Chinatown, ニューヨーク
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  • Anne
    Spanakopita is out of this world. Friendly service.
  • Celine G.
    Lamb chops are delicious
  • Gerald v.
    Everything is great. Loved the lamb chops, and good deals on wine carafes.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Chiara F.
    Great for groups !!
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin9月 17
    No frills classic E Bway hipster vibe with a large and really good selection of Greek food. Octopus and the little meat patties were highlights. Fish was very nicely done as well
  • Joey J.
    Joey J9月 12
    Authentic Greek food in Chinatown.
  • Inna G.
    Inna G8月 25
    Tzatziki was great, moussaka was good as well. The octopus was on the dryer side.
  • Tristan D.
    Tzatziki, spinach with rice and tomatoes, lemon potatoes, branzino and moussaka are all great. The cheesecake was surprisingly awesome (at a Greek place...)
  • Yiming B.
    Yiming Bao8月 15
    Rustic European home style. Their mellow playlist is decent
  • Escape C.
    This place is a gem. Dim lighting, the decor and music sets an awesome lively vibe that makes you forget you're in NYC. Try the zuccini chips, greek salad, the spanakopita , grilled octopus . So good.
  • Leneil R.
    Fab. Greek salad is a must! French fries too. Make sure to get the lamb chops; i got some other lamb that was good but too fatty. Also feel like I made a mistake not getting the roast chicken.Nxt time
  • Olin
    Olin7月 28
    Delicious but heavier than original Greek food
  • Claudio S.
    We loved the grilled octopus, imam Baildi (tomato eggplant) and the delicious Greek salad.
  • Chelsea B.
    #FabuLIST #DubiDO start with tzatziki and eggplant mezze and saganaki. Lamb entree with fries was delicious. End with the cheese cake. #DubiDONT octopus and salad was ok. No A/C in back room
  • Maeve O.
    Went here after my favorite greek restaurant in nyc (Ayios) sadly closed. Food was good, but definitely not worth the two hour wait to get a table. Order takeout from here if you can!
    プラス投票 Oct 12
  • Vyacheslav D.
    Трешовый интерьер как много где в НЙ, но все вкусно: мусака, греческий салат, осьминог, жареный цукини с сыром - все было очень достойно. Только суп так себе.
  • stephanie s.
    The melitzanoslata and taramasalata were delicious appetizers. Spanokopita was fantastic, as were the lemon potatoes. Eggplant dish was flavorful and baklava was sublime. Definitely recommend!
  • Chandra G.
    The lamb chops were amazing. The atmosphere and service were excellent and authentic. Highly recommend this place.
  • Micah M.
    Everything is good. Kiki’s is what you hope it will be
  • Aja B.
    Such a great spot! They don’t take reservations, but it’s worth the wait if it’s busy. We got a bunch of the small plates, which seemed like the way to go. The octopus and tzatziki were great.
  • Ryan C.
    Honestly, a little overrated in my opinion. The food wasn't bad, I just has high expectations. Worth trying, but don't be as hyped as I was I guess.
  • Amanda .
    My Greek boyfriend said it was the best Greek food he’s had outside Greece + Cyprus so I wanted to share the verdict.
  • Aris A.
    Fantastic authentic Greek food with a mix of atmospheres that gives off a great laid back vibe. Great!
  • Lauren B.
    Baklava and spanikopita is some of the best Ive had
  • Diana O.
    everything here is good! can't go wrong. cute space too
  • Sinan A.
    Great zucchini fries
  • Oli
    Oli1月 7
    Great food. Seems like a family run place.
  • Bonnie C.
    Bonnie Chu12月 15, 2017
    Not a 9.4. Lamb with Lemon yogurt sauce was served lukewarm and bland. Mezze were good.
  • Kathryn I.
    Kathryn I12月 6, 2017
    Really good and awesome for groups who like to share. Not worth more than a 30min wait though.
  • Jarel H.
    Jarel Hill11月 24, 2017
    Best restaurant I've been to in a while. Saganaki, grilled octopus, moussaka, lamb chops all amazing!! Moussaka was my favorite.
  • Lucy
    Lucy11月 13, 2017
    All the Greek food! In a hip and unassuming location. Delicious and authentic.
  • Max P.
    Max Perry11月 11, 2017
    Octopus and lamb both awesome. Most dishes come with fries, so make sure you choose right!
  • Lauren D.
    Lauren Docktor11月 5, 2017
    Octopus 🐙
  • Emily W.
    Emily Wilson10月 18, 2017
    First order of business: carafe (or bottle) of house red. Then order anything and everything; you can’t fuck up here.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Nick A.
    Nick Aull10月 7, 2017
    Overhyped and quick service. Food is good but not nearly the best. Octopus is mediocre
  • Antoine M.
    Antoine Moreau10月 2, 2017
    Fantastic food (try the lamb!) with an interesting selection of Mediterranean wines and a fantastic atmosphere
  • Jack E.
    Jack Etherington9月 24, 2017
    Good but not amazing, overhyped.
  • Mike S.
    Mike Sherman9月 12, 2017
    Everything delicious. The cheesecake, taramasalata, and veggie main don't get as much love as they should.
  • Marianna F.
    Marianna Fierro9月 10, 2017
    Honest food, huge portions, great vibes!
  • Mike S.
    Mike Sherman9月 5, 2017
    Excellent food and cheap. But you will wait, and the tables make you feel like a sardine.
  • Sheena
    Sheena8月 13, 2017
    Sooooooooooooo good. Meat platter, Greek salad, yum yum
  • Josue E.
    Josue Evilla8月 2, 2017
    Gem on border of Chinatown and LES serves amazing authentic Greek cuisine. No reservations, so come early or expect a long wait. Tzatziki! Moussaka! Saganaki! Baklava! Totally reasonable prices.
  • Jose P.
    Jose Pablo Mangeri7月 27, 2017
    Get here early to avoid long waits. At 5:30pm on a Monday the place was mostly empty. All great: spicy cheese dip, horiatiki, octopus, mama's roast chicken. The best? Fries w/ feta and mustard sauce.
  • Molly S.
    Molly Stoddart7月 21, 2017
    Cozy atmosphere, easily seated a group of 8. Delicious Greek food!
  • Chophel N.
    Chophel Namgyal7月 18, 2017
    Big Greek salad, Tzaziki, fries w feta, grilled Octopus 🐙 were awesome! Need to come back to eat more of the menu! 👌🏽
  • Nikos B.
    Nikos Bartzoulianos7月 16, 2017
    Excellent Moussaka, Baklava, and Cheesecake! Great Greek tavern!
  • Elizabeth K.
    Elizabeth Kazus7月 15, 2017
    Пожалуй, одно из лучших мест в чайнатауне
  • Andrew A.
    Andrew Adams7月 10, 2017
    Moussaka and baklava
  • Sam G.
    Sam Gil7月 9, 2017
    Tzastiki, cheese/pastry/honey thing, octopus, lamb chops all musts. Mousakka is great and the fish.
  • Nicole F.
    Nicole Formica6月 26, 2017
    The grilled octopus was a game changer. Extremely tender with the perfect amount of char.