Gio's Chicken Amalfitano

Westside, アトランタ
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  • Dink C.
    Dink Cash9月 9
    Come in and order quickly, all the chicken dishes are roasted or grilled with great seasoning! I get the Scarpiello...
  • Josh W.
    Sorrento Lemon chicken or Chicken Diavolo! The salads are great, the pasta is great, but you came for the chicken and the chicken you should have! It's clean and bright...but best for takeout.
  • Connor M.
    Connor Murphy4月 14
    This is my favorite place in Atlanta. Get a pizza, bring it to gios, then get the chicken. Bring lots of wine and your best friends. It’s the best
    プラス投票 Aug 20
  • David M.
    David McLeod10月 15, 2017
    All choices are fantabulous.
  • Drena F.
    Drena Ferranto7月 21, 2017
    lemon chicken is gluten free and it's byob
  • Andre R.
    Andre Rocha12月 18, 2016
    Really good food. The pollo Margherita, house speciality, is excellent. The caprese salad will be a good way to start
    プラス投票 Jul 25
  • Stina P.
    Stina P.12月 17, 2016
    amazing, authentic, and fresh pasta! very reasonably priced and great for groups or couples
  • Henry N.
    Henry Nguyen9月 2, 2016
    Chicken is good here
  • Joe M.
    Joe Marco5月 27, 2016
    Amazing Italian food. Best in Atlanta.
  • Christian S.
    Christian Smith5月 6, 2016
    The Sorrento Lemon chicken is so good + salad dressing is amazing!
  • Andrea B.
    Andrea Bella3月 13, 2016
    The green salad was delicious.
  • Andrea B.
    Andrea Bella3月 13, 2016
    Excellent lemon chiken.
  • Pete W.
    Pete Weimann3月 6, 2016
    Diavolo chicken. Thank me later.
  • Karna C.
    Karna Crawford2月 20, 2016
    Chicken Scarperella.....OH MY!!!!!! 😋
  • Sohail K.
    Sohail Khwaja12月 13, 2015
    Anything and everything. Some of the most delicious chicken dishes I have tasted.
  • Maki T.
    Maki T M11月 21, 2015
    Their chicken is so tender and juicy. Pasta is cooked perfect as well!
  • Ridhima G.
    Ridhima Gupta8月 24, 2015
    Lemon chicken is great! Must try :)
  • Monica Z.
    Monica Zarate7月 22, 2015
    Great date spot! In fact, this is where my now husband took me for our first date! Super great ambiance and the food is super yum as well.
  • Monica Z.
    Monica Zarate7月 17, 2015
    Pasta and ambiance!!
  • Maurice R.
    Maurice Robertson3月 16, 2015
    Great food with a home feel, seating is picnic style but you get to meet some cool people. BYOB your own wine and beer! And the best part you get gelato ice cream in the back of the restaurant
  • Tiffany S.
    Tiffany Scott3月 15, 2015
    No trip is complete without the lemon chicken and spicy arrabiata. Plus BYOB
  • Kasey A.
    Kasey A.2月 4, 2015
    The lemon and citrus chicken was delicious! The chicken was enough for my boyfriend and I to share. We really enjoyed this tucked away little gem and will definitely return!
  • Meredith B.
    Meredith Blechman1月 30, 2015
    Their lemon and citrus chicken are delicious, and on Sunday order the cacciatore. You can BYOB (though they do have wine), get gelato from next door, or even bring in a pizza from antico
  • Lina T.
    Lina Tomas1月 3, 2015
    Chicken is so moist and delicious 😊
  • Jean-Marc P.
    Jean-Marc Porson11月 14, 2014
    This place rules. Simple and incredibly tasty, you can't go wrong with anything on the menu.
  • Rane M.
    Rane Martin11月 7, 2014
    BYOWine. The chicken was pretty incredible. And go around back to get ice cream afterwards!
  • Michael M.
    Michael McMillan9月 21, 2014
    Great meal !
  • Brenda T.
    Brenda Turner8月 21, 2014
    Celebrate my sister in law(Shay) birthday.
  • Sam H.
    Sam Hoffman8月 16, 2014
    The lemon chicken is a must.
  • A P.
    A Penamon8月 10, 2014
    Sorrento lemon singolo
  • Tracey F.
    Tracey Fortune8月 6, 2014
    Back to where it was when it opened! Three Diavolo's for due :-)
  • Robert C.
    Robert Carter7月 19, 2014
    Awesome chicken.
  • Candice C.
    Candice Corcoran4月 13, 2014
    Do yourself a favor and get a bowl of chicken soup :) it will make you want to buy a container to take home.
  • Brookes S.
    Brookes Stephens3月 7, 2014
    The chicken parm sandwich is a beast, but it's SO GOOD
  • Briana B.
    Briana Bowie12月 20, 2013
    So good! I recommend the Diavola and the Sorrento Lemon.
  • Celesa H.
    Celesa Holmes11月 23, 2013
    The lemon chicken was the best!!! The food is wonder....
  • Alexandra H.
    Alexandra Havlik11月 22, 2013
    You can bring your own wine and beer!
  • Sylvia S.
    Sylvia Spencer11月 10, 2013
    So good! Remember to BYOB! Individual portions are big enough for two....but get two things and take leftovers home! And don't forget gelato in back!
  • AJC
    AJC11月 4, 2013
    One dish not to miss: The namesake Amalfi-style chicken with lemon, garlic and oregano remains the dish to beat. 続きを見る
  • Tracey F.
    Tracey Fortune10月 28, 2013
    Heaven... And on a Sunday for the best home cooked Italian!
  • John S.
    John Sanders10月 12, 2013
    Very Very good
  • Dino P.
    Dino Perone10月 6, 2013
    Try the Diavolo chicken! Fantastico!!
  • Bina E.
    Bina E10月 3, 2013
    The lemon chicken is delicious! Save some room for gelato afterwards.
  • Mallory H.
    Mallory Heath9月 28, 2013
    El forno and arrabbiata were delicious! Portion sizes are large. Arrabbiata was very spicy so I wouldn't recommend it for people who can't handle heat but I loved it
  • Bina E.
    Bina E9月 15, 2013
    The gelato and chicken are SO good.
  • Michael P.
    Michael Piazza9月 14, 2013
    Great food and experience.
  • Christy H.
    Christy Harris8月 31, 2013
    Gelato is amazing!
  • Fen B.
    Fen Branklin8月 18, 2013
    Lemon chicken and diavolo chicken are heaven on a plate. Can be a bit loud inside. Atmosphere is like a family reunion with gourmet food.
  • Hila R.
    Hila Roberts8月 11, 2013
    No high chairs but the food is awesome.
  • Melissa
    Melissa8月 4, 2013
    The chicken dish was great! I suggest that you either get the lemon pepper chicken or the orange chicken both are great! It's Italian style seating so, you just have to find a seat wherever you can