Joe's Shanghai 鹿鸣春

Midtown East, ニューヨーク
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  • このスポットのdumplingsは有名で、この街で特に人気があります。
  • Derek F.
    "The scallop and shrimp dumplings (餃子) are very tasty too."(147 つの Tips)
    Anjeline T.
    "Crab and pork soup dumplings (蟹), crispy sea bass and snow pea leaves"(21 つの Tips)
    "Soup (スープ) dumpling 👌 , lichee martini ❤️, for a great price point ."(111 つの Tips)
    Denis S.
    "The chicken corn soup (コーンスープ) is equivalent to egg drop soup with corn,..."(2 つの Tips)
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  • スープ
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  • Shawn Ryan R.
    Great ramen!
  • Bev W.
    Bev Wright6月 11
    Fried pork dumplings, seafood pan fried noodles
  • Nitzan B.
    Nitzan B4月 24
    Soup dumplings were good and so was the food, except for the soups, they are definitely not recommended.
  • Evangelia G.
    pork soup dumpling were very good
  • Casagato C.
    La carne con brócoli y los dumplings en sopa.
  • Kari Y.
    Kari Y3月 15
    The best soup dumplings in uptown, dumpling skin is very thin, a must!
  • Megan F.
    Need to try the soup dumplings!
  • Lea L.
    Lea Liu1月 27
    They refused to gave us seat because one of our friend still on the way and didn't wait for the seat with us, we waited in January's wind for 30 minutes while there was a spare table all the time.
  • Ebru B.
    Fried duck was precooked and was hard to eat. I am so disappointed.
  • Dave B.
    Dave Brand12月 30, 2016
    Come for the soup dumplings but pricier and not quite the same as downtown
  • Harry N.
    Harry Nolan12月 11, 2016
    Dumplings just as great as everyone says. Was told 45 min queue and sat down after 25. Great Meal - $63 for 2 satisfied people
  • Polina W.
    Polina Weitz12月 10, 2016
    Great soup dumplings!
  • Kelley Y.
    Kelley Y12月 7, 2016
    Love this spot for xlb!!! And some shanghai noodles
  • Christa H.
    Christa Hoegler11月 30, 2016
    The pork soup dumplings lived up to my high expectations. Regretted ordering the ~$20 genera tsao's entree at first but that ended up being pretty yummy as well.
  • Akurev S.
    Akurev Serolf11月 12, 2016
  • Penn M.
    Penn Marchael10月 28, 2016
    Quieter than the China town location. And not family style seating which can be nice. Everything is really delicious and well prepared
  • Guglielmo V.
    Guglielmo Ventura10月 21, 2016
    The soup dumplings were great!! The WHOLE FRIED FISH oh hell no don't do it. It was not the best quality fish. It was tasteless..
  • Su Y.
    Su Yang10月 15, 2016
    Soup dumpling taste good but service attitude is very bad!!!!!
  • Kristina
    Kristina9月 5, 2016
    Free hot tea. Crab & pork soup dumplings are decent, but crab doesn't taste fresh. Soup is good
  • Gábor S.
    Gábor Sebestyén8月 31, 2016
    Dumpling Soup is simply unique! Give a try!
  •月 9, 2016
    Lunch special menus are not worth trying (as you can see the picture). Stick to regular menus and pork soup dumplings.
  • Dai S.
    Dai Shi6月 30, 2016
    The soup dumplings are incredibly juicy. Bite a little hole and slurp the soup before taking a bigger bite.
  • Natalia G.
    Natalia Gafurova6月 18, 2016
    Недаром хвалят здешние Китайские "пельмени". Вкусно и не очень дорого.
  • Hector T.
    Hector Torres-Jorge6月 17, 2016
    Soup dumplings are a must when in NYC!!!
  • Carrie L.
    Carrie Lawson6月 10, 2016
    The pork soup dumplings are the reason to come! The beef lo mein was incredibly delicious also and the service was miles better than the pushy downtown location.
  • Chris E.
    Chris Evans5月 3, 2016
    Wobble wobble like a xiao long bao.
  • natalie k.
    natalie kay4月 18, 2016
    If you only get one thing, make it the soup dumplings. But try more! Pancakes are yummy! Super fast meal.
  • Yora D.
    Yora Dif4月 15, 2016
    Bet dumplings in Manhattan
  • Julie M.
    Julie Morse3月 28, 2016
    Shrimp Chow Mein is epic!!! Fully recommend this Chinese authentic restaurant
  • Renard R.
    Renard Rogers2月 28, 2016
    The xiao long bao was pretty good. Great spot to bring a friend for an authentic chinese dumpling experience.
  • Holly C.
    Holly Cynthia2月 15, 2016
    Pork soup dumplings are great. This location is much pricier than Chinatown. Also had the spicy crispy beef - delicious
  • Quan N.
    Quan Nguyen2月 4, 2016
    During my particular visit, the dumps weren't piping hot. Minor let-down.
  • Kristen P.
    Kristen Peirano1月 31, 2016
    Soup dumplings !
  • Katsu G.
    Katsu Goto1月 20, 2016
    Get the soup dumpling. Period.
  • Ailie C.
    Ailie Chang1月 20, 2016
    Soup dumplings are still delish at this location but you pay a higher price and get less dumplings than the Chinatown location. Get the Watermelon Slush :)
  • Alice N.
    Alice Nam1月 12, 2016
    Worth the wait. Soup dumpling, the crispy pork, mushroom with bok choy and of course tsingdao! Perfect lunch. Will try the downtown location nxt time tho.
  • David B.
    David Ban12月 31, 2015
    Slightly less charming than the downtown location, but still great. Soup Dumplings, string beans w/ pork, maybe Peking Duck if you're feeling frisky.
  • Dennis H.
    Dennis Hwang12月 28, 2015
    Even among Chinese restaurants the service is brusque and the place is generally dirty (stains in the tablecloth from the night before, greasy plates).
  • Courtney E.
    Courtney Epstein12月 21, 2015
    Soup dumplings, beef and string beans, scallion pancakes are all delicious
  • Luke P.
    Luke Pack12月 18, 2015
    Get the salt and pepper pork chops or the spicy beef.
  • John S.
    John Shen12月 16, 2015
    The soup dumplings come out quick here during lunch
  • Sam H.
    Sam H12月 4, 2015
    Great soup dumplings just like their original location but nicer seating
  • Theresa C.
    Theresa Callahan11月 27, 2015
    Get the crab and pork soup dumplings and know what yay want before sitting down
  • Giovanni D.
    Giovanni D'Palma11月 21, 2015
    Good soup dumplings
  • Tara D.
    Tara DeVincenzo11月 8, 2015
    cold tofu and veggie appetizer was a delicious surprise
  • Lais S.
    Lais Scheffler10月 30, 2015
    Crab and pork soup dumplings!!
  • Liane N.
    Liane Ng10月 15, 2015
    Spicy beef strips, pork soup dumplings, pork shoulder
  • Phil K.
    Phil Katz10月 3, 2015
    A great lunch option in an otherwise lacking part of town
  • Kaitlyn P.
    Kaitlyn Pezik9月 29, 2015
    the crab soup dumplings are everything
  • Patrick
    Patrick9月 27, 2015
    Spicy broccoli and vegetable dumplings are clutch. Service here is ridiculously good.
  • Omer Z.
    Omer Zach9月 22, 2015
    The soup dumplings are some of the best around. The rest of the menu is a waste of time and money.
  • Jose Antonio T.
    Soup dumpling are simply the best. To die for!
  • Melike Ç.
    Melike Çulcuoğlu9月 9, 2015
    First destination to go in need of Chinese ✨
  • Nathanael C.
    Nathanael Cho9月 5, 2015
    Nicer than the Chinatown location, but also a bit pricier. Really great service (lots of staff) and soup dumplings are of course good.
  • Pompeyo D.
    Pompeyo De Falco8月 9, 2015
    Sups and sea food
  • Pompeyo D.
    Pompeyo De Falco8月 9, 2015
    Sea food pan fried noodles excellent
  • Nick J.
    Nick Johnson7月 25, 2015
    Only actually has two kinds of soup dumpling.
  • Renz N.
    Renz Noble7月 14, 2015
    Pork and crab soup dumpling. Don't order anything else.
  • Randol D.
    Randol Davis7月 11, 2015
    Pork soup dumplings and veggie spring rolls! Yum!
  • Robert A.
    Robert Accettura6月 27, 2015
    There's a million reviews that will tell you this. If you go here, you will order the dumplings. Here's the secret: you will wonder how you can increase your stomach capacity to eat more.
  • FRITZ f.
    The great "soup" wontons... plus everything else. A very authentic and delicious experience is what you will find here.
  • Carolina G.
    Carolina Guerrero5月 28, 2015
    Killer pork dumplins...and a convenient lunch menu
  • Renato B.
    Renato Braun5月 12, 2015
    Very quick service, are you in a rush. That's a cool place. Decent price for the region and good stuff. Try the beef with black mushrooms and bamboo shots.
  • Vivian V.
    Vivian Vo5月 3, 2015
    More expensive than the one in Chinatown..
  • Kathryn P.
    Kathryn Phillips4月 5, 2015
    Soup dumplings
  • Jonathon S.
    Calmer than the Chinatown location
  • Katt
    Katt3月 15, 2015
    Soup dumpling 👌 , lichee martini ❤️, for a great price point . I have been here twice
  • Nelly T.
    Nelly Tejeda3月 14, 2015
    Dumplings, dumplimgs & dumplings
  • Auri G.
    Auri Ghatak3月 14, 2015
    Soup dumplings soup dumplings soup dumplings, did I say soup dumplings? The pork ones are the best.
  • Diego R.
    Diego Recondo3月 11, 2015
    Soup dumplings are amazing
  • Sara Y.
    Sara Y3月 7, 2015
    Soup dumplings
  • KMP Blog
    KMP Blog2月 28, 2015
    Soup dumplings and scallion pancakes are my fave.
  • Kim J.
    Kim Jong Hyuk2月 26, 2015
    Great chinese food!
  • Yousif A.
    Yousif Almuzayen2月 25, 2015
    Hot and sour soup.. Perfect treat on a freezing winter night
  • Peter K.
    Peter Kelly2月 8, 2015
    Soup dumplings! Skip everything else.
  • Rita S.
    Rita Sidorenko1月 31, 2015
    Flavorful soup dumplings.
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin1月 28, 2015
    The soup dumplings are the highlight, and I find the crab/pork to be more balanced than the standalone pork offering. Scallion pancakes are well regarded but a bit too doughy in my opinion
  • Frani L.
    Frani Lieberman1月 25, 2015
    Good, if not so fresh, soup dumplings
  •月 25, 2015
    Crispy shredded spicy beef. Sweet and slightly garlicky taste. So good.
  •月 25, 2015
    Seafood pan fried noodle. Noodle is uniquely delicious and the quality of seafood is super fresh.
  • Chris D.
    Chris Deininger1月 17, 2015
    Great. Perfekt meal
  • Ru L.
    Ru Lu1月 7, 2015
    I must say, it's not the best shanghainese restaurants in the city (coming from a native shanghainese), but they don't rush you to get the check and the service is not bad.
  • Mihkel R.
    Mihkel Raud1月 4, 2015
    Wonderful kung pao chicken.
  • Jessie
    Jessie12月 31, 2014
    The worst Chinese food we had in a long time. Plus the terrible service on top of that. Duh!!
  • Tanay J.
    Tanay Jaipuria11月 29, 2014
    Soup dumplings are amazing
  • Allison Y.
    Allison Yu11月 12, 2014
    About a 50% markup from the Chinatown location! Take the train downtown instead if you have time to spare
  • Aviram
    Aviram11月 10, 2014
    Chicken garlick was really good.
  • Kristina P.
    Kristina P11月 8, 2014
    the soup dumplings are perfect, juicy, delicious
  • Elek V.
    Elek V10月 26, 2014
    Had the crab/pork soup dumplings and the Shanghai wonton soup, which was better than the dumplings.
  • Diego R.
    Diego Recondo10月 21, 2014
    Dumplings are delicious!
  • Sunmi O.
    Sunmi Oh10月 21, 2014
    Soup dumpitys
  • Jason
    Jason10月 7, 2014
    Soup dumplings. The knee thing you MUST order. Other food is good too lol
  • Cinar S.
    Cinar Sahin9月 26, 2014
    Soup dumplings
  • Jeremy J.
    Jeremy Jacobowitz9月 16, 2014
    Lucky enough the live above here! SO tempting to eat every meal from here! Soup dumplings are incredible but don't forget the scallion pancakes, pork dumplings, general Tsao chicken, and everything!
  • esther
    esther9月 3, 2014
    Satisfies your soup dumpling cravings
  • Robert L.
    Robert Lee8月 31, 2014
    Amazing crab and pork soup dumplings!
  • Yang C.
    Yang Chen8月 26, 2014
  • Jeremy J.
    Jeremy Jacobowitz8月 22, 2014
    The BEST Chinese food in NYC! Soup dumplings, pork dumplings, scallion pancakes, general Tsao chicken! It goes on and on....
  • Soo K.
    Soo Kim8月 16, 2014
    Best pork soup dumplings in the city!
  • Village Voice
    Village Voice8月 15, 2014
    For the adventuresome there is drunken crab, a sort of ceviche of raw Maryland blues marinated in yellow rice wine, with the cerulean of the shell creating a contrast with the electric-orange roe. 続きを見る


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