Kim Ga Nae

Downtown Flushing, Flushing
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  • Ryan E.
    Ryan Eick10月 26, 2016
    Good food, cheap too
  • Jenn S.
    Jenn Santiago2月 4, 2016
    Great but packed. Haha. Still well worth it. VERY clean for the area.
  • David C.
    David Crawford1月 10, 2016
    Good: Menu, service, refills.
  • Bee W.
    Bee Williams1月 9, 2016
    Came here for the kimbap! It was a little packed though
  • Emmanuel G.
    Emmanuel Galvan8月 1, 2015
    Can't believe drinks are included !
  • Andy T.
    Andy Tao3月 21, 2015
    Omelette rice for me
  • Puu K.
    Puu Kampolratana3月 17, 2015
    Big portion rules
  • Ronni
    Ronni2月 24, 2015
    Always friendly service and good affordable food, what more can I ask for :)
  • 💎T
    💎T2月 23, 2015
    I love their kimchi fried rice. It's just the right amount of spicy.
  • Joyce C.
    Joyce Chong1月 12, 2015
    Cheap korean food. Get the KGN pork cutlet, cheese dukbokki and spicy tuna cheese roll.
  • 陳雄暉 弟.
    陳雄暉 弟兄12月 7, 2014
    Don't feel rushed, even if the waiters and the people waiting for a table are hustling and bustling around you. Food is like what I made in the dorms when I went away for college. 🍲
  • Sean
    Sean11月 1, 2014
    The waiters are so good at what they do.
  • Omer Z.
    Omer Zach9月 27, 2014
    The ramyun was tasty but not too different from what you make from a packet at home. I'd stick with the more Korean dishes.
  • Andy T.
    Andy Tao9月 21, 2014
    Good service. Waiter speaks Korean and Chinese.
  • Andy T.
    Andy Tao9月 21, 2014
    Don't get the table downstairs....
  • Evan C.
    Evan Chen8月 10, 2014
    The food is cheap and delicious! Try one of their rice dish...for example...The baby octopus beef over's spicy, tasty and delicious! Yumm.
  • Peggy Y.
    Peggy Y.8月 7, 2014
    Unlimited soup and don't forget to tip the waiters for excellent service
  • Subin L.
    Subin Lim8月 5, 2014
    Korean junkfood. The spicy tuna kimbap is delish!!
  • Subin L.
    Subin Lim8月 5, 2014
    Korean junkfood! Their kimbap is delish!!
  • Jason W.
    Jason Wong5月 11, 2014
    Keep in mind.. If you pay by card, they require you to tip in cash
  • Rita L.
    Rita L4月 22, 2014
    unlimited refill of kimchi and soup :)
  • Jamie L.
    Jamie Liu4月 3, 2014
    Service is excellent! I mean very good service! Staffs are really nice and friendly. Food is mediocre... Nothing special...
  • Marcelo L.
    Marcelo Lu3月 8, 2014
    Horrible service but great food... misses orders and places orders at wrong tables
  • Anna W.
    Anna Wong2月 18, 2014
    The spicy bulgogi is delish. The dukboki is so soft. And the waiters are super attentive!
  • Julia Z.
    Julia Zoobies12月 24, 2013
    The service here is impeccable! Soup, water and radish refilled before I even noticed.
  • Ani B.
    Ani Bijoyan10月 1, 2013
    Yummy and cheap! More vegetarian options than most places around Main Street.
  • Patricia C.
    Patricia Cheung9月 24, 2013
    Spicy Tuna Roll and Spicy Octopus Pan-Fried Over Rice!
  • Marvin C.
    Marvin Charles9月 5, 2013
    #26 hits the spot
  • Cat J.
    Cat J8月 16, 2013
    Get their cheese kimbap. It sounds awful, but it's really to die for.
  • Diana P.
    Diana P8月 15, 2013
    Was looking for a place to eat with the bf and stumbled upon this place and only came in because they accepted cards. Best forced choice ever the food was amazing and cheap!
  • Donne L.
    Donne Ly5月 24, 2013
    Always amazing. Been coming here for more then five years. Tip the waiters and bus boys well :)
  • Jennifer B.
    Jennifer Becker5月 2, 2013
    The regular ramen is SPICY but delicious.
  • Paul L.
    Paul Lin4月 4, 2013
    Kim Chee ramen yum!$5
  • Julieta H.
    Julieta Hsieh Shan3月 7, 2013
    Always love their prompt and courteous service, yummy Korean food for late night foodies!
  • Cece L.
    Cece L2月 16, 2013
    Their fish katsu is a must-try !
  • Pico
    Pico11月 20, 2012
    They are quick
  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo10月 5, 2012
    If you're in the Flushing, NY area & fiending for Korean food, this is the spot. It's bright, dining area is clean, food is good & affordable. Just came out of da club? They open 6a Fri n Sat ;D
  • Darren
    Darren9月 23, 2012
    Where the hell is my food?! I ordered before all these other people an they are served first.
  • Jackie J.
    Jackie Jeong2月 12, 2012
    This is the spot for home Cooked Korean food! Spicy octopus or spicy Kalbi beef is Yuuummm! I come here all the time. Quick, cheap & friendly!
  • Stephanie C.
    Stephanie C9月 10, 2011
    The bibimbap is kind of tasteless
  • Stephanie C.
    Stephanie C9月 10, 2011
    Love the seafood ramen and the squid roll, 12 pieces for $5 you can't go wrong
  • Sophia K.
    Sophia Kim1月 23, 2011
    they completely renovated the place - it's much more spacious and looks really nice! food didn't change though, get the spicy tuna kimbab!
  • Ric S.
    Ric StArr11月 19, 2010
    Order Bulgoki Nakji Dupbap...spicy but really good!
  • Kwame O.
    Kwame Opam3月 16, 2010
    Tip the waiters. They may not always get it right, but they're really nice