Alphabet City, ニューヨーク
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  • Daniel R.
    "Tuesday's after 11pm they have great live jazz (ジャズ)."(7 つの Tips)
    ben m.
    "Best Guinness (ギネス) in ABC City ($3 on Thursdays)."(10 つの Tips)
    Gisele B.
    "Fliperama, sinuca, jukebox (ジュークボックス), cerveja e coca com pouco gelo."(9 つの Tips)
    İpek A.
    "beautiful live music (ライブミュージック)."(2 つの Tips)
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  • DoubleDeuce
    There are two vibes in here, at the dark bar and in the brighter back room that has games and a pool table. One is bound to fit your mood. Great art on the walls and great drink prices too.
  • Tarnima S.
    Tarnima Sabed10月 30, 2017
    "Tuesday evenings at Mona’s, when the city’s best saxophonists and trumpeters drop in for late-night jazz jams with the Mona’s Hot Four, the bar’s house band" 11pm - 3am
  • Bob F.
    Bob F.10月 27, 2017
    The jukebox is pretty fantastic!
  • Leon Z.
    Leon Ziemba12月 31, 2016
    Best dive in a three-block radius
  • Andrea T.
    Andrea TK6月 3, 2015
    Don't miss the open jazz gigs that they have on tuesday nights.
  • Jillian S.
    Jillian Switzer3月 12, 2015
    Bluegrass on Mondays
  • Marc M.
    Marc Mayer2月 21, 2015
    Bring jukebox money, sometimes it gets quiet. And then you overhear the Tinder date at the table next to you. Aaawwwwkwaard.
  • Cgl
    Cgl2月 6, 2015
    Great swing music on Tuesday nights after 23. Mona's Hot Four rocks!!!
  • İpek A.
    İpek A.12月 10, 2014
    On Tuesday night there is a lot jazz musicians play beautiful live music. Such an open-piano-night :)
  • ben m.
    ben m8月 13, 2014
    Best Guinness in ABC City ($3 on Thursdays). The juke is worth a few bucks too.
  • Ben M.
    Ben Mackey8月 3, 2014
    Some of the best live jazz in the city every Tuesday night after 11:30. Be warned - it is crowded. $5 suggestion tip for the band.
  • Kevin C.
    Kevin Chen3月 22, 2014
    No longer $3 Guinness ... But $4 Thursday Guinness.
  • Cory M.
    Cory McGrath12月 6, 2013
    $3 Guinness every Thursday!
  • Bonnie C.
    Bonnie Chu11月 9, 2013
    Skeeball 3 games for $1 AND with prizes. Umm, WAY better than that *other* post-hipster skeeball bar nearby
  • Gisele B.
    Gisele Brito9月 18, 2013
    Excelente música ao vivo. Às segundas, Bluegrass. Às terças, Jazz. Fliperama, sinuca, jukebox, cerveja e coca com pouco gelo.
  • Ron G.
    Ron G9月 11, 2013
    Mona tried to tell me to stay away from the train lines. They say that all those railroad men just drink up your blood like wine; Bob Dylan; Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, 1966
  • Village Voice
    Village Voice9月 9, 2013
    Secret tip: this dive bar has a pool table and jukebox all the way in the back. Check out their late-night ragtime shows on Tuesdays!
  • 🎀
    🎀9月 6, 2013
    Baby coffin mirrors.
  • Compass
    Compass7月 24, 2013
    Mona’s keeps it simple with just a pool table, a few stools, and a killer jukebox. It’s one of the East Village’s many beloved dive bars.
  • Gabrielle Z.
    Gabrielle Zigi7月 13, 2013
    Cheapest bar in nyc! $3 pbr, $5 vodka sodas, $5 wines, $4 bud lights!
  • Nina
    Nina6月 14, 2013
    $3 Guinness on Thursdays
  • Lazar N.
    Lazar N.5月 11, 2013
    $3 Guiness every Thursday!
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats3月 6, 2013
    If you like Guinness, pints are only $3 here on Thursdays!
  • Alan
    Alan2月 12, 2013
    Mona's, Sophie's and Josie's are all under same ownership and great.
  • Miki H.
    Miki Habryn12月 18, 2012
    Great bluegrass; possibly the worst bartender ever.
  • David S.
    David Scott12月 4, 2012
    Bluegrass Mondays... Always a treat
  • Jeffrey B.
    Jeffrey Buesing9月 8, 2012
    Never order a Moscow Mule!
  • Monica
    Monica9月 3, 2012
    Might be the best juke box yet
  • Leah M.
    Leah M.8月 19, 2012
    The jukebox is great - no endless loops of Sweet Caroline-Don't Stop Believin'-Livin' On a Prayer here.
  • Leah M.
    Leah M.8月 19, 2012
    The dark and stormy is shockingly delicious here!
  • Bonobos
    Bonobos8月 10, 2012
    One of the best dive bars in the city. $3 PBRs all the time. (A nice respite from the ridiculousness of White Noise. Just across the street.)
  • Tim V.
    Tim Vetter8月 7, 2012
    Astonishingly good bluegrass session on Monday nights, possibly the best I seen in six years in Manhattan & Brooklyn.
  • New York Habitat
    New York Habitat6月 4, 2012
    This bar is great when you are a Jazz music fan! Join the Tuesday night jam, it starts at 12 am. :-)
  • Melissa S.
    Melissa S4月 7, 2012
    Ragtime Tuesday!!! And they have proper Ireland-style Guinness, a killer juke & pool.
  • Katelyn L.
    Katelyn L3月 25, 2012
    $5 well drinks & draughts, a pool table, skee ball, and a jukebox. Plenty of space in the back room to sit down & chat with your friends, even on a weekend night.
  • Brett S.
    Brett Scieszka11月 11, 2011
    My first "regular" bar in New York. Still feels like home after all these years.
  • @mik3cap
    @mik3cap10月 26, 2011
    Skee ball does NOT give six games for five
  • Sean C.
    Sean Canady9月 8, 2011
    Fill the bar with good tunes on the jukebox.
  • Matthew D.
    Matthew D8月 29, 2011
    pool, great juke, and ski balls
  • Charlie S.
    Charlie Sneath8月 16, 2011
    Really low key and relaxed.
  • Charlie S.
    Charlie Sneath8月 16, 2011
    $3 Guinness on Thursday nights.
  • Daniel R.
    Daniel Robinson7月 27, 2011
    Tuesday's after 11pm they have great live jazz.
  • Travis D.
    Travis Donovan4月 7, 2011
    Check the pool cues, not all are straight!
  • Dave F.
    Dave Ford2月 11, 2011
    For over 10 years they have been serving $3 dollar guinness on Thursday... Booyah!
  • micilin o.
    micilin odonaghue12月 1, 2010
    Guinness Thursday! $3. It's not bad either.
  • Stephen R.
    Stephen Ridley10月 14, 2010
    great great people
    プラス投票 1週間前
  • cc
    cc7月 16, 2010
    A great dive bar, filled with locals and hipsters and everythin in between. Juke box, pool table, skeeball...
  • Angie
    Angie5月 20, 2010
    Drink a Tom Collins, start a money pile, and let that wasted random douchebag buy you and everyone else at the bar a drink at 2am.
  • Will C.
    Will C5月 18, 2010
    Go see Mona's Hot 4 on Tuesday Night
  • Vinicius V.
    Vinicius Vacanti4月 2, 2010
    They have big buck safari here!