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  • David H.
    David Hensley11月 17, 2013
    Great Selection of literature, and is located in the beautiful downtown Austin area. Once you grab a nice book you could literally walk to some of the best restaurants in town and have a good read.
  • Austin Chronicle
    Austin Chronicle2月 5, 2013
    All you tech heads can go bang your digital drum elsewhere: We’ll be curled up with a good book at BookPeople, where the printed page is still king. Great selection, comfy chairs, and a coffee bar.
  • Social N.
    There is a huge selection of books organized really well.There's a great selection of journals, stationery and cards. Also check out the rows of magazines, some of which you can't find anywhere else!
  • Austin American-Statesman
    Indie bookseller since 1970, BookPeople is a winner of Bookstore of the Year by Publisher’s Weekly. Employee-written reviews, a coffee shop and tons of book signings and events make it a must-see.
  • Imelda C.
    Imelda Carrisalez4月 19, 2013
    I really liked the children's book section. I had fun exploring and browsing a book for my nephew. Everything about this place is open and friendly, and keep up with the events if you can.
  • Clara S.
    Clara Scott1月 28, 2017
    The books are mostly ones I hadn't seen before! It's a really clean, great environment. There's a great children's section and I've heard that they have events there often.
  • Niki D.
    Niki Doyle11月 10, 2013
    Almost every bookcase has a shelf dedicated to staff recommendations, and each one has a little card detailing WHY it's a staff pick. You don't get that with big box bookstores!
  • Emily G.
    Emily Giglierano6月 27, 2017
    No fewer than 3 "Can I help you find anything"s inside of 20 minutes; the best, most prolific written staff Rex's I have ever seen. And OMG the mystery section alone I could have spent three hours in!
  • Dell
    Dell3月 9, 2016
    Simply the best bookstore in town, possibly in state. This large indie boasts a vast selection, spot-on staff recs and great author events.
  • LT
    LT9月 7, 2015
    Plenty of parking and friendly staff. I greatly appreciate the huge selection of paper gifts!
  • Andrea K.
    Andrea K10月 10, 2011
    Great study spot - get a coffee inside and then set up shop at one of the shady tables outside; the staff won't bother you, I've sat here for hours studying for midterms.
  • Josh G.
    Josh Gammon10月 15, 2014
    This might be my favorite bookstore ever! They have a fantastic calendar of book signings. Wish I could go to them all!
  • Josh A.
    Josh A8月 29, 2014
    Awesome indie bookstore. They host tons of speakers. Good cafe inside too with yummy tamales and great coffee.
  • Whitney J.
    Whitney Jardine7月 16, 2015
    Amazing selection of books and periodicals. Support local business! They'll order you anything if it's not in stock!
  • St. Martin's Press
    St. Martin's Press2月 5, 2014
    Meet Steven Saylor on Monday, March 31, 2014 at 7:00 PM as he reads from his new historical mystery, Raiders of the Nile, from the Novels of Ancient Rome. 続きを見る
  • Ben T.
    Ben Thoma11月 6, 2013
    Don't think pizza boxes are interesting? Wrong. Read "Viva la Pizza: The Art of the Pizza Box" and be wowed!
  • Steven W.
    Steven Wright5月 21, 2012
    Make sure to split up from your friends and wander. Wandering in this place attracts you to the right books and you will be unconsciously happy
  • Dara B.
    Dara Bassin3月 9, 2012
    This is a really great bookstore. It is large, but it still feels personal. Staff recommends their favorite books in each section.
  • Ryan T.
    Ryan Tamares11月 22, 2014
    Great way to have a siesta from a hot afternoon! Pleasantly surprised to see a fun selection of postcards here as well.
  • Ben B.
    Ben Baron4月 19, 2015
    Plenty of seating if you want to thumb through a book or two. Much better history section than the chain stores.
  • Michael T.
    Michael Tijerina1月 17, 2014
    Sunni Brown will be here on 1/18 at 1:00p - Check her out and join The Doodle Revolution! Also, scan the cover of her book with the BestBuzx app!
  • Simon & Schuster
    Simon & Schuster3月 18, 2011
    A book lover's paradise! Great selection, knowledgeable staff, delicious lattes. Austin suspense author Laura Griffin stops by here frequently to work on her TRACERS series. 続きを見る
  • Creative House I.
    Book People is one of the few stores that supports local Author's. A great selection of some really good books can be found at their store.
  • BestBuzz ..
    BestBuzz .Bz1月 17, 2014
    Sunni Brown will be here on 1/18 at 1:00p - Check her out and join The Doodle Revolution! Also, text DOODLE to 635-66 and download the BestBuzz app then scan the cover of her book for prizes.
  • Em W.
    Em Wilson9月 18, 2014
    This store is seriously awesome. Also has a great selection of sale/bargain books.
  • Riley S.
    Riley Sheehan12月 23, 2011
    Not your normal bookstore.. this one has some Austin flare! Great diverse selections and friendly customer service.
  • St. Martin's Press
    St. Martin's Press8月 7, 2013
    Meet New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 7:00 PM as she reads from her new mystery novel How the Light Gets In. 続きを見る
  • Dave G.
    Dave Greenbaum8月 15, 2014
    Leave your bag or laptop in the car. No bags of any kind allowed in the store or coffee shop. No exceptions.
  • The Austin Grand Prix
    The Austin Grand Prix12月 30, 2011
    Need a great gift? Don't be fooled - they have so much more than books here! An Austin icon. Funny greeting cards and a decent coffee shop so get comfy.
  • Alex F.
    Alex F3月 17, 2010
    Make sure to keep an eye out for the staff recommendation cards! They change pretty regularly. Don't miss the coffee shop in the back corner and the shelves upstairs.
  • Tor/Forge
    Tor/Forge1月 22, 2013
    Meet Elizabeth Bear on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 7:00 PM as she reads from her new fantasy novel Shattered Pillars, the second installment of The Eternal Sky trilogy. 続きを見る
  • Alexander C.
    Alexander Candelario12月 12, 2017
    The books are mostly ones I hadn't seen before! It's a really clean, great environment.
  • Jackie M.
    Jackie Mann9月 16, 2016
    Great book selection and friendly staff. Sale section is extensive!
  • Amanda B.
    Amanda Brantley2月 1, 2015
    Amazing independent bookstore. They have a great selection of graphic novels.
  • Tor/Forge
    Tor/Forge2月 9, 2012
    Meet Hilary Davidson on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 4:00 PM as she reads from her new novel, The Next One to Fall, the sequel to her debut novel, The Damage Done.
  • SoundCloud
    SoundCloud3月 4, 2012
    Great independent bookstore by 6th street. Amazing selection & cool vibes!
  • Miriam G.
    Miriam Goldman5月 17, 2015
    One of the best independent bookstores I've ever been to. Check out the signed books throughout the store
  • Tracey .
    Tracey 🥂8月 21, 2016
    Cozy layout and a lot of great titles. Have a coffee and relax!
  • Andres E.
    Andres Elizondo1月 28, 2017
    Amazing local bookstore! The cafe and store is built around readers, so take it all in at your pace.
  • Lisa K.
    Lisa K4月 4, 2016
    Great selection of books for any age and genre.
  • Ben C.
    Ben Callaway3月 20, 2011
    Great selection of books; good selection of books from less main stream publisher such as NYRB, New Directions, and McSweeny's
  • TOMS
    TOMS1月 30, 2012
    When you’re feeling bookish, go to this locally owned bookstore that invented “Keep Austin Weird,” the slogan turned-mission of promoting small businesses in Austin, TX.
  • Lisa M.
    Lisa Markuson3月 23, 2016
    two stories of lit / sweet cafe with spots to sit / also tamales
  • Theo H.
    Theo Hollerbach8月 21, 2016
    Helpful and book lovers staff great layout lots of signed copies
  • Carol G.
    Carol Gibson7月 26, 2011
    Bookpeople hosts amazing writers each week for free! If you're lucky they may feed you and give you beer. 続きを見る
  • Lisa D.
    Lisa D12月 19, 2012
    Book people is the best!! Love the kids section!! Want to buy all the signed books!
  • Peter T.
    Peter Tsai6月 11, 2011
    If you love Austin, check out my 128 page photo book in the Texana section - "Austin, Texas: A Photographic Portrait" - 175 photos that remind us why Austin is such a cool place! 続きを見る
  • Erin G.
    Erin Giles9月 24, 2014
    It is awesome to have fun at work. But you don't have to be alarmingly loud every 15 minutes...
  • Tracy S.
    Tracy Stewart8月 16, 2012
    Another must go to place in Austin. Best Independent Book Store.
  • Jeff F.
    Jeff Foster9月 16, 2014
    Waiting in line to get tickets for Stephen King in November...about 260 in line out of 400...WOO HOO!