Jumbo Slice Pizza

Jumbo Slice Pizza

Adams Morgan, Washington
  • Edgar
    "Great pizza (ピザ), staff was really friendly"(11 つの Tips)
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  • Behrad Eats
    Behrad Eats9月 7, 2016
    If you're here, you know what to do - jumbo slice!
  • Campbell B.
    Campbell Bird11月 2, 2014
    Don't be fooled, this is the real deal. Great booze food.
    プラス投票 Sep 29
  • Bryan S.
    Bryan Schuerman5月 28, 2013
    When they say Jumbo Slice, they mean Jumbo Slice! A great thing to have after a night of drinking!
  • Trevor H.
    Trevor Hill3月 13, 2017
    After a night out in Adams Morgan what better than a humongous slice of pizza. The perfect late night drunk food
  • Kirk
    Kirk9月 14, 2012
    The pizza is so-so, but does the trick if you have been out and about. And as a couple of others have said, one slice is plenty.
  • Anthony A.
    Anthony Agby10月 11, 2011
    Pizza is delicious. Definitely only need one slice. It takes up two plates.
  • Edgar
    Edgar2月 5, 2013
    Great pizza, staff was really friendly
  • Pink L.
    Pink Luxe3月 29, 2011
    I love this pizza. When it comes to huge slices, this place is so much better than Pizza Mart.
  • RJ
    RJ7月 25, 2013
    Nice to experience drunk or sober, huge slice of pizza
  • Ed
    Ed12月 8, 2011
    Giant delicious pizza. Best when eaten at 3am after a night at the Madame's Organ.
  • Ryan W.
    Ryan Winn9月 20, 2010
    The ORIGINAL Adam's Morgan Jumbo Slice. Always a good call after a night on the town. Make sure to save $5 because it is cash only.
  • Corey N.
    Corey Nichols11月 10, 2013
    You get a Big Bang for your buck here!
  • Michael C.
    Michael Campanella8月 8, 2014
    At the end of a night out on the town accept no substitutes.
  • Jami A.
    Jami Adams4月 27
    It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, I’m not so sure. I would do it again, though 😬
  • Kaitlyn P.
    Kaitlyn Pezik6月 8, 2015
    huge, moderately tasty pizza
  • Anna W.
    Anna Wi8月 11, 2014
    I think it's only good if you're intoxicated. Had it for the first time when I was sober and it was nothing special.
  • Sam J.
    Sam Jordan11月 26, 2013
    A huge favorite! Locals love it.
  • Laura D.
    Laura Dang4月 7, 2013
    all right my jaw hurt after chewing on the crust for 10 minutes..
  • Nicky S.
    Nicky Sampogna7月 9, 2010
    Not your NY Pizza - but after a night out, one slice is allll you'll need
  • foodie h.
    foodie huxtable8月 25, 2012
    Damn GOOD off the late night...!
  • Brooke H.
    Brooke Harding7月 14, 2017
    Late night grease heaven.
  • TV Food Maps
    TV Food Maps8月 26, 2014
    Check out Jumbo Slice as seen on Food Wars 続きを見る
  • Elena C.
    Elena Clanton12月 7, 2013
    Bring your own forks&knives
  • Hannah B.
    Hannah Baker7月 23, 2011
    'that pizzas big as hell'
  • Jimmy I.
    Jimmy Iacobelli5月 15, 2011
    Tighten the garlic powder lid
  • Kevin B.
    Kevin B4月 3, 2010
    Uuuuugh I regreted it the moment I bought it
  • Ryan B.
    Ryan Bahniuk3月 10, 2013
    Basically anarchy
  • Shannon Y.
    Shannon Yazurlo2月 6, 2012
    "I'm not even drunk!"
  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S10月 13, 2012
    I took a huge shit
  • Brittany W.
    Brittany W1月 22, 2012
    Disgusting. Dont do it!