Cava Grill

Greenwich Village, ニューヨーク
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  • Daniel P.
    This place is outstanding! Highly recommend getting a salad bowl.
  • Gary St C.
    I got Simple But Delicious Food here.
  • Sam S. J.
    The Harissa here is fantastic. It's a little bit on the spicy side, but nevertheless fantastic.
  • Mike K.
    Mike Kelberman1月 18
    Grilled meatballs over supergreens with all the goodness
  • Eric A.
    Eric Avila1月 4
    The salad bowls are a superior tasting, healthy, quick lunch or dinner choice. The portions are ample and are a great value. Imagine a Mediterranean version of chipotle and that's Cava Grille!
    プラス投票 Feb 21
  • Phil S.
    Phil Shawe12月 28, 2016
    Love the pitas here! Highly recommend it.
  • Elie H.
    Elie Hirschfeld12月 28, 2016
    The pitas at this place are great and so are the bowls. Really can't go wrong here!
  • Saif D.
    Saif Dia12月 13, 2016
    Grab a menu from nearby the door, as there isn't one when you're going through the process of building your dish
    プラス投票 Jan 27
  • Steve K.
    Steve Kaliski12月 10, 2016
    Healthy alternative to Dos Toros. Large portions.
  • Charlotte C.
    Charlotte Chan12月 8, 2016
    Perfect place for a quick healthy and filling dinner
  • Susumu
    Susumu10月 18, 2016
    Greens + Grains($9.87) is a balanced option. Get $3 discount by paying with LevelUp.
    プラス投票 Jan 4
  • Cole K.
    Cole Kennedy10月 6, 2016
    Very tasty. Great lunch or quick dinner option. Pitas have smaller portions than bowls but they also have a pita, so.
  • Jonathan W.
    Jonathan Wilcox10月 4, 2016
    Super green salad was great. All the toppings and sauces were very fresh and tasty
  • Adil M.
    Adil Majid10月 4, 2016
    The kofte (meatballs) are amaaaazing. The super food greens are great too. New favorite fast food for sure.
  • Rachel W.
    Rachel W.9月 24, 2016
    Pita chips are addicting. Strong buy.
    プラス投票 Jan 4
  • Christina S.
    Christina Squitieri9月 20, 2016
    The bowls are much bigger than their pitas and are the same price. Very tasty and nor too pricey ($8.95 for a chicken pita). Plus, feta is free!
    プラス投票 Jan 25
  • James
    James9月 15, 2016
    Download the app and order ahead!
  • Alex W.
    Alex Wawroski9月 14, 2016
    Great for most dietary considerations, very flexible!
    プラス投票 Jan 4
  • Sara .
    Sara 🌈⚔🍾9月 6, 2016
    So good! Design your own Mediterranean bowl. Don't skip the crazy feta dip.
    プラス投票 Jan 4
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin9月 4, 2016
    Great Mediterranean fast casual spot. Chicken is perfectly charred. Def want the harissa and feta sauces at the end (less so the scoops)
    プラス投票 Jan 25
  • Leah H.
    Leah Hammerschlag8月 29, 2016
    Mix and match can't go wrong. Harissa is v spicy, get half the serving.
  • Leigh F.
    Leigh Ferreira8月 25, 2016
    pita + hummus + harissa + crazy feta + falafel + tomato/onion + greek vinaigrette & watermelon mint juice = ❤️
    プラス投票 Jan 25