(Grote Markt)
Brussels, ブリュッセル
  • Tony G.
    "La arquitectura (建築) es maravillosa, vale mucho la pena venir a conocerla"(22 つの Tips)
    Nadia V.
    "Free wifi, sit at the stairs and eat your waffle (ワッフル) and fries!"(19 つの Tips)
    RAY A.
    "amazing chocolate shops (チョコレート店)"(7 つの Tips)
    Francesca P.
    "ceremony for the Flower Carpet (花) ...:D"(7 つの Tips)
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  • 高井 田.
    高井 田9月 18, 2013
  • Sachiyo K.
    Sachiyo Kaneko8月 18, 2014
  • Vic F.
    Vic F3月 10, 2016
  • Artyom F.
    The most beautiful square not only in Brussels, but maybe in whole Europe. Looks gorgeous even in terrible weather. Try to avoid any shops and cafes, they are expensive as usual in touristic places.
  • 4sq SUs Belgium
    4sq SUs Belgium3月 5, 2016
    One of the most beautiful squares in the world, surrounded by beautifully decorated baroque and gothic guildhouses, this UNESCO World Heritage site is the highest rated Belgian Foursquare venue!
  • 4sq SUs Belgium
    4sq SUs Belgium3月 5, 2016
    Every even-numbered year this UNESCO World Heritage site is covered with a carpet of around one million begonias for a couple of days in August.
  • Adam N.
    Adam Nowek8月 7, 2015
    Grand Place is one of Europe's most spectacular squares, featuring incredible architecture and a wide, open space. As per usual, avoid all of the cafés around here and try to find something local.
  • Burçin Ö.
    Burçin Özkan12月 27, 2015
    Muhteşem Belçika wafflenın üzerine göz kamaştıran Grand Place i görmek muhteşem Belçika biralarını içmek için Delirium'a geçmeden önce yapılacak en güzel şey. Brüksel'in kalbidir Royal de burası da.
  • Starduck
    Starduck7月 3, 2016
    Loved the hustle and bustle of the place.Should definitely try the waffles and the Bouchée chocolate store nearby.Don't fall for the leather stores run by Asians nearby, they are not of good quality.
  • Eduardo G.
    Such a lovely place, you have to visit this plaza during the day and also during the nigh because there are 2 different plazas. You can stay sitting in the floor as any time you wish.
  • Nasser M.
    Nasser M9月 21, 2014
    ساحة القراند ،، المباني الموجودة على الساحة .. من أحلى التحف المعمارية اللي شاهدتها في حياتي ❤️،،النظر لها يجيب السعادة .. معارض الشوكولا البلجيكية الموجودة حول الساحة ،، تزيد من عشقكم للمدينة ❤️
  • Elle D.
    Elle Dorner7月 27, 2016
    One of the most beautiful places in Europe! Grab a beer and enjoy the summer nights chillin right in the middle of the Grande Place.
  • Gabi B.
    Gabi Bulumac12月 20, 2015
    Without any doubt is the heart of the city ❤️ and the most popular tourist destination in Brussels.A true architectural jewel 💎 People watch heaven 😂 Truly amazing at night😜 Words are not enough...
  • Murat
    Murat6月 14, 2015
    Amazingly stunning and very beautiful OldTown Square. Cafes are all around. On a sunny day, people sit on the old cabble stones and have 'picnic'. So picturisque at night with beautiful illumination.
  • Matthieu
    Matthieu7月 6, 2016
    Beautiful architecture, worth the trip alone. Of course full of tourists, but beautiful in the morning!
  • Betül Ö.
    Betül Öztürk9月 5, 2016
    It is the best place in Brussels. You can find good chocolate shop around here. You Will like very much!!!
  • Joud A.
    Joud Al Kateb5月 29, 2016
    By far the most beautiful square in Europe. Full of rich history. One of my favorite spots in Brussels.
  • Amaury
    Amaury6月 4
    Absolutely gorgeous square. Get yourself lost in the streets that surround it. Have cash for food because most places don't accept cards.
  • donis
    donis12月 17, 2015
    Beautiful square, old architecture buildings. Has a nice feeling to it and is nothing like the rest of Brussels
  • Thorsten S.
    Fun fact: If the French would not have destroyed the Grand Place in 1695, it would not look so beautiful today. After destruction the place was rebuild with a closed front of baroque facade.
  • Marie V.
    Marie Vandenberg12月 3, 2014
    Très jolie place malheureusement tjrs envahie de touristes. Les cafés y sont chers mais la vue vaut le coup. Essayez le son et lumière des Plaisirs d'Hiver, une nuit d'été ou un concert !
  • Elena P.
    Elena Paschaleri9月 20, 2014
    A lot of tourists, cameras and chocolate shopping... Avoid the temptation and look for the best :Mary chocolaterie inside the galleria Reine.
  • Purutcuu
    Purutcuu8月 13, 2014
    Brussels=chocolate, waffles, fries, Manneken Pis, lace varieties and clean streets ... Besides, Grote Markt is one of the most beautiful squares I've ever seen.
  • Lolla M.
    Lolla Moon3月 22, 2015
    Go during the day to better appreciate the details on the façades and come back in the evening to see them lit. Grab a waffle and enjoy the beauty that is Europe. ❤️
  • Moe R.
    Moe Rustom5月 28, 2016
    One of the most beautiful squares in Europe. The architecture show beauty and greatness
  • Kit K.
    Kit Ketty12月 14, 2013
    The cathedral is amazing and combined with the huge Xmass trees and the visual show they put up tonight, it can easily be one of the most incredible sights I've visited.
  • DHR.com
    DHR.com9月 19, 2011
    Aside from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this central square is best seen at night, when it’s illuminated. Aside from the Town Hall, this place also has buildings that are over 300 years old!
  • TheSun
    TheSun4月 20, 2014
    It s crowded and historical place.. I like Thé buildings. They are from 1800 s.. Get your drink and amazing Belgium waffle.. look Thé buildings and feel like you r in old times..
  • Fоursquаrе по-русски
    На площади есть арка, войдя в которую можно увидеть в стене барельеф - св. Михаил и его собака. Нужно погладить, не отрывая руки, Михаила и коснуться головы собаки, загадав при этом желание.
  • Phat B.
    Phat Buoy9月 30, 2014
    Could spend all day stood here - simply one of the best sites in Europe. U can manage to sneak into City Hall if ur lucky. Cafes are more expensive here but with good reason
  • Social N.
    Social News Network12月 5, 2013
    In this one magnificent square you can find all the Belgian things you could ever want to try, frites, Belgian waffels, Belgian chocolate, and Belgian beer.
  • Chris W.
    Chris Walsh8月 18, 2013
    Amazing square unmatched by any square in Europe or maybe the world. Tip. The northeast corner is good for chocolate and gauffre
  • Via C.
    Via Castro10月 11, 2016
    Suprisingly beautiful, I can stay all day in this place sitting and drinking coffee nearby while appreciating the beauty of those medieval structures that surrounds the area, i ❤️Brussels Grand Place
  • Serkan S.
    Serkan Sarıgüney12月 20, 2013
    Center of Brussels. Easy to reach lots of touristic attractions, also many types of chocolate and beer. Nice cafes and restaurants around the place. Good for shopping.
  • Ceren İrem E.
    Şehrin kalbinin attığı yer, gecesi gündüzü ayrı güzel.
  • Simone
    Simone12月 6, 2014
    The best square in Europe. In Christmas time is awesome with a choreography made of lights and music
  • The Hotel. Brussels
    The Hotel. Brussels1月 11, 2012
    Discover more of Brussels through the eyes of a local by exploring it with a "Brussels Greeter" who will walk you through his or her favourite spots: http://brussel.greeters.be/en/welcome/
    ALPHA GEEK12月 7, 2013
    If you wish to take a picture of entire view of the Grand Place, you need a wide-angle lens. You'll get the best view in front of the Godiva shop.
  • Geneviève S.
    Une architecture impressionnante! Un peu trop touristiques par contre. Le soir, la Grand Place est encore plus belle!
  • Les Auberges de Jeunesse
    When it's sunny, feel free to sit down and have a beer. Police officers do more than tolerate it ;-)And oh, by the way, enjoy this most beautiful architectural masterpiece on Earth !
  • Sina S.
    Sina Sayan3月 20, 2016
    The best place and a must in Brussels but a bit overrated, there are certainly better squares in Europe.
  • Mehrnaz G.
    Mehrnaz Gh8月 14, 2016
    besides old building architecture and cozy enviroment today I had the chance to visit flower carpet which was beautiful but it's design was some how sumple!
  • Erwin V.
    Erwin Vanhecke2月 8, 2015
    The most beautiful plaza of the world :) But don't have a drink or meal on one of the terraces on or around the square, it's a real rip-off.
  • Carl G.
    Carl Griffin1月 1, 2016
    Stunning array of antique guildhalls and the 15th century spired city hall. Is particularly impressive at night when the buildings are illuminated.
  • Dixons Travel
    Dixons Travel12月 12, 2013
    Exhibitors from all over the world set up their stalls around the Grand-Place & Place St. Catherine with everything from specialty foods, handicrafts & unusual stocking fillers. #ChristmasCities
  • Lene H.
    Lene H.8月 24, 2012
    Whenever I come home from holidays, I go to the Grand Place to see if it's still there. ;-) When it's sunny, I love to sit in the middle of the square and have beer from a nearby supermarket.
  • Denise T.
    Denise Tonin4月 28, 2014
    A mais linda praça que já vi. Nada a fazer, apenas se deixe levar pela beleza do lugar. Procure pela Walk Tour que sai do meio da praça às 14hs. É free e vale a pena!
  • Zuzi O.
    Zuzi Ohara10月 3, 2014
    I think this square is the most important tourist destination and memorable landmark in Brussels. Really amazing ambience. I love it!! :)
  • Fred W.
    Fred Wauters11月 18, 2011
    While you're here, why don't you enjoy a nice beer at "Les Brasseurs de la Grand Place"? It's on the top right corner if you have the City Hall in your back. And there's live music every night!
  • Luis G.
    Espectacular e imprescindible visita. Uno de sus laterales en restauración. Lugar imprescindible y más bonito de la visita a Bruselas. Imperdonable no disfrutarlo también de noche.
  • RAY A.
    RAY AAlA7月 30, 2014
    It's been a great experience exploring your streets , workout 😜 and gain weight from all the amazing chocolate shops , Frits , waffles and crazy food options ❤️
  • Brad E.
    Brad E.2月 2, 2012
    In the late Spring and Summer months bring a blanket and cooler with beers. Sit on the ground and watch the people. Great way to meet people too!
  • Richard O.
    Richard Ots9月 20, 2014
    Try some of the fantastic Belgian beers one one of the terraces. Mussels, fries, chocolate and waffles to complete the experience.
  • Zeineb B.
    Zeineb Boughanem8月 17, 2013
    C'est très sympa le soir avec les éclairages, bonne ambiance, par contre il faut se mettre par terre ou dans un des café, si on veux s'asseoir !
  • Merve T.
    Merve Türker7月 23, 2016
    What a historical place. You should visit it 2 times in day. At night, it's wonderful. With sunshine, it's like castle. Anyway, I love it.
  • João M.
    João Martins2月 14, 2016
    The most beautiful square of Europe becoming a garbage depot after hours and groups of people gathering for drinks and eat. What a shame! Why the City allows this in a UNESCO site???
  • Jas
    Jas12月 21, 2015
    Magnifique place bordée par l'Hôtel de Ville, la maison du Roi et d'anciennes maisons du 17ème siècle. Admirez les façades illuminées le soir.
  • Geert S.
    Geert Smets12月 27, 2014
    This must be the most beautiful square in the world. Especially during the christmas season the Grand Place is an absolute must.
  • Jessica A.
    Amazing and beautiful! The old town shops and abundance of waffles and chocolatiers at every corner is great. Love this old town square.
  • Radiolibreoficiel R.
    Radiolibreoficiel Radiolibre00711月 13, 2012
    Une des plus belle place de Bruxelles et de Belgique à visite tout l année même en hiver à visité aussi les rue au alentour de la place
  • Jean C.
    Jean Cité8月 7, 2014
    Una plaza realmente hermosa. Está rodeada de chocolaterías y otras tiendas. El mejor momento para ir es Navidad.
  • Aaron M.
    Aaron Mc Manus10月 3, 2011
    Look at the entrance of town hall, it isn't center to the tower!! The architect noticed it after completion as is said to have jumped from the top of the tower
  • Antoine B.
    Antoine Borg5月 16, 2014
    Beautiful square, rich in history and culture. And laughs, if you know where to look: http://www.unexpectedtraveller.com/Blog/spanish-practices/
  • Fernando F.
    Visita obligatoria. A las 23.00 en la plaza comienza una proyección de luces y música con los edificios que merece mucho la pena (imagino que en invierno será otro horario)
  • Philippe S.
    Philippe Szombat1月 14, 2014
    This is certainly one of the most beautiful square in the world! My advice is : open your eyes and your heart and feel the beauty of this place... #unique
  • AYÇA
    AYÇA7月 19, 2013
    When you go there in the night you will see the difference. Lights are incredible in the nights:) It is a kind of paradise!
  • Isabel O.
    Isabel Oliveira3月 5, 2016
    Amazing square! The picture was in a nice game that people say before play ball, "attention cholet".
  • Kelly
    Kelly10月 4
    A beautiful square. Restaurants are a bit more expensive here, so head to the surrounding streets for lunch, waffles, or chocolates.
  • John P.
    John Paul1月 4, 2015
    Lugar maravilhoso, capa de alguns guias Europeus, mais lindo do que poderia imaginar! Muitas opções para comprar chocolates belgas ao redor por um preço convidativo!
  • Cédric P.
    Cédric Piedboeuf4月 30, 2012
    En août 1695,pendant la Guerre de la Ligue d'Augsbourg, la plupart des maisons,dont certaines sont encore construites en bois,sont détruites lors du bombardement de la ville par les troupes françaises
  • Ali A.
    Ali Alromaih7月 13, 2015
    Beautiful place place at night. It rained and everyone ran for shelter.
  • Maximus V.
    Maximus VdB8月 31, 2010
    The entire Grand Place, excent gohic town hall, had to be rebuilt after Louis XIV decided to bomb the city centre with his canons. All building date from after the bombardment in late baroque style.
  • Talal M.
    Talal MJ10月 15, 2014
    Nice buildings, the manneken pis is close to this location as well, worth visiting!
  • Akil C.
    Akil Cumberbatch12月 13, 2015
    Fantastic light show in the evening during the holiday season. Good restaurants nearby and splendid architecture!
  • Simon D.
    Simon Devillez11月 30, 2014
    C'est toujours un plaisir de se rendre sur la Grand place de Bruxelles, d'autant plus magique en cette période de fin d'année.
  • 3bdulhadi A.
    مكان سياحي جميل و حلاته يكون هادئ و غير مكتظ بالناس،حواليه الكثير من محلات الشوكولاتة البلجيكية و مطاعم من مختلف الثقافات
  • Thomas C.
    Thomas Craenen8月 10, 2015
    Just 5 minutes away from the central station you'll find the most breathtakingly beautiful market squares in the world.
  • European Parliament
    European Parliament2月 26, 2013
    The hub of the now infamous Zinneke Parade, the biennial event founded in 2000 to coincide with the city's status as Capital of Culture, shared with 8 other European cities. 続きを見る
  • Stephen .
    Beautiful square, probably the nicest place to see in Brussels! Definitely a must see for visitors.
  • Levent E.
    Levent Ertoglu3月 25, 2016
    Center of the city. Many nice cafes, restaurants, bars around.
  • Şebnem D.
    Şebnem Demir2月 8, 2015
    Do not miss the light and music demonstration,take a glass of hot wine and belgian truffle while watching
  • Clement H.
    Clement H.9月 27, 2015
    One of the most beautiful square in Europe (in the world?). Very nice!
  • Julio C.
    Ponto Turístico excelente para tirar ótimas fotos, comprar chocolates, tomar uma boa cerveja e comer a deliciosa batata frita e waffer com chocolate.
  • Jennifer T.
    Jennifer T.2週間前
    At Christmastime, they cast red lights and have a magnificent tree on display. Avoid late night if you're not among the drunk ;)
  • Balkan E.
    Balkan Express5月 31, 2015
    Qui a été a la grande place sans s'arrêter et faire de photos. Juste magnifique notre patrimoine reconnu par l'unesco depuis '98, un vrai chef d'oeuvre
  • Ken S.
    Ken S11月 13, 2015
    By far one of the most picturesque squares in all of Europe. Take it the sights, sounds, and tastes!!
  • Vania R.
    Vale a pena visitar, parece q vc está sonhando, lugar super romântico além de belíssimo. Uma das praças mais bonitas do mundo.
  • Fi V.
    Fi Vei5月 11, 2015
    Hermosa plaza, con una magnífica iluminación nocturna, rodeada de muchos bares agradables... Patrimonio de la humanidad!
  • Vainer B.
    Vainer Bassanesi9月 5, 2014
    Praca muito linda!! Se for no inicio de Setembro, pode participar da BBW. Com as melhores cervejarias da Bélgica!
  • Ricardo Michel R.
    Ricardo Michel Reyes12月 11, 2016
    Lots of tourists taking pictures. The buildings are beautiful. Plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops around.
  • Catarina B.
    Catarina Barata9月 7, 2013
    The most beautiful place I've ever seen. The heart of Brussels, for sure. It's always very crowded, beware of pickpockets.
  • Olympus B.
    Olympus Belgium12月 8, 2011
    How about a nice Christmas picture next to the Christmas tree: a tree of 19m high, 60 years old and +5 tons. Feel free to tweet it with #olympusZOB (Zoom on Brussels by @olympus_be)
  • Sofia G.
    Sofia Galego12月 5, 2016
    A must see in Brussels, full of patisserie and chocolatiers!
  • Asma M.
    Asma Menj8月 30, 2016
    Très jolie place à voir, lieu incontournable de Bruxelles
  • Philipp S.
    Philipp Schiwek2月 22, 2013
    This is the heart of Brussels and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Enjoy the view and feel welcome! :-)
  • Maxim S.
    Maxim Saveliev6月 16, 2013
    Рыночная площадь. Благодаря затейливо украшенным фасадам домов, считается одной из красивейших площадей в мире. С 1998 года ансамбль площади включен в перечень объектов всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО.
  • Tarek S.
    Tarek Saker9月 15, 2010
    Every two years a huge Flower Carpet its displayed in Grand Place. You can enjoy a better view of the carpet from one of the buildings in Grand Place.
  • Ece U.
    Ece Ulusum10月 5, 2014
    Belçika 'nin en yoğun kenti. Ülkeyi tam olarak yansıtmıyor ama vakit geçirmesi harika.
  • Doris
    Doris10月 17, 2015
    Whatever the weather is like, the square is always crowded and beautiful. Spin a round and enjoy the view!
  • Alicia🐱 V.
    Most amazing place in Brussels centre. Try and come around Xmas time or when the flower carpet is there
  • Theodore K.
    Theodore Kim12月 1, 2011
    A must visit when in Brussels. A stroll through the square will transport anyone back to the days of guilds, craftsmen and Trappist beer.
  • Müjde M.
    Müjde McGuire10月 7, 2014
    Belçika'da vakit geçirebileceğiniz harika bir yer. Tarih kokuyor. Sevdiklerinizle biranızı veya kahvenizi yudumlayıp sohbet edebilirsiniz.
  • DAVID F.
    DAVID FROM PARIS2月 10, 2016
    Très touristique mais tellement emblématique ! Agréable en toute saison.
  • Antonio P.
    Antonio Pagana3月 30, 2016
    È una piazza favolosa che ti lascia senza parole e stupefatto. Semplicemente una delle piazze più belle al mondo
  • Sergey B.
    Sergey Bobrovnich10月 12, 2015
    Отличное место и днём и ночью. Прекрасная архитектура и море позитива.
  • Hashim A.
    Hashim A.8月 13, 2015
    Beautiful place to wander around and take pictures, nothing more.
  • Cecilia J.
    Cecilia J.8月 15, 2013
    La Grand' Place est l'endroit touristique par excellence ! Mais la beauté et l'architecture des bâtiments valent le détour !
  • One.Checked.Bag
    One.Checked.Bag5月 26, 2013
    Visit during the holidays for the light show or during the summer for the floral carpet.
  • لمى الزامل
    لمى الزامل1月 15, 2016
    The most beautiful square in brussels 😍 every thing u need u will find it here
  • Jennifer S.
    Au paon manger au première étage un splendide vue sur l'hôtel de ville !!! Et toute la grande place !!!
  • Krishanu D.
    Krishanu De8月 18, 2012
    Such a lively place, always bustling with crowd and on a sunny day, it's a treat to be here!
  • Mateusz K.
    Mateusz Kukulka8月 28, 2014
    La Grand Place est la plus belle au moment de la rosée du matin. En été, vers 5-6h du matin.
  • Hanneke F.
    Hanneke Fialka5月 14, 2016
    The atmosphere. And the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.
  • Robin B.
    Robin Bertels5月 26, 2016
    Voted the world's 13th best landmark in TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards 2016!
  • Ramon S.
    Ramon Suarez11月 4, 2010
    For the best chocolate around the Grand Place go to Galler,in the little pedestrian street going down towards Bourse. My favorite is the Noir 85
  • Fernando P.
    Talvez o local que realmente deve ser visitado em Bruxelas. É uma grande praça com vários prédios e monumentos importantes, e rodeado de restaurantes.
  • Harvee
    Harvee7月 12, 2012
    one of the most beautiful place in the world, lots of old bars and cafés. really nice place.
  • Mateusz B.
    Beautiful architecture there! Definitely a spot you have to see when in Brussels.
  • Mohamed N.
    Mohamed Noble8月 18, 2013
    Une belle place lumineuse et agréable à visité le tout dans une bonne ambiance
  • Davut B.
    Avrupa ülkelerinde böyle değişik ve güzel meydan sanırım bir Brüksel'de birde Bremen'de var. Küçük dar ama çok güzel ve ışıltılı...
    プラス投票 Nov 6
  • Russell H.
    Russell Hirschorn11月 8, 2015
    Most popular tourist attraction, hunt outside here for great food and drink
  • Maureen
    Maureen6月 2, 2014
    Don't forget visit the place, it's really beautiful!
  • Fernando P.
    Fernando Perez Lago9月 21, 2013
    Take a pic of the golden details in carvings with sunset light...the best memento!!
  • Pisut P.
    Pisut Pongchaikul10月 9, 2014
    Picturesque site in Brussel. Worth to visit.
  • Alan x.
    Alan x el mundo10月 25, 2016
    La plaza más bonita del mundo según Victor Hugo. Observen el detalle asimétrico del ayuntamiento y la casa donde vivió Victor Hugo
  • Ünal E.
    Aristokrasi burjuvazi el sıkışmış gibi bana göreyse liberalizmin zaferi adeta, şatafat, gotik mimarik belediye binası, altın varaklı yüzeyler,balkonlar :)) şimdiki batık ekonominin tezatı sanki.
  • Run The W.
    Run The World12月 15, 2014
    Genial plaza para tomar algo y pasear! Show de luces en invierno
  • Didem K.
    Didem Kısa Çakırtaş8月 15
    Avrupa da gezdiğim gördüğüm en güzel en düzenli meydan midye görüntüsü bize garip gelsede tadı denemeye değer yemenizi tavsiye ederim bir kg 14euro falan
  • Denis T.
    Denis Tunguz7月 24, 2015
    Superbe place, incontournable si vous visitez Bruxelles!
  • Haitham
    Haitham4月 2, 2016
    Best place ever. A must visit for sure.
    プラス投票 Oct 28
  • Reaz
    Reaz3月 6, 2016
    Come in winter and enjoy the light plays on the buildings.., quite unique
  • Noemi M.
    Noemi M4月 3, 2015
    Muy recomendable visitarla mientras anochece, es impresionante! Hay varias chocolaterías, recomendable visitar!
  • John Q.
    John Quist8月 1, 2015
    Nice square beautiful architecture! Must visit when near Brussels!
  • Christophe
    Christophe12月 29, 2013
    Plaisirs d'hiver : un régal pour les yeux. Illuminations féeriques et ambiance de Noël.
  • Fahad
    Fahad7月 17, 2015
    Love the area. Very lively. Many cafés and restaurants that are worth visiting.
  • Chamberry K.
    Chamberry Kaisin10月 25, 2013
    Amazing place! So much history translated into Beautiful monuments ! A real Beauty!
  • Виталий З.
    Очень красивая площадь. Дом короля просто беспод Очень красивая площадь. Дом короля просто бесподобен. обен.
  • Radek C.
    Radek Czemerys3月 8, 2016
    Incredible place, visit it during the day and then at night.
  • RAY A.
    RAY AAlA8月 6, 2014
    Perfect for everything from chilling to waking and garbing great food
  • Nadjeli H.
    Nadjeli Heras3月 31
    Don't lose sight of your belongings... even when looking up to take photos.
  • Abbadon
    Abbadon6月 30, 2016
    Одно из самых красивых мест Брюсселя. Площадь окружают прекрасные строения, от которых не оторвать глаз. В 9 утра на ней почти никого нет)
  • Pelin D.
    Pelin Dura3月 19, 2015
    i love the grand place at night with lightshows and at day! a must see
  • Mert G.
    Mert Gelen3月 16, 2015
    There are many Turkish people in here. If you wanna check, you can see them especially in Starbucks:-))
  • Christina
    Christina3月 30
    The Grand Place is absolutely stunning, especially when it's sunny!
  • Katya K.
    Katya Kilian2月 21, 2016
    The best! Go to la brouette for a Campbell. Or to the king of spain for amazing coffee!!
  • Baris ✈.
    Baris ✈️7月 18, 2014
    Historic place to visit, I'm strongly suggesting to see light & music shows at night. Awesome!
  • Darrann H.
    Darrann Hughes1月 30, 2015
    Impressive And Picturesque..👍👍.. Great Photo Opportunities... 😊
  • Nadia V.
    Nadia Vol11月 18, 2015
    Free wifi, sit at the stairs and eat your waffle and fries!
  • Eli I.
    Eli Ivanova6月 3, 2014
    Really impressive, definitely the most beautiful square I have seen in Europe!
  • Arturo S.
    Arturo Sordo9月 4, 2015
    La grand place es el mejor lugar para visitar en Bruselas y si pueden venir cuando sea lo de las flores mucho mejor
  • Daniela A.
    Praça fantástica, não gosto muito o movimento militar de agora mas é adorável na mesma
  • Ken M.
    Ken M4月 23, 2010
    The Grand Place has an almost magical ambience. Get yourself a Kwak at one of the bars with outdoor seating and just soak up the atmosphere!
  • Sara C.
    Sara Co8月 13
    one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! #brussels
  • Martin O.
    Martin Oplocký8月 3, 2015
    One of the nicest squares I've ever visited. Magnificent buildings !
  • Lino O.
    Lino Oliveira6月 7, 2013
    Praça espetacular, cheia de história. É muito agradável estar na esplanada a contemplar a vista
  • Tolga
    Tolga7月 7, 2016
    İlle Brüksel e gittiyseniz gidin görün. Avrupa da birçok benzer ama daha temiz güzel meydan var. Brüksel görülmesi gereken bir şehir değil
  • CCV
    CCV8月 31
    Sólo por la vista de esta plaza merece la pena visitar Bruselas. Mejor en día soleado. Con luz los dorados deslumbran.
  • M A.
    M Amour10月 19, 2015
    A pleasure both day and night to visit!
  • Leo D.
    Leo De W8er9月 30, 2014
    The most beautiful square in the world, way up there with Place Stanislas.
  • #Avalon
    #Avalon7月 22, 2015
    Una maravilla de plaza y de las mejores de Europa, en las noches es mucho mejor!
  • Sony Mobile WTA
    Sony Mobile WTA5月 13, 2011
    It's worth a visit, although the city itself is pricey. Eat outside at a restaurant and watch numerous street performers.
  • Sophie D.
    Sophie Darras3月 21, 2012
    Le meecredi petit marché de fleurs et plantes. Faite attention aux livreurs (camionettes et voitures admises)
  • Rebeca ..
    Rebeca .9月 1, 2013
    Un lugar precioso y mágico que te transporta a otra época. // A beautiful and magical place that transports you to another era.
  • Olcay Dogukan A.
    İhtişamlı bir yer.. oturup bir bira için ve muazzam yapıları seyre dalın
  • Arnaud B.
    Arnaud Biliotti1月 16, 2014
    Lors de journées ensommeillées, admirer les bâtiments et leurs dorures est un truc à faire !
  • Buket T.
    😍 Kafe restaurantlarin ve bolca tarihi yapilarin oldugu gosterisli bir meydan
  • Martha F.
    Una plaza muy interesante, con mucha historia y agradable para tomar un café o una cerveza
  • Abdullah A.
    Abdullah AlEnezi3月 16, 2014
    I like this please I would like to say if anyone in Brussels he should visit this please its a wonderful please to see.
  • Simone G.
    Simone Garau9月 21, 2014
    E' effettivamente e a ragione una delle piazze piu' belle del mondiale mondo.Davvero suggestiva
  • André M.
    André Martins9月 1, 2015
    Very beautiful! A must see!
  • Op. Dr. Fakı AKIN
    Op. Dr. Fakı AKIN1月 30, 2016
    architectural beautiful place
  • Thomas H.
    Thomas Hndz5月 11, 2014
    Vayan al punto de información turística detrás del Museo de la ciudad, hay wifi gratis : )
  • Kesena B.
    Kesena Bullena12月 8, 2013
    Очень красиво днем, а вечером обязательно сходить на шоу с подсветкой и музыкой👍
  • Glen G.
    Glen Gon12月 20, 2009
    Look for the little shops off the northeast corner of the Grand Place and have a "gaufre de Liège-Luikse wafel" (i.e. Belgian waffle with caramelized sugar)
  • Quentin L.
    Quentin Lafon8月 2, 2013
    Really nice place. One of the most beautiful theatre in the world.
  • Savas E.
    Savas Erdogdu3月 8, 2016
    A must see in Brussels, such a beautiful square, never seen anything like it!
  • Mike S.
    Beautiful place to visit there is even a Starbucks Guildhall.
  • David G.
    David Galisteo8月 22, 2015
    Siempre está llena de gente. Hay que ir de día y de noche, porque parecen dos plazas diferentes.
  • nortrop s.
    nortrop steiner11月 26, 2016
    Woaw, what a nice place so many shops I've just bought some belgian perfume on the market agora next the grand place.
  • Marin D.
    Marin Dumont9月 11, 2011
    Do you know? They are 20 years ago it was the more beautifull free car park or the world :-)
  • Elie P.
    Elie Pierre9月 13, 2016
    Great place to visit and to enjoy a cold beer.....
  • Eric V.
    Eric Verstraeten9月 15, 2015
    Mooie plek met enkele prachtige gebouwen maar het is er altijd enorm druk.
  • Sebastien .
    Place exceptionnelle et très animée.
  • Le roi du cigare P.
    La plus belle place au monde. Allez boire un verre à la chaloupe d'or.
  • Starduck
    Starduck7月 3, 2016
    Waffles,Mannequin Pis,market.
  • Marco A.
    Marco Alboresi12月 30, 2015
    Beautiful place and a beautiful winter lights exhibition!!!
  • pieter v.
    pieter vdh12月 28, 2014
    Music and light show during Christmas period. Starts at 6pm every day I think
  • Petros K.
    Petros Kranias4月 26, 2016
    It's as if it was extracted from a fairy tale! Really beautiful spot!
  • Hayley R.
    Hayley Ross12月 9, 2012
    Beautiful place especially in the evening time all illuminated :)
  • Estrella R.
    Estrella Rodriguez2月 6, 2015
    Espectacular, realmente de las cosas más bonitas que he visto . Luces navideñas que enamoran
  • Laura D.
    Laura Duran2月 16, 2015
    Increíble pasear por ella y tomar algo en sus alrededores
  • Nidia R.
    Nidia Roldan1月 15, 2016
    Maravilloso lugar! Un encanto mágico!
  • Joseane O.
    Joseane Oliveira8月 25, 2014
    Arquitetura incrível e uma grande variedades de lugares pra saborear um bom chocolate!
  • Yasemin E.
    Yasemin Ekiciler12月 30, 2013
    Beautiful place and probably heart of the city; must watch the lights at night
  • Damien B.
    Damien Byrne6月 12, 2013
    The " blanc rose" bottom left . Lovely brunch.
  • Ovgu C.
    Ovgu C. O.7月 26, 2015
    So impressive! The heart of the old town✨
  • Francesca P.
    Francesca Popescu9月 7, 2012
    Awesome ceremony for the Flower Carpet ...:D great place to hang out with friends
  • Pavlos E.
    Pavlos E9月 29, 2011
    Great plaza, get a walk there in the morning, it's less crowded.
  • İlhan D.
    Meydanı çikolata kokan güzel bir yer 😉
    プラス投票 Nov 4
  • Mehmet T.
    Mehmet Türkel3月 14, 2016
    Muazzam, muhteşem, göz alıcı. Her şeyi ile ışıl ışlık bir meydan!
  • Alaa AlBassam
    Alaa AlBassam11月 1, 2015
    Around this area you will enjoy with some clothes and chocolates stores😋🏊🏼
  • Niche
    Niche11月 30, 2014
    Одна из лучших площадей в Европе и мире!!!!
  • drew t.
    drew tarvin4月 26, 2015
    There's a lot of hustle and bustle on a Saturday, even if I'm not sure what bustle means.
  • lodeba
    lodeba4月 2, 2015
    If you walk between two Japanese people, you most probably photobomb a picture. 📷
  • Reem
    Reem3月 29, 2015
    Favorite place in Brussels always alive and crowded - Chocolate stands everywhere 👍
  • Fatih K.
    Fatih Koç7月 10
    Dört köşe tarih,tarihten dört köşe.Hangi açıyla çekinirseniz çekinin tarih kendini hissettiriyor.
  • Sevda
    Sevda11月 10, 2014
    Müthiş bir meydan... Saatlerce vakit geçirebilirim...
  • Baruška N.
    Baruška N.10月 14, 2015
    Beautiful place, worth seeing it at night!
  • Alexander K.
    Одна из красивейших площадей мира. В период Адвента все красиво подсвечено и проходят светомузыкальные шоу.
  • Damien
    Damien7月 14
    Magnifique place. Musée de la bière à visiter.
  • Cédric H.
    Cédric Henneghien9月 5, 2015
    La meilleure Place de Belgique et du monde .. Oui, j'ose le dire !
  • Muge Y.
    Muge YILDIRIM3月 22, 2013
    Dont just look at the buildings... You will fall in love with details...
  • Santiago O.
    Santiago Ojeda3月 24, 2015
    Maravillosa plaza! Llegas y quedas atónito! Muy recomendado ir de noche!!
  • Nastja S.
    Nastja Stacey10月 2, 2014
    Very beautiful place with a lot of different buildings
  • 경섭 이.
    경섭 이12月 13, 2015
    건물 장식이 화려하고 정말 멋진 곳이에요. 벨기에 오시면 꼭 들러보세요. 근처 와플도 꼭 드시고요^^
  • Luis U.
    Luis Urea8月 28
    Incredible mix of architecture
  • Siertxo
    Siertxo9月 1, 2015
    Tremendo de noche / Awesome at night
  • Esa
    Esa1月 29, 2014
    Tarihi binalarla çevrili muhteşem bir meydan. Görülmesi en gerekli yer bence ;)
  • Esin
    Esin7月 24, 2013
    Tarih kokan, bira veya kahve esliginde yorgunlugunuzu atacabileceginiz bir meydan
  • Humberto L.
    En esta plaza puedes sentarte en el piso si te da la gana y tomarte una birrita. Es brutal.
  • Pei 👻 W.
    Pei 👻 Wen7月 5, 2015
    Chilling at the plaza is the best way to spend a summer night.
  • Sam P.
    Sam Perez4月 22, 2013
    Linda praça! Aqui me sinto, de fato, na Bélgica. Vale a visita.
  • Viviane Tâm L.
    Viviane Tâm Laroy8月 31, 2014
    Une des plus belles places qui m'a été donné à voir
  • Ankara E.
    Ankara Etkinlik1月 28, 2014
    Gündüz güzel bir meydan ama gece çooook daha güzel 😎
  • Sarah B.
    Sarah Bcb12月 1, 2014
    Such a wonderful place and even more on winter!
  • Jaque H.
    Jaque Hespanha11月 14, 2015
    Praça mais charmosa da Europa!
  • Jonas
    Jonas9月 6, 2012
    À ne pas rater c'est pendant les fêtes de fin d'années très belles illuminations. Chaque année j'y vais
  • Layal J.
    Layal Jebran10月 21, 2013
    A must when in Brussels. Especially at night when all the buildings are lit
  • Kasia K.
    Kasia Koczułap3月 6, 2016
    Stunning in day and night!
  • Olusegun O.
    Olusegun Odede2月 3, 2014
    Wat a lovely view to behold, super beautiful square I have since
  • Elif
    Elif7月 19, 2015
    Waffle yerken etrafı izleyin. Çok keyifli.
  • Lia V.
    Lia Veras1月 7, 2016
    Lugar lindo, vale parar e observar o lugar!! Lindo tanto de dia quanto anoite
  • Eray E.
    Eray Erays6月 16, 2015
    Bira tarih şirin kafeler ara sokakta vaffle güzel zaten buradaysan briüksel bu kadar
  • Sierra Joyeros
    Sierra Joyeros9月 2, 2013
    No se puede dejar de ver, es el centro de todo
  • Zach S.
    Zach Stockwell8月 5
    A must see in Brussels!
  • Stephen .
    Must see if in Brussels. It's probably the nicest place here.
  • Nana
    Nana2月 3, 2016
    Just beautiful and grand!
  • Stephan H.
    Stephan Hellmann4月 13, 2014
    The road of chocolate: from chocolate museum to many degustations...
  • ECE E.
    ECE E3月 10
    Büyüleyici güzellikte ve capcanlı bir meydan. Noel zamanı harika.
  • Ville de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles5月 5, 2014
    Zinneke Parade, every 2 years in May at the city centre: http://agenda.brussels.be/1175
  • Manuela R.
    Manuela Riboldazzi9月 21, 2015
    One of the best in Europe
  • Elie P.
    Elie Pierre9月 13, 2016
    Enjoyed every moment we were there...
  • Hugo C.
    Hugo Cloostermans1月 3, 2014
    Mooi om te vertoeven, zeker in de zomer 'savonds
  • Ville de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles3月 11, 2014
    Ommegang show each year at the end of June, beginning of July at the Grand-Place: http://agenda.brussels.be/599
  • Aytac T.
    Çikolata mağazalarını es geçmeyin.
  • Nadezhda C.
    Nadezhda Chechik5月 11, 2014
    У каждого дома свое имя. И обратите внимание на центральное здание: присутствует ассиметрия.
  • Ville de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles9月 5, 2014
    Belgian Beer Weekend, early September each year: http://agenda.brussels.be/808
  • Alejandro T.
    Imponente lugar, especialmente de noche. Hermosa iluminación
  • Margot S.
    Margot Seeto6月 26, 2015
    Free wifi. But don't get too distracted as to not keep an eye on your belongings.
  • D C.
    D C.1月 27
    Lindo, dá vontade de ficar andando o dia inteiro nos arredores.
  • Mimi V.
    Mimi Vindireu12月 27, 2013
    Visit in summer, in winter is so cold
  • Onur K.
    Onur Koray10月 13, 2014
    You have to see it at night. It turns in to a whole new place.
  • Melih B.
    Melih Bildiren10月 2, 2014
    Etkileyici bir Avrupa meydani. Gece isik şovu yapiliyor. Gormeye deger..
  • Enzo M.
    Enzo Martinelli8月 22, 2016
    Compulsory meeting point in Brussels
  • Arianna B.
    Arianna Bison4月 8, 2015
    Simbolo di Brux sempre molto animata. Carina con il mercato dei fiori il lun/mer/ven
  • Isma V.
    Isma Vela5月 25, 2015
    Esto es de lo mas hermoso de Europa, tienes que visitar Bruselas
  • Andrew G.
    Andrew Goate9月 1, 2014
    One of the most stunning places I have ever seen.
  • Atif H.
    Atif Hussain8月 22, 2015
    Grab a seat a #coffee and watch the world pass by.
  • Aurélien
    Aurélien8月 2, 2015
    Place finalement petite mais qui ne manque pas de charme.
  • Roula G.
    Roula Green10月 11, 2015
    Απιστευτο ειδικα τα χριστουγεννα! Το πιο διασημο σημειο στις Βρυξελλες
  • Taras D.
    Beautiful architecture, reach on details
  • Derya D.
    Derya Doğan12月 29, 2015
    Meydan çok güzel. ..hemen arkasındaki sokaklarda Waffle satılıyor. ..cok lezzetli...
  • Alex M.
    Alex Mechev8月 15, 2014
    Every year on August 14, Grand Place looks a little different :)
  • Stef  V.
    Stef  Van Rossem3月 19, 2015
    One of the most beautifull squares in the world! No kidding !
  • Pol G.
    Pol Guerlement12月 31, 2015
    Très jolie en cette période de fêtes. Et belles façades restaurées.
  • Christelle F.
    Christelle Fossi9月 7, 2016
    The most beautiful place to see in Brussel.
  • Vava
    Vava3月 21, 2013
    Just go to the middle of the place and close your eyes. Magical
  • Gosia P.
    Gosia Pietrzak8月 14, 2015
    Stunning architecture!!! Breathtaking buildings.
  • Adel f.
    Adel fahad12月 25, 2014
    Try to be here in the night always there is something going on
  • Pavel U.
    Pavel Ulyanin8月 6, 2015
    Вечером можно запросто сидеть на площади с компанией и что-то выпивать. Так поступают таи все
  • Ksenia T.
    Ksenia Timaeva2月 29, 2016
    Попробуй бесплатно шоколад в шоколадном музеи, кт находиться у банкомата
  • Vera S.
    Sem dúvida uma das mais belas praças da Europa...
  • Ксения А.
    Шикарное место, намного лучше выглядит в ночное время. Город становится другим.
  • Christian David G.
    Exorbitante, la plaza y sus fachadas, dignas del arte flamenco!
  • Андрей С.
    Самая красивая площадь города хороша даже в самую гадкую погоду
  • Bibiana H.
    Es bella pero cuando asistí me tocó verla un poco descuidada y sucia , visita básica si vas a Bruselas
  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy Hertmans3月 26, 2016
    Plus belle place du monde
  • Chinmay S.
    Chinmay S.12月 23, 2015
    The streets, architecture, food, Xmas lights... Everything
  • FrenchConnect
    FrenchConnect8月 5, 2011
    Regarde tous les petits détails de ces façades...Tu es sur l'une des plus belles places d'Europe ! maintenant tu peux le dire à tous tes amis ;-)
  • Lennert V.
    Lennert V1月 9, 2016
    One of the most beautiful squares in the world
  • Tony G.
    Tony GP10月 22, 2011
    La arquitectura es maravillosa, vale mucho la pena venir a conocerla
  • Lee K.
    Lee K.7月 26, 2016
    Lovely food and super cool staff
  • Nikolas T.
    Nikolas Tapia4月 27, 2016
    Place centrale de la ville. Au mois d'août on y fête la « Flower Carpet ».
  • Tim T.
    Tim Tregenza1月 7, 2016
    Awesome architecture in the heart of Europe
  • Yaqoob A.
    Yaqoob Alobaidli8月 18, 2016
    Very nice place but the restaurants are tourist trap and be careful
  • Laurence
    Laurence6月 25, 2016
    Love to go there and looks at the buildings
  • ney m.
    Um dos lugares mais lindos de Bruxelas
  • Vasek S.
    Vasek S.3月 19
    Such a stunning place there
  • Ville de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles3月 11, 2014
    Flower Carpet, every two years in August at the Grand-Place: http://agenda.brussels.be/1224
  • Ville de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles6月 25, 2014
    Taptoe International, an international musical parade, each year in September: http://agenda.brussels.be/740
  • H3nri X.
    H3nri X9月 19, 2015
    Passagem obrigatória pra quem ta em Bruxelas. Sugiro um free walking tour
  • Marta R.
    Marta Ramalho3月 18, 2015
    A repetir com tempo :)
  • Luize M.
    Luize Moura7月 20, 2013
    Honestamente, quando eu lia e via fotos que essa praça era impressionante, eu nao acreditava. Impressionante nao define, é de deixar o queixo caído por horas!
  • Виталий З.
    Очень красивая площадь. Дом короля просто бесподобен.
  • Francis K.
    Francis Kinder9月 7, 2014
    One of the most beautiful squares in the world!
  • Ozgur A.
    Ozgur Akcan9月 23, 2015
    Belçika'da görüp görebileceğiniz tek yer. Direk gelin ara sokakları gezin
  • Aitor P.
    Aitor Perrote10月 13, 2014
    Preciosa!! Más bonita de noche que de día!!
  • Amélie B.
    Amélie Beerens5月 17, 2016
    Really nice now the building works are done !
  • Spiros K.
    Spiros Kakouris4月 15, 2013
    Amazing., Don't miss it for the world~!
  • Nicolas d.
    Nicolas de Potter2月 8, 2014
    Statute of Jean de Potter (1534-1585) on the City Hall near Vesalius
  • Yibin C.
    Yibin C.7月 4, 2013
    Omgang! Happens every year since 16 century.
  • Tom C.
    Tom Colman12月 23, 2016
    The renovation works came around just great!
  • Kemal C.
    Kemal Caglayan4月 11, 2014
    cikolatalı ve dondurmalı waffle bir harika ;)
  • The Süleyman
    The Süleyman6月 19, 2016
    Klasik avrupa şehri meydanı geceleride güzel oluyor
  • Наталья К.
    Потрясающей красоты место!
  • Mariano B.
    Mariano Bari10月 7, 2014
    Si esta es de las mejores plazas del mundo, me mato hoy mismo!
  • Tania Anouchka T.
    Tania Anouchka T.9月 6, 2014
    20 years in this country and I still get goosebumps when I'm here.
  • Rémy T.
    Rémy Thenot-Siegel9月 21, 2010
    kick back, have a beer, have a waffle, smell the bakery, buy a trinket and watch the people
  • Yannick B.
    Yannick Block8月 30, 2014
    On fridays there is a light show at 10.30pm.
  • D&P :)))
    D&P :)))6月 13, 2014
    Mimari harika
  • Konstantin T.
    Konstantin Trunin12月 28, 2012
    the most beautiful square in the world!
  • Olivier J.
    Olivier Joaneaux8月 24, 2015
    Mooi plein. Momenteel staan er heel wat gebouwen in de steigers. Maar eens gerenoveerd. ..
  • Aytac T.
    Meydanı akşam vakti ışıklar yandığında da ziyaret ediniz.
  • Andriana C.
    Andriana Chorna8月 18, 2014
    Fantastic place! :) Amazing waffles 😋
  • Alex D.
    Alex Dobyan3月 26, 2015
    Not to be missed - it's splendid.
  • Christian
    Christian3月 16
    Breathtaking. Gets me every. single. time.
  • Alexei L.
    Alexei Leskin5月 11, 2015
    Концентрированная красота средневековой Европы
  • Ece M.
    Ece Mumcu7月 19, 2015
    Bu meydan geceli gündüzlü favorim ahhh bir de daha az turist olsaaaa
  • Maha A.
    Maha Alhugail7月 6, 2013
    This place should be on everyone's to do list.
  • Hello P.
    Hello Panchi3月 3, 2016
    One of the most beautiful places in Europe.
  • Mark W.
    Mark Walsh12月 31, 2014
    It's a lovely space like a fairytale
  • Thomas
    Thomas5月 27, 2015
    A lovely square. We even saw Tintin!
  • Ville de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles6月 25, 2014
    Vlaamse feestdag, elk jaar op 11 juli met feest op Grote Markt: http://agenda.brussel.be/663
  • Raf K.
    Raf Kamoen6月 4, 2013
    Gezellige plek om lekker te eten en iets te drinken!
  • Виталий З.
    Очень красивое место, особенно дом короля
  • Mark W.
    Mark Walsh1月 5, 2015
    The light show on the hour once it gets dark. Loads of bars but pricy
  • Maria B.
    Maria Beliakova1月 10, 2015
    Красивейшее место в городе
  • Thomas Cook België
    every year there is beer tasting event;, just after the summer... sot to miss!
  • Jake D.
    Jake Dylan12月 9, 2016
    Absolutely beautiful. A MUST SEE!
  • Esther G.
    Esther Girasoles3月 6, 2016
    Mejor de noche que de día, pero preciosa en cualquier caso!
  • Baran E.
    Baran Eriş12月 11, 2015
    Brüksel'in en bilindik yeri sanırım. Mimari gerçekten etkileyici...
  • Martin B.
    Martin Boer9月 3, 2011
    Beautiful 15th Century market square that never seizes to impress.
  • Iris
    Iris4月 11, 2015
    It's simply the heart of Brussels!
  • Kerem U.
    Kerem Uzer5月 20, 2015
    Wow. A proper European square. What a view
  • Myriam H.
    Myriam Hrybynyk6月 26, 2013
    One of the most beautiful place in the world
  • Roman K.
    Атмосферное такое место, куда не посмотри везде красиво)
  • Miguel Angel G.
    Preciosa!!!! Creo que es la plaza más bonita que he visto nunca......
  • Dirk V.
    Dirk Van Liedekerke7月 20, 2014
    Een van de mooiste plaatsen ter wereld
  • Marc V.
    Marc Van der Meer8月 14, 2014
    Wat een allure!
  • Maria B.
    Maria Barcelo8月 8, 2015
    Espectacular a todas horas del dia
  • Marc G.
    Marc Goemaere12月 3, 2012
    Kunstwerk op de Brusselse Grote Markt is inderdaad een wanstaltig gedrocht
  • Burak A.
    Burak Ay1月 2, 2014
    Gördüğüm en güzel meydan mutlaka görülmeli
  • yasin D.
    yasin Dik12月 25, 2016
    Very big place😜
  • Igor I.
    Igor Ilf5月 19, 2015
    Я опешил от увиденного! Волшебно!
  • Gorni R.
    Gorni Rota1月 11, 2016
    Bella piazza. Sontuosa, merita una visita.
  • Ville de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles6月 25, 2014
    L'Ommegang chaque année sur la Grand-Place les 1er et 3 juillet http://agenda.bruxelles.be/599
  • Gurcan O.
    Gurcan Ozturk8月 1, 2015
    Bruksel'de en sevilecek yer, kalablik, gencler ve hareket.
  • Alexander S.
    Alexander Schwarz12月 15, 2013
    Amazing light and Music Show in Christmas time!
  • Priya T.
    Priya Tungrus12月 20, 2014
    Love it! It's a nice place to people watch
  • Estela E.
    Una gran maravilla. Lo primero a ver en Bruselas!
  • Carlos S.
    La iluminación en la noche
  • Amy B.
    Amy B2月 23, 2015
    Come back at night. Beautiful.
  • Luis G.
    Spectacular and essential visit. Although the works on its side due to its restoration, is the essential and most beautiful of the visit to Brussels. Unforgivable not also enjoy it at night.
  • Pete C.
    Pete Chatzimichail5月 10, 2016
    The atmosphere and the architecture
  • Cik Alia Amira I.
    Very beautiful architecture.
  • Oğuzhan E.
    Oğuzhan Eren4月 6, 2016
    Brüksel'in belki de en güzel yeri
  • Ahmed ..
    Ahmed . J6月 25, 2014
    Simply,,, it is the city of chocolate
  • Okan O.
    Okan Ozdemir3月 27, 2016
    Amazing square
  • Yudum M.
    Seyirlik meydann.. otur bir yere ve yapıtları incele..
  • Ⓜ️ Ⓜ.
    Ⓜ️ Ⓜ️7月 9, 2014
    Kesinlikle buyuleyici ... ara sokaklara girin ve kaybolun derim.
  • Bárbara M.
    As luzes, as cores e o brilho!
  • Jakub S.
    Jakub Slabina6月 15, 2015
    Must see in Brussels.
  • Mehdi B.
    Mehdi Ben Hamida5月 24, 2012
    Simplement la plus belle place du monde !!
  • Arsentii D.
    Arsentii Dadashev8月 20, 2014
    Nice place but a lot of strange people around. Be careful
  • Leyla A.
    Leyla Aydemir9月 21, 2014
    Delicious belgian waffels!!
  • Selahattin A.
    Selahattin Ay5月 26, 2014
    Bizdeki Cumhuriyet Meydanı nin daha cok tarihi ve turistik hali
  • Gabi K.
    Gabi Ka8月 18, 2014
    Beautiful,sure the xmas market & flowercarpet.
  • Kay H.
    Kay Hall11月 1, 2015
    Must see even though it's full of tourists.
  • James C.
    James Calder12月 30, 2013
    Watch your handbag and pockets as thieves and vagabonds lurk here, preying on tourists, the weak and us.
  • Siham Z.
    Siham Zl3月 16, 2015
    Á ne pas rater l'occasion d'y visiter
  • Jana G.
    Jana G.5月 25, 2013
    Ну, как же здесь не побывать! Не поглазеть! Непременно!
  • Merve Ç.
    AA. Ne hoş bir meydan.
  • Melissa F.
    Melissa Figueiredo12月 29, 2014
    Época natalina tem show de luzes na praça ! Muito lindo e frio
  • Coco C.
    Coco Clon4月 2
    Amazing 😉
  • Oiq
    Oiq5月 8, 2015
    Surprizingly beautiful!
  • Erling R.
    Erling Raahede-Petersen9月 1, 2015
    This place ist just amazing!
  • Lexie M.
    Lexie Mary9月 28, 2014
    La plus bel endroit de monde :-) :-)
  • Vadim K.
    Vadim Korunskij8月 11, 2014
    Нужно обязательно хотя бы раз в жизни там побывать!
  • Moe
    Moe3月 29, 2015
    An awesome place
  • Anne-Marie P.
    Anne-Marie Paquette11月 15, 2013
    Watch out for the 1euro waffle places. Total trap.
  • Ville de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles6月 25, 2014
    Fête flamande, chaque année le 11 juillet sur la Grand-Place : http://agenda.bruxelles.be/663
  • Nes Z.
    Nes Ziona12月 8, 2016
    Great music & light show right now
  • Emily
    Emily4月 18
    Just beautiful.
  • David B.
    Una de las plazas más bonitas del mundo
  • Renato T.
    Renato Toffanin10月 11, 2012
    Worth a visit especially at night.
  • Ville de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles10月 3, 2013
    Brussels Marathon passage, each year in October: http://agenda.brussels.be/1178
  • ⠀⠀ⅅℰℕℐЅ⠀🐘 🔺ॐ🔻 ⠀.
    Центральная площадь Брюселя, очень красиво)
  • Christopher L.
    Christopher Lorn12月 4, 2015
    The lights show is spectacular
  • Nathalie K.
    Nathalie Kielbowicz9月 23, 2014
    La plus belle place du monde!
  • Pol G.
    Magnifique restauration.
  • Elywaty C.
    Elywaty Chiu5月 31, 2013
    Wonderful Place
  • VIviane C.
    Magique! On ne se tanne pas d'y aller.
  • Christian M.
    Christian Martinot4月 1, 2015
    La merveille de Bruxelles!
  • Gizem Ö.
    Gizem Özyurt7月 6, 2016
    Meydanda midye yemek tek gecilir
  • Radiolibreoficiel R.
    Radiolibreoficiel Radiolibre0073月 2, 2014
    La plus belle place au monde
  • Geoffroy C.
    Geoffroy Coomans de Brachène7月 14, 2010
    « Le plus beau théâtre du monde » nous disait notre illustre patriote Jacques Brel en contant la beauté de la Grand’Place de Bruxelles
  • Amanda L.
    Amanda Louise9月 5, 2015
    Golden boot is a must visit :)
  • Mario G.
    Mario Gonzalez9月 20, 2016
    Con el festival de cervezas locales se vuelve una locura
  • Belen R.
    Una de las plazas más bonitas de Europa
  • Rita T.
    Rita Tomioka7月 10, 2012
    Una de las más lindas plazas del mundo
  • Chaniesa P.
    Architect, food, shopping etc
  • Vanessa M.
    Vanessa Mariano12月 22, 2015
    Que dire à part qu'elle est magnifique!
  • TC Gül K.
    TC Gül Kürkçü9月 13, 2014
    Harika....Tarih soluyorum..
  • Julie J.
    Julie Jones1月 24, 2014
    Les illuminations de Noel sont magiques!
  • Merve D.
    Merve Dumas3月 6, 2016
    Gece ambiyansı şahane!
  • Maina K.
    Maina Khoja6月 28, 2015
    Christmas market and food 😋😋😋
  • Marcelo L.
    Marcelo Lucio2月 8, 2015
    choco magnífico
  • Ilya B.
    Ilya Baev2月 19, 2016
    Best place in Europe.
  • spk
    spk5月 31, 2015
    по праздникам из цветов выкладывают красивое картины
  • Sabrina C.
    Sabrina Cf10月 23
    Hermoso lugar
  • Yoonsik K.
    Yoonsik Kim7月 23, 2013
    There's very beautiful place I have ever been....
  • Dumitru G.
    Dumitru Glavan9月 10, 2015
    Amazing buildings all around
  • Axelle V.
    Axelle Van Eyll12月 23, 2014
    Le marché de noël et ses vins chauds
  • Rosie K.
    Rosie Khun10月 1, 2016
  • Андрей К.
    Вечерняя светомузыка на площади - это что-то волшебное!!!
  • Korhan D.
    Korhan Dabakan10月 28, 2015
    Gezip görmeden olmaz.
  • Adrian B.
    Adrian Borque2月 24, 2012
    Fantástica, simplemente incomparable.
  • Jana
    Jana11月 18, 2016
    Lit up in different colors in the night
  • Joan R.
    Punt neuràlgic de Brussel.les.
  • Kevin M.
    Kevin McKnight9月 3, 2014
    Bars landmarks and atmosphere
  • Edmond D.
    Edmond Dantes5月 19, 2014
    The best au monde ..
  • Niclas A.
    Niclas Aarestrup10月 24, 2010
    Has to be one of the most amazing squares in the world!
  • Márcia T.
    Márcia Teixeira11月 10, 2011
    Bom demais tomar um cafezinho no café português com minha amiga Gorette !!!
  • Geraldine Q.
    Geraldine Quireyns2月 22, 2014
    Starten the day without bubbels :)
  • J.m J.
    J.m Jamar7月 15
    Superbe ! Grand Place. À vous de voir.
  • E E.
    E E10月 1, 2011
    Il faut y aller si vous êtes à Bruxelles
  • Rubén C.
    Rubén C. G.2月 6, 2016
    Sehr schöner Platz
  • Kentin M.
    Kentin Malak5月 9, 2012
    hystoric center of the city of Brussels
  • Amogh P.
    Amogh Patel3月 27, 2013
    Really is an amazing square!
  • Maite L.
    Maite Larráyoz4月 20, 2014
    Grand place
  • Настя Л.
    Очень красивая площадь.
  • Chris T.
    Chris Tyne6月 16, 2014
    Stop taking pictures with your iPad. You look ridiculous.
  • Axel D.
    Axel Deroeck12月 10, 2014
    Jeux de lumières des Plaisirs d'hiver 2014 plus décevants que d'habitude
  • Reem A.
    Reem Aleid_8月 30, 2014
    بونجور 😍💖
  • Tomas K.
    Tomas Katinas10月 12, 2013
    Nice place
  • Fathima D.
    Fathima Dada11月 12, 2015
    Views, food, shops.
  • Rita P.
    Rita Pinto9月 15, 2014
    Lugar grandioso. Esplêndido à noite.
  • Eliška F.
    Awsome place!
  • Milanka
    Milanka9月 18, 2014
  • stephane B.
    stephane Brunet11月 25, 2016
    Très beau 1 an sur 2 fleuri
  • Talal
    Talal4月 10, 2013
    Best place in Brussels
  • M A.
    M ALDossary10月 8, 2015
    City Center of Brussels !!
  • Cem S.
    Cem Sümer5月 17, 2015
    Cok bakma saga sola uza hemen ara sokaklarindaki barlara 👍 Delirium seni bekler😎
  • Andrés C.
    Andrés Correa7月 23, 2013
    Just Sit and enjoy your Frites!
  • Martín P.
    La mejor plaza del mundo
  • Merve B.
    Merve Başbuğ10月 29, 2014
    Eau de Brusells 👌
  • Mia M.
    Mia Marchal11月 7, 2014
    La plus belle au monde !!
  • Ярик З.
    Ярик Зорка12月 15, 2015
    Красивейшее место
  • Justin R.
    The beautiful views
  • Aytulike K.
    Aytulike K.12月 29, 2013
    Le meilleur biere belge kriek est ici👍👍
  • Göksel A.
    Göksel Armağan8月 12, 2013
    Grand Place ..night..
  • Hanadi A.
    Hanadi Albadawi8月 15, 2014
    مساء الورد جميعا
  • Stefan S.
    Beautiful architecture!
  • Eva
    Eva12月 13, 2015
    I was expecting it to be prettier during Christmas...
  • George L.
    George Lof3月 29, 2016
    No 1 Place @ Brusseles
  • Petra G.
    Petra Goossens12月 14, 2014
    Heel mooi licht- en showspel
  • fronx
    fronx2月 1, 2014
    Wow. Wow. Wow.
  • Thienpont S.
    Thienpont Serge12月 4, 2014
    Le sapin est généralement bien moche
  • Ruben d.
    Ruben de Keyser1月 3, 2015
    Beautiful square
  • Asojuk
    Asojuk2月 20
    Mükemmel akşam görüntüsü
  • Isabela S.
    Isabela Sanches12月 31, 2014
    Lindo show de luzes !!!
  • Veronika
    Veronika12月 12, 2015
    Есть бесплатный вайфай BruWifi
  • Nath D.
    Nath DK3月 21, 2012
    La plus belle Grand Place du monde
  • Zeynep C.
    Zeynep Caliskan10月 11, 2014
    Çilekli muzlu waffle
  • Сергей
    Сергей8月 19, 2013
    свежие брюссельские вафли фосхитительны
  • J. I.
    J. I.G.11月 4, 2014
    A beautiful square
  • José A.
    José Antunes11月 16, 2012
    touch the statue nearby and get lucky
  • Josu L.
    Josu Lopez9月 28, 2015
    Porqué hay tanta gente sentada en el suelo? Preciosa y decadente.
  • White Cat
    White Cat8月 16, 2014
    Flower carpet
  • Ebru
    Ebru6月 29, 2015
    Birtek İşeyen veledi görünce şaşırdım :)
  • Davy D.
    Davy De Coninck8月 3, 2013
    Felt like holiday
  • Anthony
    Anthony12月 7, 2016
    Magique tout simplement ...
  • Burcu B.
    Meydanda kahve içmeden ayrılmayın :)
  • Brian T.
    Brian Tran9月 8, 2016
    The lights are beautiful at night
  • Marate T.
    Marate Touaïev8月 25, 2015
    Великолепная архитектура
  • Alexander A.
    Alexander Ahlert1月 13, 2016
  • Büke B.
    Büke Bicioğlu10月 9, 2014
    Magical ambience
  • Engin Y.
    Engin Yilmaz11月 11, 2015
    Guzel bi meydan cicek festivaline denk geleydik keske
  • Elena P.
    Elena Podobryaeva12月 29, 2015
    Красиво украсили к Рождеству
  • Eskander L.
    Eskander Lamine5月 29, 2016
  • Alexey C.
    Alexey Chernovolod9月 3, 2016
    Очень красиво!
  • Ada Alissa
    Ada Alissa11月 12, 2014
    See here at night!
  • Adriano Jorge L.
    Adriano Jorge Lima10月 28, 2015
    Talvez a única coisa interessante em Bruxelas
  • Luis E.
    Luis E6月 25, 2012
    Me gusta pasear x aki y sentirme en otra epoca...
  • Petros K.
    Petros Kranias4月 26, 2016
    Beautiful spot!
  • Alvaro C.
    Alvaro C12月 27, 2013
    In christmas is amazing!!!!
  • Edmond D.
    Edmond Dantes5月 19, 2014
    I love My family*#the...
  • Carlos L.
    Carlos Luengo8月 13, 2014
    La plaza más bonita del mundo? Maybe
  • Nathan H.
    Nathan Hage7月 12, 2015
    Super ambiance
  • Mathilde
    Mathilde12月 2, 2015
    A place to go!
  • Yudum M.
    Otur ve seyret binaları..
  • yeremeiev
    yeremeiev4月 9, 2013
    Visit the square at night.
  • Alex X.
    Alex Xypakis10月 26, 2015
    A voir absolument
  • 🇫🇷 Nicolas 🇫🇷
    🇫🇷 Nicolas 🇫🇷9月 25, 2011
    Alors elle est pas belle la grand place de Brussels ???
  • Ozkan B.
    Ozkan B.2月 27, 2015
    Muazzam bura yaaa...
  • Florian B.
    Florian Buehler3月 26, 2013
    Some kind of magic by night.
  • Luc L.
    Luc L1月 30, 2011
    Moist beautiful place in Brussels
  • Аня Т.
    Работает бесплатный Вай-фай BRU-WiFi!!
  • Can E.
    Can Erdem3月 13, 2015
    Brukselin en sevdigim yeri
  • Claudiane A.
    É linda de noite!!!
  • Aurélio P.
    Aurélio Peluso9月 24, 2015
  • Marina Caroline T.
    Lindo!!!! Quero voltar!
  • Kelly B.
    Kelly Bruch4月 9, 2014


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