John C. Hodges Library

John C. Hodges Library

University of Tennessee, ノックスビル
  • Jessica C.
    "It seems to get quiet (静か) around 1 a.m."(2 つの Tips)
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  • Boy R.
    Boy Racer9月 9, 2013
    Pay your respects to the remains of the Centaur from Volos located on the first floor. Then go have a cold one on The Strip in memory of him.
  • DJ Bobby D.
    DJ Bobby Dove1月 16, 2014
    If your a night-owl and you smash out coursework. Go to one of the 3 old group study rooms on the North-side commons area along side the back wall. No 1 to bother or be bothered by ALL-NIGHT @12am!
  • Matt W.
    Matt Ward1月 27, 2013
    Read! Come to see Ryan Singer and Jarrod Harris 1/30/13 at The Pilot Light on the Organic Comedy Tour
  • Dan H.
    Dan Hood7月 21, 2011
    Quiet place to study. Good option if your by yourself are the window tables on the 4th and 5th floors.
  • Lizzi
    Lizzi2月 5, 2011
    OIT is super helpful for computer issues, and everyone who works there is always willing to help you out, just ask!
  • Greg R.
    Greg Rodgers2月 1, 2011
    OIT is in the south commons and can help a lot with computers when they are open. . . they help me remove a virus
  • Blake W.
    Blake Webb5月 6, 2010
    Not a bad place to study if you are by yourself or have a devoted study group. Would avoid during midterms / finals due to the individuals who only use it during those times. More talk than study.
  • Matt W.
    Matt Ward11月 9, 2011
    Check out our stand up comedy open mic every at Flashback Hookah Lounge 1817 Cumberland and visit for comedy!
  • Zach K.
    Zach Kirkland1月 23, 2012
    If you're going to screw around on Facebook, at least be courteous and not talk. Some of us are actually here to study.
  • Johnathon C.
    Johnathon Cisco10月 28, 2010
    If you want a good place to study. I would have to say 4th floor is by far the best..
  • Patrick T.
    Patrick Teasdale3月 27, 2014
    Best place to go clubbing any night of the week: Club Hodges!
  • Teresa M.
    Teresa McClung9月 15, 2011
    The Map room in the ground floor is this places best kept secret!
  • Yurdagül B.
    Yurdagül Boğar9月 18, 2014
    We love Tennessee, we love the library :)
  • Krissa Swain R.
    Good basic university quality library.
  • Jessica C.
    Jessica Carney4月 27, 2010
    The second floor is open all night tonight. It seems to get quiet around 1 a.m.
  • Connie S.
    Connie Shih8月 20, 2011
    Love the Starbucks and bookstore branch
  • Jamie L.
    Jamie Lonie5月 3, 2010
    Climb to the top of the stairs. The summit offers a nice surprise.
  • Mark B.
    Mark Bellott1月 26, 2012
    North commons is where it's at.
  • Luc D.
    Luc Desjarlais11月 30, 2011
    Have fun trying to find a computer this finals week!
  • Kevin M.
    Kevin Matas5月 3, 2010
    Third floor for finals? Find 'wings, legs, or fins', wings is my choice. 591 k15w
  • Dante A.
    Dante Arnwine7月 11, 2013
    Go to Starbucks!
  • Paige P.
    Paige Parker7月 23, 2011
    The commons is loud and full of people who are too busy socializing to study.
  • Yi Y.
    Yi YANG3月 21, 2010
    Just read here. Enjoy the atmosphere of study!
  • Max M.
    Max Mueller8月 31, 2010
    I've always wanted to say this - for shizzle
  • Allison B.
    Allison Bolorizadeh8月 31, 2010
    Doing Research? Check out the Research Guides for helpful hints! 続きを見る
  • Aiden K.
    Aiden Kirchner2月 9, 2012
    Study study. Go Tennessee Vols!
  • Paris W.
    Paris Wade10月 19, 2011
    Get out of here while you still can!
  • Karl H.
    Karl Hughes2月 7, 2011
    Check out for a study break!
  • Erin M.
    Erin Moore2月 18, 2010
    Come by the Haiti Awareness display at Commons South in Hodges Library:)
  • Allison B.
    Allison Bolorizadeh5月 4, 2010
    For help with a paper go to the Research Assistance desk in the Commons.
  • Alexander L.
    Alexander Loeb11月 7, 2010
    Some of the strangest people here
  • Nick S.
    Nick Smith9月 7, 2011
    Wanna flirt with somebody? Steal their printed material and act like you didn't mean to...
  • Kevin M.
    Kevin Matas5月 3, 2010
    Look for book TA 401 .S46, a surprise for finals awaits
  • Jonathan C.
    Jonathan Coplon4月 22, 2010
    South Commons!


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