Foursquare HQ

Foursquare HQ

SoHo, ニューヨーク
  • Omari A.
    "You can catch some amazing sunsets (日没) from the south-side windows."(11 つの Tips)
    "sure to grab a handful of candy (お菓子) off the receptionists desk."(3 つの Tips)
    Elyse E.
    "hot water on the coffee (コーヒー) machine"(4 つの Tips)
    Sarah S.
    "Add ice and a straw and voila--delicious iced tea (茶)!"(2 つの Tips)
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  • 日没
  • アイスコーヒー
  • ウイスキー
  • お菓子
  • ブリスケット

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  • Renee B.
    The employees are amazing.
  • Victoria U.
    Victoria U.5月 4
    Beware dog.
    プラス投票 3週間前
  • Victor E.
    Victor Em3月 4
    This place apparently used to be the Scholastic office.
  • Dave R.
    Dave Reed2月 2
    This place has the coolest Finance Manager!
  • Greg D.
    Greg Dougherty11月 16, 2016
    Ben and Jerry's!
  • Lisa
    Lisa9月 20, 2016
    Team building with Superusers to help create an even better 4sq experience.
  • Tom M.
    Tom Meng9月 15, 2016
    You gotta try the burgers here.
  • Emily W.
    Emily Wilson8月 27, 2016
    The best snack? Peanut butter filled pretzels.
  • Sarah S.
    Sarah Spagnolo6月 22, 2016
    Make a cup of mango tea in the morning (ask me, it's in my drawer). Wait for it to cool. Add ice and a straw and voila--delicious iced tea!
  • Vahid
    Vahid6月 13, 2016
    Nice view even when it's cloudy
  • ds-test
    ds-test2月 17, 2016
    Check out the awesome art our design team makes!
  • Omari A.
    Omari Allen12月 7, 2015
    You can catch some amazing sunsets from the south-side windows.
    プラス投票 5日前
  • Andrey
    Andrey10月 17, 2015
    Одним словом дом родной
  • Jeffrey K.
    Jeffrey Kao10月 16, 2015
    Finding bicycle parking is tough here
  • Daniel S.
    Daniel Salinas10月 5, 2015
    Our design team is the best!
  • Daniel W.
    Daniel Willson8月 2, 2015
    Kyle Bye is the man
  • Ben M.
    Ben Mackey6月 24, 2015
    Pro tip: use the little scoop when getting jelly bellies from the candy machine
  • Cole K.
    Cole Kennedy4月 25, 2015
    Feelin' blue? Lounge on the watermelon "Fatboy" beanbag chair to brighten up your day!
  • Longfei X.
    Longfei Xing3月 25, 2015
    Tired? Grab a colleague and play some Mario kart and FIFA
  • Alexa Jane D.
    Alexa Jane Denner3月 25, 2015
    10th Floor. Lots of glass. Nice people and very creative, open floor plan.
  • doug j.
    doug jaeger3月 15, 2015
    If you are a visitor, from another company or planet be sure to sign the NDA on the iPad in front of the reception area.
  • Jonathan U.
    Jonathan Ubri3月 12, 2015
    Great times at Foursquare HQ! Thanks @JCROW
  • Longfei X.
    Longfei Xing2月 14, 2015
    Don't ever miss a sunset here
  • MC
    MC2月 11, 2015
    Good vibes!
  • Geoffroy B.
    Geoffroy Bablon2月 8, 2015
    Before using the fancy coffee machine, make sure there's milk in the fridge.
  • Dustin
    Dustin1月 16, 2015
    Do not try to choose the fastest elevator; instead learn to see that it is not the elevator that rises too slowly, but rather our expectations have risen too quickly.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Shiva S.
    Shiva Singh1月 13, 2015
    Super cool offices!
  • Tom M.
    Tom Meng1月 12, 2015
    Check out the cool rooms
  • Rangers H.
    Rangers Hat1月 9, 2015
    Awwwwww yeah
    マイナス投票 Aug 21
  • Charlie V.
    Charlie Valtchanovsen12月 23, 2014
    Take a nap in On A Boat. The couches are super comfy
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Anna O.
    Anna Ohare12月 21, 2014
    Some of the best people you'll meet!
  • Karl W.
    Karl With A "K"12月 15, 2014
    The best city views, especially in the late afternoon.
  • Heldenir N.
    Heldenir Nunes12月 15, 2014
    Take a moment to relax and watch the sunset
  • Benjamin L.
    Benjamin Ludman11月 21, 2014
    Did you know there's a magical electric stapler built in to the front of the printer near "I'm on a boat" that will staple up to 30 pages for you?!
    プラス投票 Jul 20
  • Meric A.
    Meric Atesalp11月 15, 2014
    Looking for colorful, smart and enthusiastic people? This is your spot!
  • Rangers H.
    Rangers Hat11月 15, 2014
    Wowie this place is great!
  • Calvin T.
    Calvin Teoh11月 13, 2014
    Where do you keep my badges at? #whereiscalvinsbadges
  • Douglas E.
    Douglas Evaristo11月 9, 2014
    Queria trabalhar aqui 😄
  • Jeffrey K.
    Jeffrey Kao11月 5, 2014
    Great view of SoHo!
  • Vineet S.
    Vineet Shah11月 5, 2014
    If you like the sunsets, you'll love the apocalyptic thunderstorms.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • Jon h.
    Jon hoffman10月 30, 2014
    Hello, pay special attention to the fruit bins in fat denz. You'll sometimes find dates or other more exotic fruits.
  • Elyse E.
    Elyse Estrada10月 16, 2014
    If you need to replace your old laptop Foursquare stickers with new ones, grab some Goo Gone from Alessandro. In the IT section, not supply closet.
  • Tom M.
    Tom Meng10月 15, 2014
    Man, I love this place!
  • Kylie J.
    Kylie Jay10月 3, 2014
    The red phone booth meeting rooms!
  • Maria K.
    Maria Kola10月 2, 2014
    We've got picnic tables
  • Kushal D.
    Kushal Dave9月 30, 2014
    Don't forget there's ice cream in the freezer.
  • Lindsey K.
    Lindsey Kim9月 6, 2014
    Sometimes there's fruit roll up in the cafeteria :-)
  • JForbes T.
    JForbes Test349月 5, 2014
    Pretty cool office!
  • Tom M.
    Tom Meng9月 3, 2014
    Great chairs!
  • Nate S.
    Nate Saete8月 28, 2014
    If you see a good sunset photo op, tell your coworkers in #NYC slack.
    プラス投票 Aug 24
  • Denis S.
    Denis Sosnovtsev8月 13, 2014
    The new fruit snacks scare and confuse and delight me.
  • Corey M.
    Corey Manicone8月 7, 2014
    August 6th, 2014
  • Zack S.
    Zack Sheppard8月 6, 2014
    We have Flaunched!
    プラス投票 Aug 24
  • Zack D.
    Zack Davenport8月 6, 2014
    So much room for activities.
  • David H.
    David Hu8月 6, 2014
    Don't pass up on DR's jorts, a staple at this venue. You'll have to order off menu but they're a must-try!
  • Matthew K.
    Matthew Kamen8月 5, 2014
    Baby carrots are frozen and delicious.
  • Matthew K.
    Matthew Kamen8月 5, 2014
    Oreos per day is the only true KPI.
  • Casey J.
    Casey Jones8月 4, 2014
    There are mice ghosts all up in here.
  • Casey J.
    Casey Jones8月 4, 2014
    Try the iced coffee on tap
  • Junebug S.
    Junebug Squashbugs8月 1, 2014
    Great views of the trade center.
  • David H.
    David Hu7月 31, 2014
    Never use popcorn mode, it's severely underpowered
  • Gianella Chiquita T.
    esto esta lo saco produje que todas me acepten
  • Gianella Chiquita T.
    este lugar esta de locos porque no van a visitar pues a sino van son sin infancia
  • Karina v.
    Karina van Schaardenburg7月 15, 2014
    Don't forget to bring a sweater for trips to fat denny's
  • Anderson B.
    Anderson BetaLab7月 2, 2014
    Gosto demais do Foursquare :)
  • Sean S.
    Sean Salmon6月 26, 2014
    Cold brew on ttttttttttap
  • Garrett P.
    Garrett Parrish6月 20, 2014
    The coolest place ever
  • David H.
    David Hu6月 12, 2014
    Get in line early for BBQ lunch days.
  • Zack D.
    Zack Davenport6月 6, 2014
    Time to grow!
  • Elizabeth I.
    Elizabeth Iriz6月 6, 2014
    Turn the window seats sideways so you get the view but not the glare.
  • Elie B.
    Elie Bleier6月 4, 2014
    Beware of dangerously tasty snacks
  • Gregg W.
    Gregg Weiss5月 14, 2014
    Snack jars rock. Especially the gummy peaches. Client brain candy.
  • Miss P.
    Miss Piggy4月 23, 2014
    There's a little code on the side that tells you if its rice pudding or tapioca. Don't just assume.
  • dahbani t.
    dahbani tarik4月 23, 2014
    Bonjour to les amis
  • Jon S.
    Jon Steinback4月 16, 2014
    want to time travel deep into foursquare's past? step into the swag closet and close the door...
  • varunspage
    varunspage3月 26, 2014
    Say hi to the business development team!
  • Swen G.
    Swen Graham3月 25, 2014
    Grab silverware on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and take It to your desk so you can eat with metal rather than plastic at lunch
  • Jon S.
    Jon Steinback3月 13, 2014
    spoiler alert: the reward is healy
  • Don S.
    Don Steele3月 12, 2014
    Little known fact. I was married on 8th Floor
  • EDmilson s.
    EDmilson silva2月 20, 2014
    aki é otimooo
  • Zack D.
    Zack Davenport1月 28, 2014
    Take a moment to relax and Instagram the sunset.
  • Anastasiya
    Anastasiya1月 28, 2014
    I Love Foursquare ❤
  • Bijan S.
    Bijan Sabet1月 23, 2014
    Grab an awesome free lollipop in the lobby
  • Руслан Д.
    Foursquare Hackathon
  • David H.
    David Hu12月 2, 2013
    Take pics of people taking pics of the sunset
  • Lauriana C.
    Lauriana Calixto11月 16, 2013
    melhores redes sociais
  • Parisian Geek
    Parisian Geek10月 26, 2013
    The heart of Foursquare! An amazing team and an beautiful office. :)
  • Atilla B.
    Atilla Bingöl10月 16, 2013
    Geldim, Gördüm
  • Selma T.
    Selma Tavares10月 7, 2013
    Muito bonito!
  • Léna Le Rolland
    Léna Le Rolland10月 5, 2013
    foursquare is definitely the best start up in town ! This office is really beautiful ! Everyone is really nice, the view is amazing and the sunset is breathtaking !
  • Madm F.
    Madm Fia10月 3, 2013
    One of the best rooms for sexy lighting
  • qwertney
    qwertney9月 27, 2013
    step 1: wrap remote in saran wrap
  • qwertney
    qwertney9月 27, 2013
    you may get trapped in the fat denny's elevator, but at least at has good acoustics for singing
  • Allison E.
    Allison Esposito9月 12, 2013
    Yes! The record player in Vinyl works, you just have to know the trick. Pick up the needle, move it gently to the right, then back to the record to get it spinning again.
  • David H.
    David Hu8月 29, 2013
    Go team drag!
  • Marcie K.
    Marcie Kowalski8月 19, 2013
    Beware shark crossing.
  • Alex R.
    Alex Rainert8月 19, 2013
    If you're lucky, there will be sour straws in the kitchen.
  • Beto L.
    Beto López Cardoza8月 18, 2013
    I wish they could give a tour to their facilities.
  • Mark K.
    Mark Kupasrimonkol8月 13, 2013
    The larger brown packets are not raw sugar, it is oatmeal. Do not put them in your coffee unless you want caffeinated oatmeal.
  • Allison E.
    Allison Esposito8月 12, 2013
    Tip for new employees: try working on every couch. You'll get to know more people & you'll be doing recon to find the comfiest couch at Foursquare. Two birds.


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