Gallery Espresso

Historic District-North, サバンナ
  • Globetrottergirls D.
    "The Western Wrap is delicious & the chai (チャイ) tea is to die for!"(5 つの Tips)
    Angela S.
    "Best Turkish coffee (トルココーヒー) in savannah."(3 つの Tips)
    "The chicken salad (チキンサラダ) sandwich is the best I've ever had!"(3 つの Tips)
    Heejung K.
    "Rose chai latte (カフェラテ) :) very good."(5 つの Tips)
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  • Natalie
    Natalie4月 3
    Great pit stop near Broughton St for a quick pick me up.
  • Luisa B.
    Luisa Bustamante8月 21, 2017
    So nice!!!
  • Luisa B.
    Luisa Bustamante8月 21, 2017
    Beautiful!! Great light lunch and the best coffee!!
  • Matthew K.
    Matthew Kokidko8月 11, 2017
    Pb&j and hummus. Coffee is ok
  • Brandon R.
    Brandon Roberts4月 19, 2016
    Really cool coffee shop!
  • Jamie B.
    Jamie Breen3月 22, 2016
    The food and unique tea drinks might be good but -----drinking the coffee reminds me of tripping over a log as a child and face planting into a mound of soil. Mouth open.
  • H
    H10月 1, 2015
    The chicken salad sandwich is the best I've ever had! And the staff was so sweet.
  • Natalie S.
    Natalie Swaim5月 29, 2015
    Chai tea was good!
  • Jarod H.
    Jarod Hahn4月 24, 2015
    Coffee and chocolate biscotti
  • Heejung K.
    Heejung Kim4月 24, 2015
    Rose chai latte :) very good.
  • Latasha H.
    Latasha Harris4月 20, 2015
    I had the lemon cake, which was great. Can't wait to come back and try the cheesecake--it looks delicious!
  • Jarod H.
    Jarod Hahn3月 15, 2015
    Comfy coffee spot I love it!
  • Meredith M.
    Meredith M3月 8, 2015
    Obsessed with their BLT.
  • George T.
    George Tyson3月 3, 2015
  • Jony
    Jony2月 28, 2015
    Savannah Fog. Tea, milk, lavender, and a pinch of Savannah charm makes the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!
  • Paula F.
    Paula Freire1月 17, 2015
    Interesting place! Old and diverse furniture as a decor is a plus. They have nice coffee and dessert options.
  • Matthew B.
    Matthew Brown8月 31, 2014
    Casual ambiance, good wines, nice people.
  • Victor C.
    Victor C.8月 18, 2014
    The place looks nice but the coffee is actually terrible.
  • Cody W.
    Cody Williams8月 15, 2014
    They have almond milk!
  • Jake S.
    Jake Smith8月 6, 2014
    On a hot day, cool off with a Root Beer Float while sitting either out on Chippewa Square or in one of those cool high backed chairs inside.
  • Francisco B.
    Francisco Batista7月 1, 2014
    Interesting place
  • Francisco B.
    Francisco Batista6月 29, 2014
    Nice place... Good coffee
  • Francisco B.
    Francisco Batista6月 8, 2014
    The best coffee shop in Savannah! It's more the a coffee shop is a good place to stay for a while.
  • Stephanie K.
    Stephanie Klaus5月 23, 2014
    Super süßes Café zum drinnen und draußen sitzen!!
  • Mo Alharbi
    Mo Alharbi4月 10, 2014
    Try the chicken salad sandwich, it's absolutely delicious, and don't miss the Turkish coffee!!
  • Brian B.
    Brian Beck3月 17, 2014
    Great variety of teas!
  • Linh N.
    Linh Nguyën2月 3, 2014
    Beautiful shop in great location. Tons of seats. Tons of drinks, but most importantly, friendly service. Oh, and decent coffee ;)
  • Tara W.
    Tara Walters1月 12, 2014
    Almond milk lattes
  • Grey W.
    Grey Williams1月 1, 2014
    Get in early as it fills up fast.
  • Chad H.
    Chad Hanson11月 5, 2013
    Where people who get masters degrees from SCAD end up working the rest of their life
  • Marty S.
    Marty Smith11月 3, 2013
    Expect really amazing coffee and really amazing desserts, and extremely efficient and fast service, but don't expect a smile or friendly faces.
  • Helen M.
    Helen Mauersberg9月 23, 2013
    Baklava is delicious! Yumm!!!
  • Wim V.
    Wim V7月 17, 2013
    Cool coffee bar!
  • katie m.
    katie mason6月 25, 2013
    i love this place
  • Mutaz G.
    Mutaz Gedalla6月 9, 2013
    My Fav is Frozen Latte. Try it
  • Amber N.
    Amber Nifong6月 4, 2013
    Best coffee and best people who work there in town. I absolutely love gallery. Super good coffee and food.
  • Eric K.
    Eric Kinman5月 24, 2013
    Fine shop, not fine espresso.
  • Diana C.
    Diana Clarke5月 23, 2013
    They make new coffee flavors du jour everyday! And they never disappoint! The staff could be friendlier though, but nevertheless I'll always love this place.
  • April W.
    April Williams5月 20, 2013
    Was disappointed by the over extracted espresso in my latte. Tossed half the drink in the trash. :( staff was not particularly friendly either. The iced blueberry tea was nice. Too many chairs.
  • Kelly S.
    Kelly Spurlock5月 4, 2013
    Blue tea is nasty
  • Kelly S.
    Kelly Spurlock5月 4, 2013
    Blue lady tea
  • Kelly S.
    Kelly Spurlock5月 4, 2013
    Clean tables
  • Marc Marius M.
    Marc Marius Mueller4月 7, 2013
    They don't seem too happy about people hanging around and working. Service wasn't too great either. But the atmosphere is alright to work in, just the right balance between lively and quiet.
  • Curtis C.
    Curtis Cuttray4月 4, 2013
    The best place for Coffey exs try it.
  • Kelly S.
    Kelly Spurlock3月 25, 2013
    Love this place nice energy
  • Carol Ann K.
    Carol Ann Kroll3月 13, 2013
    Great people and doggie watching. Great latte drinks too.
  • Jordan C.
    Jordan Cranman1月 28, 2013
    Coffee is fresh, seats are comfortable, service is unparalleled. What more could you ask for in a coffee shop?
  • Jordan R.
    Jordan Raynor12月 31, 2012
    $5 minimum for credit cards. Lame.
  • Colby S.
    Colby Stanford12月 30, 2012
  • Green Palm I.
    Green Palm Inn11月 8, 2012
    Fabulous Hot Chocolate Steamer, and ideally located on Chippewa Square -- a nice stopping place if taking a Bull Street stroll from City Hall to Forsyth Park.