Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn

  • Christin
    "Split a slice of pink champagne cake (シャンパン) with friends, totally worth it."(3 つの Tips)
    Maritza S.
    "So is the Toffee Cake (ケーキ) AND their biscuits melt in your hands!! Yumm"(4 つの Tips)
    Jennie S.
    "Had my birthday dinner in the steak house (ステーキ) and it was amazing."(3 つの Tips)
    Emiliy M.
    "So fun! Stay in a rock waterfall (滝) room if one is available!"(8 つの Tips)
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  • Leonardo T.
    My first time a man was it memorable! We stayed in the caveman suite. And it did not disappoint, we were happy to discover we had a built in waterfall as well as a grotto style rock shower and sink!
    プラス投票 Sep 28
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin12月 27, 2016
    If you like campy kitsch, this is a great themed hotel to make a 1 night stop in. Enjoy the grounds, but don't go for an XL room (much of the space will be unused) or eat dinner at the steakhouse
    プラス投票 Sep 1
  • Emiliy M.
    Emiliy Marino9月 12, 2014
    The perfect balance between elegance and kitchy tacky. So fun! Stay in a rock waterfall room if one is available!
    プラス投票 Aug 31
  • Bethan J.
    Bethan Jensen6月 10, 2014
    Like a Disneyland for adults, don't let all the pink fool you - my husband loves it here too. Stay mid-week to avoid the crowds! :)
    プラス投票 Aug 31
  • Timothy M.
    Timothy McNeely8月 3, 2012
    Don't miss your chance to pee in a water fountain! This is THE place to stop! They also have a wonderful selection of wines in stock!
    プラス投票 Aug 31
  • Furry Beanbag O.
    Wish I had the time to get a room.But Do yourself a favor and have a drink in the bar and order a steak.You'll be glad you did.
  • Susie
    Susie1月 6, 2013
    Be sure to call to book your reservation and you can choose your room theme. If you book online they select a room for you.
  • Kelsey K.
    Kelsey Kotzebue10月 2, 2016
    Expensive but great for a date or a night when the family is visiting. Don't skip out on the portobello mushroom or any of the desserts.
  • Veira B.
    Veira Blosser9月 28, 2012
    No, it's not the cheapest in town, but breakfast in the Copper Cafe is amazing. Make sure you get something with Alex's bacon!
  • Maritza S.
    Maritza Sanchez12月 20, 2015
    The pancakes are unbelievably delicious!!! So is the Toffee Cake AND their biscuits melt in your hands!! Yumm
  • Russ Y.
    Russ Yeager5月 27, 2012
    Use both the waterfall and the normal shower head. For increased enjoyment bring a beer in there with you. Great room!
  • BuzzFeed
    BuzzFeed9月 20
    If you "just wanna have fun," this hotel might be the perfect place to stay. Every room is its own unique adventure. 続きを見る
  • SuNNiDaez L.
    SuNNiDaez Love12月 23, 2010
    This hotel is way too comfortable we woke up late! the restaurant is packed even on a weekday. the food here is indeed nice! a must-stay if you gonna drive in between LA and SF!
  • Nancerella
    Nancerella5月 16, 2016
    The rooms are wild but the food and amenities are great as well
  • Danielle N.
    Danielle Neufeld11月 9, 2014
    The buffalo room is amazing- pictures don't capture the magic of the sparkling ceiling!
  • Kat G.
    Kat G11月 13, 2014
    Get one of the rooms up top if you stay here--much quieter than the single story rooms down below.
  • mark s.
    mark silva12月 24, 2012
    Men's room downstairs by wine shop has a faux waterfall for urinal. Women frequently enter b/c seeing is believing.
  • Jeremiah Kent H.
    The prime rib here is awesome. Oh and def check out the men's restroom...even if you don't have to use it.
  • Laetitia D.
    Laetitia Delbart7月 13, 2016
    Un lieu surprenant et à faire pour les amateurs de viande. Viande de qualité!
  • Amye O.
    Cool themed bathrooms! Best bathroom break spot whilst travelling north to south or vice-versa along thee old 101.
  • Shawn
    Shawn1月 22, 2011
    Everybody that works here, from the Spa to the stores, is super nice! Rooms are really clean too. A lot of fun.
  • Michael A.
    Michael Aars3月 28, 2014
    Definitely get a room with a rock shower and waterfall. You don't get to do stuff like that at home.
  • Jennie S.
    Jennie Silva3月 6, 2011
    Had my birthday dinner in the steak house and it was amazing. Everone was so nice. Eat here if you can.
  • Nathaniel W.
    Nathaniel Wright3月 15, 2012
    Don't forget to buy a goblet from the gift shop on your way out of this man cave!
  • Paco N.
    Paco Nathan5月 14, 2014
    Madonna Inn is a visual treat. There are public tours of the men’s room in the basement.
  • Nina M.
    Nina M2月 2, 2012
    Hands down the best almond cookies ever! Definitely a must-try
  • erinsauce
    erinsauce10月 12
    If you have your heart set on a particular room, make your reservation wayyy in advance.
  • Marina D.
    Marina Daros7月 9, 2015
    Hotel maravilhoso, quartos temáticos incríveis... O restaurante deixou um pouco a desejar!
  • Christin
    Christin7月 15, 2012
    Split a slice of pink champagne cake with friends, totally worth it.
  • Justin K.
    Justin Kalifowitz4月 21, 2013
    Pro move: if you are checking in from the parking lot, just walk back to your car and keep driving.
  • Kam Q.
    Kam Quarles12月 25, 2013
    First time here. It is a bit....eclectic?
  • Traci D.
    Best Bkue cheese dressing youll ever have.
  • wes g.
    wes gray9月 6, 2012
    This place is famous for being uniquely tacky. Lives up to that reputation.
  • Lizzy L.
    Lizzy Lapp7月 19, 2011
    Get a room with waterfall shower. Really cool & room for two ;)
  • Sandy C.
    Sandy Chase2月 28, 2012
    Stay here and use those awesome pink bathrobes, they're really soft!
  • Abby F.
    Abby Ferri1月 7, 2011
    If you're staying for business, forego the $9.99 in-room Internet & use free wifi in cafe & other common areas instead.
  • Lizzy L.
    Lizzy Lapp7月 19, 2011
    Order the Filet Mignon- so incredible with the oaky smoke taste.
  • Kelly H.
    Kelly Howes Litten1月 5, 2014
    Fun and unique place to stay and dine. Add to your bucket list for sure!
  • Muella
    Muella12月 30, 2011
    Make sure to either stand back or prepare to have spray on your shoes.
  • Linda G.
    Linda Glenn12月 17, 2014
    Pink champagne cake with Bavarian cream
  • slonews
    slonews10月 20, 2011
    est 1958 - has 110 rooms & 28 suites - check out the "Caveman Room"
  • Marie P.
    Marie Patino9月 5, 2012
    Free tango lessons on the first Tuesday of the month (6pm - 7pm).
  • Allen D.
    Allen Dusk4月 16, 2011
    When you order a steak's bloody rare...but damn good!
  • Rich G.
    Rich Greenhill12月 28, 2014
    When the room decor novelty wears off you'll wonder why you're paying 4-star prices for terrible service and NY-style shoebox rooms.
  • Rod S.
    Rod Sager4月 29, 2013
    Yet another bucket list spot. Stay or just grab some food in this classic locale.
  • Lance L.
    Lance Lee6月 27, 2016
    Had the carrot cake it was great but not for 8 dollars a slice
  • Russell W.
    Russell Wise8月 19, 2011
    Can't be shy while peeing. Women will pop in to check out the waterfall.
  • Jamie S.
    Jamie Smith8月 24, 2011
    Check out the spa! The massages are amazing!!
  • Dagmar W.
    Dagmar W-M9月 20, 2011
    The waterfall shower in the cave man room is the best!!
  • Tara Z.
    Tara Zellers5月 23, 2011
    The carin room 218 is awesome! Pink and sparkley walls with two balconies!
  • T D.
    T D6月 5, 2011
    Great cakes!!!!! Fun place for families and groups!!
  • Michelle A.
    Michelle Aragon3月 9, 2014
    Pink Champagne it!
  • Crystal R.
    Crystal Righetti5月 30, 2015
    The heated pool is amazing.
  • @mrfboyer
    @mrfboyer3月 16, 2015
    Have a bloody buddy - back bar if you don't like to wait
  • Dallas R.
    Dallas Rensted5月 10, 2015
    Amazing Dutch Apple pie and cherry pie.
  • Roshan V.
    Get a Juniper Jackass, it's a Moscow Mule made with gin.
  • Linda G.
    Linda Glenn12月 17, 2014
    Good split pea soup!
  • Laurel M.
    Laurel Mitchell1月 21, 2014
    Free swing dancing every Monday night!
  • Erin P.
    Erin Parke6月 28, 2011
    Highly recommend the Rock Bottom room. Rock waterfall shower!
  • Brian N.
    Brian Nguyen10月 31, 2011
    get an oatmeal butterscotch cookie as you leave.
  • David W.
    David W7月 14, 2012
    Desert and dancing!
  • jennifer s.
    jennifer smith11月 13, 2014
    Toffee cake and coffee!
  • Keith S.
    Keith Sweat2月 10, 2012
    Enjoy the show everybody! Grab my new album "Til The Morning" on iTunes here: 続きを見る
  • Beverly B.
    Beverly Baker4月 30, 2012
    The waterfall shower is da sh**!
  • Fox W.
    Fox Woods9月 12, 2013
    A fun & strange place to stay.
  • Amy B.
    Amy B7月 1, 2015
    Gaudy fun! Look around.
  • planeting
    planeting3月 20, 2014
    No sabrás lo que es un motel de carretera hasta que te alojes en Madonna Inn 続きを見る
  • Ivan A.
    Ivan Antonio12月 25, 2011
    Fun place. Stop by:-)
  • Jonathan P.
    Jonathan Percy10月 15, 2012
    Want to pee into a waterfall, gents? This is your place.
  • Tucker S.
    Tucker Stevenson3月 29, 2012
    Strangest place I've ever been. Easily.
  • Shayna K.
    Shayna Kulik4月 21, 2013
    Not really my cup of tea, but others seem to dig the eclecticism.
  • Mat (Badger) L.
    Mat (Badger) Larsen12月 9, 2016
    What a place!
  • Babo-Buddha
    Babo-Buddha6月 26, 2016
    Verspielt. Urig. Einzigartig.
  • Peter F.
    Peter Fleischer3月 28, 2010
    So over the top that you gotta love it!
  • Justus H.
    Justus Herrmann3月 20, 2012
    This room rocks!
  • Jason S.
    Jason Stanley8月 11, 2013
    Got da luv pink
  • Darcey F.
    Darcey F5月 15, 2011
    109 completely different rooms.
  • Dallas S.
    Dallas S9月 18, 2011
    Luis, not Louis dirtbag
  • Jacques Z.
    Jacques Zalma1月 24, 2010
    The cakes are amazing
  • Darcey F.
    Darcey F5月 16, 2011
    Too tacky to believe!
  • @RockTristan
    @RockTristan1月 21, 2010
    Ch-check out the Men's room.


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