Emmy Squared

Emmy Squared

Williamsburg, ブルックリン区
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  • Gregory F.
    Gregory Fisher2週間前
    The burger shouldn’t be skipped, even if it is a pizza place
  • Ira B.
    Still has what I sincerely believe to be the best burger I've ever had.. hands down.
  • Mansimran S.
    Yes yes Pizza. BUT the secret here is their burger ‘le big Matt’.
  • Ram N.
    Ram N7月 22
    This is a top-tier, Detroit-style pan pizza spot. Don’t mistake this for a NY-style spot. Highly recommended!
  • Joey J.
    Joey J7月 15
    Vodka pizza. Burger is good, but salty.
  • Steven H.
    Detroit style pizza, great service
  • Ashley M.
    Detroit style pizza at its finest. Nice, attentive staff and a homey environment. The dishes are well curated and executed.
  • Cristian A.
    excelent rectangles 😃👍
  • Jarel H.
    Jarel Hill5月 27
    Had the colony, the Emmy and the roni supreme. All delicious but the colony was so good!
  • Juho R.
    Juho Ranta5月 23
    Tried the Roni Supreme pizza and the Big Matt burger, OMG 😱 So good and so unhealthy in the same time! 😍 A huge recommendation to all the burger lovers!
  • Mikahla V.
    It's all about the Angel Pie.
  • Ben M.
    Ben Ment4月 9
    Pass on the fries. Pizza and salad is all you need!
  • JP F.
    JP Ford4月 6
    Don’t overlook the burger. It’s a showstopper.
  • Kristina P.
    Kristina P3月 28
    The pizza is amazing. Get the one w the jalapeños and pepperoni.
  • Sam G.
    Sam Gowda3月 24
    Pies, fries, and curds are on point
  • Mike L.
    Mike Leotta2月 14
    It's a pizza place, but get the burger.
  • Rubén G.
    Top notch thick crust pizza. Get for sure the Colony, their version of the pepperoni pizza with jalapenos and honey. While still good, I don't recommend the Deluxe, it's nothing that special.
    プラス投票 Aug 16
  • Kathy L.
    Kathy Liu1月 4
    Some of the soggiest pizza I’ve ever had in NYC. As I was picking up a slice, it started dripping watery sauce. The centers were still soft! I came in with great expectations and left so heart-broken.
  • Noah W.
    Noah Weiss12月 29, 2017
    Food heaven, health hell: the spicy chicken sandwich, burger, and colony^2 pizza all outrageously delicious
  • Borys P.
    Borys Pierov11月 20, 2017
    One of the best burgers I tried in US so far - comparable to Spotted Pig. Okonomi-style fries is a must. Pizza is delicious as well!
  • Claudia F.
    Claudia Filth10月 17, 2017
    Continues to be the best pizza in New York. Try their signature pizza, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Jessica M.
    Jessica M.10月 8, 2017
    As insane as it looks on Instagram. Roni Supreme, The Emmy, and a side of okonomi fries. 👍 You're welcome.
  • Amanda R.
    Amanda Rella9月 27, 2017
    Delicious doughy Detroit-style pizza. Downstairs at the burger bar, they sell the burger as well as a few popular pizzas. Upstairs, no burger but many more pizza options.
  • Steven L.
    Steven Lee9月 1, 2017
    Spicy chicken sandwich and the margarita are going on point
  • Abdulelah A.
    Cheese pizza is. Great, and if you're having take out, make sure to have them mix your okonomi fries.
  • Marina
    Marina8月 18, 2017
    The Emmy is slammmmin
  • Sam T.
    Sam Tilin8月 5, 2017
    Delicious pizza and terrific service!
  • Gil G.
    Gil Garber7月 28, 2017
    Order the burger (off menu) to share as an app, it's amazing
  • marcy s.
    marcy stone7月 17, 2017
    Meatball sandwich is yummy and a bit spicy. I loved the flavor but if you dont like spicy might not be for you.
  • marcy s.
    marcy stone7月 17, 2017
    Best pizza ever!! Had the classic with bacon which has a delectable buttery crisp crust. Flavorful and delicious!!
  • Steven
    Steven7月 10, 2017
    Best burger ever. What they say is true. Roni and angel pie pretty good too.
  • Alex P.
    Alex Pyatetsky6月 27, 2017
    Came back for the pizza. Despite how pretty it is, for the price. I'd say it's a pass. It's more of a focaccia. Burger still amazing. Still looking forward to original Emily round pizzas :)
  • Rita L.
    Rita L6月 19, 2017
    try the burger, it's so good! head down to the basement
  • Alex P.
    Alex Pyatetsky6月 17, 2017
    1) came for burger not pizza 2) pricy but excellent 3) exactly 1 burger on menu, not 50. Know what that means? They believe in their food. Refreshing. Maybe a bit salty, but no complaints.
  • Roniel T.
    Roniel Tessler6月 11, 2017
    I'm not a huge fan of deep dish because most of the taste is bread rather than cheese/sauce, but if you get something, get the white truffle cream one
  • Neel B.
    Neel Bhargava6月 4, 2017
    Ridiculously good pizza. If you've never had Detroit style you are in for a great surprise
  • Nour M.
    Nour Malaeb5月 30, 2017
    le big matt
  • Roger R.
    Roger R5月 27, 2017
    Tried Ronnie, Okonomi fries, burger and some beer...120$. Good, not amazing...can get a better burger for 10$ at a handful of places and Prince St pizza destroys this place at 1/4 of the price.
  • Michael 🍷 E.
    Michael 🍷 Elmgreen5月 20, 2017
    The pizza here haunts my dreams. The Lou Wow is the best Hawaiian you will every try. Interesting canned beer selection and quartinos of wine from Gotham project. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • j. greyston h.
    j. greyston holmes5月 9, 2017
  • Orestis T.
    Orestis Tsapogas5月 9, 2017
    Never had a detroit style pizza before but the one I had here was excellent. Thick and crispy crust. Perfect for someone who loves bread.
  • DJ C.
    DJ C5月 2, 2017
    Go when it isn't busy
  • John D.
    John Doe4月 7, 2017
    Отличное место. Не так просто найти, но оно того стоит. Великолепная квадратная пицца, много видов. Необычные вкусы. Плюс близкие к идеалу бургеры. Подходит как для вкусного перекуса, так и для ужина.
  • Jeff F.
    Jeff Forbes2月 26, 2017
    The best topping combo isn't on the menu: get a Vodka pie w/ Burrata + Basil. One of the best things I've eaten in forever.
  • Borahm C.
    Borahm Cho2月 26, 2017
    Great food, but unfriendly staff. Just order in on caviar.
  • Lindsay F.
    Lindsay Franzoni2月 8, 2017
    Get the colony squared. Love the sweet and spicy taste.
  • Dave S.
    Dave Surgan2月 7, 2017
    Splitting a burger and a Roni Supreme with my lady is one of my favorite meals in NYC.
  • Kate W.
    Kate Wally2月 6, 2017
    Don't be fooled into paying $3 for a side of "ranch dressing" that isn't actually ranch at all.
  • Chad H.
    Chad Horner2月 4, 2017
    do your best to try as many things as you can! if you want the burger though you'll have to venture to the burger bar downstairs
  • LaDawn P.
    This BK pizzeria is amazing! The pizza is doughy and rich and if you like thicker crust, you'll be in heaven. There will definitely be a wait but service is swift and attentive!