3月 27, 2016
    World class museum.
  • Halana M.
    Halana Mendonça3月 26, 2016
    I LOVE this place *__________*
  • Gill F.
    Gill Figueroa3月 26, 2016
    Si te gusta el arte , este es tu museo, es mil veces mejor que el Guggenhaim, y aquí si exiben arte real. La sección de arquitectura es simplemente hermosa !!
  • Gaby G.
    Gaby Gingola3月 23, 2016
    A must. Go to the room filled with monet's water lillies and let the soft colors permeate your soul
  • Flor M.
    Flor Mtz3月 21, 2016
    Hay un día que es gratis después de cierta hora ;) si quieres ahorrar es buena opción, pero se llena mucho
  • Kim H.
    Kim Hébert3月 21, 2016
    March 26–July 24, 2016 - "Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty"
  • jansen c.
    jansen c3月 20, 2016
    Get tickets ahead of time, also don't bring a lot of stuff to avoid checking your bags to save time
  • Carolina L.
    Carolina Lentijo3月 16, 2016
    Maybe if people spent more time here the world would have less war
  • Stephen L.
    Stephen Long3月 16, 2016
    I'd live here if I could
  • Lizzie H.
    Lizzie Hatfield3月 13, 2016
    Great selection of Picasso. Lovely places to eat too.
  • Zeba S.
    Zeba Siddiqi3月 13, 2016
    Free friday evenings! Art lovers paradise, with timeless art pieces like the Starry night to gaze on
  • Thiago A.
    Thiago Avelino3月 11, 2016
    very very good
  • Timelessnomad
    Timelessnomad3月 6, 2016
    One of my favorite museums in NYC. Try using your company badge as you may get in for free if they have a relationship with the museum :)
  • David H.
    David Hermida3月 4, 2016
    Simplemente Alucinante!!!
  • Mao T.
    Mao Tse3月 1, 2016
    Además de las exhibiciones temporales cuenta con un acervo increíble de los mas representativos artistas del siglo pasado.
  • Kyriaki V.
    Kyriaki Vasilaki2月 24, 2016
    A must-visit for all ages.Never too late to appreciate and learn more about contemporary art (with pinches of classics as well).
  • Carlos V.
    Carlos Villarespe2月 22, 2016
    really cool place with a lots of great pieces
  • ●RITA●
    ●RITA●2月 18, 2016
    если вы размышляете над тем,как с пользой провести время и посетить интересные места,то смело вносите это место под пунктом обязательного посещения!))))
  • Devon N.
    Devon Nocera2月 18, 2016
    Picasso sculpture exhibit while it lasted
  • Ian S.
    Ian Smoke2月 18, 2016
    One of the Largest Collections ever seen!!
  • Julio V.
    Julio Villarespe2月 17, 2016
    Starry night
  • Speed H.
    Speed Hill2月 10, 2016
    Its amazing!! Theres lots of really neat art!
  • ben b.
    ben bailey2月 7, 2016
    Art and people watching!
  • Steve
    Steve2月 6, 2016
    If you're a resident of NYC you can grab a free membership with your idNYC card
  • Sof's A.
    Sof's Alvarado2月 6, 2016
    Amazing place and galleries.
  • Adilene N.
    Adilene Nh2月 4, 2016
    Comienza del piso más alto hacia abajo, ese es el orden de importancia!!!
  • Hector S.
    Hector Sanchez2月 4, 2016
    The Vangogh's Starry night 👍🏼
  • Nazli O.
    Nazli Oguz2月 1, 2016
    The best museum ever.
  • Pete W.
    Pete Webb1月 30, 2016
    Picasso Sculpture Exhibition
  • Brett F.
    Brett Fromme1月 30, 2016
    Best Modern Art collections in the US. The place is vast and you can easily spend the entire day here. The Cafes make it easy to get a meal or just take a break and get a drink.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Rewan P.
    Rewan Parti1月 30, 2016
    Free Friday's from 4pm to 8pm. Look out for Starry night by Vincent Van Gogh(5th Fl),Picasso(4th,5th Fl), Matisse, and Cezanne.
  • Nils B.
    Nils Berg1月 27, 2016
    Amazing collection!
  • Paulo P.
    Paulo Puglisi1月 27, 2016
    Don't miss any of the great Warhol's work!
  • steen
    steen1月 25, 2016
    Be prepared for crowds. Especially on weekends or Fridays when admission is free.
  • Alice N.
    Alice Nam1月 23, 2016
    Free admission with NYU ID. Picasso sculpture exhibition on till Feb
  • Rochelle G.
    Rochelle Gilliard1月 21, 2016
    OMGosh!!!! Love love love it! Such a huge collection of works. I went three days straight and stayed 4 hours one day. I wish I had more time. Can't wait to come back.
  • Matthew P.
    Matthew Pires1月 19, 2016
    Beautiful artwork and sculptures
  • Mark H.
    Mark Heyert1月 17, 2016
    Go here if you like modern art. Friday's are free.
  • Jun O.
    Jun Oh1月 15, 2016
    I could literally live here
  • Andreas K.
    Andreas Kanakis1月 14, 2016
    There's always something interesting going on here.
  • Lidia P.
    Lidia Popelo1月 12, 2016
    Музей отлично организован. Много "классики". Если решите посетить единственный в жизни музей современного искусства, то приезжайте сюда.
  • Criss T.
    Criss Tina1月 10, 2016
    Hermosísimo museo. Lleguen temprano y planeen pasar muchas horas dentro para lograr completarlo. El lugar es grande y con bastante gente. Obras de arte espectaculares! Pintura, fotografía, escultura..
    プラス投票 Sep 5
  • Alyssa A.
    Alyssa Anderson1月 7, 2016
    Amazing place to see amazing artists. Make sure to come during the weekday and during work hours if possible, gets very crowded on Fridays and weekends with tourist traffic.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Brian R.
    Brian Ray1月 6, 2016
    remember to take breaks, stay long, and learn the history behind it all
  • HashtagNYU
    HashtagNYU1月 5, 2016
    If you're an NYU student, you get free admission, free MoMA film tickets, and a serious modern art fix.
  • Ricardo L.
    Ricardo Luciano1月 3, 2016
    Crowded, and they don't have anymore the Andy Warhol collection, but you can see Van G.
  • Erik B.
    Erik Brok1月 3, 2016
    The modern masters on the 5th floor
  • Alfonso C.
    Alfonso Conde12月 31, 2015
    No se puede dejar de visitar esta gran galería, muy interesante
  • Erik B.
    Erik Brok12月 31, 2015
    Fantastic museum. Go for the modern masters on the 5th floor.
  • Shizuka M.
    Shizuka Moriwaki12月 30, 2015
    I love the art room.
  • Byron W.
    Byron Wilkes12月 28, 2015
    Jackson Pollock exhibit was so good!!!
  • Maria O.
    Maria Orlova12月 27, 2015
    Try to get student ticket price by showing ID or passport even if you are not a student anymore) it works
  • Carl G.
    Carl Griffin12月 25, 2015
    Most of the revered modern artists are represented here.
  • Jorge Oscar G.
    Es muy amplio. Ir con tiempo
  • Emily K.
    Emily Kane12月 20, 2015
    Go by yourself so you can commit the necessary time to listening to Sharon Hayes' touching piece.
  • Ali L.
    Ali L12月 13, 2015
    Picasso y Van Gogh maravillando
  • A. Imelda G.
    A. Imelda Guardado12月 12, 2015
    the art work of course!!! the staff is excellent , friendliness
  • Luca C.
    Luca Codeluppi12月 8, 2015
    Salmon rillette is very nice, nourishing and light, very tasteful, with a lot of Italian style bread
  • Photo Editing C.
    Check out the best of all exhibits at MOMA.
  • Gio C.
    Gio Corona12月 2, 2015
    La noche estrellada de Van Gogh es lo más bello del mundo 💜
  • Greg K.
    Greg Knudsen12月 2, 2015
    The art, its all about the art! The gift shop is pretty fabulous too.
  • Cristina g.
    Cristina gauer12月 1, 2015
    Obras de grandes artistas como: Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Mondrian, Frida Khalo.
  • Germán S.
    Germán Sanchez11月 28, 2015
    Check for the free uniqlo tickets on Friday's afternoon
  • Uli W.
    Uli Wachholtz11月 27, 2015
    Picasso sculptures klasse!
  • Maria C.
    Maria Cabañas11月 25, 2015
    Viernes Gratis llegar temprano y con mucha paciencia, no se pierdas exposición Picasso
  • Maria C.
    Maria Cabañas11月 25, 2015
    Lugar hermoso icono de NY, no dejen de ir a visitar este lugar, la tienda formidable encontrarán los mejores regalos y originales, la entrada $25, si van varios les recomiendo compren la membresia
  • Alfredo D.
    Alfredo Diaz11月 22, 2015
    Con tan solo observar la noche estrellada desquitas la visita
  • Gary H.
    Gary Hor11月 21, 2015
    Go on Fridays (4pm-8pm) for FREE admission to the museum. I love the open courtyard. Great place to people watch and just take in the NYC vibe.
  • Fernanda Gomes de O.
    Imperdível à exposição de esculturas de Picasso.
  • Adam
    Adam11月 16, 2015
    Admission is $25 for adults and $14 for students with a valid ID.
  • Gizem A.
    Gizem Asker11月 15, 2015
    Awesome museum! You should visit!
  • Javier G
    Javier G11月 9, 2015
  • Livanos Restaurant Group
    Need a pick-me-up before your visit to the MOMA? Pop in to Oceana Restaurant for a cup of Nobletree coffee and a sweet treat!
  • Daniel F.
    Daniel Fox11月 5, 2015
    The sense of space. The ability to allow you to taken whats on show.
  • Ting S.
    Ting S11月 3, 2015
    Von Gough and Piccasso!!
  • Mike H.
    Mike Hopkins11月 3, 2015
    Really great gallery space. Go on Friday if you don't want to pay, but lines will be crazy.
  • Kevin S.
    Kevin S11月 2, 2015
    Intl m'ship costs 70USD & your friend can get in with 5 dollar ticket. If come as a group of 4 or up, get a membership card and then have 3 guest tickets - cheaper than 4 full fare.
  • Dani P.
    Dani Príncipe11月 2, 2015
    Para os amantes de artes como eu, não tem como não visitar !!! Lindo, cool, top demais e aquele público bem seletivo !!!
  • Manuel A. D.
    La persistencia de la memoria de dali y otras esculturas curiosas
  • Fernanda
    Fernanda11月 1, 2015
  • Ross B.
    Ross Brannigan10月 31, 2015
    Takes a full day. Expressionists (Pollock), Surrealists (Picasso) & Post-impressionists (Van Gogh) all under one roof.
  • Aline D.
    Aline Dernigoghossian10月 30, 2015
    Walid Raad's artworks very creative and interesting.
  • Candice R.
    Candice Rivera10月 30, 2015
    Exciting and laid out very well
  • Blake O.
    Blake Olmstead10月 28, 2015
    Anymore than three in your party? Take your friends' money, buy an individual membership (and get $5 guest passes). Win, win!
  • Naiana A.
    Naiana Alberti10月 28, 2015
    O acervo contém obras importantes para a história da arte.
  • James
    James10月 28, 2015
    Fantastic space with many interesting works
  • Emiliano S.
    Emiliano Severoni10月 27, 2015
    Great structure, higher floors are the most interesting together with the garden. Free (and crowded) on friday from 4 to 8.
  • Ronaldo S.
    Ronaldo Simoes10月 26, 2015
    Sensacional, vale o passeio! Não deixe de passar na loja do museu, imperdível!
  • Peter B.
    Peter Boyce10月 26, 2015
    Stunning exhibits, modern art collection
  • Christian
    Christian10月 25, 2015
    The perfect collection....amazing art!
  • Raw
    Raw10月 24, 2015
    Spectacular exposition at the top floor of the Uruguayan artist, Torres Garcia - The Arcadian Modern.
  • Berker G.
    Berker Gul10月 22, 2015
    Oglum bura az kalabalık yeAaa..
  • Seline J.
    Seline Jung10月 20, 2015
    Avoid on weekends if at all possible. If not at least a little hardcore fan of modern art I don't think you will enjoy the museum to its fullest.
  • Selen S.
    Selen Serdaroglu10月 18, 2015
    A place that should be given at least 2 days. If you love modern art... Sit in any corner, listen to music, read a book, watch people etc. Breath at MoMa. Don't forget to eat at the Café 2.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Christina I.
    Christina Igonina10月 17, 2015
    Was expecting more. Free after 4 pm.
  • The Ritz-Carlton
    The Ritz-Carlton10月 16, 2015
    Picasso Sculptures at MoMa: Although more famous for his paintings, Picasso was an accomplished self-taught sculptor - which made these works more personal and intimate than anything else he produced.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • M V.
    M V10月 15, 2015
  • M V.
    M V10月 15, 2015
  • Lups H.
    Lups Hernandez10月 15, 2015
    El art pop
  • Justin
    Justin10月 12, 2015
    Great space, while it's on: the Picasso sculpture exhibit is amazing, highly recommended
  • jiresell
    jiresell10月 10, 2015
    I really liked visiting here! So much of the art was familiar to me.
  • oscar w.
    oscar wilde10月 8, 2015
    может претендовать на лучший музей в вашей жизни. но только не в пятницу вечером!
  • Fatma G.
    Fatma Genc10月 7, 2015
    Checkout the @ and rainbow flag! Lovely
  • Arturo L.
    Arturo Luna10月 4, 2015
    Conviene comprar el City Pass para ahorrar en las entradas.
  • Jonathan J.
    Jonathan Johns10月 1, 2015
    See Van Gogh's Starry Night on view on Floor 5, in Painting and Sculpture I, Gallery 1
  • Tayyare F.
    Tayyare Flying9月 29, 2015
    Very good one with great shops underneath and across the street but pretty expenwice for a family of four.
  • Antonio Luiz
    Antonio Luiz9月 29, 2015
    Ótimo museu, se você gosta dos "clássicos" vá direto ao penúltimo andar, sexta a tarde é de graça :)
  • Emmanuel A.
    Emmanuel ANGLES9月 28, 2015
    Superbe musée a ne pas louper
  • Patrick
    Patrick9月 26, 2015
    Good place for art (especially the modern style)
  • Laura B.
    Laura Bonelli9月 26, 2015
    My favorite in NYC. PS: the fourth floor is currently closed. 😢
  • RebelHeart M.
    Una joya en todo sentido y una gran colección para disfrutar, lleven tiempo porque si les llegara un buen rato recorrerlo
  • Alex M.
    Alex M.9月 23, 2015
    Un verdadero ejemplo de cómo mantener al día y relevante un museo.
  • Luis H.
    Luis Herrera9月 23, 2015
  • Arnaud M.
    Arnaud Mth9月 23, 2015
    Beau musée, belles expositions
  • Ricardo L.
    Ricardo Lima9月 22, 2015
    Exposição de esculturas de Picasso
  • Josefina F.
    Josefina F.9月 22, 2015
    Increíble museo y excelentes exposiciones.
  • Eunice K.
    Eunice Kim9月 20, 2015
    Members and students that attend schools with agreements with the museum can watch films in their theater for free. They show most of the Oscar nominated films during awards season.
  • Roberto P.
    Roberto Pérez9月 20, 2015
    Visitar new York en invierno, te ahora muchas filas.
  • Julyane L.
    Julyane Lima9月 20, 2015
    Vá na sexta-feira pois a entrada é gratuita!
  • jose ignacio C.
    El museo que más me ha gustado de New York junto al MET
  • Isabel V.
    Isabel Vitoriano9月 19, 2015
    Obras incríveis! Sempre vale a visita!
  • Ibtisam R.
    Ibtisam Rashid9月 18, 2015
    What not to like!
  • Ali N.
    Ali N9月 16, 2015
    Avoid the free Friday's at all costs.
  • Dominik M.
    Dominik Ma9月 15, 2015
    die Kunst rockt!!!!
  • Pete K.
    Pete Kuri9月 15, 2015
    It was closed and the webpage didn't say so
  • Camila B.
    Camila Borges9月 14, 2015
    Best ny museum
  • Marina B.
    Marina Burity9月 12, 2015
    Amazing museum. It has the best selection of the greatest modern artists. You'll find all those paintings you saw in your history of art classes.
  • Diego F.
    Diego F9月 12, 2015
    the best modern art collection in the world
  • Sinan O.
    Sinan Onceler9月 11, 2015
    Ask people who had just finished visiting the museum for their used tickets because they are valid for all day long ;)
  • Karen D.
    Karen Dorst9月 10, 2015
    The Picasso sculpture is stunning. Even better than I had hoped.
  • Rahaf
    Rahaf9月 8, 2015
    Very nice museum you must visit it
  • Ignacio D.
    Ignacio Dominis9月 8, 2015
    Great architecture, great place, great museum
  • Mateus M.
    Mateus Moraes9月 8, 2015
    Wonderful <3
  • Douglas S.
    Douglas Souza9月 6, 2015
    Top museum. The place for Modern art in NYC!
  • Tatiana B.
    Tatiana Baguzina9月 2, 2015
    Splendid collection!
  • 🎀Lu N.
    Amazing! Acervo muito interessante e exposições maravilhosas. Não deixe de passar na lojinha do museu, com muitos itens interessantíssimos.
  • Signs V.
    Signs Visual9月 1, 2015
    Do make time to check out the Picasso Sculpture from September 14, 2015 - February 7, 2016 at the Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Painting and Sculpture Galleries, on the fourth floor (it's worth it). 続きを見る
  • Adam G.
    Adam Gluck9月 1, 2015
    Start at the top
  • Jorge P.
    Jorge Padilla8月 31, 2015
    Otro imperdible!! Un museo de lo mejor esquisito con el mejor arte en diseño y pinturas
  • Ruben S.
    Ruben Silva8月 27, 2015
    El Café terraza del piso 5 un buen lugar para pasar el tiempo y comer sano
  • Kian
    Kian8月 27, 2015
    Came here for the first time, and I was completely overwhelmed by how big the museum was! Next time I come to NY I need to make the MoMa Full day visit.
  • Alisa E.
    Alisa Estrina8月 26, 2015
    Огромная коллекция современного искусства, представлены художники, которых не увидеть ни в Тейт Модерн, ни в Помпиду. Не дешево, но маст си. Сутра народу поменьше. Дивный сад со скульптурами.
  • Robbie J.
    Robbie Jones8月 26, 2015
    They have starry night. It made my girlfriend cry. Everyone should see it in person at least once.
  • Konstantin K.
    Konstantin Käfer8月 24, 2015
    Bring a sweater. It's freezing.
  • Zé Renato C.
    Zé Renato Cella8月 23, 2015
    O melhor de todos.
  • Julio V.
    Julio Villarreal8月 22, 2015
    Don't miss the 5th floor where you'll see the work of Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Kahlo and Tamayo. If you have any doubt don't hesitate on asking the kind staff.
  • Fodor's Travel
    Fodor's Travel8月 21, 2015
    On Friday evenings from 4-8pm, UNIQLO sponsors free visits to MoMA. The pass, supported by the Japanese clothing company, lets visitors view all galleries, exhibits, and films during their trip.
  • Jeffrey Z.
    Jeffrey Zeldman8月 20, 2015
    One Way Ticket, on the African American great migration, is a stunning and deeply moving show.
  • Sandra d.
    Sandra de Anda8月 19, 2015
    Me encantó! Monet y Van Gogh se llevan las palmas.
  • Shane Z.
    Shane Zhong8月 18, 2015
    So many masterpiece here!
  • Alexandre M.
    Alexandre Martineli8月 17, 2015
    Vale pra ver esse quadro!!!
  • Rafael R.
    Rafael Reed8月 17, 2015
    Wanna buy design home articles or jewelry ? Go to MoMA design store across the street
  • Dane
    Dane8月 17, 2015
    Don't be that annoying person blocking everyone as you can stand in front of an art piece, so you take 15 pictures on your iPad.
  • Pablo T.
    Pablo Teran8月 17, 2015
    It's beautiful and free on fridays 😋
  • ILYA S.
    ILYA SPEKHOV8月 17, 2015
    Always great to be back. Loved outdoor exhibits this time.
  • Ana C.
    Ana C8月 17, 2015
    Muy interesante y divertido.Los viernes a las 16h entrada gratuita.La cola es larguísima,pero va muy deprisa.Mucha gente y casi no puedes moverte ni disfrutar, no lo recomiendo si te gusta el arte.
  • Liliana B.
    Liliana Benitez8月 16, 2015
    I like a lot this place. You can save money if you came Friday before 4 pm. It is uniqlo free nights.
  • Mari A.
    Mari Asano8月 16, 2015
    Can't miss this place in NYC if you like modern art!
  • Mikhail B.
    Mikhail B8月 16, 2015
    Even if there is not a special exhibit, come to see original art from the greats.
  • Jesus C.
    Jesus Caro8月 13, 2015
    Uno de los mejores museos, es de dedicarle al menos 3 horas, así que lleguen temprano y chequen bien los horarios. Ah y los jueves son gratis después de las 5 P.M.
  • Fanny D.
    Fanny Delgado8月 13, 2015
    Mi favorito
  • Cristian V.
    Cristian V.8月 11, 2015
    Entretenido lugar. Bastante gente recorriéndolo dificulta el apreciar de buena forma las muestras que tiene. Vale la pena ir.
  • Timothy Charles Robert L.
    Lots to see. Well laid out and something for everyone. Pop Art is just that - everyone loves it.
  • Rafa A.
    Rafa Alves8月 8, 2015
    merece a visita, procure por dias com entrada gratuita... mas vale mesmo com o U$ nas alturas
  • Montse S.
    Montse Solar8月 7, 2015
    Exhibición permanente increíble.
  • Esin E.
    Esin Erk8月 6, 2015
    van gogh 😍 picasso
  • José Miguel T.
    Ir los días de boleto sin costo. El museo es denso, si cansa, siempre es mejor huir si no pagaste el precio completo.
  • A B.
    A BCD8月 5, 2015
    Free on Friday nights from 4-8 PM (thanks to a UNIQLO sponsorship, hah). Starry Night is on the fifth floor!
  • Kevin L.
    Kevin L8月 5, 2015
    Yoko Ono show was really interesting. Love it here.
  • Francis
    Francis8月 1, 2015
    Thanks uniqlo for the free Friday. But it was crazy packed and there was no chance enjoying the art
  • Cole K.
    Cole Kennedy7月 31, 2015
    On Uniqlo Free Friday, the line is long but moves quickly. Since the galleries will be packed, it's better as a recon trip to plan a longer visit another day.
    プラス投票 Aug 25
  • Alex R.
    Alex Richards7月 30, 2015
    Get busy. Pre-book and give yourself extra time.
  • 김형래 H.
    김형래 Henry Kim7月 30, 2015
    지난 1995년과 1996년에 방문했었지요. 20년이 넘었네요
  • Enrique M.
    Enrique Marín7月 28, 2015
    Impresionante museo, tómenlo con calma y disfruten mucho. Mucho de lo que vieron en sus clases de historia del arte está aquí.
  • Bruna F.
    Bruna Franco7月 26, 2015
    Everything!!! Amazing place!
  • Trae F.
    Trae F7月 26, 2015
    The Yoko Ono exhibit is interesting.
  • Juan Carlos D.
    El 5 piso es lo mejor y bueno en general todo el museo es excelente... No deben perderse la noche estrellada de van gogh
  • Cristo L.
    Cristo Leon7月 24, 2015
    Tienes que visitar a Van Gogh
  • L B.
    L B7月 22, 2015
    Amazing sculpture gardens
  • Kaylee D.
    Kaylee Darlene7月 21, 2015
    Moma is my new favorite museum! It's truly beautiful. I could spent hours just looking at the painting and drinking cold brewed coffee in the cafe
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Pedro Luiz A.
    É imperdível!
  • Burçin K.
    Burçin Kibar7月 19, 2015
    Gerçekten çok iyi bir müze.Farklı ;dinlenme yeri ,oyun alanı ,çok seçenek var burda.van gogh the stary night tablosu bile yeterli aslında😊 monet,picasso,dali,gaugin,frida eserlerini görmek güzel👌
  • Ivabelle A.
    Ivabelle Arroyo7月 19, 2015
    No vayan en sábado
  • Ayse O.
    Ayse O. G .7月 18, 2015
    Incredible.. Nothing else to say.
  • Volponi L.
    Pegue o elevador e vá direto pro 5 andar. O quarto e quinto andares estão com o filé da coleção. Ah! E baixando o app dá pra fazer o tour guiado sem pagar nada (Wi-Fi aberto inclusive).
  • Andrew S.
    Andrew Sun7月 18, 2015
    Go on Friday nights from 4-8pm for free.
  • Tony S.
    Tony Stark7月 15, 2015
    make sure to visit the store!
  • Leysan D.
    Leysan Dogadina7月 14, 2015
    Очень крутое место! Рекомендую!!!
  • Cesar
    Cesar7月 14, 2015
    Great collection
  • Lindsey C.
    Lindsey Collins7月 12, 2015
    Very interesting artwork - so much to see.
  • Mariana P.
    Mariana Pantalena7月 12, 2015
    Bring iPhone for audio tour!
  • John B.
    John Brunelli7月 12, 2015
    The famous paintings are on 5. The artsy fartsy stuff is on 3 & 4. They put Wyeth's Christina's World next to the escalator. WTF?
  • Dee C.
    Dee C7月 10, 2015
    Soo many Modern Paintings. Flawless with beauty of the art. Of course , if you are an art enthusiast, DEFINITELY come here!
  • Christopher
    Christopher7月 9, 2015
    why are u even reading this?! go!!!
  • Ilija G.
    Ilija Gubic7月 8, 2015
    Apart of great work inside of the Museum, one can also hang out in a garden.
  • Christina N.
    Christina Nawabi7月 8, 2015
    Easy to navigate, doesn't take much time to get through all the exhibits. Awesome collection of more traditional paintings (some famous, like Starry Night) and some more contemporary pieces.
  • Alan x.
    Alan x el mundo7月 7, 2015
    De los mejores museos de NYC si tienen city pass se ahorrarán fila o compren sus boletos online
  • Faryan A.
    Faryan A7月 7, 2015
    Friday evenings fo freeee
  • Özge Ü.
    Özge Ünal7月 6, 2015
    Modern sanat sevenler için güzel bir mekan ,gezmeli uzun uzun...
  • Rodrigo A.
    Rodrigo Artavia7月 6, 2015
    Exhibitions are amazing
  • Isabel V.
    Isabel Valero7月 2, 2015
    Increíble! No pensaba que me gustaría tanto 😍
  • #timbeta - S.
    tudo lindo aqui!!!
  • Sofia U.
    Sofia Uz6月 29, 2015
    Free on Friday night, 4 to 8pm. Yoko ono exhibit pretty cool
  • Jorge C.
    Jorge Chavez6月 27, 2015
    Gratis viernes de 4 -8 pm
  • David D.
    David Desmet6月 24, 2015
    What a fantastic place to go 2
  • Afi Y.
    Afi Yellow-Duke6月 23, 2015
    Get your friend with a membership to take you. I love the photography area.
  • Heejung K.
    Heejung Kim6月 23, 2015
    Uniqlo nights! I wanna come back.
  • Fer C.
    Fer C6月 23, 2015
    6 pisos. En el 5to piso están los clásicos: Van Gogh, Miró, Dalí, Tamayo, Kahlo y Rivera, etc. Lo mejor es comprar la membresía anual que te permite que tus invitados solo paguen $5 dls.
  • Sebastián S.
    Sebastián S6月 22, 2015
    Hopper y Boccioni, imperdibles.
  • Edwulf
    Edwulf6月 22, 2015
    Wonderful museum. Explore from top floor to bottom. Download the guide from App Store and discover one of the most important sites of modern art. A must in NY city!
  • Thomas M.
    Thomas Mo6月 20, 2015
    All the best stuff - photography, paintings, and drawings are on the 3,4,5 floors. Skip floor 2 if you're short on time. Skip 3 if you're really crunched.
  • Cece D.
    Cece Delo6月 20, 2015
    Arte contemporanea
  • Andrea K.
    Andrea Karan6月 15, 2015
    Es un sueño ver pinturas cara a cara. Una experiencia única.
  • Stephanie K.
    Stephanie Kleiner6月 14, 2015
    Don't forget your student ID, only $14 admission
  • José Gustavo R.
    For me, it's hands down the best museum in NYC. Period.
  • Mariana R.
    Mariana Resala6月 11, 2015
    words cant describe what the senses percibed
  • Domo
    Domo6月 9, 2015
    I've been here so many times and I love it !
  • Alex D.
    Alex Dobyan6月 9, 2015
    I loved it. "Modern" goes back pretty far, but there's a lot of interesting contemporary stuff and the special exhibitions were really cool.
  • Salvador C.
    Salvador Cisneros6月 8, 2015
    Una experiencia increíble, arte que te atrapa sin importar la edad
  • Anna Z.
    Anna Zoloto6月 8, 2015
    Прекрасное место, дозированно мировыми шедеврами, можно с легкостью провести время и насладиться искусством. Много красивых и полезных штук, которые можно привести с собой и в подарок!)
  • Silvina G.
    Silvina Gutierrez6月 5, 2015
    Los viernes despues de las 4 pm la entrada al Museo es gratuita!
  • Santi C.
    Santi Caamaño6月 2, 2015
    This is really a must-see in NYC, can't miss it. Take advantage of a discounted ticket buying this and top of the rock combined.
  • Carolina G.
    Carolina Guerrero6月 1, 2015
    Cool vibe!
  • Mel H.
    Mel Helama6月 1, 2015
    Great brunch at the rooftop!
  • Harry A.
    What can one say about MoMA... Must see, of course
  • pieter v.
    pieter vdh5月 29, 2015
    Make sure you check out the Björk exhibition
  • Rodrigo A.
    Rodrigo Artavia5月 27, 2015
    Place is great for meeting people and spending an afternoon
  • Marc S.
    Marc S5月 25, 2015
    The Warhol early works exhibit, running through Oct 18, 2015, is fun and informative.
  • Debora C.
    Debora Cavalheiro5月 23, 2015
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ exposições lindas
  • mike p.
    mike popovic5月 22, 2015
    Great place to rent out for a party!
  • Josette
    Josette5月 21, 2015
  • Filter S.
    Filter Scan / Sean5月 20, 2015
    Free nights after 7pm on Friday show up at 5pm to avoid the long lines. If you are a college student bring school ID for discount. Wide collection of modern and contemporary art.
  • Thiago R.
    Thiago Rodriguez5月 18, 2015
    O museu dos sonhos! Obras e tudo que sempre ouvimos e vemos em livros e filmes.
  • P G.
    P G5月 17, 2015
    RSVP your tickets online to avoid the line
  • Merit H.
    Merit Hansmitt5月 16, 2015
    Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Dali, Warhol and many others - YES it's definitely a must visit museum in NYC
  • Tanja H.
    Tanja Haas5月 15, 2015
    Free entrance on Friday night between 4pm - 8pm


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