Turtle Bay, ニューヨーク
  • Denise A.
    "green tea (緑茶) red bean cake"(3 つの Tips)
    Neil P.
    "Best takeout sushi (寿司) in midtown"(6 つの Tips)
    "Best priced bento boxes (弁当) in the area."(2 つの Tips)
    "Lots of prepared foods, Asian groceries (食料品), and take away meals."(2 つの Tips)
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  • 緑茶
  • 弁当
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  • ny400e
    ny400e2月 26, 2012
  • DoubleDeuce
    DoubleDeuce8月 2, 2017
    I like to come here for lunchtime sushi.
  • Sharon M.
    Sharon Malacon4月 3, 2017
    You can find everything to make your Japanese dishes! Love it!
  • Marisa L.
    Marisa L1月 10, 2017
    Japanese food and noodles/soup to go. Perfect for lunch in midtown!
  • Luc D.
    Luc Doan7月 2, 2016
    If I'm craving sushi, I usually end up here
  • Joe D.
    Joe D1月 29, 2016
    Get all the Pocky. 5-6 different flavors ::slurp emoji::
  • Valerie
    Valerie11月 24, 2015
    Good for quick sushi pickup. But I prefer BentOn Cafe for bento boxes
  • Karissa D.
    Karissa Durler10月 17, 2015
    Great selection here! Don't miss out on the onigiri!
  • Haya A.
    Haya Al Dossary8月 13, 2015
    It's like a little Japan in the middle of New York, great onigiris, plenty of iced drinks and snacks, and nice customer service
  • Joe D.
    Joe D8月 5, 2015
    At lunch: sushi and dumplings & shumai-like items in the front. Head to the back for warm soba and rice bowls.
  • Timelessnomad
    Timelessnomad6月 30, 2015
    When I'm killing time waiting for a train at grand central I come here. Lots of prepared foods, Asian groceries, and take away meals. You can also stay and eat upstairs.
  • Cara L.
    Cara Lau2月 16, 2015
    Good mochi selection
  • Nathan W.
    Nathan W1月 12, 2015
    The drink selection could be better (seriously, where's the CC Lemon?), but the bento and onigiri selections nearly make up for that.
  • Donia
    Donia12月 11, 2014
    Closest you're going to get to a Japanese convenience store in NYC
  • Angela Isabel
    Angela Isabel9月 9, 2014
    The back aisles for all sorts of Japanese seasoning and sauces!
  • Teresa
    Teresa8月 19, 2014
    A cute convenience store popular for workday lunch breaks. Pick up a few Japanese snacks with your dish!
  • Evan
    Evan12月 13, 2013
    How lucky I am that Dainobu is by my office. Sushi, noodles at the back counter, and all sorts of pickled and/or salty snacks make this place my favorite lunch destination in midtown.
  • Xian X.
    Xian Xian8月 6, 2013
    Yummy Onigiri. Cramped but pretty well stocked Japanese mini market. Helpful staff...
  • Donny T.
    Donny Tsang3月 6, 2013
    It's gold if you find freshly fried oysters on the shelf
  • Queen Tetia
    Queen Tetia12月 29, 2012
    Hot food in the back is where it's at. Served until 5pm. Beef Don or Spicy beef w tofu -> best lunch you ever had for $7. Also grab a bottle of Japanese green tea & some fruit gummies. Thank me later.
  • Lauren L.
    Lauren Levy9月 11, 2012
    Not a sushi restaurant, at all. If you need Japanese groceries, here's your place.
  • Kino
    Kino8月 22, 2012
    Dainobu now sells raspberry and green tea flavored KitKats for $6.99 a bag.
  • Steve L.
    Steve Lok5月 3, 2012
    To the rude new Japanese girl Miki M. here - don't laugh when someone asks for more soy sauce, when they CAN UNDERSTAND JAPANESE. wakaru?
  • Denise A.
    Denise Aguilar4月 19, 2011
    their Dainobu special bowl and green tea red bean cake, i love!!! a worplace special
  • ドーラ
    ドーラ3月 7, 2011
    I like their excellent selections of Japanese snacks, natto, and iced coffee. They also have a food bar inside the market where you can order hot takeouts.The 29th of each month is the "meat day."
  • Neil P.
    Neil Palmer2月 7, 2011
    Best takeout sushi in midtown
  • Lizzy
    Lizzy11月 18, 2010
    Best priced bento boxes in the area. The grilled cod with multigrain rice is nyom!
  • Daniel S.
    Daniel Shepherd11月 9, 2010
    Present your credit card or cash with both hands in that polite Japanese way and the counter staff will return the compliment when they give you your change or receipt to sign
  • Lauren S.
    Lauren Sarlo2月 5, 2010
    Corn cream croquette. Nom nom...
  • Michiko B.
    Michiko B1月 20, 2010
    The Mabo Rice Bowl from the counter in the back hits the spot on a cold or rainy day