(Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris)
教会記念碑 / ランドマーク、それに史跡
Notre-Dame, パリ
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    "The architecture (建築) of this structure is absolutely amazing."(64 つの Tips)
    "Sunday concert (演奏会)'s are sublime!"(7 つの Tips)
    Nora T.
    "Other beautiful cathedral (大聖堂), view of it from seine river is marvelous"(82 つの Tips)
    Eman R.
    "Take photos in the garden (庭園) behind it"(8 つの Tips)
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  • Masaki K.
    Masaki Kuramochi8月 11, 2014
    プラス投票 2日前
  • まっふぃ
    まっふぃ5月 5, 2016
  • Sachiyo K.
    Sachiyo Kaneko8月 17, 2014
  • Yuri K.
    Yuri Kawashima1月 10, 2016
  • Artyom F.
    Artyom Fedosov7月 27, 2016
    Long long queues, but worth waiting. Free entrance, both exterior and interior are superb. Must see in Paris.
    プラス投票 1週間前
    The view from the top of Notre Dame is breathtaking, and definitely worth the 402 steps it takes to get there (no elevators)! Make sure to check out the gargoyles and make the most of the free entry!
    プラス投票 4日前
  • Lufthansa
    Lufthansa8月 1, 2014
    Of all famous Parisian landmarks, the Notre Dame Cathedral is the oldest. After a long construction period, this Gothic masterpiece was completed in 1345. But it is still as popular as ever!
    プラス投票 2日前
  • Sergey G.
    Sergey Gushchin5月 12, 2013
    По вторникам/средам и субботам гид Лидия Семеновна проводит экскурсии по собору. Совершенно бесплатно и удивительно интересно. Сбор в 14:30 в центральном нефе между двумя дверями под органом.
  • Fábio A.
    Fábio Alves5月 17, 2014
    O coração da França, uma das mais antigas catedrais em estilo gótico, a sua construção iniciou em 1163. é impossível não se arrepiar quando chegar perto, ainda mais se você acompanhou o filme.
    プラス投票 2週間前
  • shabnam s.
    shabnam sina1月 5, 2017
    such a nice view to river and has a great classic architecture , when you walk into the church you can feel another sence of being in space .
  • 'Marcos V.
    'Marcos Vicente1月 9, 2017
    Linda demais! Cada detalhe, arquitetura incrível, lugar de muita paz, Notre Dame, faça uma oração 🙏 vá a missa. Muito amor, não entre só pra tirar fotos
    プラス投票 1週間前
  • Los Viajes d.
    Los Viajes de Pitu4月 13, 2016
    Una de las catedrales góticas más antiguas del mundo. Lo mejor es madrugar y llegar antes de las 10 de la mañana👍👍👍 no te olvides visitar las torres
    プラス投票 3週間前
  • Hakan G.
    Hakan Gcm3月 21, 2015
    Mimarisi ile insanı hayran bırakan Notre Dame Kathedrali içeriye adım attığınız andan itibaren insana bambaşka bir atmosferde hissettiriyor. Tamamıyla gezmek yaklaşık 1 saat sürebiliyor. Muhteşhem...
    プラス投票 1日前
  • slimer
    slimer10月 15, 2015
    뮤지컬 ‘노틀담드파리’의 콰지모토가 지금이라도 종을 울릴 거 같은 위용을 자랑합니다. 전면부와 측면 그리고 후면 공원쪽에서 바라보는 위치에 따라 모두 다른 건물처럼 느껴집니다. 뮤지엄패스를 미리 구입하신 분들은 입장은 Priority로 가능하지만 성당탑은 혜택을 받을 수 없습니다. 역동적인 괴수 모양의 낙수받이는 오래보고 있으면 막 움직일거 같은 느낌입니다
  • Aleksandra O.
    Очередь на башни (вход - 8 евро, до 18 лет бесплатно) лучше сразу занимать в 9:00, и только после этого идти на осмотр собора во внутрь. Вход в собор бесплатный. Рядом есть кафе с очень вкусным кофе)
  • Semira K.
    Semira K6月 27, 2016
    It is free to visit inside but if u wants to go up u have to pay,since the cathedral has been completed in different years each side of it has a different designs which u shouldn't lose them to visit.
  • Kate D.
    Kate Davis12月 12, 2014
    Don't forget to appreciate the architecture of the building - including the steeples and gargoyles which lines the sides of the building as well as the incredible windows and tours available. 続きを見る
  • Fatma Bilgen Ç.
    Fatma Bilgen Çetin4月 14, 2017
    Amazing city view from towers!You have to wait in a long line of visitors even though you have a "museum pass".Visitor hours ends ~6pm,but I advise you to go there at most ~4pm before queuing ends up.
  • Валерий С.
    Валерий Спиридонов11月 23, 2013
    Очень красивый собор! Со смотровой площадки на колокольне открывается вид на Париж, не хуже, чем с Эйфелевой башни! Всю красоту и атмосферу Нотр Дам не передать словами! Потрясающее место!
  • Karyn  @konorth O.
    Karyn @konorth O3月 31, 2017
    Its worth the 10 euro to climb the stairs to the tower.From the top you can see both the Eiffel tower and Sacre Coeur aka as Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris as well as see gargoyles up close.
  • Joe S.
    Joe Sertich5月 16, 2013
    Get in line at the right door and exit from the left. Admission is free, but free will offerings are accepted. Great gift shop in the back of this magnificent cathedral!
  • Sofia G.
    Sofia Galego9月 26, 2016
    Gothic cathedral, it is impossible not feel overwhelming by it. Go all the way to the top, and get a nice view of the city.
  • samansarısı
    samansarısı4月 23, 2013
    it's an wonderful place to visit in paris. you can enjoy both the panaroma of the church and the ambience. there is an amphi where you can sit and watch the church, while drinking your wine ;))
  • Kris V.
    Kris Verdeyen11月 4, 2016
    For picture lovers go there in the late afternoon. The setting sun adds a touch of magic to your pictures. Take also pictures from the surrounding scenery, the bridges and the montparnasse tower...
  • Daniel S.
    A igreja é magnífica e cheia de história, ideal para se ir com um guia para contar a história do local (mas não é obrigatório). O que é obrigatório, se tiver disposição é subir a torre...
  • Lux L.
    Lux LaCroix8月 24, 2014
    The line moves really fast, don't be afraid. A beautiful church with a long beautiful history. Please respect the requests of no flash, hats or talking. It won't kill you to be a civilized person.
  • Domnule O.
    Domnule Obzen6月 21, 2016
    Charming and definitely one of the most important places to visit in Paris. Go during the afternoon so that you can enjoy a wine and some cheese by the Seine river afterwards.
  • Bruno S.
    Bruno Souza3月 28, 2014
    Como em qualquer lugar de Paris, aqui você também respira história (com cheiro de incenso). Se puder, vá domingo na hora da missa, ouça o som do órgão e pense coisas boas, seja qual for sua religiao.
  • Paul F.
    Paul Farrell6月 24, 2015
    Allow yourself time here to take it all in. The climb is worth it for the gargoyles and the view and don't be overwhelmed by the queues. Justifies at least two hours of a Paris visit.
  • Fabio M.
    Fabio Moraes2月 28, 2016
    Deslumbrante. Se puder, assista à missa em latim (sábados de manhã). É de chorar de emoção.
  • Kells
    Kells4月 2, 2013
    Free to go in. €2 - €5 to light a candle (optional). Fast moving line. Amazing church. No hats, no food/drink. No *flash* photography. Small gift counter at the end to buy medallions Recommend.
  • Rodrigo L.
    Rodrigo Leal2月 7, 2013
    Must do the tour with the ladies from CASA! Learn quite a lot and access to some sections that tourists wouldn't have. It's free and by the entrance you can see what time is the next tour.
  • 🌴om Z.
    🌴om Z7月 15
    If you’re going to climb the tower, see about reserving your time slot first (could be hours) (can do it first thing in the morning on the app), then tour the cathedral in the meantime.
  • Absar S.
    Absar Shah8月 7, 2014
    One of my favorite spots in town. The bells, when they ring, can make you feel like Quasimodo. Lots of restaurants right next door in the Latin Quarter, and a few quite cafés behind the cathedral.
  • Paula D.
    Paula D.12月 11, 2017
    Maravilhosa!! Vale muito a pena subir na torre para ter uma vista perfeita da cidade e de detalhes da arquitetura da igreja. Tem que reservar o horário da app ou na entrada. Mts degraus!😅
  • T W.
    T W9月 7, 2013
  • Ricardo A.
    Ricardo Abalos7月 18, 2012
    Depuis 1345, elle marque sa présence sur l'Île de la Cité. Cathédrale gothique, elle est une des icônes de Paris. L'entrée est gratuite. Mais l'accès aux tours sont payantes.
  • Mandy M.
    Mandy M8月 13, 2015
    I enjoy sitting in front of this magnificent cathedral at night, to watch a night show by the street performers. I think it looks prettier at night time.
  • Karen
    Karen2月 4
    Definitely take the tour to go from one tower to the next! It's not always available, so try to go on a day when it's open.
    Fun Fact! Sitting just outside Notre Dame Cathedral's main entrance you'll find a brass compass star in the ground - all distances from Paris are measured from here.
  • Camila R.
    It has one of the best views in Paris and the climb to the bell tower is totally worth it. There is always a line but it moves quickly and you can see a lot of beautiful things including gargoyles.
  • Andrey V.
    Andrey Voronin12月 22, 2013
    Обязательно поднимитесь на самый верх. Вход с левого "бока" собора. Лифта нет. Горгульи и незабываемые виды Парижа ждут Вас.
  • Fernando T.
    Fernando T.10月 5, 2014
    One of the main sights of Paris. Give yourself time to admire the main sculpted portal and facade. Climb to the towers and roof from the entrance on the North side
  • Robert A.
    Robert Accettura1月 5, 2015
    It's beautiful and old. Keep in mind just how old it is. This wasn't drawn up in CAD and wasn't built with gas powered machines. Amazing when you think about it.
  • Ирина З.
    Легендарное великолепное место которое обязательно надо посетить. Шикарные витражи, лепка и резьба по камню вызывают восторг) очереди в собор двигались быстро. На смотровую площадку очень медленно.
    DHR.com9月 22, 2011
    The rose window and the overall stunning French Gothic architecture don’t show the traces of damage from the French Revolution. Try going here at night to see its beauty when illuminated. Free.
  • Lamia 🇸🇦  💛💙
    No queues thank God. But really fantastic and you will need time to see everything.
  • Başak E.
    Başak Ekinci2月 24, 2015
    that cathedral is such a beauty.after visiting inside,make a tour thru the stairs outside.the exterior view indeed much more amazing than dark&huge inside.
  • MJ.
    MJ.8月 27, 2014
    Make sure to view the front and back of the cathedral. The front has a beautiful view and garden. Even has wifi for those that can't live without it.
  • Joey H.
    Joey Hernandez7月 3, 2017
    line can be long, but worth it to go inside and see history. walk around the whole buulding to see the architecture and technology of the time


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