L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Pendino, ナポリ
  • Christopher R.
    "Great pizza (ピザ), but very heartless and efficient atmosphere."(174 つの Tips)
    Katya G.
    "you must try it, perfetto margarita (マルガリータ)!"(17 つの Tips)
    Adam T.
    "Really authentic (本格的) pizzeria, it's a must if you visit Napoli."(6 つの Tips)
    Arican K.
    "Very crowded (混んでる) at every hour with a very economic price."(3 つの Tips)
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  • み
    8月 30, 2017
  • Nobuya K.
    Nobuya Kasai10月 11, 2011
  • James
    James8月 18, 2015
    Eat pray love was filmed here. This is an institution and I understand why. The pizza is fantastic. There is only two options, pizza with or without cheese, nothing else on the menu - authentic.
    プラス投票 Sep 10
  • Caroline
    Caroline10月 22, 2015
    Probably the most famous pizza in Naples. Da Michele is not only one of the oldest pizzeria in town. It's a real attraction in Naples. Delicious pizza & excellent service!!!
    プラス投票 Sep 3
  • BuzzFeed
    BuzzFeed8月 18, 2016
    Recommended pizza: MargheritaPizza down to the basics, but perfect. Great crust, great sauce, great cheese. No add-ons, no choices. Go. Wait in line. Eat. You will not regret it. 続きを見る
  • Baris Kagan K.
    Baris Kagan KILIC5月 12, 2017
    Sıra uzun değilse bekleyin, deneyin. Gözleme tadında, lahmacunun pidesi kılığında pizzası bizim damak tadımıza çok yakın. Çok lezzetli ve çok uygun fiyatlı. Sıra beklemek için fiş almayı unutmayın.
    プラス投票 Sep 10
  • N T.
    N T9月 4, 2014
    Pizza marinara / margarita with normal/medium/maxi sizes. Coca cola,beer and water are options to drink. Cheap and delicious,take a ticket to enter because there is always a long queue outside
  • James
    James5月 23, 2015
    Very good pizza. Keep in mind its traditional pizza - either a pizza with cheese or without, no other toppings. Eat, Pray, Love was filmed here. Frequent line ups (of locals)
  • Shiladityo B.
    The place has a old charm around it and serves awesome margharita and marinara pizza which its founder had invented. Perhaps the waiting time on weekends is its only downside. Very pocket friendly!!
  • funky f.
    funky flavor9月 9, 2016
    The wait for A table is not worth it. Get the pizza to go and sit across the street in the cafe. They let you eat the pizza if you but something. The drinks are cheap there. Is very with it.
  • Stanislav D.
    Stanislav Dimitrov9月 28, 2016
    Iconic place in Napoli (not only cause of that Julia Roberts movie) for the best pizzas here since 1870. 2 pizzas to order - with or without cheese (can be double-cheese or double-double). Xtra cheap!
  • Keyue B.
    Keyue Bao8月 11
    I’m from New York and this is positively the best pizza in the world! Get takeaway, it’s much faster - and get the ice cold beer from the deli across the street.
  • Arican K.
    Arican Kurtay6月 12, 2017
    There is only one size pizza margarita. You can feel the taste of the tomato sauce which makes a very juicy and nice pizza. Very crowded at every hour with a very economic price.
  • Piotr K.
    Piotr Kraucki3月 30, 2017
    This place is a legend! Only two types of pizza 🍕 , recipe from 1870! Must have!
  • Kerem Ç.
    Kerem Çığlın3月 12, 2016
    It's the best pizza ever. But must of the times so crowded with tourists and so long queue for a table. If so; just pass to the next pizza place, Napoli is really a pizza heaven the all are delicious
  • Ondra P.
    Ondra Prg9月 11, 2013
    Best pizza ever, no doubt about that. But prepare for looong waiting (up to 50 mins). Shared tables.Little bit chaotic inside. And the toilets are mess. But it is worth an experience ;-)
  • Kseniia U.
    Must visit must eat pizza in Napoli!! Take away more fast line. U can eat on the stairs 10 metered up the street. Very authentic) very Italian
  • Veni I.
    Veni I5月 27, 2014
    "Gorgeously delicious" can hsrdly come close to define the pizza here! Only 2 types of pizzaa, but truely fabulous! Must try! Be ware of 20 mins waiting time to get in (pick a queue no. from inside)
  • Eren B.
    Eren Beyazyildirim5月 5, 2017
    Ingredients (tomato sauce, olive oil, mozzarella) are insanely tasty. Had the crust been crunchier (was a bit doughy but super thin) I'd have given it a 10/10. Still, insane value for your money!
  • Radu D.
    Radu Dumitrescu8月 28, 2015
    Extremely tasteful, simple, pizza. You can order double mozzarela for the Margherita. Be there early, because you can have to wait about an hour. They give out number tickets at the door. Best pizza.
  • John Q.
    John Quist5月 30, 2017
    Good place for pizza, one of the best pizzas I have eaten in my life. The margarita was juicy, the sauce was tasty and the mozarella was fresh. The marina sauce was well mama Mia amazing!
  • Oguz A.
    Oguz Alankaya8月 15, 2016
    closed between 4-7pm and on Sundays. it is the best in town. you need to take a ticket upon your arrive and wait for your turn. one of the Julia Robert's eat pray and love scene also filmed here
  • fdr
    fdr3月 27, 2016
    They say this is one of the best pizza place in the world. I would say that the pizza is delicious, thin but not crispy. Very 'juicy'. They only offer two types of pizza. Very touristy place!
  • veer m.
    veer marwah9月 12, 2014
    THE best pizza. Go with a friend and order 2 large double mozzarella Margherita pizza and one marinara pizza. Have a Margherita each and half of marinara. Each bite of heavenly experience.
  • Eleonora F.
    Eleonora F.5月 1, 2017
    The one and the only! Amazing! A trip to Napoli is all worthy the pizza and the experience. Get there armed with patience & ready to queue
  • Deniz S.
    Deniz Sezer8月 5, 2016
    The wait is painful and too long (app. 1-1,5 hr outside) but it was worth it! Very delicious pizza! As read and seen by 'eat, pray, love' there are 2 choices in "pizza"
  • Dante
    Dante7月 5, 2016
    Tra le migliori Pizzerie di Napoli. La scelta è tra la Marinara ed una splendida Margherita. Nel dubbio provatele entrambe.
    プラス投票 Sep 14
  • Helenice F.
    Helenice Fiuka12月 12, 2015
    A mais antiga pizzaria de Nápoles, só tem dois sabores, Margherita e Marinara. Pizza típica bem diferente do que temos no Brasil. Nesse local foi filmado uma cena do filme Comer, Rezar e Amar !!
  • T0N
    T0N10月 22, 2017
    It's a great Margarita.🍕👌 It's not a place that would blow me away but if you ever crave a good Margarita, that's where to get it from. I recommended double mozzarella! Also be ready to wait!
  • František G.
    František Géla8月 5, 2017
    Great pizza, long waiting. We have waited for two hours for a table (Saturday evening) but the pizzas were great (Margarita and Marinara). Getting takeaway order some other day was nearly immediately.
  • Norah
    Norah7月 16
    The place is known after Julia Roberts scene on Eat Love & Pray but its also one of the oldest pizza places in Napoli
  • Toni S.
    Los entendidos dicen que aqui se hace una de las mejores pizzas del mundo. Económico. Bastante espera pero que son 2 horas si puedes decir que comiste la mejor pizza del mundo? Visita obligada.
  • ioustini 🍉🍸✨
    Possibly the best pizza I’ve had in my life! If you can wait the LONGGG queue you’ll be rewarded is with the best margarita ever!
  • Bill C.
    Bill Chizek10月 29, 2014
    Lived in Naples for 17 years, probably the best pizza place in Napoli. Get there by 1030 in the summer to avoid lines...
  • Fabio V.
    Fabio Virgilio3月 15, 2017
    Es ist die beste (napolitanische) Pizza, die es gibt - auf der Welt! Selbst die Locals lieben sie. Sehr Preiswert
  • eJdeR
    eJdeR1月 23, 2016
    Pizza.That Real neapolitana pizza.Prepare to wait an hour before entering the pizza world stretching back to 1870,it does worth to wait.. But dont expect a menü, u can just get margherita or marinara
  • Corinna P.
    Corinna P7月 23, 2013
    Totally delicious. Utterly and totally. If you're only getting one (mistake), get the margerita over the marinara. If you don't have all day to waste waiting in line, get take away and eat it outside.
  • Etibar H.
    Etibar Hasan11月 28, 2016
    All the good pizza places has long queue, this one as well. If you want to avoid queue just order take away. There are only two type of pizzas, both of them are great. Enjoy
  • Gayathri K.
    Margherita pizza was heaven on earth! If you want to avoid lineups and waiting, go weekdays during lunch, order take away and eat outside. In 10 minutes I had my pizza :)
  • deniz b.
    deniz baykan10月 4, 2016
    Very crowded. You should wait at least 30mn. Tıklım tıkış. Tam lahmacuncu havasında. Sadece 2 çeşit pizza çıkarıyorlar. Peynirsiz ve margarita. İnce yanık hamura, tatlı domates sosu 🍕
  • Shanelle U.
    Shanelle Ueyama6月 8, 2012
    If you are looking for the best authentic pizza experience in Naples come here (u will have to wait for more than 30mins but its sooo worth it) and so unbelievably cheap!
  • Lisa
    Lisa7月 5, 2016
    We went at 2pm, waited for 30mins at least, but definitely worth the wait! It doesn't have too many things on it - simple but delicious
  • Marco O.
    Marco Onizua11月 4, 2013
    Una delle migliori pizzerie di Napoli,tra le tantissime pizzerie della Capitale Partenopea,dovrebbe avere vita dura, ma invece è una delle prime e per altre e dura superarla. Margherita e Marinara DOC
  • @ambarsurastri
    @ambarsurastri6月 26, 2015
    Solo travellers don't need to wait in line. Order pizza, eat it the local way: cut in quarters, roll the piece, eat and leave crust. This way pizza stays warm and keep your hands clean @ambarsurastri
  • Thamires G.
    Thamires Gerevini9月 1, 2015
    Amaaaaazing!!! I thought it would be extremely expensive due to its fame. But it was very cheap and great pizza! If you don't want to wait a lot, go after lunch time
  • Kasia K.
    Kasia Koczułap1月 28, 2017
    Different types of pizza but very good. Cheap but you must wait for the table.
  • K
    K9月 30
    Getting here for just before opening time is the best. But it’s worth the hype. I went for the doppia mozzarella and didn’t regret it, even though I couldn’t finish it.
  • Wojtek
    Wojtek2月 28
    You'll have to wait to get inside, but the price and quality is worth it. On the other hand, there are no parks around so taking away and hoping to find a place with nice view of Naples is a bad idea
  • Julio D.
    Julio Delgado7月 11, 2017
    Pizza is great! Also great value for money. Try not to go on the meal hours, you can be outside for more than 15 minutes to get in
  • Gael D.
    Gael Demenet2月 27, 2016
    Need to go here for the authenticity and cult of the place. Only 2 types of pizza but great napoletean place. 1h wait at least


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